Review: Nars Blush Orgasm and Powermatte Lip Pigment Starwoman

I got these two products as a gift from a lovely friend Astrid which I got to know through my blog and we have actually met once in person. She was so nice to send me some makeup products and I have to say, she has great taste. I loved everything she picked out for me. Among these I was most excited for iconic Nars Orgasm blush and their red matte lipstick in shade Starwoman.

Nars Blush - Orgasm


It comes in a sleek soft velvet black plastic packaging. Inside is a tiny mirror. I have mini size of the blush in which is 3.5 grams of product. I believe this one came in a set with a lipstick and Nars has those mini sets in Sephora, they are usually around 20€.


It's surprisingly drier formula than I am used to with my blushes, but it feels smooth to the touch. Pigmentation is good, but this is more metallic blush which also makes it more sheeny rather than fully opaque. You can definitely build it up to look opaque.


I believe Nars has 32 shades of their blushes which means the choice is definitely wide - from nudes to bright pinks and reds. 

Orgasm is described as peachy pink with golden shimmer. It looks like the base is pink and golden shimmer on top gives it a peachy vibe. It reflects differently from angle to angle, sometimes it can look more pink, other times it's very peachy golden. Shimmer is super intense, to the point of being metallic looking, if you apply a lot. Shimmer is small, but you can definitely notice it up close, which may be a deal breaker to some. 

Orgasm is their best selling blush shade and I know the name plays a huge role here, although the shade itself is very pretty too.


I actually don't have any color that is similar to this one by Nars so I just compared it to L.O.V. BLUSHment Blurring Blush in 10 Be The Game Changer which is the most pink out of my collection, but it looks much cooler compared to Nars and it doesn't have that pretty golden shimmer.


I like to apply my blushes with sparse bristled soft brushes which means it doesn't pick up a lot of product. Sometimes that means that with Orgasm you get only that golden shimmer with just a hint of color which looks like a natural flush. If you build it up or apply it with denser brush you get more of that base color. It blends out without any problems and lasts on my skin the whole day. This is seriously long lasting. Because it has that metallic finish it will emphasize texture, but I love how it literally glows on the skin. You definitely don't need highlighter when you wear this.

I couldn't catch proper intensity of this blush on my camera for the life of me. It looks so much more vibrant in person and golden sheen is very intense.

Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment - Starwoman


Lip Pigment also comes in a soft touch black plastic packaging and it has small see through squares on either side through which you can see the shade inside. It has straight applicator which isn't super fluffy or soft, but it has a dent on one side where product collects and it makes it fairly easy to apply the product. You can hit the edges without needing additional lip brush.

This is again a mini size of the lipstick and in it is 2 ml of product.


It's a more liquid formula which feels very thin, but it's very pigmented - hence the name lip pigment. You definitely don't need to go back in the tube with applicator, because what is on is more than enough to completely cover the lips. It also dries as you are applying it and sets into a matte finish.


Nars lets you choose between 25 different shades from nudes, to reds and even purple and black. 

Starwoman is described as vivid blue red. It's one of those classic medium red shades with a cool undertone, but it still feels very neutral in tone which is what I like. It's not completely cool toned, there is a hint of warmth that comes out on my skin tone.


Avon True Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Rose Red is similar to Starwoman, but it's a bit cooler in tone and almost more pinkish.


Here I can definitely notice a difference in high end and drugstore makeup. This is such a pigmented formula, but it feels so lightweight on the lips. Drugstore liquid matte lipsticks tend to feel heavy like cement on the lips and they can look crusty, but not this one.

It covers lips evenly, doesn't particularly emphasize texture and doesn't bleed out. It's not moisturizing by any means, but it also doesn't feel drying like it's sucking the life out of your lips. It's not completely transfer proof, but it transfers minimal. It's definitely long lasting formula though not absolutely fool proof and because it's red, it will leave a stain on your lips.

This duo impressed me so much that I keep my eyes on Nars products every now and then. I definitely want to try more from them. It's a high end brand, but not over expensive and the quality is definitely there based off of those two products. If you like the finishes of these products you'll love the formula and feel as well. 

I absolutely adore how sheeny Orgasm blush looks on the skin and the golden glow makes it so much more interesting, although I know this could be deal breaker for all you matte blush lovers. Formula is drier and I need to build it up, but that is what makes it unique. The base almost seems like pigment, because it gives your cheeks that tint and natural flush without looking heavy, since it's a sheerer formula. The more you apply the more golden and shimmery it looks. 

Starwoman is a proper classic red lipstick that makes a statement with its velvet looking matte finish. It's called a lip pigment for a good reason, because it's so strongly pigmented. From all matte liquid lipstick formulas that I own, this one by far seems to be the most sophisticated in formula, feel and wear. 

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