2014 favorites

Hey Beauties!

One year is around and I wanted to write a post about some of my favorite products, that I've discovered in 2014. It's selection of those products that are always stuck in my mind and I feel like I want to repurchase them over and over again.


Batiste is my favorite dry shampoo for one reason. It smells nice (especially my favorite scent Tropical) and it decreases my hair nicely. The perfect product for refreshing the hair, when you don't have time to wash it. Review here.

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner are my favorite shampoo and conditioner until now. They smell amazingly salon good and they make the hair feel very soft. I feel like they clean it nicely and still nourish it afterwards. Smooth ans shiny hair, guaranteed. Review here.

Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique is one of those heat activated masks. It for dry hair and it really does make my hair feel moisturized and it smells absolutely amazing. Summery sun screen cream kind of scent. It's the best product for when you're in a hurry and don't have time to use the regular hair masks. Plus when you dry the hair with a hair dryer it makes the hair so soft. Review here.

Kerastase Reflection Chroma Riche is one of those product that you don't need to wash out. It feels like a serum that makes hair very shiny and smooth. I like it, because it gives that extra shine, plus it also smells really nicely. Kind of fruity. It's just a really nice finish product that will make your hair even softer. Review here.

Avon Advance Technique Moroccan Argan Oil is a great hair oil. It has that amazing bubble gum Avon smell and it feels like it does something to the hair. I have very fine hair and this doesn't weight them down in any way. Plus it's not too greasy. It just makes the hair smooth and nourishes. Great product to use whenever you feel like the hair has become too dry. Review here.


Ebelin Express nail polish remover. If you haven't tried that kind of system of removing the nail polish, please do. You'll never go back to the regular nail polish remover. I don't need to say anything more, than it is just very quick and effective. Finger in, swirl and done. Review here.

Models Own Diamong Luxe in Heart Red is my favorite red nail polish. Is orange based with gold glitter - hello?! Totally my kind of color. I also love the fact that it's really long lasting. Review here.

Kiko Quick Dry nail polish is one of the fastest drying nail polishes. I love it because of that and the fact that it's as well, really long lasting. I just hope, I get the chance to buy some more of their nail polishes. The color is 829 and it's really dark purple, which is also a really pretty alternative to a regular black nail polish. Review here.

Maybelline Colorama in 317 is one of those pretty fuchsia mix of pink and purple shade that I've been wearing a lot, since I got it. It's just a really unique shade, especially perfect for spring and summer. Maybelline is also one of my favorite nail polish brands in general. Review here.

Essence Effect Nail Polish in 21 Icy Fairy is by far the coolest effect top coat nail polish of this year. Pair it with a black nail polish and you get the perfect galaxy nail with no effort at all. Review here.

Skin care

Avon Planet Spa Thailand Lotus Flower Deep Pore Cleansing face mask is surprisingly good. I'm still not happy about the price of this little size, but I don't use it often. It deeply cleanses my pores and all the ugliness comes out to the surface. The skin is extremely clean and pores as well. Unfortunately the effect doesn't last long, because my pores tend to refill quickly. But it really does, what it says.

Avon Planet Spa Perfectly Purifying face mask with Dead Sea Minerals is an exfoliating mask. I think it has some enzymes in it. You're suppose to use very little of it at once and it's also for sensitive skin. I can confirm that. It feels like the top layer of the skin has been gently removed and the skin feels extremely smooth after using it. Really like it.

Dr. Sheller Jojoba Oil and Schisandra Soothing Intensive Serum for sensitive skin is my favorite face serum of all time. I think I have repurchased it four times. I'm never not using this. My skin tends to get very irritated and this helps to calm it down and get rid of any red spots. Amazing product for sensitive skin. Review here.

Makeup brushes

Real Techniques Blush Brush is amazingly soft and really big. I love using it for the bronzer, because it's so soft and it doesn't pick up a lot of product. Plus it's tapered, so it blend the product amazingly. Really really soft huge brush for multiple uses. Review here.

Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight brush is again really soft brush that can be used for various parts of the face. It's medium size and it fits in many corners of the face. I love it for putting on the highlighter ad well as contouring under the cheek bone. It can also be used to put on powder under the eyes or something like that. Definitely versatile brush. Review here.

