Review: Essence Fresh & Fit Awake Primer

I've been hearing about Essence Fresh & Fit Awake Primer Healthy Glow Pore Minimizing Effect a lot, especially in relation to one of the Charlotte Tilbury products and since Essence is an affordable drugstore brand, plus my primer collection is fairly limited, I decided to give it a try. Boy, this is definitely one of those great surprises from the drugstore.

My Avon Box From Nude to Glamour

Beauty boxes have been on the scene for a while. However, not at Avon, at least not until now. So far, I know for two beauty boxes and I'm showing you what's inside the first one. It comes in this pretty square paper box with a black and peach design. In it you get 6 full size products. With it you also get instructions on what's inside and how to use it to create three different looks from day appropriate to an evening look.

Hidden Glam

Cut crease makeup is extremely popular on Instagram these days and I've been seeing it paired with glittery liner outline for that extra pop of glam. Naturally, I wanted to try it for myself, although my eye shape is definitely not made for these kind of looks. I made it to fit my preference and eye shape. It looked so much prettier in real life, because glittery anything just doesn't look as nice on the photos as it does in real life.

Review: Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish - 180 Chai on Life

I have only one Sally Hansen colored nail polish in my collection (sadly, no review of it) and their Insta-Dry Top Coat (which didn't impress me). But their formula is something I liked immediately, because it's a thicker formula that covers nail quickly. Recently, I got two new Sally Hansen nail polishes in my mail box, but one came completely shattered. It broke while transporting, so I can't show you that one, although it was a fun electric purple shade.

Review: The Body Shop - Coconut Body Butter, Honey Bronze Bronzer (01) and Lip Juicer

The Body Shop has made quite a stir when they've finally opened online shop in Slovenia. I'll admit that I never really bought their products before. I got a few minis as a gift and was once in the actual store in France, but found it overwhelming to choose something. But I've been hearing about the brand on other beauty blogs all the time, so some products made it to my wishlist and now I finally had the chance to try them out.

Review: L.O.V. - Eyeliner, Kohl, Brow Gel Serum and Blush

I've accumulated a few L.O.V. products and since I like all of them, I decided to do a group review. I'll try to be to the point here. They all work nice and I'm so sad that this brand is no longer available in Slovenia. Hopefully, DM picks up on it, if Müller decided to ditch it. Most of these I got on sale as they were 50% off because they were being discontinued.


I've seen a few makeup looks with bright yellow eyeshadow and decided that I definitely need to try it out. I love a good colorful eye makeup and summery weather that we have in Slovenia calls for just that. Sometimes vibrant colors can look intimidating, but paired with the right face makeup and lipstick, I think they can look very wearable too. I called the look Tropicana, because it just had that kind of tropical vibe to it, plus that is also a brand that makes orange juice which is pretty much what I tried to make my eyes look like. 

Review: Nivea Sun UV Face Moisture Mousse and Q-10 Anti-Age and Anti-Pigments SPF

I've almost always used some sort of Nivea SPF for the body (especially by the sea), because I like their packaging and formulas. So far, I haven't tried their face SPFs and since I do use SPF on my face daily in spring and summer time, I was excited to try out two of their new releases. This is one of those products that will definitely be used up and is very much a necessity in my routine. 

Review: Kiko Mini Nail Lacquer - 30 Mint Milk

Kiko is one of my favorite nail polish brands along Avon. I love that they have a huge color selection among different ranges. Their nail polishes also always last fairly long on my weaker nails which is the reason why I love them so much. When I was in Kiko in Graz I saw these mini nail polishes and I had to grab one of those shades that I've been looking for a while. By the way, apparently Kiko in Graz has closed and I am so upset by that. I love a lot of their products and now I probably won't be able to buy them anymore. 

May 2018 Favorites

As every month, here are some of my new and old favorite products that I have been loving on a daily. I have also finished a project that has occupied five months of my life and that has been one of my life goals.