May 2017 Favorites

May has been a month of buying new products and testing them out. I also brought some of my old favorites back into my rotation. The weather is getting hotter and I changed up my skin routine, because my skin usually gets a lot oilier in hotter months. So there's a bit of everything in my favorites this month.

Avon Planet Spa Perfectly Purifying Body Scrub With Dead Sea Minerals

I love this scrub, because it has liquid consistency and contains combination of bigger and smaller scrub particles. The scrub is not too rough for my skin. I love to use scrubs in hotter months, because you obviously show more of the skin than in the winter. It has a manly fragrance scent to it, which sort of reminds me of herbs and woody notes.

MuLondon White Chocolate Truffle Moisturizer

It's a multi-purpose moisturizer for the face and body. Ingredients are mostly butter and oils. The smell is just divine. It smells of white chocolate and I love that. Usually natural skin care tend to have not so pleasant scents, more herbal and such. But this one is a treat. I use it instead of other face oils in the evening and everywhere on my body that I have flaky skin. Usually on my hands, which tend to get really dry. I will have a full review on my blog soon. 

I usually use day cream from this range, but that one is very greasy looking and gives you an incredible glow. Glow that I don't need as much now that the weather is warm. My t-zone quickly becomes oily looking, so I started using the gel version. It does the same thing, feels very moisturizing, but not as greasy as daily cream. It also feels lighter on the skin. This is definitely one of my favorite hydrating creams for warmer days.

I won't loose my words over it. It's been in my April favorites and it's also in my May favorites. This is just my favorite bronzer so far. It has that perfect warm undertone with a hint of grayness in it. It applies so smooth and blends well. The finish gives you lovely natural looking sheen with tiny shimmer in it. Just amazing formula and I am so glad I bought it.

Oldie, but a goodie. This is one of my favorite blushes ever. It has that perfect warm light peach shade with tiny shimmers that give your skin a beautiful sheen. It can be applied very sheer or more pigmented. I love the shade of it and that soft shimmer that gives your skin a natural looking sheen and it blends so well with Physicians Formula bronzer. Perfect summer blush.

I just posted a review of it recently and it's the one pop of color on the lips that I've been loving on my lips this month. This shade is probably my favorite orange red shade. It's really vibrant, to the point that it almost looks neon. Formula is smooth and glides on with ease. It's not the most long lasting, but I forgive it that. 

ItStyle Lipgloss - 10

For a lip gloss, this has great pigmentation. Shade 10 is a light chocolate brown that just goes with everything. I love brown lip shades. Formula is lovely. I like a good comfortable lip gloss and this one is just that. It's not too sticky, not heavy, but just feels like a moisturizing hug on your lips. It also has nice shine. One of those on the go effortless products.

It's probably my new favorite pink nude shade. This is actually one of the rare pinks that has peach undertone and looks kind of warmer on me. It's such a lovely unique shade and I love this formula in general. It's ultra smooth to apply, doesn't dry out my lips and lasts a long time. 

Avon True Colour BB 7-in-1 Nail Enamel - Lilac Love

I already have a nail polish from the same line in the shade Caring Creme and it's one my favorite nude nail polish shades. Lilac Love is a pastel very light lavender purple. It's the perfect spring shade. Apart from liking the shade, I adore this formula, because it's really long lasting. In fact it's probably one of the most long lasting nail polish formulas that I own. This can easily stay on my nails for 4 days, which is a lot. If my nails are in good condition, it would last me a week. But I do have problems with chipped nails and I spend a lot of time in water. It also has nice pigmentation and a creamy formula.

Catrice ICONails Gel Lacquer - 38 Honeymoon Is Coming Soon

Perfect nude nail shade, if you're looking for something really light and warm toned. This one is almost white, but has that beige undertone in it. I am in love with a rounded wider brush that gives you easy and quick application. It's never been easier to apply a nail polish around the cuticles. The formula also has good pigmentation and this one lasted on my nails really well. About 3 to 4 days with no chipping, which is a lot. I used it without the top coat, which I assume means that it will last longer. Because I tried another shade with base coat and it didn't last even 2 days. 

