Review: Avon Artistique Parfumiers Iris Fetiche Eau de Parfum

Artistique Parfumiers is a new collection of scents by Avon inspired by their beginnings as a California Perfume Company back in 1886. Perfumers were inspired by personal memories and created three fragrances called Iris Fetiche, Magnolia en Fleurs and Patchouli Indulgence. These scents represent journey into the craftsmanship of perfumery that began in Paris back when Avon was created.


It comes in a very chic glass bottle with violet ombre design and gold details. It has plastic transparent cap with Artistique Parfumiers embossing on it. I find it very classic and elegant design.

In it is 50 ml of eau de parfum and the price is around 23€.

Avon Artistique Parfumiers Collection

Avon was inspired by niche perfumes to create their Aristique Parfumiers collection. Niche perfumery is alternative to mass perfume production. Niche means perfumes are limited in sales and therefor more exclusive. Art and creativity takes first place in niche perfumery which also means their fragrances may not be widely likable. Some say niche perfumery has been gaining more popularity and becoming commercial. Avon is the perfect example when a mass corporation does something that is the exact opposite of the definition. I think one of those most widely known niche brands that most people would know about is Jo Malone for example.

Avon Artistique Parfumiers is collection of three fragrances. They all have unified bottles and packaging just like niche perfumes. Each box and label of those Avon copyrighted fragrances has the personal signature of its perfumer. Three fragrances were created to elevate Avon's perfumes to the level of art. All three fragrances are build around fragrant themes by which new perfume brands begin their collections: irises, amber and flowers. Perfumes were created by famous Symrise perfumers with international recognition, who are famous for their creations on a specific fragrance theme.


Iris Fetiche is said to be floriental masterpiece created by Emilie Coppermann for elegant, charismatic and glamorous women.

The symphonic sound of enticing iris, delicate green foliage, and the sensual sweetness of vanilla will illuminate your charismatic nature, and then wrap you with an enveloping feeling of endless calm. In this fragrance, Emilie recalls her childhood when she went from Paris to her grandmother's in Normandy.

Top notes: green notes, bergamot, pepper
Middle notes: iris, jasmine, rose
Base notes: vanilla, amber, sandalwood

I have to agree with most reviewers on Fragrantica that this is one of the best perfumes I have tried from Avon. It definitely doesn't smell like most Avon fragrances. There is uniqueness to it.

It starts very fresh green with a kick of pepper to it and then quickly florals come in - iris. In the beginning it can be sharp and very strong, but as it's drying down to those base notes it gets more  and more powdery with just the right amount of sweet and woody. I love it as it's wearing off, because it becomes almost powdery creamy scent with just enough sweet vanilla to it and woody oriental base of my favorite amber. It's a very chic and elegant fragrance that smells much more expensive than it actually is.


Some Avon perfumes don't last on me as well and I've heard complaint by others as well, but this one actually stays on the skin for so long and I can definitely still smell it at the end of the day

I saw iris in the name and immediately though, ah I'm not gonna like this, it's going to be another one of those floral fragrances and boy, was I wrong. Iris is prominent in the beginning, but mixed with fresh green notes and spicy kick, it creates a powerful start. This is definitely powdery vanilla woody scent that will give you that creamy powdery vibe as it's wearing off to its base and as such it will be perfect for all of you that want a very chic effortless fragrance with a creamy powdery sweet oriental base.

It may be too strong for some for the summer, but I absolutely love it and haven't been able to put it down ever since I got it. It has quickly become one of my favorite fragrances. I hear Avon may be coming out with more scents in this collection and I can't wait. I will try to get testers of the other two as well - especially the Patchouli Indulgence. 

*Product was sent to me.

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