Review: Avon Mark Supreme Shadow Playbook Eyeshadow Palette

Avon came out with a pretty big eyeshadow palette for them called Supreme Shadow Playbook. It's in a book format and you get two sides of eyeshadows. Their mattes have always been impressive and those in this palette are just as nice. It's a different color selection than what I am used to these days.


It's a hard cardboard packaging with rose gold and holographic design. It actually looks like a book from the sides. I like design, although it's pretty bulky and eyeshadows have a lot of empty space between them. It has magnetic closing

On "first page" you get a pretty big sized mirror and then you have "two pages" of eyeshadows. You could fit them all on one side, if the layout would be normal. I think it's a bit wasteful on space, if you ask me. 

Both eyeshadow sides have plastic transparent protective sheets over them which are a damn hassle, when you try to use eyeshadows. I get that they put it over to protect eyeshadows from dusting into each other once you close it up, but it's impossible to hold that sheet up and apply eyeshadows plus it doesn't want to stay pulled back either. 

In it is 28 grams of products and it costs around 36€.


Formula depends from shade to shade. In general, matte eyeshadows have a very buttery smooth formula which is a dream to apply and blend. Other metallic, shimmery and satin shades have either smooth formula or a very dry one which is hard to transfer onto the skin.


It's a fairly neutral color selection with a few muted colorful versions. I think the selection is unique in that it has a mix of very cool and warm 20 shades. For a couple of years there were only warm palettes available and I like mix of both in this.

However, there are a few shades so similar to each other that I would either replace them with more fun shades or just not put them in. Some pans are bigger, because those shades are meant as those that you would use more, but in my opinion you can use these bigger pans also as face powders for contour and highlight. It works for that too.

1 Raw - light neutral matte taupe
2 Crave - pale warm matte cream white
5 Ritual - medium warm matte brown
6 Undone - light matte warm caramel peach
7 Feline - medium neutral satin taupe brown
11 Haute - medium warm matte brick orange with shimmer particles  
12 Noir - dark cool satin brown with some purple tone
13 Bare Buff - light warm matte cream beige
17 Utopia - light warm shimmery golden peach
18 Impulse - pale warm shimmery white based gold

3 Illusive - pale neutral matte cream
4 Mod - pale cool matte grey
8 Retro - medium warm satin gold
9 Passion - dark warm matte purple
10 Sateen - pale neutral glittery lavender with silver glitter
14 Hype - medium cool matte grenish grey
15 Intricate - medium warm glittery cranberry red with pink glitter
16 Nightfall - dark neutral matte black
19 Alluring - pale cool satin lavender
20 Radiate - pale warm satin peach 

Mattes have the best pigmentation, although darker ones need to be build up for full intensity and in general pigmentation is good, but not super intense. The worst pigmentation have 10 Sateen and 15 Intricate which have mostly just glitter in them and the base is very hard to pick up, impossible with a brush. Satin shades are also less pigmented and they don't really pack a punch of color, you have to build them up and even then sometimes they just blend out too much.

My favorite shades: 1 Raw (perfect contour shade for the face or eyes), 2 Crave (matte base for other eyeshadows to set primer), 13 Bare Buff, 6 Undone, 5 Ritual (basic matte browns for the crease), 18 Impulse (best inner corner shade and highlighter for the face) and 9 Passion (one of the best matte purple shades for all over the lid).

Makeup Looks

All over: 2 Crave
Crease: 13 Bare Buff, 6 Undone, 5 Ritual
Lid: 7 Feline, 17 Utopia
Inner corner: 18 Impulse
Liner: 12 Noir

L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara

Contour: 1 Raw
Highlighter: 18 Impulse

Lipstick: Avon Mark Prism Lipstick - Orbital Lust

All over: 2 Crave
Crease: 13 Bare Buff, 5 Ritual, 9 Passion
Lid: 10 Sateen
Inner corner: 19 Alluring
Liner: 16 Nightfall

L'Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara

Lipstick: Avon Mark Plump It Lipstick Cocoa Kisses
Lip liner: Catrice Lip Foundation Pencil 030 Addicted to Cafe Au Lait

Crease: 6 Undone, 5 Ritual
Outer corner: 12 Noir
Lid: 15 Intricate
Liner: 16 Nightfall
Lower lash line: 6 Undone, 14 Hype
Inner corner: 20 Radiate

Lipstick: NXX Soft Matte Lip Cream Berlin

Crease: 6 Undone, 11 Haute
Outer corner: 12 Noir
Lid: 8 Retro
Inner Corner: 18 Impulse

Rimmel Volume On Demand Mascara

Contour: 1 Raw
Highlight: 17 Utopia, 18 Impulse
Blush: 6 Undone

Lipstick: Avon Mark Plump It Up Lipstick Choco Latte


Mattes are super buttery and they apply like a dream. You don't even need to blend those, they blend themselves. Satin and shimmery shades are better picked up with a finger and packed on that way for ultimate color payoff, but even then they don't compare to my other metallics which have great pigmentation. 

In general this is a palette for those that don't want crazy pigment and like shades to look very natural and bend easy - mattes that is. It's a good basic palette for anyone that wants some color selection, but if you're a really beauty lover this will just be a bit meh for you.

Avon proved to me several times that they know how to do matte eyeshadows. It's not a super pigmented palette, but it's a good one for everyday. I like mattes, but dislike all shimmery shades, because they have dry formula which is hard to pick up and pigmentation just isn't there. It would be a good eyeshadow palette for a basic everyday look for a beginner in makeup since the shades are all very wearable, mattes blend well and there are some wearable pops of color, but it's definitely overpriced for what you get. I would also like a better layout of this palette, although the packaging itself is cute. 

*Product was sent to me. 

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