Drugstore gems

Hey Beauties!

I feel like I needed a new kind of post, because all I have prepared are reviews and sometimes I get sick of those. I decided to collect drugstore products that I really like and think that you would too. I have mentioned most of them or did individual reviews, but this is some sort of collection of all the drugstore products that I really love and think you would too.

Balea Med cream oil body lotion

Starting with the Balea Med cream oil body lotion. It contains betaine and it's for sensitive and dry skin. It also has a neutral ph level. This is one of the best lotions that I've tried for my skin. I have a fairly sensitive skin, even on my body, especially the upper part. This is great, because it moisturizes and leaves sort of a shiny layer on the skin. I feel like the sheen locks in the moisture, which really nicely nourishes the skin and prevents any dry patches, therefore itchiness. I also love it, because it smells really subtle and nice and it doesn't irritate my skin as a lot of other body products do. I recommended this to my coworker, who has problems with very dry skin and she also seems to really like it. I have to say the Balea Med range is impressing me and I will surely try some other products. I highly recommend this range for sensitive skin.

It costs only around 2.40 € for 400 ml of product, which is huge (Balea Med is available in Drogerie Markt - DM).

Alverde Clear wash cream

This Alverde Clear wash cream is targeted towards skin with imperfections. It's supposed to contain some sort of healing soil and it should also prevent any further pimples. I'm not sure if it prevents that, but I really like it, because it really cleans the skin and still makes it moisturized enough. This is also a bit of a more natural brand and the soil in it seems really interesting. It does look a bit disturbing at first, because it looks olive brown. May be weird to some. The smell is also specific, but I actually really like it. It's one of those products that would appeal to all skin types. It's even good for sensitive skin.

I think it costs something around 3 € and you get 100 ml of product. I use a really small amount of this as the last step in my cleansing routine, so it lasts me a pretty long time (Alverde is available in Drogerie Markt - DM).

Batiste dry shampoo

What can I say about Batiste dry shampoo? If you haven't yet, do try it. I know you won't be sorry. It's the best dry shampoo in terms of really making the hair look non greasy. I have to admit, I do get some itchiness form Batiste, but that's probably due to the fact that I don't entirely brush it out, after application. I recommend spraying it trough the roots, leaving it on for 5 to 10 minutes and then really brushing through the hair. I also love the wider range of Batiste shampoos. The packaging is always cute and I've had a few and loved all the smells so far. If you're looking for a good dry shampoo, Batiste is the best!

It costs between 4 and 7€, depending on the size. You get 200 ml for around 4€. It's not the cheapest, but it's worth it. (I buy Batiste on Asos).

Detailed review - here.

Revlon Colorstay concealer

I've talked about this already. It's my favorite concealer and I'm not intending on trying any new ones. This is a very creamy and pigmented product. It's not as full coverage as something like Mac prolongwear, but it's medium to high. It's really nicely moisturizing and it still covers, which is all I need. It's also really good for the under eye area. It covers discoloration and minor imperfections as well as under eye circles. The only problem being it's somewhat orange or yellow toned, so not the best for cool skin tones. It's perfect for my skin tone, but may not be for all. I use the shade 02 Light. Maybe the 01 shade is cooler - I don't know because I haven't seen it in our drugstores.

It's not cheap, something around 8€, I think, but it lasts a long time and it's worth it. It contains 6.2 ml of product (I buy it in E.Leclerc or Müller - but not all of them have Revlon. Revlon is also available on Click2Chic).

Detailed review - here

Rimmel Stay Matte long lasting pressed powder

I've discovered this product in the beauty blog and YouTube sphere and have been loving it ever since. Rimmel Stay Matte powder is one of the best drugstore powders. I always buy the transparent shade, which goes with any shade of foundation. It's really lightweight on the skin, but it makes it matte for a pretty good amount of time. It never gets cakey and looks really natural on the skin. This is definitely a must have powder for those who have pretty oily t zone or skin in general and like the matte finish on the skin. As you can see, I broke mine, which is such a shame. I really need to order another one.