Review: Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paint - Flamingo

I got this nail polish as a gift from my lovely friend. Coconut Infusion line by Barry M has been on my wish list for obvious reasons, the coconut word in it. I love everything that has to do with coconut and this formula supposedly contains coconut oil and coconut water which should hydrate and nourish nails as well as give them lovely peach color.

It comes in a rectangular glass bottle with brown plastic top. In it is 10 ml of product and the price is around 7€.

It has just slightly wider rounded brush. I really like these rounded designs, because it makes it so easy to apply it around the cuticles. You just press it down and swipe it three times to cover the entire nail.

It's a creamy formula that applies with ease. I always apply two coats of any nail polish, but you could eventually apply just one thicker coat with this one. It had good pigmentation

Here you can see how it looks like with just one coat on the left and then I applied a second coat on the right photo. The difference is minimal.

The finish has a lovely shine and you almost don't need to use top coat over it. They also recommend to use it without the base coat for better results. The formula also contains Hexanal which should make your nails stronger.

My friend chose the shade called Flamingo. I was confused at first, because I thought flamingo animals were pink. Guess what? They're not. They are actually salmon peachy colored. I guess you learn something new every day (damn pink inflatable flamingos... making me feel stupid).

Flamingo color is light muted peach shade. On me it turns more orange, because of my warm skin tone and because it applies slightly darker than it looks like in the bottle. It's a perfect summer shade or even spring, because it's a bit more muted and not as bright. 

It lasted well on my nails, for about three days. Which is a descent amount on my nails. It's definitely one of the better formulas as far as pigmentation and wear goes. 

This line has a wide range of nudes as well as some pops of color. Recently they've added some bright almost neon shades to the range which are perfect for summer. 

I really like creamy, pigmented formula of this nail polish. The brush makes it so easy to apply and it lasts a descent amount of time. I didn't notice my nails being more nourished or stronger, but then I usually don't believe that regular nail polishes can transform your nails. For that I use my treatment base coats. 

Review: Kiko Smart Fusion Lip Pencil (513 Red Papaya, 524 Peony Violet)

Kiko is one of my favorite makeup brands. Their products are affordable and usually of great quality. I just wish we had it in our country. Whenever I got to Graz, I tend to stop by Kiko and pick some new products. This time Limited Editions didn't impress me, but I did saw colorful lip pencils and decided on two colorful shades.

Smart Fusion Lip Pencils come in matte black pencil form with a black plastic top. I really like the fact that the top is rectangular, which prevents the pencil from rolling down the desk. It sits better this way. It's also easier to take photos of. If you're a blogger, you know what I mean.

In each is 0.9 grams of product and the price is 2.50€ for each. It's not as affordable as for example Essence lip liners, but the price is still good.

I chose two very bright shades, because I usually just have a lot of red and nude lip liners. Sometimes you also need something colorful to use with lipsticks that have unique colors. It's also the cheapest way of trying out bold colors, because lip liners cost a lot less than a whole lipstick. 

Formula of these is actually really smooth. They glide on the lips with such ease. That being said they are not buttery feeling nor moisturizing. Finish is completely matte, but they are just so easy to apply. Usually matte lip colors tug on the lips or can look heavy. Not these.

The pigmentation is good. You will need to go over a few times to get it opaque as a lipsticks, if you want to wear them on their own. 

I usually wear them on their own, because they are enough pigmented and I love the shades as they are. I need to reapply it in the center after about 2 to 3 hours, which isn't really long lasting. But I prefer that, because it means that they don't dry out my lips and don't look heavy.

They feel just slightly sticky at first, but lightweight and they wear quite comfortably. These will emphasize dry patches like most matte lip products. 

