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My Favorite - Bronzers and Highlighters

I'm continuing my favorite posts with bronzers and highlighters. Bronzers are my least explored area, since I find it hard to find light shades in drugstore ranges. However, highlighters are my love and I have way too many of them.

When it comes to bronzers, I want something for lighter skin tone, either matte or just sheeny. I'm not a fan of shimmery bronzers, because I often times want bronzer to also slightly contour my face. My favorite highlighters are more of champagne and light gold shades, but I like different tones as well, considering that the formula is good. Sometimes I want something more metallic and sometimes it's all about a subtle sheen. 

Cute Bunny Makeup

Halloween is supposedly associated with disgusting, bloody and scary costumes, but since we in Slovenia don't really celebrate Halloween, why not create something more cute. Maybe I'll do something more Halloween appropriate too, if I have time, but for now here's a cute looking bunny that you can use for any costume party. I gathered some ideas from the internet and threw them together in my own way. Who doesn't like bunnies, right?!

Review: Noelle Makeup Brush 19 and Makeup Brush Case

When a was on a day trip in VaraĹždin (Croatia), I found this makeup brand called Noelle in their Bipa. As far as I could found on the internet, this must be Croatian brand, but correct me, if I'm wrong. Their makeup products are available in Bipa stores. Brushes were really affordable and I'm a sucker for eye brushes, so I got the blending one. I also bought their makeup brush case which is really well made and great to travel with. For more of their products browse here

My Favorite - Powders

When it comes to powders, I prefer loose transparent ones. At first there were only compact powders available in the drugstores and I remember most brands didn't have loose powders yet, let alone those transparent shades. As they become popular, drugstore brands also started to do these types and now you can find them in most local drugstores. I prefer these loose powders, because they have very fine powder particles, they blend into nothing, so you can combine them with different shades of foundations and in general look more lightweight on the skin.

I use powders to set my foundation almost all the time, maybe a bit less in the winter. I don't like sticky foundation feel, plus my T zone tends to get really oily, so I like locking it in with powder. Powder also provides a smoother base for any other powder products that I put on top and prevents my foundation to move too much.