Review: Bourjois 1 Seconde mascara

Hey Beauties!

Today's product did not impress me as it should. I wanted a new mascara and bought Bourjois 1 Seconde mascara, but it left me sort of cold.

The mascara has a nice silver shiny packaging with an orange writing. I chose the non waterproof version, because I never use waterproof mascaras. The shade is called Black. There's 12 ml of mascara and costs 13.99€ (but I got it for 10.49€). 

It has a rather "innovative" brush. All the companies seem to be coming out with some sort of different and new and innovative mascara brushes, but I think most of those innovations are just crap. This brush has small balls in between "regular" brush hairs, which are actually silicone hairs. I always prefer the so called plastic or silicone brushes, because I think they get nicely in between the lashes. Those balls are supposed to hug every lash and give it a volume. In my opinion they are the cause of clumpy lashes.

The hairs are in a star position if you look at the brush from upside down. There's always too much product on the brush. I wipe off almost all of it, before I apply it.

Here you can see how it looks like before and after. It makes the lashes very thick, but also very sparse or clumpy looking. I am not a fan of such look at all. I like my lashes to be separated, therefore giving my lashes an overall volume. Despite using this mascara for over two months, I still don't like it. I've come back to my trusty L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes.

I also don't understand the 1 second thing. Trust me, I've tried and you can't put on mascara in one second, nor does it give you volume in one second. I just don't like this mascara. Shame really, because I've had other Bourjois mascaras and liked most of them.

Do you have this mascara and  how do you like it?

Review: Alverde LE Colorful Paradise Blush Stick (10 Burning Sunset)

Hey Beauties!

I never pay too much attention to Alverde brand, but they do have some nice products. I especially like their limited editions. I saw the Colorful Paradise LE in the store and immediately wanted one of their blush sticks. I decided to take the more orange shade. I like cream products, because they are great for natural makeup look and for quick makeup.

The blush stick comes in a plastic packaging. It looks like a big lip balm tube. The packaging is shiny black. In it is 9.5 grams of product and it costs 4.99€. It's not the cheapest product, but you do get a lot of it. It's easy to roll the blush out and it.

There are two shades available and I chose 10 Burning Sunset. It's some sort of brick red shade, that has a very warm orange  to pink undertone, but looks more redish orange on the skin. I detect the tinniest shimmer, which looks like its silver, but is basically unseen on the skin. It just gives the blush a nice glow or dewy finish. 

Stick makes the application extremely easy and perfect for on the go. The formula is nicely moisturizing and glides on really easily, but is still pigmented enough. However, if you want it to look as strong as powder blush, you need to layer it. You can make it extremely sheer or very bold.

I like the formula, the packaging and the easy use of it. I know I'll be using this for when I want a very natural look or for when I'm in the rush. It gives the cheeks that little pop of color and makes the skin look very dewy almost glowy. 

Do you like cream blushes? Or do you prefer powders?

Review: Born Pretty Store lip liners and eyelash curler

Hey Beauties!

A while ago Born Pretty Store gave me an opportunity to try some of the products their selling in their shop. I got a double lip liner in red shades, which I know I don't really have and an interesting eyelash curler.

Born Pretty Store also got me a code with which my readers can get 10% of their purchase. So if you're interested in buying something from them, make sure to use the code PETRAH10.

The double lip liner is from a brand called NON.U, I think. It's a regular lip pencil, which has two different shades of red on each side. The packaging is nothing special, it has a transparent plastic lid, which could break if you're not careful. The shades look almost identical from the outside, but are in fact very different. It costs 3.59$.

The shade 05 is a true red shade with a bit of warm undertone. The shade 06 is cool toned pink. The formula is creamy but still very firm. I like the fact that they are harder, because that means they are long lasting and prevent the lipstick from going into the lip lines. But the formula is still creamy enough to apply and spread it all over the lips. It claims to be waterproof and it is very hard to remove it. It also stains the lips.

The shade 05 can be a bit streaky when applied, but most of the people probably don't apply lip liner all over their lips. It's a really nice red that would be good under a lot of classical red lipstick shades. Here you can see how the lip liner looks and how the lipstick looks over it.

The shade 06 gives a lot more even application. I actually really like this shade. It's somewhat of a new shade for me. It's a really pretty pink, which is not too pink and has a slight blue undertone to it. Again, I show you how it looks like on its own and how it looks like, when there's a lipstick applied over it.

I actually think the double lip liner is a handy thing to have and the formula is not bad at all. Very long lasting and I like the fact that it's a bit harder then the Essence lip liners - which are probably  the only ones I own. I also really like the shade 06. I love using it on its own, because of the matte finish of the pencil.

The next thing I chose were these eyelash curlers, which I was very interested in. I think Shu Uemura came out with these and their supposed to be easier to curl the corners of the eyes, which are sometimes harder to reach and curl. 

It costs 3.42$.

