April 2016 Favorites

Hey Beauties!

April has been a month of many new discoveries and some rediscoveries. I feel like I have been testing a lot of products as well as found some new favorites, which are in this post.

Avon Anew Essential Youth Maximising Serum

This serum has replaced my Dr. Sheller's Jojoba Oil & Schisandra Soothing Intensive Serum, which I have been using all the time as a serum that calms down any irritations. Avon's does just that, but smells way nicer. It has almost mandarin like sweet smell. It's in a light runny gel form and I like how soft it makes my skin. I also feel like it helps with irritation and slightly moisturizes the skin. 

DIY BB Cushion

I made this BB cushion and you can find how here. I've been really using it a lot this month, because it's just so easy to use. I also really like the cushion puff, which makes it so easy to blend. I use the puff to blend out concealer as well. It's a multi purpose product for me. Seriously one of the most useful packaging. 

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer 005 Light Natural 

Shade 005 is a new addition to their range and I have a review here. It's one of the lightest and cheapest concealers. That being said it also has nice coverage as well as being moisturizing. If that's not enough for you, it's waterproof and lasts really well. I love this lighter shade which is perfect for my fair complexion. I can even highlight my under eye area with it.

Kiko Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter 100 Gold

I don't know why I haven't posted a review of this yet. I've been neglecting it through the winter, but now that it's a bit warmer, I like this, because it looks so natural. I promise to write full review soon. It's the most gorgeous champagne shade, which blends into the skin seamlessly, looks natural, but still very glowy. 

Essence LE Lights of Orient Bronzer 01 Sunkissed Beauty

This bronzer is one of the lightest warmer bronzers I own. It has such a unique finish, which is almost a bit satin like. It has very small shimmer in it, which makes it look so natural and not flat. In the center it's light gold highlighter which I almost used up. I'm kind of sad, so now I try to avoid it and just use bronzer around it. I have a review here

Freedom Makeup Today's Tonight Pro Decadence Eyeshadow Palette

In all honesty I wasn't expecting this to be as good as it is. The shades are very creamy and wet like, which makes them pigmented and smooth. The very shimmery ones are almost cream eye shadows. All the mattes have just as good pigmentation and they all blend out nicely. One fault is that they do fade through the day, but damn, that is some really nice palette. I also like shades more then I expected too. They don't look like much in the pan, but on the skin, they are really nice. I'll write a full review soon. 

Essence LE Lights of Orient Eyebrow Shaper 01 Sunkissed Beauty

I've already mentioned that I sometimes get bold spots in my brows. I think this usually happens in spring and fall, like I'm changing my mane or something. Anyway, I've been on a search for brow products that nicely fill in my blind spots and don't fade away. This eye pencil definitely does a good job. It's on a waxy side, which means it really sticks to the skin and fills in any gaps. I also like the shade, which is more of a medium brown, but on a warmer side. I have a review of it here

Freedom Makeup Pro Brow Pomade in Caramel Brown

Another amazingly good product for brows. This is really creamy, almost a bit too much. This means that you can really fill in all the gaps or just use it lightly to darken your brows. Because it's a cream it needs a bit of time to set, but once it sets it doesn't move. It has an amazing lasting power. I also really like the shade of it, which depends on how much I put on. If I apply it lightly and diffuse it a bit, it's light brown, otherwise it's a bit darker brown with warm almost yellowish undertone, which again matches my current hair color well.  I'll also do a separate review of this. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara in Intense Black

You know the feeling when you finally start to use your favorite product again and you think to yourself, why did I ever use something else? This is my holly grail mascara. I bought it in this intense black version just because it was there and I thought I might try something else. I am not one of those people that gets fussy about their mascara having to be the blackest black version. Normal black is fine for me. I also don't notice any major blackness to it. It's just as good as I remember it. It defines, adds volume, a bit of length and doesn't clump the lashes together. In the beginning it's a bit runny. I like it best when it dries up a bit.

Born Pretty Store Panda Smooth Liquid Eye Liner

This is a really nice eye liner pen that seems to last for ages. It's a bit too runny for my taste and it does leave a shiny finish, but it's also really pigmented and the tip is always saturated, which makes it a great eye liner. It also has that kind of thin brush like tip, which is definitely my favorite, because you can be very precise with application as well as draw on the thinnest lines possible. If this was a bit thicker in consistency, it would be perfect eye liner. The panda design is also super cute. 

Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Posh Petal and Avon 3D Plumping Lipstick in Bitten

I love wearing those two in combination. I apply Posh Petal, which is cool toned almost pastel pink all over my lips and then use Bitten, which is bright fuchsia purple, in the inner corner or at the outer edges to darken it a bit. Bitten is just as stunning on it's own. I've been really liking these cool toned fuchsia shades lately. You can see how it looks like here

Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte in Coral Fever and NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel

Another amazing combination, which I've been really liking. I have been applying Coral Fever (warm orange red) in the center of the lips, almost as a stain and then I used Apple Strudel lip gloss (peach baby pink) all over my lips and sort of create an ombre shiny look. I've used the same combination in my Soft Coral Spring Makeup.

Avon Gel Finish Nail Enamel in Sheer Shimmer

This is without a doubt my favorite nail polish shade of this month. It's shimmery pastel pink, which almost looks a bit white. For some reason I've been really liking pastel nail polishes this spring, especially pink and lavender ones. I also really like that this formula has small shimmer in it and that it lasts on my nails well. I have a review of it here

Avon Skin So Soft Golden Bliss Silky Hand & Body Souffle

I've been really good with my body care lately. Actually all through the winter and I'm trying to moisturize as much as I can. I have naturally a bit drier skin on my body, but it's nothing I can't handle. This is such a nice product for body. It's described as souffle and it's very thick white cream, which still has nice slip to it, so you don't have hard time applying it. It also contains andiroba oil, which makes souffle a bit smoother and creates a nice layer on the skin. In general this soaks into the skin really quickly, but still has a tiny layer of grease on top. It has a unique smell, which is supposedly mix of lavender, fig and vanilla. In all honesty I can't smell any lavender (trust me I would know, because I hate lavender smell). I think it's more of a fig and vanilla mixture, which is very unique. It keeps my skin moisturized and soft.

L'Oreal Elvital Fibralogy Thickening Shampoo and L'Oreal Elseve Fibralogy Thickening Conditioner

I'm not sure why one is called Elseve and other is Elvital, I think they must have changed the names or something, because I have these two for a really long time. Thickening line is targeted to those with thin hair, which mine definitely is. These two products in combinations are the only shampoo and conditioner that I've tried so far that actually give some volume to my hair. I feel like they give my hair some texture, which makes my hair look more voluminous. It's suppose to give you thicker hair look and it definitely gives you that added texture. But it also means that they are not the most moisturizing products if you have very dry hair. The smell is great, somewhat salon like. I think I'll repurchase these, because I really like them for those days when I want some texture to my otherwise very flat hair. 


I have been really liking Snapchat lately. You can follow me under adjustingbeauty. I have been posting a lot of my photo "worthy" food, sometimes even outfit details and lots of makeup. I find this platform great to post thing as they happen and to share everything that doesn't go into my Instagram feed.

Fun Run 2

This is a game that I've been playing on my phone and I have been obsessed with it. You can choose among different characters, I have a fox and then it's basically running show and trying to get to the end first. On the way you can pick up some "tools" like magnets to pull your opponent back or saw to kill them. Now it sounds a bit violet, but it's actually kind of funny and the characters are kind of cute. You can also dress them up with different outfits, shoes, accessories and such. I was never really into games, but I really like this one. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes fun.  

Review: Avon Gel Finish Nail Enamels (Sheer, Nude, Coral, Pink, Berry, Lavender)

Hey Beauties!

Avon Gel Finish line already has 15 shades. I've reviewed three of those shades here. Recently they've added 6 new shimmery shades, which are just gorgeous. The range is definitely colorful and spring inspired. 

These 6 shades are called: Sheer Shimmer, Nude Shimmer, Coral Shimmer, Pink Shimmer, Berry Shimmer and Lavender Shimmer

In each nail polish is 10 ml of product and the regular price is 6.50€, but currently you can get them for 3.50€ (here). 

Avon nail polishes have the usual square type of glass bottle with plastic black top. The brush is regular straight cut and long enough to make the application easy. 

