Wishlist 2020

I rarely do these wishlists posts, probably once a year around holidays. It's just one of the more fun blog posts that I get to do more for myself than anyone else really. This is sort of like my shopping list for when I have the budget to invest and some of these never get to my home and that's ok too. I just love doing these sort of lists so that I make better choices when sales come around and I don't just buy whatever is on sale. 

Sometimes these also serve as gift guide ideas for you that are reading them. You might wonder what to buy your loved ones and my ideas may help. I feel like holidays are canceled this year anyway, since we aren't suppose to mingle because of the situation, so I don't know how much of this is actually useful to most of you. But let's just have fun and look through some of interesting makeup, skin care, hair care and other products that I wouldn't mind trying out.

I already have Viseart Warm Edit and Paris Edit and I'd like to add a more colorful as well as darker palette to my collection. Dark Edit seems like an odd choice, but that's part of the reason I find it interesting. I'm still debating on if I actually would use these colors, but they don't have any more interesting palettes in those mini formats. I'll probably just wait for some new releases. 

I only have one Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed from Becca and it's in Moonstone, probably the most beautiful light champagne gold. I've been eying their other shades for a while, but I have so many highlighters I just can't justify buying any more. This set however, is priced so well and you get three mini shades C Pop, Vanilla Quartz and Rose Quartz. Their pressed highlighter formula is so smooth and has such fine shimmer that looks very elegant and wearable. 

Once I included Natasha Denona into the category I will never buy, because it seems to be so overpriced. Since she came out with mini eyeshadow palettes, I sort of want to try out at least one to see if her formula could really be as revolutionary as it seems. I've seen this palette on sale for 17€, but I still couldn't justify buying. If I would choose one shade, it would be Nude, which is a very basic and boring warm nude combo, but I feel I want something I would get the most wear out of for that price. 

I am always on a search for new creams that could work on atopic skin. I have eczema on my hands and atopic dermatitis on upper part of the body. Though I'm pretty satisfied with my A-Derma Exomega cream, I fond this one just as interesting according to description, because I haven't had the chance to try it out yet. But I also read some reviews people raving about how good it is for eczema, so I'd love to try it out in the future.

I want this set mostly for the Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil in its first shade which is supposedly one of the most amazing highlighters as it looks super glossy and shimmery. I'm still not sure how I would like those small glittery particles in it, but I just can't shake it out of my head, because it always looks so interesting on others. This set also comes with Mini Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Fu$$y which is their more pink rose shade of lip gloss. 

Velvet Ribbon is the only shade that I have from Lisa Eldridge and it's a classic red which I rare on special occasions. I want to own at least one nude shade from her velvet collection which I know I would wear more often. Muse and Fawn look like most my kind of shades. Muse is that classic pinky brown nude that suits everyone and Fawn is 90's brown nude that I would probably wear a lot with my neutral looks. Lisa's Velvet lipsticks have amazing velvet matte finish and aren't drying. They also have amazing color payoff and the packaging is just pure luxury. This is something to really treat yourself with. 

I still have some of Gimme Brow+ Gel in 03 in mini version, but I'm scratching empty bottom of the bottle already. This was such a nice brow gel with just the right medium brown color. Formula has small fibers so it makes your brows look thicker and bushier. I really liked mini version and tiny wand. I've also hear their clear brow gel is amazing as it holds the hair up so well and I think that one would work just as nice on my brows paired with some eyebrow pen. 

I have Beauty Sleep Pillow Mist with lavender and camomile scent, but it's very old already. They've since changed the packaging. This is such a relaxing scent, mostly camomile and very cozy. I love to spray it around the room to relax better. They also have Energise version with bergamot and lemon oil which is for the body, but I would probably use all of these as room sprays. I really want to try out Calm version which has eucalyptus and peppermint oil. I feel this combo would be ultra soothing.

Me and my dry lips would probably love this. I hear only great thing about this sleeping mask. So far I am good with my Bepanthen as my lip sleeping mask for the night, but I would sure love to try that one by Laneige as well. They have different scent versions, but for the start I would go with the classic berry in pink pot.

I know I'll never spend that much money on a face palette, but I keep including Hourglass products in my wishlist just for the fun of it. Is it worth it? I can't say, but it looks super cute and the color selection seems nice. I like this mini version as it's easier to use up and there is a bit of everything - powder, highlighter, blush and bronzer all in one. 

This is exfoliating body lotion with lactic acid (AHA) and I want to try some sort of AHA product for the body to help with my ingrown hair. AHAs exfoliate surface of the skin and ingrown hair basically happens because the upper layer of skin is too thick and hair can't come through. So I hear great reviews of this one, though it's expensive and I don't splurge on body products, ever.

Instead of Ameliorate I actually consider buying this one now, because it seems like a cheaper alternative. This one contains salicylic acid as well as lactic acid which means you get AHA as well as BHA, even deeper exfoliation. I think this cream would be perfect for my armpits and ingrown hair there. Tube is big and I like combination of both acids. I have their smoothing cleanser for the face and I like that one, but I use it sparingly, as it can be a bit drying on daily use.