I haven't reviewed this one yet, but it's already my favorite. It's the Elf Blush Brush. More on the small side for a blush brush and it's a bit flatter, although also tapered. It's extremely soft and very cheap. This is amazing for applying on the blush. Perfect size for putting it on the cheeks or for putting on the highlighter. Love this brush, especially because it's really cheap.

Eye makeup

Makeup Revolution I Am Naked palette has two matte shades, one slightly shimmery and three really shimmery shades. It's a very natural kind of selection. The matte shades are amazing quality. I especially like the shimmery shades in this palette. Just, really my kind of shades. Review here.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette in Run Boy Run has an amazing selection of eye shadows for a really affordable price. The shades are really my kind of shades and I really like the shimmery shades. Especially copper, taupe and brown shades. The matte shades are not as pigmented as the shimmery ones, but still very good. This is one of those palettes that give you just enough color to not be boring with neutral shades on a daily bases. Review here.

Avon True Color eye shadow palette in Mocha Latte has amazingly good quality of matte shades. The shades are very neutral and you get two very matte shades, perfect for in the crease. I'm sure I'll purchase more of these palettes in the future. Review here.

L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim eyeliner is my favorite eyeliner. It's in a pen form, which is very practical for every day use. I also love that it's really black and it last a really long time. Only problem I have with it, is the fact that it sometimes transfers onto my lids. lt does need a bit of time to dry completely. Review here.

Face makeup

Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia. I love this bronzer. It's a bit warm tones and it goes perfectly with my skin tone. I find that it blends nicely and it's really rally cheap. What more can I ask for. Review here.

Mac Sheertone Blush in Pinched is my first Mac blush and I love it. A bit more transparent or sheer blush and the shade suits me really nicely. It has that brick undertone, but looks kind of peachy on my skin tone. Review here.

P2 Glow Up Highlighter in High Beam is a fairly new discovery and already my favorite. It's also very sheer highlighter with a golden sheen, but looks kind of pink. Really unique shade, plus the formula is just amazing. Review here.

Terra Naturi Shimmer Powder in 01 Golden Highlight is my favorite highlighter of all time. I've raved about this too much, so I won't anymore. It's perfect golden bronzy shade and the shimmer is really small, so it's also pretty subtle. Review here.

Milani Baked Blush in 05 Luminoso is perfect peach blush. I love love peach blushes and this one looks so natural, plus it has a bit of shimmer, so it makes you look really glowy. It's also pretty affordable. Review here.


Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 hours lipstick in 33 is my perfect redish pink shade. It's amazingly unique shade and the formula is a dream. Looks semi matte and it doesn't dry out the lips at all. Definitely would buy more, if I could find the shades that I'd like. Review here.

Mac Velvet Teddy lipstick is a new addition. Matte finish and warm brown shade that makes my lips look just a tad bit bigger. I love brown shades and the finish of this one is amazing. Review here.

Mac Patisserie lipstick is one of the rare pinkish shades that look good on me. It's a Lustre finish, which means pretty moisturizing and very comfortable to wear. A really good mix of brown, peach and pink shades and very nice finish. Review here.


One scent that really impressed me this year is by Refan and it's inspired by Dior Hypnotic Poison. This smells so warm, seductive and strong. It's an amazing scent that will sure get you noticed. If you love sweet vanilla musk scents, than this is definitely for you. 

Hope you liked this post and I wish you a very happy and successful year 2015 ;).

Review: Zoeva 227 Soft Definer Vegan and 105 Luxe Highlight

Hey Beauties!

Sorry for not posting for a while. The holidays and all, it's been non stop. I've finally found some time to do another post and decided to introduce you to Zoeva brushes for those of you who may have not heard about them yet. I already own one of their eye sets, which you can see here. I've had an opportunity to add new ones for a bit lower price and of course I grabbed it.

227 Soft Definer Vegan

To be completely honest, I thought I was ordering their 227 Soft Definer. Somehow I didn't see the V for vegan at the end of the product name and on the photo it was their regular soft definer. Aside from that, I really like it now. It's definitely not as fluffy and wide as Soft Definer. It's a bit more structured and thinner in the size. 

On Zoeva side: 7.80€, on Mojadrogerija: 10.22€

You can see that it looks pretty wide from the front view, but from the side it's pretty slim. The bristles are very soft and bleached white at the end. This is good, so you can see what shades you have on the brush and when it's actually cleaned :). I am a firm believer in the theory that white bristles automatically make softer brushes - don't ask me why, but this one is just as soft as all the other Zoeva eye brushes.

