November 2020 Favorites

Very uneventful month is behind us and I only hope December will be a merry one. I've been testing lots of new products this month and I am featuring some of those that I liked the most. I don't apply much makeup these days, because I don't leave the house much anyway. 

I started using this again, though it's so old that they've since changed the packaging. It's one of those super cozy sort of sleepy scents that I spray in the room to give it a more cozy smell. You can also spray this on your pillow to help you sleep better. I prefer to spray it just in the air, because it can be quite strong. Surprisingly, I don't smell much lavender, which I hate, it's more camomile.

This is one of my favorite fragrances for colder months. I bring it out every year whenever I start wearing stronger and cozier scents. It's got that lovely sweet woody scent which smells so cozy and actually lasts really well on the skin for being a fragrance mist. I think this lasts just as good as eau de parfum. 

Joico is my favorite high end hair care brand and this is definitely one of those products that is great for damaged hair. It's treatment that you apply like a mask and it makes my hair look healthier. It rebuilds and improves structure of hair, so this is for all of you that either color your hair or use a lot of heat and have damaged it. I color my hair regularly and this type of treatment always helps to bring hair back to somewhat descent state. I also enjoy other products from that same K-Pak range. 

Catrice Soul Searchers Eyeshadow Palette 020 Namaste All Day!

Palette came in Catrice DIY Advent Calendar for 2020 and it's actually one of their older palettes that I believe isn't available anymore. I like it, because it's fairly creamy formula, so you can apply it just with your fingers for when you want really quick and one shadow look. All shades have very fine shimmer which makes them almost more satin like than metallic, so those are great everyday shades. I think there should be more color variety, since a lot of those shades are similar, but it's good for simple quick look. Lighter shades are great for inner corner or even as highlighter. 

I think I've almost used up this product, because there's barely and on the wand. I love this tiny brush so much and the color medium is good brown for my brows as well. I apply it on its own, if I want to look put together, but wear almost no makeup. It makes my brow hair look thicker and denser. My brows look fuller with it and I like that there is texture in the brows so they don't look flat. It also works great on top of other brow products. I'm contemplating ordering it again, if I see a good deal on it. 

Catrice LE Catrice Advent Calendar DIY Powder Highlighter C01 Soft Candlelight

This is another product from Catrice's Advent Calendar. Texture is wet, almost creamy, like formula of LE Glow in Bloom highlighters. Because of wetter texture it's harder to pick up with a fluffy brush, but with fingers you get very pigmented swatch. It's one of those light shades which is perfectly neutral, since it's champagne with just a hint of gold to it, but it almost reflects silver too. It's very reflective, but the shimmer in it is fine, so you won't get glittery shine. I really like these kind of shades, though more powdery formulas from Catrice apply better with brushes.

Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer Candlelight 

This was also in Catrice Advent Calendar and previously it was available in their regular range, but I'm not sure if it still is. I've grown to quite like those Catrice primers with pearly textures. This is like a thicker serum with pale off white color that has tiny shimmer and gives your skin pearly finish. The base is very light and white vanilla, so anyone with darker than pale or light skin tone will probably look ashy with it. I like this under my foundation to give it some luminosity, but I prefer to just mix it in with foundation or use it as a highlighter on no makeup days. It dries to complete matte finish which is fine for my combination skin. 

It's probably one of my favorite blush shades of all time. I think H&M blushes are underrated. I've just ordered one more, because it was on sale and I already have four. Brown Sugar is the most perfect light brown with warm peach tone to it. It's that perfect warm brown to pair with any more neutral look and especially nice for those that hate pink blushes or bold blushes in general. It's soft powdery formula that can be build up and gives your cheeks slightest healthy satin sheen. Plus the formula lasts forever. I have been using it for a long time and it looks like a barely touched it. 

Catrice Plumping Lip Liner 010 Understated Chic

I already have this lip liner in shade 020 What A Doll which is a more pink nude. I immediately liked its creamy pigmented formula and went and got another shade, this time a more warm peachier brown nude. It's exactly the kind of nude I like for warmer makeup looks. This formula glides on the lips like a dream and actually stays on my dry lips well, but doesn't make them look or feel dry. Catrice always made great lip liner and this is another great formula.

Lidl Crelando Watercolour Pencils

I like crafts, but I am not up to date to all the tools that are now available. I also don't know about watercolour pencils before I saw these in Lidl. I have more time on my hands, since I don't do much around the house now, so I try to find relaxing creative ways to entertain myself. They are basically water colors in pencil form, so you can draw something like you would with a pencil and then wet that color with wet brush to make it blend and give the effect of watercolor. It's such a fun way to fill this time with something creative that doesn't cost a fortune either. I think those were like 7€. 


Sex Education TV Series

Colder months bring more time for tv series and I've been enjoying watching Netflix's Sex Education. This is such a fun series. It's happening in British high school. Otis, an insecure teenager and Maeven, the rebel, start sex therapy clinic. Otis' mother is sex therapist so he has the knowledge, though not practical experience. There is a lot of funny teenage sex scenes as well as high school love and drama. It's one of those easy comedy series that you'll enjoy, if you like these kind of themes. 

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