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Review: Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip - Snow Day

I already own one of those new shimmery Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lips lip glosses and since I loved the formula so much, I wanted to add another shade to my collection. Also because I almost completely used up On Board. I chose a more neutral transparent shade called Snow Day which goes with pretty much every colored base. 

2018 Favorite Posts

2018 has been good in terms of beauty. I set myself a goal to post more nail art and makeup looks and I feel like I have reached it. There were many new interesting products to review as well as some new categories of posts that I introduced on my blog. Writing about trends was a fun new topic as well as finally coming around to doing my all time favorite products posts in different categories. I still have some of those coming up in 2019. 

Here are some of the posts that I have enjoyed creating the most. Starting with makeup looks that I think were finally becoming more interesting and versatile. I am also proud of my nail art that I feel has evolved a bit as well. Among other posts I have decided to feature those that I really liked writing or I loved the photos I took of the products and those that I found would be really helpful for any of my readers. 

2018 Favorite Skin And Body Care

Here is the second part of my 2018 favorites. I'm talking about my favorite skin care, body care, hair care and fragrances that I was introduced to in 2018. I see some of these becoming my staples. Some I have already repurchased. 

2018 Favorite Makeup

Another beauty year is behind us. I have gathered my favorite makeup products from 2018. As per usual, I only feature products that I have discovered in 2018. I have a full series of all time favorite posts anyway, so this is just new discoveries from 2018.