The curler is silver, metal and it has a rubber pad on the bottom, as do all the eyelash curlers. My problem starts with the upper part of it, which is only metal and not rounded enough for my liking. I think it's too sharp in my opinion. The problem is also the metal on the bottom part, because whenever I put it close to my lash line, it touches my inner lash line and because the metal is so cold, the feeling is not pleasant. 

Here are photos which demonstrate how it works.

The first photo is my natural lashes, not curled.
The second is how they look like when I curl all the lashes with this mini eyelash curler.
The third is how they look like when I use the regular eyelash curler on top of this one.
The last one shows how they look like after the mascara has been put on.

When I curled my entire lashes with this eyelash curler, I got a very natural curl. It wasn't a broken curl, like I get when I'm too enthusiastic with my regular eyelash curler. The curl with these is very natural, but also not as up lifting as with the regular eyelash curler. I think this eyelash curler is good for reaching the outer corner of the lash line. It's a bit harder to get the inside corner, or maybe it's just me and I don't know how to properly work it. I don't like the fact that the upper part is so sharp and that the cold metal sticks into my eyes. So, not the best product for me. But I will use it for the outer corners, for that it works well.

Make sure to check out the Born Pretty Store, they have a huge range of products and if you decide to purchase something, use my code, if you want to get 10% off of your order. 

Review: IQ Cosmetics Matt Lipstick (Summer)

Hey Beauties!

I can't believe the summer is almost over and I've only now found the perfect summer shade of lipstick. I love orange based reds and today's pick is just like that. If you're still looking for a nice matte orange based red, then this one is a pretty good choice as far as the shade goes.

The lipstick is from a brand called IQ Cosmetics, which I think can be bought only in Bipa stores. I got it in Austria. The shade Summer is part of their Matt Lipstick collection. There are 5 shades available in this collection, but I went for this gorgeous orange based red. 

It costs 4.99€ and there's 3.5 grams of product in it. The packaging is plastic and matte black. How appropriate for the formula. The packaging clicks nicely and should be secure enough. The bullet has an IQ sign on the top.

The shade Summer is a very orange based red. It's one of those shades that was really popular this spring and summer season.The formula is creamy and matte. It's extremely pigmented and one swipe is enough to get really bold lips. I find that all of the IQ lipsticks have a very pleasant vanilla smell

The lipstick is a bit drying, like most of the matte lipsticks. It stays on very well and even stains the lips a little, that's how well pigmented it is. I sometimes like to apply it as a stain and dab it into the lips for a more soft color. Sometimes, I may even put a moisturizing lip gloss over it. If you apply it like a normal lipstick, you get crazy bold color that will surely make you stand out, wherever you are. 

Here you can see how it looks like applied as a light stain and how it looks like full on.

Holiday / Summer Essentials

Hey Beauties!

The summer in our country officially sucks. I don't think we had a proper 2 weeks of hot weather. Summer months just felt like either spring or fall. I thought that maybe the summer was just late and that it would get his full power on in August, but no. Since I'm not giving up on the summer, I decided to write together some of my holiday or summer essentials. I'll be going on vacation next week (Slovenian sea), so this is a perfect timing. I'm one of those people, who starts packing one week ahead. Just in case, I don't forget something :).


My lips get dry really quickly. Lip products are always essential products in my makeup. This year I went for Sun Dance lip balm with SPF 20. This one actually smells really tropical. It's transparent when applied, but in the packaging looks yellow. The next lip balm, has higher SPF - 30 (Sebamed), for when I'll be on a beach. It's also transparent, but looks white in the packaging. I just hate lip balms with SPF that leave white marks. Don't you? The next is an infamous Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. I've got this one on offer a while ago, but haven't made a review, since I can't decide if it's amazing or just good. It definitely is a must have for my dry lips, which seem to be dry all the time. On holidays I love treating my lips with nicely moisturizing lip glosses. They feel so calming after a long day spent on the sun. Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother is perfect. I have it in the light peach shade called 020 Apricot Cream

Creamy makeup

I love cream formulas for the holiday. They are extremely easy to apply and look very natural. The other day I bought Alverde cream stick blush in the shade 10 Burning Sunset and I'm kind of liking it. It's so easy to apply and it blends nicely. I've already wrote a review of Essence Soo Glow! cream to powder highlighter (review). Yet another very easy and quick product, that makes an impact in your makeup routine. Of course, I have to mention Maybelline Color Tattoos (review), especially the shade On and On Bronze. Nobody has time for powder eyeshadow. This is quick, easy and very long lasting. Perfect for hot summer evenings.

Bronzer and highlighter

One product that I always take on my holidays is Bronzer. When I seem to be getting some tan on my face, I just use bronzer all over the face to match my face to the rest of sun tanned body. You don't need another darker foundation, just use bronzer instead. This year I'm taking the Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder, which also has a blush in it - two for one. I also added one powder highlighter that I know will just look perfect on sun tanned skin. It's Terra Naturi Shimmer Powder (review), which I've also already reviewed. Nothing looks better on sun tanned skin than a gold highlighter. 

