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Makeup Wishlist Tag

I was tagged by Sandra from Keep Calm And Wear Lipstick blog to do this Makeup Wishlist Tag.  Thank you Sandra for tagging me. I've actually seen this tag going around and like it. It's one of those that I was actually excited to write. I'm planing on doing a full post of my current wishlist as well.

Review: Avon Life Colour by Kenzo Takada Eau de Parfum and Body Lotion

Avon is currently dominating my fragrance collection and there are a lot of their fragrances that are my all time favorites. A lot of their fragrances are made in collaboration with famous designers or celebrities. They already collaborated with Kenzo Takada once on their Life fragrance, so this is the second installment. This time they named the fragrance Life Colour by Kenzo Takada.

Review: Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow Glass Bull and Super Shock Shadow Birthday Wish

I like all the products that I have tried so far from Colourpop. It's definitely one of my top makeup brands that I wish was available within the EU, because it's a hassle getting your package to your country and dealing with customs. Whenever they have good deals, I order some products that are on my wishlist. This time I bough their Super Shock Shadow in Birthday Wish, Pressed Powder Shadow in Glass Bull and Super Shock Cheek in Flexitarian.

My Favorite - Blushes

When it comes to blushes I prefer something more on the  warmer peach or brown side. That doesn't mean I don't wear pink blushes, I just don't wear them as often as all those peachy ones. In general I’m a warm toned lover, so I also like warmer pinks and those that have a muddy or mauve base to it. To me blush gives a bit of color to the face, but I never want it to be the center of my makeup look, so I prefer something that looks slightly sheerer. I have a good collection of blushes, but I decided to feature only those that I would really miss in my collection, if I would for some reason loose it.