Review: Essie Toggle to the top

Hey Beauties!

I got a coupon for 50% off of three Essie nail polishes (in DM). I'm sure a lot of my fellow Slovenian bloggers seized the opportunity as well. But, when I was in store, I only fell in love with one shade, which is from their new Winter 2013 collection.

The shade is called Toggle to the top and it looks like dark red wine shade with slightly lighter red glitter. It's very festive for the season and looks so pretty.

The red shade is perfect for autumn as well as winter time and the glitter in it, just makes it a bit more interesting and great for parties. One coat is enough to get the full color. The glitters in this polish are actually silver - because I already applied it and then took it off, so I saw it. Because the glitter is silver and it's in the dark red nail polish, that makes the glitter a bit lighter, because of the base - which is silver. I love how simple this sounds, although I would have never thought of such a trick :).

I like it with a top coat, because it smooths the glitters and makes it a bit more shiny.

Essie nail polishes contain 13.5 ml of product and cost 9.95 € in Slovenia, but I bought it for 4.98 €.

Acure Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil Conditioner

Hey Beauties!

Today it's another hair product. I haven't been writing about these in a while. It's a conditioner by Acure and it's called Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil Conditioner.

I have to say I wasn't sure what to expect. I really like high end (well for me it's high end, for some it may not be) products for hair, when it comes to conditioners and hair masks and all the other things. I was disappointed by a lot of drugstore conditioners and they just never felt as good as those a bit more expensive. I decided to try this one, when I saw the review on Jana's blog (click and you can read what she said about it). So, I placed my first order on iHerb and bought it.

I am pleasantly surprised. I have been using it for about 3 months and I like it. To me, it smells of a typical moroccan smell, if that makes sense? I guess, I would have to say it smells very oriental and I don't love the smell, but I don't hate it either. It's a bit strong in my opinion. The consistency is pretty thick, like a white cream and I love that. It sticks nicely to the hair.

While washing, the hair feels very smooth. If I let my hair dry itself, not using blow dryer, my hair has that oil feeling to it. By that I mean, that my hair feels moisturized an oily on touch, but not in a bad way. It just gives a nice moisture and smoothness to hair. However, if I blow dry the hair, I don't feel it being as moisturizing. The smell fades pretty quickly.

It comes in a tube, which is my favorite conditioner packaging and I absolutely love the directions on how to apply it. So cute :))

The packaging contains 235 ml of product around 6.34 €. Which I think it's a fairly good price for that amount of product.

I think it's a pretty good conditioner AND it also has very "healthy" natural ingredients, which is always a plus.  I recommend it to anyone with dry hair, especially because of all the oils that it contains and it's a nice natural alternative.

Slovenian Bloggers 18. - 24.11.

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Review: Essence LE Superheores thermo effect nail polish

Hey Beauties!

Last week I found new LE of Essence. Actually is it new or is it old already? Anyways, all of the nail polishes were there, but I only took the one with the thermo effect, because I don't own any such cool effect nail polish :).

This nail polish is thermo effect and the shade is called 01 Fanstastic Girl. It reacts to cold and hot and changes color. When you have warm hands it's pink and when you have cold hands it turns into purple.

It's very sheer and runny. One coat looks weir, you need at least two. Here is how it looks with one and two coats. Do excuse my dry hands, it's that season again, when my lips and hands turn into Sahara desert.

On the nail polish is also a color combo, which corresponds the actual colors, which you get either with cold or hot conditions. As you can see on the photos down below, the swatch on the nail polish is pretty accurate.

If your tips of nails get cold you get a cool gradient effect. Or you can just dip them into the cold water :).

The price is 2 and something euros and you get 8 ml of nail polish. I won't talk about the quality, because I don't think Essence nail polishes stay on for a long time, but they are nice for the effects and nail art, because they are so cheap.

Did you get something from this Superheroes collection?

Removing makeup

Hey Beauties!

This post is going to be about how I like to remove my makeup, every day and which products do I use. As I said many times, my eyes have gotten really sensitive and small bits of mascara in my eyes, irritate me a lot. So, as much as I love wearing makeup, I also love removing it as soon as I get home.

The product I use to remove my eye makeup is Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire. Firstly, I use a cotton pad and put a little of Bioderma on it (probably 3 drops). Then I hold it over my lid and slowly drag it to the left and right, to get in between lashes and take off mascara. As Lisa Eldridge always says - be gentle around the eyes :), so I really try to be :). Then I put on some more and repeat this step. I also go on my lower lash line and clean any mascara that has stuck to the skin, while removing.

Then I take a cotton swab and dip it into Bioderma. Which goes perfectly together with the little packaging of Bioderma, because the cotton swab is a perfect size to stuck in the Bioderma hole. Then, I remove any leftover of mascara on the lower lash line and I also go through lashes. I do this as if I'm applying mascara on the lashes, except I'm trying to remove it.

And that is how I finish with my eye makeup removal. I think this removes almost everything, because I hate when small bits of mascara get stuck in my eyes and feel itchy and the eye gets red and so on... I know, I really have sensitive eyes.