All the shades have small silver shimmer in them, which then reflects off light and makes nails look really shiny. Shimmer is small and is not difficult to take off. Sure, you'll need a bit more time taking it off, especially if you apply thicker coats, but it's still nothing like glittery top coats. 

Let's see all the shades swatched. On bottom photos I show you how nail polish looks like with one coat on the left and with two coats on the right. 

Sheer Shimmer

Shimmery pastel pink.

Nude Shimmer

Shimmery light brown nude. It almost looks a bit olive toned on my skin. 

Coral Shimmer

Shimmery orange coral.

Pink Shimmer

Shimmery bright pink.

Berry Shimmer

Shimmery darker berry pink.

Lavender Shimmer

Shimmery darker lavender violet. 

Formula is just thick enough as well as thin enough to apply with ease. I will say they are more on the thicker creamy side. They are well pigmented, although one application may not cover entire nail, especially with lighter shades. I always apply two coats anyway. They also dry fairly quickly

These nail polishes are base, color and top coat all in one. I've been using them without any base and top coat and they really last well. On me I can wear them for 3 days without chipping, which is a miracle for my weak nails. They also have a very  shiny gel like finish and the shine stays on the nails for days. You definitely don't need to use any base or top coat with these, which is a real plus.

I am seriously impressed with these nail polishes. Mostly by the fact that I don't need base and top coat and that they last well on my nails, but also because I think the shades are very pretty with the added shimmer, which is still not hard to take off. All shades are pretty, but my favorite shade of them all is Sheer Shimmer. It's the most gorgeous pastel for spring. I also really like Nude Shimmer and Berry Shimmer. 

*Products were sent to me. 

Avon Gel Finish linija že vsebuje 15 odtenkov. Jaz sem ocenila tri odtenke tukaj. Pred kratkim so tej liniji dodali še 6 novih svetlikajočih odtenkov, ki so čudoviti. Linija je zagotovo barvita in črpa inspiracijo iz pomladi. 

Ti novi odtenki se imenujejo: Sheer Shimmer, Nude Shimmer, Coral Shimmer, Pink Shimmer, Berry Shimmer and Lavender Shimmer. 

V vsakem laku je 10 ml izdelka in redna cena je 6.50€. Trenutno jih lahko kupite za 3.50€ tukaj

Avonovi laki imajo običajno kvadratasto obliko stekleničke s platičnim črnim pokrovom. Čopič je dokaj standarden, ravno odrezan in dovolj dolg, da je nanos enostaven.

Vsi odtenki imajo v barvi srebrne majhne bleščice, ki odsevajo svetlobo in naredijo nohte izredno sijoče. Bleščice so res majhne in jih ne teko odstranjevati. Seveda boste potrebovali malo več časa za odstranjevanje, kar pa se vseeno ne more primerjati z bleščičastimi nadlaki.

Sheer Shimmer

Bleščičasta pastelno roza.

Nude Shimmer

Bleščičasta svetlo rjava nude. Na moji polti izgleda kot da ima oliven podton.

Coral Shimmer

Bleščičasta oranžno koralna.

Pink Shimmer

Bleščičasta živo roza.

Berry Shimmer

Bleščičasta temno jagodičasto roza.

Lavender Shimmer

Bleščičasto temno sivka vijolična.

Formula lakov je ravno prav tekoča in ravno prav gosta za lahek nanos. Prej bi rekla, da so bolj kremasto gosti. Zdijo se mi dobro pigmentirani, čeprav z enim nanosom ne boste prekrile nohta, sploh pri svetlih odtenkih. Jaz vedno nanesem dva nanosa z vsakim lakom. Tudi sušijo se precej hitro.

Ti laki so podlaga, barva in nadlak v enem. Sama sem jih nosila brez kakršnega koli podlaka ali nadlaka in so se res dobro obdržali na nohtih. Na meni so zdržali 3 dni brez luščenja, kar je majhen čudež za moje krhke nohte. Imajo tudi lep sijoč gel finiš, ki ostane na nohtih. Vsekakor z temi laki ne potrebujeti podlaka ali nadlaka, kar je prednost. 