513 Red Papaya

This is by far my favorite medium orange red shade that I own so far. It looks more muted on the photos, but in real life this almost looks a bit neon. It's a really vibrant shade. It lifts up the complexion immediately and makes for a perfect summer lip.

524 Peony Violet

It's one of those light pops of colors. Light cool toned bright fuchsia that has a bit of blue undertone. It's also a unique shade in my collection and it's the perfect pop of color for the spring. I love these kind of shades, even though I don't wear them as much. 

Here is also a comparison with some of the other shades. MAC in Lady Danger is a more red shade and also darker. CBI Colorbox in 06 Lip Stick (from Born Pretty Store) is very similar in shade. It's just slightly darker, less vibrant and has a shiny finish. 

Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipsticks in Ideal Lilac is a more pink toned fuchsia. It's as light as Kiko's lip pencil, but doesn't have that obvious blue violet undertone. 

I am head over hills over these shades. That's why I can forgive the fact that they are not ultra long lasting. The formula is so smooth to apply, pigmentation is good and it has lovely matte finish that isn't drying. If you're on a look out for bright lip shades, look no further. Kiko has a whooping selection of 36 shades. You'll also find nudes among the selection, as well as bright ones as these. 

Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - 51 Light Vanilla (New Formula)

I've been using Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation for years now. It's my go to winter foundation as I tend to get drier in colder months and need something with a more dewy finish that doesn't catch on dry patches. But I've never actually wrote a review of it. So now that Bourjois changed up the formula, I decided it's time to write my thoughts on it. I also compared it to the old version to see if there is any difference between the old and new formula. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation comes in a transparent glass bottle. It has red transparent plastic top and pump

In it is 30 ml of foundation and I paid 15.49€ for it. Apparently Bourjois has been raising their prices constantly through the years. So the price might already be higher. Really shady of them. If they think we won't notice, they're obviously wrong. Don't underestimate your costumers. 

The pump works fine and you can sort of control the amount that you want by pushing the pump slowly and just getting as much as you'll need out of it.

Old bottle was rounded and looked like cylinder. It also had transparent top. The pump stayed the same. I like new design better, because it's easier to store and looks a bit cleaner with new typography. 

I had old version in the shade 51 Light Vanilla and I bought new formula in the same shade. It's actually the lightest shade that we have in our drugstores. Apparently there's also one shade lighter - 50, but I hear it's more pink toned. 

I expected the shade of new formula to be the same as with the old, but it's not. It's actually slightly darker. Barely noticeable, but still, it counts. Especially, if the shade is too dark for you as it is. You can see it being a shade or half darker and it looks more orange toned. It's a warm toned shade that has an obvious yellow undertone. It's actually the most yellow toned foundation in my collection. 

Here is comparison with other shades of foundations in my collection. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream 21 Light Beige is the most grey looking, but it blends into the skin differently and looks like a good match. Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 150 Buff is also warm toned and similar to old Bourjois version, but is less yellow based. Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in 010 Light Beige is the darkest of these all and also warm toned. 

New formula is liquid and smooth. It applies nicely and feels very buttery. The coverage is light to medium. If you apply it lightly it's a light coverage, but you can build it up to a somewhat medium coverage by applying more coats. It evens out skin tone, but doesn't cover imperfections. 

The finish of it is dewy on my combination skin. It's definitely not for those with oily skin. It starts to look greasy on my T zone after three hours. I prefer to use it in the winter when my skin is drier in general. This would be great for those that have normal to dry skin or combination. 

It's not a long lasting foundation. As I said before, my T zone gets very oily and it disappears from those center parts quickly. I usually apply a heavier coat, which makes it slightly more long lasting. I also have to powder it and I use powder on top of every foundation that I use anyway. 

On the skin it looks lovely. It doesn't sit into pores or fine lines. I liked older version, because it never emphasized dry patches and this one seems the same. It's definitely one of the most natural looking foundations that I own. It doesn't have that powdery heavy finish and it actually looks like it's a part of the skin not just sitting on top of it.