This is actually known product to me. I still use tester of it that I received along some other full size products and I really liked it. It contains retinol. I don't own any full size retinol product in my routine currently, so I'm considering in investing in this one. Formula is nice to apply, feels quite soothing and gentle, if you don't use it every single day. When I did, I noticed some irritation around my eyes, so this is more of every other day products for me, but it's still gentle enough for my skin tone as well as effective. My skin was always very smooth after I used it and there was less breakouts. 

Many beauty gurus swear by this to give them the best blowout. I've never been able to do a blowout at home with a hair brush and a hair drier, because I'm just not good with hair anything. I also don't go to hairdresser, so it's all up to my home tools and me. I'm intrigues by this, though the brush looks massive for my short hair, but I hope I could achieve that bounce and lift that I can't by just blow drying my hair with hair dryer. You know...that Hollywood blowout. It's a bit expensive at 60€ (I found it on sale now) and I'm not sure how well this would actually work on my fine short hair.

This is one of those things that I wish to invest in the most, but the budget just doesn't prioritize it right now. I hear so many great benefits connected to sleeping on silk from your skin drying out less to your hair being less damaged and less wrinkles from sleeping on your face. There are many Slovenian companies that sell silk pillowcases, but the prices are still pretty hefty. I would opt for a classic white.

If you know me, then you know I am a coconut lover. I like coconut in my food and my scents. I didn't even know we have Slovenina shop selling these cute coconut bowl until I saw one of beauty bloggers mention them on Instagram. I find these bowl so cute for preparing breakfast in them or serving snacks. It's just one of those fun products to gift any coconut lover.

Another Slovenian company that makes these gorgeous chic water bottles. I've been eying their products for a while as well and I keep seeing them on sale, but just never buy. I am one of those people that carries bottles of water with them, but I usually just repurpose the plastic ones from store. I like bigger 750 ml glass bottle in Ginkgo design which is sort of muted beige with gold design. On their site you also have option to personalize cap with engraving like your name or anything else you would like. I find that super cute as a gift.

I'm sure most of you know of Olaplex and I too hear great reviews of this treatment for damaged hair. However, I never convinced myself to actually buy it, because I enjoy my Joico K-Pak range so much and am not sure, if I need Olaplex as well. But I would sure love to try this bond builder that should revitalise and regenerate my damaged strands which are broken due to hair coloring and heat being used on them almost daily. I'm always a bit baffled by the high price for only 100 ml, but I figure I won't use as much product on my fine hair. 

I would love to try out just every single product from Joico, that's how much I love this brand. I mostly just use their K-Pak range, but I've had some from Moisture range in the past as well. I am not sure, if this is the same mask I once used or if this is new product (it's been a very long time since I used it, probably 10 years ago). I like that this is suited for fine hair as well. I have fine hair with oily roots, but my ends are dry and damaged, so I think I would like this mask, if it didn't weigh my hair down. Gelee to me implies to a lighter formul anyway.

I included the whole range of Defy Damage products, because I would love to try any of these and the price for set is actually pretty good. This is range designed to protect your hair from damage made by environmental aggressors and heat styling - which is my main concern. It should make your hair silky and soft. I'm not sure how much this collection differs from K-Pak range, but I would still want to try it out maybe in between. Shampoo is sulphate-free, conditioner repairs, mask nourishes and shield is leave in product. 

I hear one makeup artist raving about this product so much that I really want to try it out on my hair. It's basically heat activated treatment for the hair that eliminates frizz, waterproofs your strands, repels moisture and leaves your hair ultra smooth without weighing them down. I feel like this is the type of styling product that would make your hair look super sleek, but you should use nourishing leave in spray underneath it to prevent your hair from further drying out. My hair isn't sleek and smooth, so I'm wondering if this would make them look better than they actually are. 


  1. Wishlisto vedno rada vidim :) Imam kaj novega za raziskat :). Imam iste občutke kot ti glede Natashe Denone - cena je nenormalna, ampak vsi hvalijo senčila in težko se je upret hypu. Jaz čakam, da nekdo takes a hint in jo kupi za darilo. Which will never ever happen :D Laneige maska za ustnice se splača, je res super, ampak ni pa tako nujna, sploh če imaš dober balzam, ki deluje.

    Jaz pa spim kar na satenastih prevlekah. Sem šla raziskovat in tako velike razlike ravno ni, razen da saten tako ne diha, ampak meni so čisto ok. Pa so precej bolj poceni (jaz jih imam sicer že veliko let). Jih imam pa premalo in ko se vse odpre grem po blago, pa jih bom še par naredila.

    Olaplex imajo zdaj minije za sprobat. Bi se ti morda splačalo pogledat. Sicer meni ena flaška traja 6-7 nanosov, kar je ogromno glede na to kako je majhna, ampak ima tako mazljivo formulo, da je dovolj že manjša količina. Pa ponavadi za moje lase porabim 30-60 ml pri običajnih balzamih. Color Wow je pa tudi meni padel v oči že nekaj časa nazaj, ampak potem grem vsakič brat ocene in nekateri pravijo, da se jim po dolgotrajni uporabi lomijo lasje, which scares me. Sem pa imela mini v košarici na Feel Unique in si premislila.

