Review: H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher - Cameo Pink

H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blushers are one of my all time favorite blush formulas. I've been slowly collecting more shades and whenever I get one, I use the heck out of it. Most of them still look like I haven't touched them. It's just one of those gorgeous soft powdery formulas that blend like a dream and they have the most beautiful shades to choose from. 

2020 Favorites

Here are my yearls favorites which sum up some of the products I have discovered in the previous year and that have impressed me enough to be mentioned here. Some of these, like skin care and mascaras I have already repurchased a few times. I try to include only those products that I really loved and used a lot.

Review: Marc Jacobs - Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara And Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Lipstick

I have heard of Marc Jacobs Beauty products, but never really had the chance to try them out, until my lovely friend gifted them to me. I tried out one of their iconic mascaras and lipstick in a mini version, which is so much cuter and I love the fact that I actually get to use it up.

Review: Catrice LE Kaviar Gauche 2020 - Pressed Pigment Palette, Highlighter and Multipurpose Brush

I am a little late with this review, but our local drugstore still sells this November through January limited edition by Catrice called Kaviar Gauche. Kaviar Gauche is German bridal couture brand that Catrice collaborated with already and I feel they'll do more together in the future. These collection always have the prettiest design and very wearable shades.