It has a fruity sweet scent

Here you can also see how I look like with no foundation (left photo) and with a light layer of new Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (right photo).

Comparison :  OLD VS. NEW FORMULA

I also decided to test old and new formula side by side. So I applied one formula on one side and the other on the other side of my face. I've noticed that new formula has a lot lighter coverage. With it I only evened out my skin tone, it didn't even cover small veins or any redness. The older version has better coverage more light to medium, while new has light coverage. Both versions are buildable and don't look cakey, if you apply more coats. 

They both have a very shiny finish, but the new one looks more dewy, while old one looks more like it has a sheen. 

Both look very natural on the skin and don't emphasize pores or fine lines. 

I already spoke about the difference in shades. New formula is slightly darker and has more of an orange tint to it, while older version looked more yellow toned and slightly lighter. 

They both wear the same with the only difference that my side with new formula became greasier quicker, which means it's also a bit less long lasting. 

The thing that bothers me is that old version had ingredients list on the bottle and the new one doesn't. Hm..I wonder why this change. In general, I prefer the old version. Even thought at first glance they both seem the same, you see the difference while you test them side by side. 

Old version had better coverage (which is one of the most important advantages in my opinion), it wasn't as dewy looking as the new one and it was slightly lighter. I usually mix it with other foundations, because it's too dark for me in colder months and now the new one is even darker. 

I can't say I'm a fan yet. I despise orange undertones like L'Oreal foundations usually have and I don't like dewy finish, because it means it's not as long lasting. It's great for winter when I need that extra moisture and shine, but for warmer months I usually just use it in combinations with other foundations to make them more yellow toned. It's the perfect foundation for those that want natural looking, lighter coverage and dewy finish foundation. So perfect for dry skin tones. That is if you find the right shade for you. 

Review: Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipsticks - Rouged Perfection, Pink Passion, Rose Awakening

You know my love of Avon lipsticks. They have the best formulas for the best prices. I already have a review of whole True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipsticks collection. Recently, Avon added three new shades to the range. This is my favorite matte lipstick formula, so I am really excited for new shades to be added to this line.

New shades are more or less different pink tones. The range had a lot of bright pinks, but these are more muted pinks. I'd say you'll find a pink for really fair skin tone, for those that don't like true pink and for those that like brighter pink, but don't want it to be too vibrant. 

Design is the same as with others, so a matte black packaging with silver details. The only difference is that my old ones have transparent lid on the top where you can sort of see the shade inside and these don't. I don't mind that, because I store them upside down, with name stickers up, so I can find the right shade quicker. 

In each is 3.6 grams of product and the regular price is 8.50€. Usually, you can get them a lot cheaper. Currently they're on offer for 4.50€ (Slovenia).

Rouged Perfection - warm peachy pink. It's one of those pinks that will appeal to all of those that prefer warm peach and brown shades. It's still pink, but has an obvious peach undertone. This shade might look really different on different skin tones. On some it might look more pink and on some more brown. It's my favorite from these three. On me it leans more towards warm pink shade with peach base. 
Pink Passion - cool light pastel pink. It's a more white based chalky pink and it would look amazing on really fair cool skin tones. From all the three shades, this one looks the most chalky on my lips, like it's not as even and smooth. 
Rose Awakening - warm medium redish pink. This is a darker shade than the other two and it's also the most vibrant one. This pink seems like it has red base to it. I really like this shade on me. It's not one of those really vibrant pop of shades that you'd save for special occasion. It's more of a vibrant wearable shade. 

Formula is still the same. The most smooth silicon like and well pigmented. The least pigmented seems to be Pink Passion, which can look a bit sheer, but it's so light, that it's not even that noticeable. I love how lightweight it feels on the lips and the fact that it never dries out my lips. Formula is really comfortable to wear. It transfers and is not as long lasting as proper liquid matte lipsticks. Since I have dry lips in general, these wear on my lips for a really long time. Up to 4 hours without touch ups. 