Something for bugs

How cute is this packaging? I ordered this product on Iherb and I think it was on offer for something around 1€. It's called Bumpy Road Salve and it's some sort of multi-purposed product. It says to apply it on everywhere you have little bumps, bruises or irritated skin. I personally used it on spots where I had mosquito bites. Ok, quick story. I go to sleep, turn down the light and when I almost fall asleep, I hear the annoying buzzing sound ...mosquito. Then imagine me half asleep jumping all over my room and trying to kill it. But no, there's not just one. One night my boyfriend killed 5 of them. Seriously? I also have a net on my window, which should prevent them coming in, but obviously not. Anyway, I applied this on my skin, where I had mosquito bites and it helped with the itching. I also think it helped prevent does large bumps, that I get after the bites. 


Hello?! The most important thing to take on summer holidays. This year I went for cheaper Sun Dance versions, because I've come to think that there are no big differences in sunscreens as far as the formula goes. Especially for the body. I have a Sun Dance sun milk with SPF 30, which should also help me tan nicely, beside protecting my skin. I also have Sun Dance light lotion with coconut smell with SPF 20. I use this at home, but it might be good for cloudy or less sunny days. It smells amazing! For the face I went with La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL fluid (review), which I've also already reviewed. It's a great formula and very practical packaging. I just hope it lasts me the whole holiday, because I've already been using it a lot. 

Body products

I don't like after sun lotions, because all of them contain aloe vera, which I think I'm allergic to. Instead, I bought Balea bodylotion with coconut and shea butter. Again my coconut obsession. It smells really nice and the tube is huge. I also added Avon Skin So Soft body lotion, which has shimmer in it. Summer or summer holidays is the only time I use such products. For the showering part I love Alverde and I chose the Grapefruit and Bamboo smell. It's fresh and light. Of course the essential for the legs is also shaving cream or gel. I love Balea Caribbean Dreams, which of course smells like coconut.


Hair is the one that needs the most help. My essential products are Balea After Sun 2 in 1 shampoo. I've had this one last year and really liked how soft it made my hair feel. It also smells great. I can't live without Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique (review), which is basically a mask for dry hair that gets activated with heat. So heat protection as well. One of the best hair product ever. I also can not go without Redken All Soft Heavy Cream (review), which is also a mask, but I use it as a conditioner on holiday. It makes hair extremely soft and nourished. 

I think I'm also gonna be adding the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner Spray. I finally bought it (thanks to Mateja, who really likes this one) and now I just hope that I get it before I leave. Delivery be quick!

Some bits

I just recently bought this Alverde oil with Coconut smell and I love it. I know this will be a very multi-purpose used product on holidays. For hair, body and more. I like using it after I shave my armpits, since they can get a little irritated. This provides moisture and soothing feeling. I also can't go anywhere without my Dr.Sheller's Jojoba and Schisandra serum (review), which is great if you have sensitive and irritated skin.  I also like to take with me Refan perfumes, which are basically expensive brands of perfumes in a simple travel friendly bottles. This time I'm taking Givenchy Play

I know most of you have probably already been on holiday or have crappy summer like we. If you're not going anywhere, I hope I at least gave you some ideas for products that are really nice and that you might want to try out. Now fingers crossed that I get to have at least one week of sunny and hot days! :)

What are your summer or holiday essentials that you always have to take with you?

Essence Soo Glow! cream to powder highlighter (10 Look On The Bright Side)

Hey Beauties!

I was so happy when I saw another highlighter in the preview of New in Town limited edition by Essence. You may know that I've developed some sort of obsession with highlighters. I just never seem to have enough of them. A creamy texture was missing in my stash, so I was more than happy to find this beauty in the store.

The highlighter costs 2.99€ and you get 4 grams of product. The packaging is typical transparent not-so-sturdy plastic. The shade that I got is called 10 Look on the bright side. I immediately start singing the song... Always look on the bright side of life..ta ra, ta ra, ta ra, ta ra... With a horrible British accent that is :).

The shade is a really pale yellow. It almost looks like a very light beige to white shade. But it definitely has a gold or yellow undertone. So great for warm toned skins. There's also another shade, that is very pink based, great for cool toned skins. It's a cream formula, but as soon as you touch the skin, it turns into powder. Essence already had some blush formulas like that in previous limited editions. I like it, but would almost prefer it to stay creamy. Don't know why, but I want a cream highlighter :).

The shade is almost white and in it it's very small gold shimmer. I think this one might be more appropriate for the winter with me, since it is pretty light shade. The shimmer is pretty subtle. Thumbs up for Essence - you're finally get it! :) You can make the shade very intense or very light, depending on how heavy do you apply it and how much do you blend it. 

I have to say this is one of really good highlighters from Essence. I love the fact that the shimmer is pretty subtle and I love the very easy formula. It's a fool proof. You just dip your finger in, tap it on the skin and blend it. Very easy to use and the shade is also very natural for fair skin tones.