December 2019 Favorites

My last monthly favorites before I gather all my favorite newly found products from 2019 in one post. My December was eventful - lots of birthdays, baking cakes and even moving to our own place. I am in that phase of wanting to use up some products, but I also got some new ones to try out and some were love at first try. 

My Go To Party Makeup Look

Party season is here and although I am far from a party animal, my family celebrates quite a lot of birthdays in December, so I get to dress up as well. I've decided to share my go to party look with you, which is basically my usual routine of makeup for when I get ready for special occasions and want to look really put together. What can I say, I love makeup and I rarely get the chance to make up and the whole shebang, so when I do get the chance, I do more than just a daily routine. 

Review: Avon Distillery Vegan Skin Care

First there was K-beauty and now there's a vegan skin care range. Avon seems to be expanding on different areas of beauty and skin care lately. Cleaner skin care products are so "on trend" (the word I'm not very fond of) and are becoming more widely available.  Bigger brands are jumping on that bandwagon as well.

Review: Inglot Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder - 505

My cousin was in Poland for a short trip and I seized the moment to ask her to get me some Inglot products, because I know they are half cheaper there. Inglot is in general harder to get in Slovenia, because we don't have it in any stores, I usually just buy it online.

November 2019 Favorites

This November was all about skin care. As the weather gets colder, skin needs become higher plus add atopic dermatitis to this and it seems like all I have been buying lately is new skin care to manage my skin. Hence why there is so much of it in my favorites. My makeup is yet again very minimal, because I just don't have time for anything more complicated.

Review: Essence Stay 8h Lipliner Waterproof - 03 so default

Essence constantly changes their assortment and I sometimes wonder, if it's even worth writing a full review, since it might get discontinued soon. Essence Stay 8h Lipliners Waterproof have been added in the range at the end of this year, so they are fairly new.

Asian Skin Care

I was first introduced to Asian skin care by watching some YouTubers that used Asian products in their skin care routine. At first I was skeptical, but as I researched a bit, I realized it's a cutting edge technology driven industry that actually sets up a lot of grounds for Western brands.

Review: Holika Holika Eye Metal Glitter 01 Stella Dust

Holika Holika Eye Metal Glitters are often described as dupes for Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Eyeshadows and since the ones by Holika Holika are much cheaper, I really wanted to try one out. I actually bought it around this time last year and I use it only for special occasions, because I don't tend to wear glittery lids on the daily. 

Review: Manhattan Brow Pro Micro 24h Precision-Stroke Pen - 002 Soft Brown

If you've ever been into natural, yet bushy looking eyebrows, you must have seen brow pens gaining on popularity. I think one by Glossier is especially popular. I've wanted one of these super precise brow pens, because I thought it would make my brows look thicker, yet still natural. Sometimes regular brow pencils can look unnatural and too harsh.  However, it seems hard to one that is well saturated and has fine enough tip to look like realistic brow hairs.

Review: L'Oreal Infaillible Longwear Shaping Stick Foundation - 100 Ivory

I get these urges every now and then and I try a new foundation. It usually ends up badly, because most of them don't turn out well for me. This one didn't either. It just didn't mash with my combinations skin and I so wanted it too. It would be lovely to have a good stick foundation, because it applies so easy and quickly. 

October 2019 Favorites

This might be my first monthly favorites that I don't include any new products. It's been that kind of month that I just used a lot of my staples that I know work for me. Plus my makeup is reduced to a much simpler routine, since I don't have as much time in the morning for it. But these are truly one of my all time favorite products that I constantly go back to. 

Review: Lisa Eldridge Plush True Velvet Lipstick Colour - Velvet Ribbon

I am a huge fan of Lisa Eldridge. She is British makeup artist that has worked on many celebrities and models. She is also creative director for many huge cosmetic house brands, so I knew her lipsticks were going to be exquisite, because she has the knowledge and experience. Normally, I would never pay high end price for a lipstick, but her red mattes just appealed to me and I decided to treat myself with one.

Pop Art Makeup

We're getting close to Halloween and I had the urge to create at least one makeup look for it. It's that time of year, when you can be a a bit more creative with makeup, if that's your kind of fun. I like doing this, because I rarely get the chance. I created sort of a pop art makeup that isn't all that hard to created, but looks quite cartoon like in real life, even better on photos.

