December 2019 Favorites

My last monthly favorites before I gather all my favorite newly found products from 2019 in one post. My December was eventful - lots of birthdays, baking cakes and even moving to our own place. I am in that phase of wanting to use up some products, but I also got some new ones to try out and some were love at first try. 

My Go To Party Makeup Look

Party season is here and although I am far from a party animal, my family celebrates quite a lot of birthdays in December, so I get to dress up as well. I've decided to share my go to party look with you, which is basically my usual routine of makeup for when I get ready for special occasions and want to look really put together. What can I say, I love makeup and I rarely get the chance to make up and the whole shebang, so when I do get the chance, I do more than just a daily routine. 

Review: Avon Distillery Vegan Skin Care

First there was K-beauty and now there's a vegan skin care range. Avon seems to be expanding on different areas of beauty and skin care lately. Cleaner skin care products are so "on trend" (the word I'm not very fond of) and are becoming more widely available.  Bigger brands are jumping on that bandwagon as well.

Review: Inglot Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder - 505

My cousin was in Poland for a short trip and I seized the moment to ask her to get me some Inglot products, because I know they are half cheaper there. Inglot is in general harder to get in Slovenia, because we don't have it in any stores, I usually just buy it online.

November 2019 Favorites

This November was all about skin care. As the weather gets colder, skin needs become higher plus add atopic dermatitis to this and it seems like all I have been buying lately is new skin care to manage my skin. Hence why there is so much of it in my favorites. My makeup is yet again very minimal, because I just don't have time for anything more complicated.