Sem zelo navdušena nad temi laki. Najbolj zaradi destva, da z njimi ne uporabljam podlaka ali nadlaka in vseeno ostanejo na mojih nohtih nedotaknjeni in tudi zato, ker so odtenki zaradi majhnih bleščic res lepi ter jih vseeno ni težko odstraniti. Vsi odtenki so lepi, ampak moj najljubši odtenek je Sheer Shimmer. Je čudovit pastelen odtenek za pomlad. Zelo všeč sta mi tudi Nude Shimmer in Berry Shimmer. 

*Izdelki so mi bili poslani. 

New In (3)

Hey Beauties!

Let's see what products I'll review in the future.

Zoeva 231 Luxe Petit Crease  and 227 Luxe Soft Definer brush

I finally went to Graz again, which meant I could stock up on Zoeva brushes. Unfortunately, they didn't have their palettes in the store. I got 231 and 227 brushes. I already have both of these and they are my absolute favorite. Super soft and do a nice job of blending. 231 I use for the crease and 227 as a blending brush. I have a review of those here

French Vanilla Candle

I had to include this one here. I got it in Primark and boy do I love their home decor stuff. To borrow the lines from Queens' song: I want it all and I want it now. I got this vanilla scented candle because of the pretty rose gold glass. Unfortunately, I don't want to burn it, because it's so pretty. But even if I don't burn it, it still smells really strong and I have it near my computer so I often get this swift of vanilla scent in my face. When I go back, I'll definitely stock up on these. 

Innisfree Smart Foundation Perfect Cover

I've been obsessing over Korean skin care and makeup and Jolse is my new find. It's an online store that offers various Korean brands with free shipping. I ordered this Innisfree foundation, because I liked small size and since I wasn't sure about the color, I'd rather buy smaller packaging. 13 is the lightest shade and I am happy to report that is one of the only foundations that I own that actually matches my very fair skin right now. Coverage is disappointing and I am not the biggest fan of how it looks like on the skin, but the light shade outweighs it all. I'll have a review up soon. 

Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Shampoo, Leave In Conditioner and Dry Ends Serum*

This is a line by Avon for those that want shiny hair, although I didn't experience any mayor difference. I will say this is great for dry hair, because it's a bit too nourishing for my hair. I feel like my hair gets greasier quicker after I use this shampoo. Conditioner is not after my own taste, because I feel like it makes my hair a bit crunchy. Serum is good and actually looks nice, but I think I prefer their Moroccan Argan Oil better. I'll also do a full review after I use it a bit more.  

Tangle Teezer The Original*

Avon started selling original Tangle Teezer and they have it in this bright neon pink shade. I already have one in black version and it's my absolute favorite hair brush ever. I feel like it helps detangling hair on a much softer and less harsh way. I also love this bright pink shade. It makes it easier to find the brush in bags and such. 

Essence Gummy Touch Top Coat*

I was also sent a few of new Catrice and Essence products, which was a really nice surprised. Essence and Catrice revamp their whole range in spring and fall. I got this Gummy Toch top coat, which makes nail polish underneath look a bit muted and matte. It's not the usual matte effect, but rather a cloudy kind of finish. It's definitely interesting effect. 

Catrice Super Fushion Lipstick in 070 Remarry Berry*

Gorgeous plum shade with a very creamy and pigmented formula. It's so comfortable on the lips and I love the texture of it, but think it would be better for lighter shades, since darker shades can easily go over the line with such creamy textures. 

Essence All I Need Concealer Palette*

Color correcting has been very popular lately and I even got interested in the whole idea of it, so I was happy that I was sent this palette. Unfortunately, it's not as I would have wanted it. Concealers are very creamy and they do concealer, but they also go into fine lines like crazy, which I really dislike. I would also like them to be more pigmented, because you sometimes need to layer them.

Catrice Denim Greys Eyeshadow Palette*

Not my usual choice of eye shadow colors, but shades 2 and 3 seem very interesting. I haven't tried this yet, because I've been testing some other palettes. 

Avon Anew Essential Youth Maximising Serum*

I really like this. It's very lightweight almost gel formula and it absorbs well into the skin. I really like how smooth it makes my skin. It also hydrated a little and for some reason it's very calming. So much that I ditched my soothing serum and only use this from now on. It also has a lovely gentle almost mandarin smell to it. I can't see any visible difference in fine lines. 