Review: Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods Fine Fragrance Mist

I was first intrigued by this fragrance when I saw it in Mateja's blog post and then she sent me tester of it. Description and notes seem like something after my own taste and I was right. This is by far the best cozy fall scent I have tried in a while (apart from Avon Mesmerize Black, which I sadly used up).

Review: Coloured Raine Eyeshadows - Gingerbread, Moments, Chocolate, Who, Me?, Glamour

I stumbled upon Coloured Raine eyeshadows while browsing through Beauty Bay. They had them on sale and I really wanted to try them out, so I ordered a handful. Turns out, Coloured Raine has some very good eyeshadow formula. All of their products are also cruelty-free. 

New In (26)

There is another set of products that I have accumulated over past months. Some of these are new to the stores and some are just new to me. There is a bit of everything and surprisingly a lot of drugstore hair care. 

September 2019 Favorites

These months seem to be flying by lately. I have a few new projects occupying my free time, which I'll talk more about it in this post. As far as my favorites, there have been just a lot of staples and very few new products. I am finally using up some old makeup as well, which always makes me happy, because it means there's room for new. 

Review: Colourpop Pressed Shadow - Team Captain

I was on a hunt for a good olive eyeshadow every fall. At least it seems so. So when I was ordering some products from Colourpop, I threw Team Captain in the cart as well. Olive eyeshadow used to be hard to find among affordable makeup, but now it seems to be much more present.

Review: Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream - 23 Natural Beige

I have been a huge fan of Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream since I bought my first one back in 2016. I have gone through several tubes already, but mostly in the shade 21 Light Beige. But when I saw shade 23 being sold in their limited edition at a very affordable price, I gave it a go. After all, 21 was too light for me in the summer and fall. 

Review: DermaluxLash Growth Serum

I was lucky enough to have won DermaluxLash serum in a giveaway. I have never before tried any of such lash growth serums, but I was always curious. Usually, the price was the one that threw me off. These products are not cheap, but let me tell you, I am planning on buying it again. That's how good it was.

Review: Avon K-Beauty (Cica Sheet Mask, Jelly Lip Mask and Golden Mushroom Sleep Mask)

In February Avon came out with a whole new range called K-Beauty. It's actually made in Korea, so I had really high hopes. As you may have noticed, I already use a lot of Korean skin care in my routine and there are many products that have become my staple. Asian skin care has become really popular outside of Asia as well and many western companies are adding to their range. Avon also being one of those. I had the chance to try out three products from this range.

Review: Catrice Eyeconista Mascara - Regular And Waterproof

As soon as I saw Catrice came out with their regular version of Eyeconista Lash Millionizer Volume Mascara, it immediately reminded me of Maybelline Lash Sensational - because of the packaging as well as the wand. I heard people raving about it, but I was skeptical, until I finally gave in and bought it. Since then I also received waterproof version, so here is comparison of the two. 

Euphoria Rhinestones Makeup

I have been loving watching HBO's series Euphoria which I came upon by seeing other beauty gurus recreate makeup looks from that series. It's about a group of teenagers dealing with issues like sex, drugs and violence. But the best visual part about it, is the makeup. It features fun, whimsical, party and sometimes graphic makeup looks that make you want to go back to high school. I would say that there are three reoccurring themes with makeup - graphic colors, glitter and rhinestones. I too wanted to create a version of makeup inspired by one of Maddy's looks from that series.

August 2019 Favorites

This month I mostly used products that are staple in my routine and have been for years. I had very little time to experiment. There are just a few new products. I also fell in love with another TV series. 

Review: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - 218 Devil Wears Nada

I really like Sally Hansen nail polish formulas. They all have such a nice creamy formula, great shade selection and they usually last on my nails really well. So when I saw one of the nude shades in TK Maxx, I got it. 

Review: Max Factor Makeup - Powder, Mascara, Lipstick

A while ago, I received beautiful package with Max Factor makeup products. Special thing about it was that the lipstick had my name and surname engraved in the packaging. I never got any personalized makeup products like that before and I think it is so nice and special. 