They have fruity summer scent that I love.

I also prepared some comparisons for you with other Avon lipsticks. I actually don't have any other brands of lipsticks that would be similar to any of this shade. Rouged Perfection is a a unique mix. Pure Pink (Perfectly Matte) is as light as Rouged Perfection, but a lot cooler and more proper pink without that peach undertone. I actually thought that it would be similar to Peach Flatters, but it's nothing alike. Peach Flatters (Perfectly Matte) is a lot darker and more redish. Revitalising Raspberry (Supreme Noursihing) is a sheerer formula, but it has more brownish redish base. Although it also looks kind of peachy pink at first glance. 

Pink Passion is another unique pastel pink. There isn't any shade that would be similar to it. I just swatched it next to Posh Petal, to show you that Posh Petal (Perfectly Matte) is lighter, really cool and definitely a more lavender shade. 

Rose Awakening is another unique shade in my collection, since it's vibrant, but not too dark. Peach Flatters (Perfectly Matte) is actually kind of similar in shade, but it's more peach toned, just slightly darker and a bit more vibrant. Rose Kisses (Mark Plump It) is a more mauve pink tone and it's a bit more muted shade, not as vibrant. 

Now onto the fun part. Me trying the shades on and giving you an idea on how it looks like against my NC15 skin tone. 

Rouged Perfection

Pink Passion

Rose Awakening

The formula is the best smooth formula of matte lipsticks for those that don't like drying lipsticks. They wear comfortably and are long lasting. You can choose among wide range of shades. Now there's also a perfect wearable pink for different skin tones. I adore Rouged Perfection. It's quickly became one of my favorite nude pinks. This is a shade I can rock on a daily. I also adore Rose Awakening as it's vibrant, but not too in your face and it also goes with everything. Pink Passion is more of classic cool pink and it's not something that I would wear a lot, but it looks great with a soft pink makeup look. Or something a bit cooler in general.

*Products were sent to me. 

Poznate mojo ljubezen do Avonovih šmink. Imajo najboljše formule za najugodnejšo ceno. Ocenila sem že celotno linijo True Colour Perfectly Matte šmink. Pred kratkim pa je Avon v zbirko dodal tri nove odtenke. To je moja najljubša formula mat šmink, zato sem zelo vesela, da se je Avon odločil tej liniji dodati nove odtenke.

Novi odtenki so bolj kot ne različni odtenki roza barve. Mat linija je imela precej živahnih roza odtenkov. Novi so veliko bolj umirjeni. Lahko bi rekla, da ponujajo nosljiv roza odtenek za vsakogar. Nekaj za tiste z zelo svetlo poltjo, roza za tiste, ki dejansko ne marajo pravih roza odtenkov in živahnejši roza odtenek, ki pa še vidno ni premočan za dnevno nošenje. 

Dizajn je enak prvotni liniji. Šminke se nahajajo v mat črni embalaži s srebrnimi detajli. Edina razlika je v tem, da so stare šminke imele na vrhu prozorno okence skozi katero si lahko opazil odtenek šminke. Nove tega nimajo. Mene to ne moti, ker jih shranjujem obrnjene na glavo. Tako lahko odtenek prej najdem po nalepki z napisom odtenka. 

