Review: Rephr Makeup Brushes

When searching to upgrade my makeup brushes, I came across Rephr. Their brushes always seemed to pop up, when I watched makeup tutorials of professional makeup artist and I was sure there would be no way for me to afford them. But they often times have their concept store event, where they offers great discounts and I took advantage of it.

Review: Paese BB Cream And Beauty Powder Barely Powder

Paese recently launched their BB Cream With Hyaluronic Acid as well as Beauty Powder Barely Powder which is recommended to be used with BB cream. I received PR package with all three shades of BB cream, powder as well as lovely bergamot scented candle. 

Review: Kiko LE Lost in Amalfi Baked Blush - 02 Silky Sand

Kiko often times has products on sale and I believe it was back in December, when I ordered a few products. This blush was part of that order as it was on sale for half the price and the shade looked perfect to add to my collection.