Review: Catrice Crystallized Amethyst Eyeshadow Palette 010 Raise Up Your Voice

Catrice has launched a bunch of new products in their standard line. It's part of revamp that they do twice a year. They've added some new eyeshadow palettes and two of those are inspired by crystals. Apparently this is the new "it" thing in beauty world right now. I have been testing out their Crystallized Amethyst Eyeshadow Palette in shade 010 Raise Up Your Voice.

Review: Paese Makeup and Skin Care

I have already tried a good amount of Paese products in the past. You can find reviews here and here. Some actually really impressed me, like their Silky Matt lipsticks and Rice Powder. I have a few more products to talk about that I have been trying out lately.

Review: NYX Micro Brow Pencil - Taupe

I was avoiding buying NYX Micro Brow Pencil for such a long time, because I just thought it's too expensive. But then I had the chance to check out shades in person in store and I gave it a go. It's always compared to Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. I am cheap when it comes to brown pencils, because I use them daily and there's so little product in it, that I go through it so fast. 

Review: Catrice Blush Box Glowing + Multicolour - 020 It's wine o'clock

Continuing with Catrice new launches, here is another new at their stand, their Blush Box Glowing + Multicolour glowing powder blush. I have to say I haven't had many of Catrice blushes before, but they seem to be a favorite and it's because of great formula. This one is no exception. 

July 2019 Favorites

In July I was so boring with my makeup choices. I tested some new products that quickly became my favorites and just stick to the old products that I know and love. I could pretty much copy my June and May favorite, because I used most of those products. I am also including some hair products that have impressed me lately.

Review: Avon Attraction Sensation Eau de Parfum

Avon has launched many of my all time favorite fragrances and I always look forward to what they'll bring out next. I've said many times that they have one of the best and most affordable fragrances out there. It's just a bit harder to buy, which must be the main reason why many don't own them. Attraction is one of best selling ranges and they have recently added a new version called Sensation

Review: OPI Nail Lacquer - Now Museum, Now You Don't and Sun, Sea and Sand in My Pants

I have never had any OPI nail polishes, but I remember this brand being very popular back in the day. It had one of the most unique nail polish shades in the time where there weren't new makeup and nail launches coming out every day. I received two shades from Lisbon collection, which was actually spring/summer collection of 2018

Review: Catrice Luminice Highlight & Bronze Glow Palette - 020 Feel Gold

Catrice is again renewing their standard stand with some new products. They do these revamps about two times a year. I had the chance to try some of the new products out. Part of their newest products range are also two Luminice Highlight & Bronze Glow Palettes. I have the more golden one named 020 Feel Gold.

Review: L.O.V. BLUSHment Burring Blush - 10 Be The Game Changer

I was so surprised to see another shade of this amazing blush in my mail. Natalija, who takes care of Catrice PR, saw how much I liked this blush and found one more shade that she could give to me. Thank you again. This is definitely one of the best drugstore blush formula and I want to have all the shades someday. It's L.O.V. BLUSHment Blurring Blush collection. 

New In (25)

I do these new ins so rarely that I end up creating too long posts. So grab a drink or something, before you start reading. You can always just skip to what interests you. I have been trying out a lot of new products and some have quickly become my new favorites. There's a bit of everything in these new ins.

Review: Revlon Photoready Candid Foundation - 120 Buff

Revlon's new Photoready Candid foundation first got on my radar on IG. Someone used it in their video and I liked how it looked. Then I saw it on Lookfantastic and since I trust Revlon formulas, I decided to give it a go. I've been so stuck with my foundations lately that I really wanted to try something new. 

Review: Bourjois ROUGE fabuleux Lipstick - 11 Cindered-lla

I was so glad to see Bourjois come out with new lipstick formula named ROUGE fabuleux. I haven't had many of their lipsticks in the past, but those that I had and still have, have all impressed me very much. This is what I would call more comfortable version of their Rouge Velvet The Lipsticks

June 2019 Favorites

June has truly been a proper summer month. The weather here in Slovenia has been really hot and sunny. It has also been a month of minimal makeup, because heat can't handle a full face of makeup on me. I get really oily. That is why I mostly feature easy to use products in this months favorites as well as some newbies that have really impressed me. 