    1. Ja jaz isto rada vidim na drugih blogih :D Neskončne ideje za nove izdelke :). Baje se mini nikakor ne izplačajo, ker prehitro porabiš. Saj sem prav gledala že ene 5x, če res vidim, da je tako malo izdelka not?! Mislim da toliko kot po navadi v eni single shadow :D, groza! Ampak ja hype... Haha a veš, da jaz tudi upam an božička, pa ne vem če bo :D.

      Jaz sem vedno zmedena, ko kupujem posteljino. Satenasto me zmede, ker vedno pomislim na svilo. Se mi zdi, da imam jaz tudi eno satenasto oz satenasto bombažno kombinacijo posteljnine iz Svilanita in je res vrhunska. Ampak svila me pa mika čisto iz vidika učinka. Sploh za alergike, ker naj bi se tudi manj pršic in bakterij v njej razmnoževalo. Enkrat bo padla investicija :D.

      Res? Kje pa dobim minije? Jaz bi itak šparala z njim :D. Je pa vedno fajn sprobat mini, da vidiš če je to to. Color Wow se meni sliši bolj styling produkt in mislim, da mogoče eni ne neanašajo preveč hranilnih zadev pod njega pa nato dejansko samo zapreš lase tudi za kaj dobrega, ne samo slabega od zunaj. No tako si sama predstavljam. Jaz sem tudi pa mislim da na Lookfantastic gledala mini verzijo :).

  2. Evo minije Olaplex: https://www.lookfantastic.com/olaplex-hair-repair-trial-kit/12596380.html . Pa 30 ml ni tok malo kar je kul :) Jaz imam n.3 mini, ki se ga dobila zraven n.0

    Saten bombaž ni kul, mislim na poliesterski saten (bombaž vleče vlago). Ampak ja, svila je luksuz :). Jaz imam zase shranjen link svile, pa če me kdaj prime imet svilen vzglavnik, ga bom raje sama naredila. Je malenkost ceneje, čeprav je še vedno zelo drago. Sicer meni poceni saten čisto paše :)

    Mislim, da je pri Colour Wow bolj to problem, da morda naredi nek sloj gor, ki se ne izpere in potem maske ne prodrejo v las ko jih naslednjič umivaš + uporabiš balzam. Ker sestavinsko je CW neka weird meni nepoznana plastika. Me zelo mika, ampak bi bilo treba chelating delat pogosto. Če bi to sploh dobilo stran. Silikoni se ponavadi sperejo, samo tole mi je pa nepoznano. Ne vem, res ne vem.

    1. O hvala. To je pa prav zanimiv set. Dobiš kar vse minije. Bom zagotovo kupila ob priložnosti. :)

      Res je še vedno drago, ker pač tudi samo blago ne dobiš poceni.

      Hm..zanimivo. Mogoče bolje, da preskočim zaenkrat, da si ne naredim še več škode :D. Moji lasje so itak vedno bolj občutljivi. Če bi imela že v osnovi lepe, potem me ne bi skrbelo.

  3. Všečna lista, kar nekaj super predlogov, ki jih moram dodati tudi na svojo, hvala ;)
    Vidim pa, da je največja dilema saten-svila in tu moram dodati, da sem del te bila tudi sama, saten se mi je vedno zdel OK, pač prijeten na otip in ugoden. Potem pa sem pri enih izmed zgoraj omenjenih (ne vem če lahko delam reklamo, tako da pustim samo namig - <3 ) prebrala članek s primerjavo med obema materialoma in me je prepričalo v to "investicijo", za katero mi ni žal, razlike so res opazne, prednosti je veliko, par kremic je postalo neuporabnih, ker problemov, ki jih rešujejo nimam več :) Glede na to, da precej časa preživimo v postelji, se mi zdi bolje, da na ta način poskrbim za "preventivo", raje kot potem napake (gubice) popravljam s kremami.
    Nad svilo se je navdušil celo mož, pri njemu se razlika pozna predvsem poleti, ker ne "zakuha" kot na satenu.
    Tako da to vsekakor priporočam. Mnenje o ostalih predlogih, ki sem jih našla v tvojem seznamu, pa podam ko stestiram...
    Aja, pa pričakujem 2021 update :)
    Lepo bodi,
    Mateja B.

    1. Svila je definitivno na tisti wishlisti za kupit, vprašanje je samo kdaj. Me prepričajo taki pozitivni komentarji vseh uporabnic, ampak mor aprit na vrsto tudi to :). Za gubice bo pa sploh treba še malo več preventive zdaj ko se sže staram :D.
      Super, pričakujem še kakšen komentar na izdelke, ko jih preizkusiš. Jaz sem jih nekaj že preizkusila.
      Se bom potrudila. Tudi ti. Lep vikend ;)