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April 2024 Favorites


Review: Hada Labo Tokyo Skincare

Hada Labo Tokyo is Japanese skincare brand available in our DM drugstores. I have had some of their product already, but other ranges not Tokyo. In Slovenia we can get four ranges of products - white, red, lift and premium. They target slightly different concerns, but they all focus on hydration with different types of hyaluronic acids. 

March 2024 Favorites


Review: Too Cool For School Artclass by Rodin Shading - Modern

Too Cool for School is Korean brand. I remember it being on the scene since I started gaining interest in Asian skin care. It's a staple brand in my eyes and it has been around for years. They have makeup as well as skincare. Artclass is just one of their makeup ranges. It's inspired by classic atelier and art.