Avon Anew Nutri-Advanced Eye Cream*

I haven't made up my mind about this one yet. It's very thick cream and I almost dislike it for that, because you really need to work it in the skin and try not to pull on delicate under eye area. Once you massage it in it gets a bit creamier and smoother. It's fairly moisturizing, but I think it could work better. 

Freedom Makeup Today's Tonight Pro Decadence Eyeshadow Palette*

This surprised me, because I wasn't expecting it to be that good. It has a really nice pigmentation and almost all the shades have a nice wet texture. Shimmery shades are even creamier than Zoeva eye shadows. They last well on the lids, but do fade through the day. Matte shades are also really nice and the fallout is minimal. Definitely impressed with the quality. 

Freedom Makeup Eyebrow Pomade in Caramel Brown*

Another product that has really impressed me. It's a very creamy (I would almost like it to be a bit less) cream product for the brows. Shade Caramel Brown is a warm toned medium brown, which actually suits me fine. I like that this is really pigmented and if you use light hand this really fills in the brows without looking to fake. It needs some time to dry down, but it doesn't move.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Ultra Pointed Crease Eyeshadow Brush*

Rose gold metallic handle is everything. The bristles are soft and I have no complains. I would say it's a bit too dense for my liking to be used as a crease brush. I would almost use it more as a smoky eye brush. 

Avon Gel Finish Nail Enamels*

Those are 6 new shades that have been added to Gel Finish range. Nail polishes are 3 in 1 - a base, color and top coat. New shades are very much colorful and spring inspired. I adore these. I've already swatched them all and they all look so pretty. They have small shimmer in them and are very pigmented. What impressed me the most is the long lasting power. I can wear these for three days with no chipping, which is amazing on my weak nails. I also don't use any base or top coat with these and they look really shiny.

Shades from left to right: Nude Shimer, Sheer Shimmer, Coral Shimmer, Pink Shimmer, Berry Shimmer and Lavender Shimmer.

Avon Nutra Effects Gentle 3 in 1 Scrub*

This is a nice gel based cleanser with small particles that should exfoliate the skin. I find it appropriate for sensitive skin and it very gentle. Almost feels a bit refreshing and the skin and it does do a nice job of exfoliating, but in a very gentle way.

Avon Nutra Effects BB Cream (normal and matte)*

This is a light coverage BB cream. I haven't tried them on my face yet, because I got them in shade Light and Medium and both are too dark for my skin tone. I am really fair after winter. Light will be good when I get a bit of sun tan. I would warn you that both shades are very orange tones, so not appropriate for cool or neutral skin tones. I also think this can be used as an all over bronzed base in a a way, because it can be very sheered down. 

Avon Planet Spa Treasures of The Dessert Maroccan Argan Oil Restoring Hand Cream*

Whole Planet Spa of Avon is impressive and they usually have a very nice products in those ranges. This hand cream is lightweight and absorbs well into the skin, but still leaves a tiny bit of greasy layer, which I really like. It also has a very strong oriental smell. I am a bit on the fence with the smell. Sometimes I like it and sometimes it's a bit too strong. 

Belweder Lip Balms*

As one of those people that often experiences dry lips, I am always on a search for good lip balms. This package is a dream. Belweder is a brand that is available in our pharmacies (or it will be) and it uses natural ingredients. 

Rounded lip balms which have the same packaging as the famous Eos lip balms are amazing. I've only tried these so far. The packaging is the most useful and cute. Only downfall is that if you don't place them on the table int he right was they will roll down. I've tried all three of those and they are all almost a perfect lip balm in my book. They are lightweight, but still greasy and shiny. I'm one of those people that loves greasy lip balms, so this is perfect for me. My favorite scent has to be green tea. The second one is the one with aloe extract, which has a very fruity sour scent. They do a nice job of moisturizing, but won't solve your super cracked and dry lips.

I haven't tried the ones in stick form yet. 

Avon Be Romantic, Be Fun and Be Daring Eau de Toilettes*

Those are another newcomers in Avon range. Be Romantic is my favorite and it has notes of black currant, rose and sensual musk. It's the most gentle and sweet. Be Fun has notes of pear, freesia and amber. It's a bit more fruity and slightly more sour. Be Daring has notes of bergamot, magnolia and leathery musk. This one is the most unique and fairly strong. Almost has a bit of masculinity to it because of the leathery musk. I only tried them once, so this are just my first impressions. 