Because of the shape it allows you to use it in the crease and still get some definition in there. Of course it will blend the eye shadow and not make a very apparent line, but it just gives a bit of definition. It blends eye shadow nicely, but if you want something that's good for really blending the eye shadows, go for the regular Soft Definer. Because of it's flat shape is also really good for putting on the eye shadow all over the lid. Like a regular flat eyelid brush. 

105 Luxe Highlight

Luxe Highlight brush was the next Zoeva brush on my wish list. I wanted it, because I'm obviously obsessed with highlighter and having a brush especially for it, would be nice. The bristles are extremely soft and they give this nicely tapered shape. The brush picks up the product only on the tip of the bristles and then blends the product into the skin with all the rest of the bristles. 

On Zoeva side: 12.80€, on Mojadrogerija: 17.40€

It works absolutely great with highlighter. The brush is just big enough to make that beautiful sheen on tops of the cheeks as well as on the nose bridge. I also find this brush to be amazing for contouring. Especially for contouring under the cheek bone. Tapered shape fits perfectly under the cheek bone and can create a bit more defined contour, but still nothing that will look like a line. 

I won't talk much about the appearance, because the brushes are really well made. Classic black wood and silver aluminum. 

I have to say I'm very disappointed about Zoeva changing their prices. I've purchased their eye set when they were on the start of their career and their brushes were cheaper then. My set cost then 31.40€ and now it costs 38€. And I am pretty sure their single brushes were a lot cheaper, as well. Since then, the brushes gained huge popularity among beauty blogger and in the beauty world. I guess their ego gained as well and they decided to price them a bit higher, which is just bullshit in my opinion. I don't think they changed the brushes in any way, but they did change the prices. If you don't improve the product with higher priced ingredients, you don't have the right to price the product at a higher price. Simple as that. Things like that really make me angry, because it means the company only thinks about the profit and gives no value on satisfying the costumer. Enough said. We all now, we overpay the products waaay to much. But when the companies price a product one price at the beginning and then raise the price in time, it's just stupid. 

Still...those brushes are really good quality and if you have a chance, buy some. Probably on sale! :) I know I'll add some more in the future.

For all Slovenian readers, Zoeva brushes are now available on Mojadrogerija.si.

December haul

Hey Beauties!

I have so many product reviews to write, but I wanted to share with you, what I've purchased in December. Maybe, I'll give you some last minute gift ideas ;).

First purchase is one of those, that I still don't know why I decided to splurge on it. It's the Julez Metallic Temporary Tattoos. I'm sure, you've probably seen these metallic tattoos gaining on popularity. Well, I wanted in on it and never thought that I'd find them in a local shop (Tuš Drogerija). I admit spending 2.96 € is a bit much, for something that's temporary, but damn it, I couldn't help it. I always have a problem with jewelry staining my skin and later loosing the color. At least, I know this one won't. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't report on it, but it should last up to 4 days.

Price: 3.95€ (2.96€ on sale)

They had few designs to choose from and I decided on this one, purely because of that arrow pattern.

Batiste...my favorite dry shampoo. I'll admit that my scalp feels itchy after using it, but that's maybe because I spray it too close to the roots. Does anyone else have that problem as well? I've had a few scents and decided to try another one. One is Asos Exclusive (black white design), one is Blush and my favorite of them all is Tropical. Doh-coconut! Definitely get it for someone you may think is obsessed with hair products. I also ordered one for my mom, to try the "real deal" for the first time:).

Blush and Tropical - 400 ml, costs 7.13€ each.
Asos Exclusive - 200 ml, costs 4.27€.

It happened with my foundations as well! Suddenly, they're all on its last breath. So...since I was forced to buy one, I decided to try Catrice Nude Illusion, which I've heard was even compared to Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. I have no idea how Armani foundation looks like, but supposedly it's very popular. I can't say it is love at first try with Catrice, because I think it's a bit too light coverage for me. Plus it starts to fade after only four hours of wear. Not sure I like it. I'll have to test it out a bit more.