It costs something around 5€, depending on where you buy it. There's 14 grams of product in it. (I've been buying mine on Asos, but now they don't seem to have the transparent shade anymore,which I'm very upset about. You can also get it on Feelunique or Destination Pretty.)

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hours

I'm sick of me talking about this product, but if you haven't tried it or don't use eyeshadows at all, try this. I promise that this is so easy to use and it looks so amazing on the eyes. My favorite shade is 35 - On and On Bronze and this shade would look good on probably everyone. It's a gel cream eyeshadow that glides on the skin, looks amazing, almost wet like effect and stays on for the entire day - at least on me. It's great for oily lids and it looks effortless with just one swipe over the eye lid. It's really easy to use, even for the beginners, because you can literally apply it with one finger, and fade it out with another. So easy, but it looks incredible. Go buy it! :)

I think it costs something around 5€ and you get quite a big amount. It doesn't says on the packaging how much, but I've been abusing this eyeshadow since april 2013 and I've just bought a new one. I still have some of the old one, but it's getting a bit dry (I bought mine in Drogerie Markt - Dm and it's also available in Müller and a lot of online stores like Feelunique and many more).

Detailed review - here.

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer

This L'Oreal primer will appeal to those who want a dewy and glow-from-inside finish of the foundation. It's supposed to be used as a primer, which works in a way that makes the foundation over it really sheeny, dewy and glowy. It's not too much, because it just makes the skin that tad bit more dewy. I use it as a highlighter, which is also great. It's really creamy, extremely easy to blend and it's perfect for fair skin tones and somewhat more cooler skin tones. For me it works in the winter, when I'm really pale. So it's two products in one - primer for a dewy effect or highlighter on top of the foundation. It's an amazing product, because the shimmer in it is so tiny, that it's almost undetectable. You'll look really good, but no one will notice why. I don't recommend this for under foundation or mixed in it, if your skin gets really oily. It may result in a disco ball effect. Rather use it strategically as a highlighter on certain parts only.

I honestly can't remember how much it costs, probably around 8€. I know it's not cheap, but you get 20 ml of product and if you use it only for highlighting it will last you a really long time. You need just a peas size for primer as well (I bought mine in Drogerie Markt - DM, but it's available in most drugstores).

Terra Naturi Shimmer Shimmer Powder Body & Face in shade 01 Golden Highlight

I've raved about this shimmer powder in a separate review and I just needed to include it here. Ever since I bough it, I've been using it. It's warmer version for those with warm to olive and darker skin tones. This has a definite gold tone to it and the shimmer in it is so tiny, but still not too tiny. It's definitely more shimmery than the L'Oreal version. It's in a powder form. This looks so damn good, that it's disturbing how much I like it. This will definitely give you that J.Lo, Kardashian glow. If it suits your skin tone and you can still get it, I highly recommend. I've heard that a lot of Slovenians didn't find it anymore, so I'm not sure if it was part of some limited edition or something. 

It costs 3.99€ and you get 7 g of product, which is just amazing (It's a Müller brand, so you can only get it in Müller drugstores).

Detailed review - here.

Here's the comparison of the two highlighters. On top is Terra Naturi Shimmer Powder and on the bottom is L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks

This is the best drugstore version of matte lipstick, I've tried so far. It's a liquid creamy lipstick that dries into a really nice velvet matte finish. What makes it so great is the fact that the finish is really matte, non sticky and not drying at all. It lasts for a really long time and it just feels so good on the lips. Most of the matte lipsticks give you that drying feeling, but this one doesn't at all. It's a really great products, if you want a matte finish lipstick. I just wish there would be a wider shade range, especially some sort of nude shades, because all are pretty colorful.

It's definitely not cheap, something around 13€ and you get 6.7 ml of product. You will not regret the buy, especially if your a fan of matte lipsticks and have fairly dry lips (I bought mine in Müller, but they're also available online). 