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

I got mini version for the same reason as Innisfree, to try if the shade suits me. 21 is the lightest shade and it seems quite fair. I only tried it on my hand and compared to Innisfree this is very grey tones, while Innisfree is very yellow toned, so I'm interested to see whether this is going to be too cool for my skin tone or not. 

The Skin Lab Galactomyces Eye Cream

I was interested in the claims of this cream and the fact that it had affordable price. So far, I only tried it twice. It's a very lightweight almost gel like cream. It has a very subtle fruity scent,

COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol

This is basically tonic type of product that should clean out pores and minimize production of pimples. I got this, because lately my skin felt very clogged and I have those little bumps that I can't get rid off. Hopefully this will help. Only tried it twice and it's very gentle, refreshing, water line, but it has fairly strong tea tree smell. It's very gentle.

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Cleanser

Sometimes the hardest this is to find gentle cleansers that still do their job. This one is highly recommended and I can see why. It's a light gel which forms into a small gentle foam. It feels super nice on the skin and does a good job of cleaning the skin. I also like that it's sensitive skin approved. This one also has a strong tea tree scent. I only tried it twice so far.

*Products were sent to me. 

Review: Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer - 005 Light Natural

Hey Beauties!

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer is my favorite concealer. I use it every time I do my makeup. I already have two of their shades, but recently they've added a third one. It's lighter which is just what I needed in my life. Ever since I got it, I can't stop using it.

It comes in a lip gloss kind of plastic tube with a black top. Basic, but very useful and I love these systems best for concealers. 

It costs 3.79€ and in it is 5 ml of product. 

It also has a doe foot applicator, which is soft and gives a nice amount of product. 

I won't go too much into details of this product, because I already reviewed two of these shades here and I also tested all the statements that are written on the product. 

Basically it's a thicker creamy consistency, which dries very quickly to at first slightly tacky finish and later it becomes matte. It's better to work with thin layers, since it really does get dry really quickly. I usually apply one layer all over my imperfections and I use second thinner layer under my eyes to cover darkness. 

It's very pigmented and I would say this is medium coverage, but can be build up to almost full coverage. I like that it's not drying and doesn't over emphasize small lines around my eyes. Of course they are visible a little, but it doesn't settle into the lines like a lot of other concealer do. That really annoys me. 

It has a sweet fruity scent, which is not overpowering. 

It's definitely waterproof and has an amazing staying power. It won't cover tattoos.

All of these concealers oxidize on my hands, but don't get scared, because on the actual face they blend into the skin and are as light as they look in the packaging. 

Shade 005 Light Natural is light yellow toned warm shade. I adore this shade. It really brightens up my skin, especially under my eyes. Since I found some foundations that actually match my skin tone now (I am very pale), I adore to use this concealer with them, because it's still lighter then most of my foundations.  

Demonstration of it under my eyes. 

Here is also me with very light foundation on left side and on the right side I added this concealer. I hope you can notice how lighter and brighter my skin looks like on the right photo. 

Now you can get three shades in this range and they are definitely more suited for lighter to medium skin tones. Two are warm and one is cool toned.

I compared all three shades and 005 is definitely the most yellow toned as well as the lightest of them all. It's perfect for fair warm toned complexions. 010 is very grey pink toned and still very light. This is perfect for all you with cool skin tones and fair complexion. 020 is the darkest and also the most orange one of them all. I would say this is going towards medium complexion, but I can also use it in the summer, when I get some tan. It's also very warm toned.

Shade 005 is very similar to MAC's Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15 in terms of lightness. I feel like 005 is slightly more orange yellow, while NC15 is more yellow. MAC's is a lot more liquid, while Catrice is more of a thicker version and it dries a lot quicker.

This is definitely my holy grail concealer right now and I just hope that they'll stock it in Müller, because I see it's sold out often and I know why. This is creamy, long lasting, doesn't emphasize lines, good coverage and very light shade, which is just what I need. I highly advise you to check it out in the store and maybe blend it under the eyes instead of putting it on the skin. Don't get afraid if it oxidizes. Also check out my detailed review of two other shades

Nadja also reviewed these concealers, so go check out her opinion on these.