V vsaki šminki je 3.6 gramov izdelka. Redna cena je 8.50€. Po navadi jih lahko dobite veliko ceneje. Trenutno je cena 4.50€ tukaj

Rouged Perfection - topla breskvasto roza. To je roza odtenek, ki bo všeč vsem tistim, ki imajo raje tople breskvaste in rjave odtenke. Je še vedno roza, ampak ima precej očiten breskvast podton. Ta odtenek bo izgledal drugače na različnih polteh. Na nekaterih bo bolj roza, na drugih pa bolj rjav. Je moja najljubši odtenek izmed vseh treh. Na meni izgleda volj toplo roza z breskvastim podtonom.
Pink Passion - hladno svetlo pastelno roza. Je odtenek, ki ima precej bele podlage in bo izgledal fantastično na svetli hladni polti. Izmed vseh treh odtenkov, je ta najbolj neenakomeren na ustnicah. Izgleda bolj pudrasto. 
Rose Awakening - topla srednje rdečkasto roza. To je najtemnejši odtenek izmed vseh treh in tudi najbolj živahen odtenek. Ta roza daje občutek, da je podlaga bolj rdečkasta. Odtenek mi je izredno všeč na meni. Je en izmed živahnih odtenkov, ki pa ni tako živahen, da bi ga morale nositi samo za posebne priložnosti. Gre bolj za živahen odtenek, ki je še vedno izredno nosljiv. 

Formula je še vedno ista. Izredno gladka, podobna silikonom in dobro pigmentirana. Najmanj pigmentiran odtenek je Pink Passion, ki lahko izgleda rahlo prosojno. Glede na to, da je odtenek tako svetel, se to niti ne opazi tako zelo. Všeč mi je kako lahkotne so na ustnicah in da nikoli ne izsušijo mojih ustnic. Formula je res zelo udobna za nošenje. Šminka se prenaša na hrano in kozarce, zato ni tako zelo obstojna kot prave tekoče mat šminke. Glede na to, da imam sama zelo suhe ustnice, so te na meni zelo obstojne. Lahko jih nosim tudi do 3 ure brez popravkov. 

Šminke imajo poletno sadni vonj, ki mi je zelo všeč. 

Odtenke sem primerjala z drugimi Avonovimi šminkami. Nisem našla nobenega odtenka drugih znamk, ki bi bili podobni tem, zato sem primerjala kar z Avonovimi. Rouged Perfection je unikatna mešanica. Pure Pink je enako svetla kot Rouged Perfection, ampak hladnejša in bolj prava roza, brez breskvastega podtona. Mislila sem, da bo odtenek bolj podoben Peach Flatters, ampak se je izkazalo, da si nista niti podobna. Peach Flatters je veliko temnejši in bolj rdečkast. Revitalising Raspberry je bolj prosojne formule in ima bolj rjavkasto rdeč podton. Čeprav deluje tudi rahlo breskvasto roza na prvih pogled. 

Pink Passion je še ena unikatna roza. V zbirki nimam nobenega podobnega odtenka. Primerjala sem ga z Posh Petal, da bi pokazala, da je Posh Petal svetlejši, hladnejši in definitivno bolj sivkast odtenek.

Rose Awakening je še en unikaten odtenek iz moje kolekcije. Je sicer živahen, ampak ni temen. Peach Flatters je precej podoben odtenek, ampak je malo bolj breskvast, temnejši in bolj živahen. Rose Kisses je vijolična roza, ki je bolj umazana in niti približno tako živahna. 

Formula je najboljša formula mat šmink za vse, ki ne marajo šmink, ki izsušujejo ustnice. Nosijo se udobno in so dobro obstojne. Izbirate lahko izmed širokim naborom odtenkov. Zdaj lahko najdete perfekten roza odtenek za različne polti. Sama obožujem Rouged Perfection. Zelo hitro je postal moj najljubši nevtralno roza odtenek. To je odtenek, ki ga lahko nosim čez dan z vsakim makeupom. Obožujem tudi Rose Awakening, ker je tako živahen, a vseeno ne preveč. Prav tako paše k vsakemu makeupu. Pink Passion je bolj klasično hladno roza in ni odtenek po katerem bi veliko posegala. Je pa čudovit v kombinaciji z nežnim roza makeupom. Prav tako s kakšnim koli drugim bolj hladnim makeupom. 

*Izdelki so mi bili poslani.