Price: 7.69€ (30 ml)

I have naturally very bad nails. They split all the time and seem to be very thin. If I don't wear nail polish, they break all the time. The condition got even worse, when I started working in a clothing shop. Because that requires putting clothing on racks and scratching off the sale stickers, when you don't see the code. One of the drugstores (DM) had an Essie nail care discount- 1+1. Since I think there are no good brands of base nail polishes available in my near drugstores, I decided to get Essie. I already have All In One base coat and like it a lot. I don't like the colored Essie nail polishes at all. I decided to take Essie Grow Stronger, which is a base coat that is suppose to harden and protect nails. I also got Essie Help Me Grow base coat, which is suppose to protect nails from damage, splitting and offers smooth base for nail polish. 

1+1 price, so they were 10.99€, together (13.5 ml each).

You also now that I'm not a fan of Catrice nail polishes, but this sparkly gold one, won me over. I decided to get it in a set with a dark chocolate brown. It's buy 1, get 1 free, so I thought why not. The chocolate shade is called 60 Out Of The Dark and the gold glitter is called 41 Two Million Dollar Baby.

Price: 2.59€ (10 ml each).

I've only tried one Alverde body butter and really liked the thick texture of it. When I saw these gift pack of three mini versions with limited edition scents, I couldn't help it. This will probably also be my carry on hand cream. I saw two sets with different scents assortment  and decided to get this one, because I liked the collection of these best. It's aloe vera and mango butter, pomegranate and cocoa butter and hibiscus and shea butter. I like mango version the best, because it smells so fruity. This is also a great gift idea, plus it's limited edition, so you know the person you're buying for doesn't have those yet.

Price: 2.99€ (150 ml together)

Did you buy anything exciting in December? I know you're suppose to buy gifts for others, but sometimes there are offers, that I just can't seem to pass on. :)

Christmas in a glass

Hey Beauties!

Christmas is just around the corner and I still haven't put up my Christmas tree. But I did make a little Christmas decoration in a big glass. I wanted to share with you or anyone who doesn't have a lot of space and still wants to have some nice Christmas spirit in the room. This would be perfect for student homes ;). It's super easy and looks really nice.

What you'll need for this is some sort of glass and salt to represent the base inspired by snow. I used fine sea salt, which worked great, because it still had some texture to it. Regular kitchen salt may be too fine to look like a real snow. You'll also need candle. I used a tea candle, but depending on how big your glass is, you can use bigger candles. Then, you'll just need some Christmas ornaments, greens or any other decorations. What ever reminds you of Christmas.

I used a pretty big glass, which I think is supposed to be used for decorations or for flowers. I filled it almost to the top. Then I added tea light on one side. I used some green plants (from my garden bushes) and just stuck them into one side of the glass. I also added gold and red Christmas tree ornaments. I decided to add some pine cones, stars and sugar cane. I just used all the tings that I already had at home. So this can cost you nothing, or very little if you decided to buy those things. Very cheap project.

And that is how it looks like in the end. Very easy, stick-all-christmas-thing-in-one-glass kind of decoration. I really like how it looks like you put a lot of effort in it, when in fact you can make this in 5 minutes. Maybe, this can also be last minute Christmas gift ;).

Do you make new Christmas decorations every year?

Review: Moon Princess Fashion Lashes (D3)

Hey Beauties!

Most of you really liked my latest makeup look, inspired by Jessica Rabbit. A lot of you also saw how crazy big my eyes looked. I got some lashes from Born Pretty Store and I knew those required some really bold makeup. If any of you liked it, here is what I have to say about them.

They come in a plastic box, like most. They cost 5.47$, which is around 4€. They're not the cheapest ones, but they are really well made. The thing I didn't even know is that they are supposedly handmade. I was really surprised by that fact, but as soon as I got them out of the box, it made sense. 

The lashes are extremely soft. I've had my share of fake lashes for competition purposes, when I was a dancer and I have never had so soft lashes. They are very dense. The band is thick and black, which means they are a bit harder to work with. It helps if you bend them a little, so that they bend easier, when you put them on. They are the longest in the middle and shorter on both ends. This gives you a very dramatic bambi look, because the hair is very long. However, they are easy to wear, because they are so soft, therefor very light. If they had an invisible band, they would be perfect.

They are definitely very dramatic and would probably not be used for everyday. You can see here that they look very long and still feathery

If you're looking for dramatic fake eyelashes for your next costume party, then those are it! Definitely recommend them. The quality is amazing for the price.