Poljub sonca

A si tudi ti svetlopolta in nikoli ne izgledaš porjavelo čez poletje? Vsi vemo kako nevarno je postalo sonce in namesto, da bi se zunaj pražila kot čevapčiči na žaru, raje posezi po dobrih ličilih, ki ustvarijo zagorel videz brez poškodb kože. Danes ti bom pokazala kako z Avonovimi kroglicami za obraz dosežeš poletno obarvan videz, ki izgleda kot da si pravkar prišla iz Bahamov. 

Review: Sioris Time Is Running Out Mist

This is another one of those mist products from Korean skin care that I have been really enjoying. Mist products are especially nice to use in this hotter weather. It makes it so easy to apply and it's great to refresh your makeup during the day. Plus this one has some beneficial ingredients for your skin.

Review: Maybelline Tattoo Liner - 900 Onyx

I first heard about this liner from Mateja and when I saw it in the store, I decided to give it a try. As much as I love liquid liners, it's sometimes too much work to put on. Sometimes I just prefer a pencil which smudges quickly, gives me just enough definition and I'm already out the door. This new Maybelline Tattoo Liner is one of the better ones from the drugstore that I have tried in a while.

Review: Essence LE Sun. Sand. & Golden Rainbows. Matt Bronzing Powder - 02 beach days

I can't seem to get my beloved Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Slovenia anymore and because I had bad experience with iHerb delivery, I opted to find a cheap solution in drugstore. I saw Essence LE called Sun, Sand & Golden Rainbows Matt Bronzing Powder and decided to try it out. It's actually pretty descent and there is so much product in it, that I can easily use it on the body as well.

3 načini nošenja črtal za veke

Če tudi ti obožuješ črtala za veke, kot jaz, a jih ne znaš vedno zanimivo kombinirati, potem je ta objava zate. Pripravila sem ti 3 različne načine nošenja črtal za veke, ki bodo popolni za vse poletne priložnosti, pa naj bo to delo v pisarni, zabava ob bazenu ali večerna žurka. 

Review: Te Mana Skin Care Products

Te Mana is new natural brand from New Zeeland that is now also available in Slovenia. Ingredients are mostly organic and hand harvested from ancient rain forest in Aotearoa and combine modern and Maori knowledge. You'll also find Maori words on the products as well as symbols in their logo. I have to say I am always a bit skeptical testing natural skin care, but this one surprised me with their refined textures that I decided I need to share my thoughts with you. 

Review: Avon True Luminous Blush - Rose

I have been talking about this blush ever since I got it and I'm not a fan of pink blushes, so you know this one must be special. It's just one of those shades that instantly lifts up your complexion, but isn't too bright nor too dark. Just perfect pink for spring and summer.

May 2019 Favorites

It has been a busy month and I managed to buy a few new products as well as receive some that I have been testing out. It's one of those monthly favorites that features all new products that have impressed me. Because otherwise, I pretty much used all of my favorites from April and March.

Avonove barvite kombinacije ustnic in nohtov

Poletje je čas, ko začnejo eksperimentirati z barvami tudi tisti, ki po navadi niso navdušeni nad njimi. Če kdaj, potem si poleti lahko privoščiš najbolj nore odtenke lakov za nohte in rdečil za ustnice. Opažam, da so barviti nohti že nekaj časa stalnica med prav vsemi, tudi tistimi, ki se bojijo barv kjerkoli drugje. Pri rdečilih za ustnice je te drznosti manj. Zato bomo danes skupaj pregledale tri različne načine kombiniranja barv na ustnicah in nohtih.

Review: Rimmel Wonder's Swipe 2-in-1 Liner to Shadow - 001 Slay

One of the funnest ways to experiment with your eye makeup is with shimmery colorful liquid liners. I don't really own a lot of these. This one by Rimmel called Wonder's Swipe is actually a 2-in-1 product. You can use it as an eyeliner or eyeshadow. I've tried it as both.

Review: Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner - Black

Does anyone remember Catrice having gel liner in a pot? That one was my favorite gel liner. It stayed in place, was black and so affordable. I was so sad, when they decided to discontinue it. I wanted another gel liner, because it gives you that matte black finish and it's great for creating thinner lines or more creative eye makeup. After some research I decided to try out Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black