Review: L.O.V. BLUSHment Blurring Blush - 60 Be The Next She.E.O.

I fell in love with L.O.V. BLUSHment Blurring Blush formulas. First I had one shade and now I bought a third one called 60 Be The Next She.E.O. It's just one of those blushes that has great pigmentation, doesn't need to be build up and lasts all day long. 


It has plastic black packaging with marble design which is quite bulky and thick, but well made and closes securely. I dropped these a few times and the product hasn't broken. 

In it is 6 grams of product and I got it on Notino for 9.99€. L.O.V. was once sold in our drugstores, but not anymore.


These blushes have baked formula. It's a finely milled powder that feels soft to the touch, but it's not wet per say. Pigmentation is amazing. It's so hard to photograph, because it has such a strong metallic sheen which reflects light that the came can't catch that base color. On me it leans more pink, but it may look more coral on other skin tones.

Other two shades have floral scent to them, but this one seems to be unscented


It comes in 6 shades, but on Notino there are only four. I already have two of them and I knew I needed a third one, because this is one of the best blush formulas I own.

60 Be The Next She.E.O. was added later to the collection and it's a bit different from other shades. It's light warm pinky coral shade. Design is marbled and in it are two shades that once you mix them together create that coral shade. It's actually warm pink with cool blue sheen and warm peach with warm gold sheen. Blush has tiny shimmer which gives it metallic finish. It's super shiny, but with no visible shimmer. Sheen is warm coral, like a mix of pink and peach. 


10 Be The Game Changer - light warm pink with cool golden sheen
30 Beautiful Minds Empower Other - medium warm brownish mauve with cool sheen
60 Be The Next She.E.O. - light warm pinky coral with warm coral sheen


It applies very smooth and blends out without any trouble. It's also a very long lasting formula which doesn't fade through the day. 

I just adore that formula. It's smooth, finely milled, has great pigmentation and very wearable shades. I would love a more proper peach or a brick color in their collection, but this coral one is nice too. It's much more metallic than other two shades and the sheen on it is incredible, but it's so fine that it still looks good on the skin. If you're looking for a good drugstore formula, I can't recommend these more. 


  1. Ta je čudovit :D Sem ga hotela najprej vzeti, ampak sem potem izbrala moj klasičen odtenek in sem izbrala pri Revolution bolj coral-peach blush :)

    1. 30 je še vedno moj najljubši. Paše k vsemu. Ta je pa bolj živahen za poeltje :)