Review: Viseart Eyeshadow Palette - Warm Edit

Viseart is one of those makeup brands that a lot of makeup artists swear by. It's a Parisian brand known for their eyeshadow palettes mostly, but they do other products as well. I have had my eye on them for a while, but I am always hesitant buying more expensive products before trying it in person. Usually that only happens, if there is a good deal on it and Warm Edit was on sale.


Viseart always did bigger eyeshadow palettes, but they've started to add to their range by doing smaller travel palettes which let you explore the brand at a lower cost. I find those smaller versions so much cuter and let's be honest, nobody uses one eyeshadow palette up that quickly. At least not if you have more than just one.

It comes in a small red cardboard packaging with a magnetic closing. There is also a small ribbon attached to it for easier opening. Inside you will get transparent protective plastic on top of eyeshadows and a tiny mirror. Packaging is small and compact, but in my opinion has too many sides to it, I would prefer just a regular one fold - but then pans wouldn't be as protected. 

Palette has a system that allows you to take individual pans out and place them either in a magnetic empty palette or rearrange and mix them up with other Viseart palettes. Pop out pans are a good and a bad thing. If you knock the palette off (like I did with Paris Edit), pans will fall out and there is potential breakage. If they were glued in, this probably wouldn't happen. However, it allows you to create your own palettes for on the go.

In it is 12 grams of product and the usual price is 33€.  I got it when it was on sale on Beauty Bay for 28.75€. The last shadow called Mars broke in transition, but I fixed it with some alcohol.

In comparison to Anastasia Beverly Hills for example, here you get more product for less. Although at a first glance you may think there is more product in ABH compared to this travel size Viseart.


Mattes have a slightly drier formula which feels tightly pressed, but they are pretty buttery and there isn't a lot of fallout. Satin and metallic shades have wetter formula which makes them extremely pigmented and some almost look foiled on the skin like Burnt Gold and Moonstone. Pigmentation is great across the board, there is no bad performing shade, some are just more exquisite.

If I compare this formula to my other eyeshadow palettes - ABH mattes feel more buttery and wetter than these from Viseart. Viseart shimmery shades are just as creamy and pigmented as ABH or Coloured Raine metallic eyeshadows.


Viseart has a few of these smaller 12 pan eyeshadows in different colors - Rose, Dark, Paris, Spritz and Warm. I got the most warm toned only because that's the only one that was on sale at the time. 

Honoree - light matte neutral beige
Saffron - medium matte warm mustard yellow
Burnt Gold - medium metallic/foiled warm gold
Earth - medium satin warm chocolate brown
Apricot Nude - light matte pastel apricot
Bronzed Peach - medium metallic red base with peach shimmer
Nude Caramel - medium matte neutral to warm brown
Chocolate - dark matte neutral chocolate brown
Moonstone - light metallic/foiled neutral champagne
Curcumin - medium matte warm orange
Flame - medium matte warm brick red
Mars - medium metallic warm cranberry pink

I have similar shades in other eyeshadow palettes, so shade selection wasn't a surprise to me. My favorite shades are: Honoree which I use as a transition shade to set primer, Nude Caramel which is my usual crease brown, Chocolate which I always use as a powder liner, Burnt Gold which is one of those neutral golds that looks good with any makeup, Earth which is a classic bronze brown for all over the lid and Moonstone which is one of my favorite inner corner highlighter shades as of now. 

This palette has all the basics of a warm toned shade selection. You get the usual warm browns, beiges with pops of yellow, peach and red. With it you can create very natural looks or play with colorful warm variations to create a bolder look. Shade selection reminds me a lot of Colourpop Yes, Please! palette.


All over: Honoree
Crease: Apricot Nude, Nude Caramel
Lid: Earth
Inner: Moonstone

Liner: NYX Epic Ink Liner Black
Mascara: Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
Lip: Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor Forever


All over: Honoree
Crease: Apricot Nude, Curcumin
Outer V: Flame
Lid: Bronzed Peach
Inner: Moonstone
Liner: Chocolate

Lip: NYX Slim Lip Liner Nude Beige, Soft Matte Lip Cream Athens


Crease: Nude Caramel
Outer V: Chocolate
Lid: Mars
Inner: Moonstone
Liner: Chocolate

Lip: Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish Date Night


Crease: Apricot, Nude Saffron, Nude Caramel
Lid: Burnt Gold
Inner: Moonstone
Liner: Chocolate

Lip: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Cannes


Crease: Nude Caramel
Lid and inner corner: Moonstone
Liner: Chocolate

Lip: Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish Date Night


Both matte and shimmery shades blend out with such ease. They never look patchy. Wetter shimmery shades are best applied with a finger for maximum color impact, because some feel almost creamy and have foiled finish. I always use eyeshadow primer under eyeshadows and they last on me the whole day without creasing or fading. 

Viseart eyeshadow palettes are one of those classics that impress with quality. Packaging is classy and there is a great shade selection to choose for every taste - neutrals, darks, colors... The fact that all the pans can be taken out and placed onto any magnetic palette is a delight for a makeup artist. Formula of mattes is drier than I am used too, but all the shades have great pigmentation and they perform lovely. If you want a good formula of classic warm eyeshadow shades than I recommend this one. Compared to some other high end brands you get more product here at a lower price. I have already also purchased Paris Edit, so you can expect review of that one soon as well.  

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