You can buy the lashes here. If you're up for a discount code, you can use mine. It's PETRAH10 and you'll get 10% off your order.

Review: Models Own Diamond Luxe nail polish (Heart Red)

Hey Beauties!

I've already started to feel the Christmas spirit and I decided that I need to share my favorite nail polish for this festive time. I know I just got it a couple of weeks ago, but I already now, I'll be painting this one over and over again.

It's Models Own Diamond Luxe nail polish in the shade Heart Red. It says on their page that it contains real diamond dust, but let's not over exaggerate. It's one of those luxury looking nail polishes that will make your nails look festive and luxurious. 

It has gold top and gold typography, which I adore. You know me, I love gold. The glass bottle is pretty heavy. It contains 14 ml of product and it costs around 6€ in Slovenia, but I'm sure the prices are different in other countries.

The shade Heart Red is bright orange based red with gold shimmer in it. Gorgeous shade and it seems like it was made for me.

The consistency seems pretty thin, but very opaque. One coat is enough, but two give you darker color. The brush seems a bit wider than the usual nail polish brushes, but it splits really nicely, so that it covers most of the nail in two swipes. The shimmer in it is very subtle. It's gold, but since it's mixed in the red nail polish, it just peeks out like some shiny dots. The finish is very glossy and I was surprised how long lasting this nail polish was on me. I think it still looked good after three, four days - which is a miracle for my nails. I also didn't have any problems removing it. It doesn't go off as quickly as a regular colored nail polish, but it's definitely not as hard to remove as shimmer nail polishes. 

What can I say? It's my first ever Models Own nail polish. I love love the shade with the shimmer, love the gold packaging and love how the shade really suits my skin tone. It's a total winner in my book. Especially the shade, which is just amazing for the festive season. You can see in the photo down below, that I already made my first festive manicure with it and paired it with one gold finger. I wore it to the party with my work colleagues. 

The nail polish was send to me by Slovenian online store Click2Chic. You can buy the nail polish here.

Jessica Rabbit's Christmas Party Makeup

Hey Beauties!

I got new fake lashes and needed to try them with a full face of makeup. The lashes really demanded that kind of makeup. I didn't even know how to name this look, because it's definitely not really wearable with the lashes and all. It reminded me of Jessica Rabbit, because I've been really enjoying my new hair color, so don't judge my title. :)

I used warm matte brown shade in the crease and a bit up. Then I added taupe matte shade in the crease. To further darken the outer corner, I used black eye shadow and put it in the crease and outer v. 

I mixed copper and peach shimmer shades and put it on the center of the lid. Then I used my liquid eye shadow in gold and put it all over the center of the lid and a bit up in the inner corner. I put matte white shade in the inner corner of the eye and then went over with that same liquid gold shade. 

I used warm matte brown shade all over the lower lash line. This time, I decided to just add subtle line around the lower lash line. The wing wouldn't sit nice with those bambi huge fake lashes. I added mascara and then false eyelashes. 

 For the face I did my usual bronzer  and highlighter. I used red based peach blush and dark red lipstick.

I guess the look can be worn without the fake eyelashes and it can be a nice going out makeup look. You can also pair it with nude lips to tone it down. I hope you liked it. Let me know what would you call this look?

Products used:

Avon True Color eyeshado palette in Mocha Latte (shade 2)
L'Oreal Color Riche L'ombre Pure in 106 Breaking Nude
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour in 140 The Captain Of The Black Pearl
Essence 3D eyeshadow in Irresistable Vanilla Latte
Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette (peach shade)
Catrice LE Glamazona Liquid Gold Topper in C01 Jungle Treasure
Laura Paige eyeshadow in 62 Arctic White
Catrice Liquid Liner in 010 Dating Joe Black
L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes in Extra-Black
Moon Princess Fashion Lashes (D3)
Artdeco Adhesive for lashes and sparkles

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
Revlon Colorstay concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte powder
Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia
MAC Sheertone blush in Pinch Me
Milani Baked blush in 05 Luminoso
Terra Naturi Shimmer Powder in 01 Golden Highlight
Essence 3D eyeshadow in Irresistable Vanilla Latte

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 01 Personne ne rouge!
NON.U lipliner in shade 06
NYX Matte Lipstick in MLS07 Alabama