Review: Essence Hello, Good Stuff - Serum, Primer, Tinted Beauty Cream (20) and 3in1 Face Mist

Essence is slowly introducing a lot of vegan products into their regular range and I had the chance to try out few skin care and makeup products from Hello, Good Stuff collection. From what I've tried, I liked. I think it's a very descent drugstore vegan option for those interested. 

Face Serum


It's glass bottle with dropper. I like dropper systems for skin care products as they allow you to apply the exact amount of product you want. 

In it is 30 ml of product and it costs 4.89€.


It's made of 97% natural ingredients. There is water, pineapple fruit water, glycerin, panthenol, sodium basically water based with lots of nice hydrating and moisturizing ingredients

Yellow tinted viscose serum texture is very smooth and spreads with ease. It leaves nice glow on the skin and is a bit tacky in the beginning, but later sinks in completely

Sweet pineapple scent to me smells like pineapple hard candy and gives me cravings whenever I smell it. There is no added fragrance, the scent is from pineapple fruit water.


I like how lightweight it feels, but still has that viscose smooth texture to it which sticks to the skin and leaves a slight glowy layer on the skin. It makes skin look hydrated and moisturized with a very healthy looking glow. As it's such a lightweight products, I feel this would be suitable for most skin types. 

Face Primer


It's small plastic tube with tiny hole. You can squeeze out tiny amount of product.

In it is 30 ml of product and it costs 4.29€.


It's like a white gel cream formula which again has that very smooth spreadability, but is still light. It contains 98% natural ingredients. It leaves more of a velvet finish on the skin and sinks in fast.

Scent is natural herbal which for some reason reminds me of green tea.


This is basically lightweight moisturizer. You could call it hydrating primer, but it's a moisturizer and moisturizers are in fact primers for makeup too, you don't need a separate product. It moisturizers skin and leaves it nourished, but isn't heavy. It's again one of those products that would probably work for most normal to combination skin types.

Tinted Beauty Cream - 20 Medium


This also comes in a small plastic tube with small opening.

In it is 30 ml of product and it costs 4.39€.


It's lightweight cream, with 90% natural ingredients, which spreads well and applies like a tinted moisturizer - very sheer. This gives you light coverage and leaves that hydrated creamy finish on the skin.

It smells the best out of all these to me, because it has such a cozy sweet powdery scent. It's artificially added fragrance though.


Sadly, shade 20 Medium is too dark for my skin tone, so I only used it as cream bronzer on top and under foundation, I can't really say how this performs on its own. But it seems like a lightweight cream which seems a bit moisturizing. 

20 Medium is warm yellow to orange medium shade. 

3in1 Face Mist


Mist comes in plastic transparent packaging with spray dispenser that actually gives quite nice mist. It's not the finest, but better than some I've had in the past. 

In it is 50 ml of product and it costs 3.29€


It's hydrating spray. Third ingredient is glycerin. They say it has matte finish, but it's definitely not. On my skin it leaves sort of a satin sheen

Fragrance is added and it smells of sweet watermelon candy.


You can spray this before applying makeup, after or just whenever you want to add a vail of moisture. This on top of makeup gives me that worn in look, meaning like my natural oils have come through and my skin looks very hydrated and a bit shiny

Did it blow my mind? No. Is it good? Yes. Ingredients are actually nice, all products apply super smooth and perform well. Serum is very basic hydrating serum which smells amazing and it's all natural scent. Face primer is good basic moisturizer to put under your makeup. Tinted beauty cream didn't impress me, because I dislike this kind of products in general, but I think it would be nice for someone that wants something very light with just a tad of color. Face mist is also very basic hydrating one, but can be used before or after makeup. I think this collection is for anyone that wants cheap, vegan option and doesn't wear much skin care or makeup or is fairly new to it. Perfect gift for teenagers, if you ask me. 

All products are part of regular Essence range and are available in most drugstores that sell Essence.

*Products were sent to me.

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