For the rest of the makeup I remove as I've learned from Lisa Eldridge. I use Balea Med Ultra Sensitive Reinigungs Milch, which is basically milk and I massage it into my skin. Then I use one cotton pad and rip it in half, so that I get two cotton pads from one - saving is good! :) I hold each half in one hand and go over the face and remove the milk. Then I use the milk again, massaging it into the skin and removing it with water. Like I said, I saw this at Lisa Eldrige's YouTube video and it kinda got stuck with me. I think it really removes all of my makeup.

So fresh and so clean, clean, clean .. :) I remove my makeup as soon as I get home and I have to say that I never go to sleep with makeup - well, at least something I am consistent with ;).

So how do you remove your makeup? Do you remove makeup as soon as you get home, or before going to bed?

DIY: Foam Christmas tree decoration (home decor)

Hey Beauties!

I started my Christmas edition of home decor. Since I study in another city, I only have time to make my DIYs for the weekend. So I guess, better to start before ;). Today, I wanted to share this cute mini Christmas tree decoration, which base is made from a foam. My mom made this tree last year, or was it year before that?! Anyways, I loved it and decided to make my own, a bit smaller version to decorate my room with.

For this I used:

  • foam cone
  • moss
  • hot glue gun (or any other glue)
  • different sizes of beads (I used the one that I use for making jewelry)
  • decorative wire (I used the one that has a zig zag pattern)
  • decorative ribbon
  • pedestal or a base for the tree

The moss I got from the forest. You can also buy it in the store. Foam cone can also be found in any store, with garden, decorative items. Firstly, I cleaned my moss. I got rid of soil, which was still stuck to the moss. That makes it easier to glue moss to the cone. Then, I used hot glue gun and glued moss on the cone. Taking one patch of the moss and slowly covering up the whole cone. Don't worry if it's not fully covered, because you can still cover the foam with beads and ribbons. 

Then I used this silver zig zag decorative wire and wrapped it around the tree, going in a diagonal way. The I went around the first wire with another. 

I used my jewelry beads for this tree, but any sort of beads will do the trick. Mine even have holes in them :). No worries, it's not seen from a distance. Then I glued my beads in a random matter. I used red, silver and gold color beads. 

I used my thin decorative ribbons to make small bows. I used two different kinds of ribbons, because that's just what I had at home and it actually turned out fine, because I got two different sizes of bows. I also used hot glue gun to glue those to the tree. 

For the pedestal for the tree I used gold plastic circle, which I had as a pedestal for the candle. That object is actually the bottom half of the bronzer packaging that I once broke. I spray painted it with gold color and turned it into any sort of pedestal. I just glued the tree to the pedestal and...finished.

As you can see I went with pretty "basic" Christmas tree. Call me conservative, but I still like the gold red combo the best (unfortunately I only had very small gold beads). This is a very easy way to decorate your room or maybe dorm room with a little bit of Christmas spirit, without going all out. And it can be decorated in so may different ways, using whatever you have at home.

Slovenian Boggers 11.-17.11.

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My basic everyday makeup routine

Hey Beauties!

Everybody has a basic makeup routine and I wanted to share mine. Although, if you watched most of my makeup tutorials, I am sure you've figured it out ;). I do this kind of makeup everyday, when I rush to classes. For some this maybe too much, for me is just enough :).

Of course I start with foundation. I use foundation brush, because it's less messy. Then, I tend to go to eye makeup and leave concealer after eye makeup is done.

For the eyes I start with filling my eyebrows. I do this with eye brow pencil, because I find it lasts all day. Next is a basic eye shadow shade all over my lid. I use different shade combinations, here I went for pinky purple brownish shades. I like to use matte eye shadow, which is darker then the base and use it in my crease. Actually, I use it a bit higher then my actual crease. I'm faking my crease to make it seem like it's higher. I have slightly hooded eyes and find that this works great for enlarging the eye lid space. Sometimes I put the same shade around my lower lash line and sometimes I don't even bother with that. I also love using shimmery eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye. It just makes me feel that little more alive :).

I don't like using eye liner everyday, because it's too difficult to make it perfect and takes too much time. So I go for black eye shadow instead, which I use as a thin line around upper lash line. I also like to winged it out, just a little, so my eyes don't look droopy :). Next is curling my lashes. I swear by this. It just makes the biggest difference with any eye makeup. It extends the length of lashes. Finishing eye makeup with nice volumising mascara. 

Then I go in with concealer, to conceal everything that the foundation hasn't and cover up my under eye circles. Highlighter is one of the products that I am loving. I use it on top of my cheeks, everyday. If I have enough time, I also put it down my nose and on the cupids bow, especially if I tend to use lipstick. Blush is also a must have. It goes a little on the top of cheeks and a little behind, almost using it as a contour.

As far as lips goes, there's mostly just a lip balm. Sometimes I use nude lipsticks and sometimes I use darker lipsticks as a stain, finger smudging it around my lips in thin layers. And I'm finishes. It takes me around 20 minutes to do this every day. I think that's pretty fair, do you? :)

Which steps do you do for your basic everyday makeup routine? Let me know in the comments :)