Detailed review - here.

Catrice Eye Brow Stylist in 020 Date With Ash-ton

This is an eyebrow product that will be loved by a lot of people. I especially want to talk about this shade 020 Date With Ash-ton. Most drugstore eyebrow pencils have very orange or very dark brown tones to it. Non of them have that ashy undertone that this one does. A lot of people with brown to light brown hair have ash undertone in their brows, so this pencil is perfect for making them look as natural as possible. The pencil is really creamy, it goes on nicely and it's not too pigmented, which means a very natural finish. I really like this product. I also love the fact that it has a spoolie on one side, because I like to brush my brows before filling them in and then after I fill them in to spread the product and take off any excess. 

I think it costs something around 3€ and you get 1.6 grams, which lasts you a really long time. (I bought mine in Müller. You can get it anywhere where they sell Catice.)

Here are the swatches of - from left to right: Balea Med cream oil body lotion, Alverde Clear wash cream and Revlon Colorstay concealer in 02 Light.

Those are all the drugstore gems, that I wanted to share with you. I'm sure I'll have more in the future and maybe I'll do part 2 and so on. Those are ally the products that I really like and highly recommend, if they are something that your looking for.
Do you like any of these products? Which drugstore gems would you add to my list? :)

Review: My new Maybelline Colorama nail polishes (shades 120, 303, 317)

Hey Beauties!

You've probably heard me rave about Maybelline Colorama nail polishes. I think this is one of my favorite drugstore brands for nail polishes. I also love Bourjois and Revlon, but Maybelline's are just so cheap. So today I decided to feature some other shades that I've gotten lately.

First shade is called 120. Lame names, I know. I got it as a winner of a giveaway and really like the shade. It's a teal shade and I don't own any similar color in my collection. I think it's one of those shades that looks good in the summer as well as the colder days. It's one of the unique shades. The texture is very creamy, which means very nice pigmentation. One coat would probably be enough, but I always like to add a second one. 

The next shade is 303. I bought it recently along with the 317 in one of our drugstores, because they were on sale. It's a very light nude color that almost makes your nails look like mine but better shade. It has a bit of peach undertone, like a very milky peach and it really suits my completion. I've recently been loving these sort of nude skin like shades. The formula is very thin and you will need at least two coats. I used one thin coat and another very thick coat. I have to say, Maybelline has very runny and thin formulas for light nail polishes. Such a shame, because the shade is gorgeous.

And the last shade is somewhat unusual for me. It's a very bright fuchsia shade that it's just amazing for the summer. I don't usually go for pink shades, but I suppose this is not pink at all. It's a mix of pink and purple and it's also a very unique shade in my collection. I've really been loving wearing it. This shade is also very cream and pigmented. It's not as thick as the 120, but is pretty thick. You will need two normal coats. 

In Slovenia they cost around 2.50 €, but sometimes they have them for 50% off and then there's no excuse for not buying them :).

All the shades look a bit more muted on the photos as they do in real life, so keep in mind that they are a bit more vibrant. I really like all these shades and hope that I've peaked up your interest for Maybelline polishes. If you haven't tried them yet, I recommend picking up at least one shade.

What's your favorite shade of these three?

Review: L'Oreal Super Liner Ultra Precision eyeliner

Hey Beauties!

I was ordering something from feelunique and thought why not try another eyeliner. Lately, I've been obsessed with eyeliners and have been wearing them everyday. I love my Maybelline master precise eyeliner, but I also wanted to try this one from L'Oreal. I wish I could merge those two together, that way, I would get a perfect eyeliner :).

L'Oreal Super Liner is a liquid eyeliner. I was a bit surprised that the packaging was gold, since on the internet there was a black picture. Well, I guess they changed the design and I love gold - so it's perfectly fine. I bought it for something around 8€ and I actually can't find how much product is in it.

The applicator is a spongy tip which is pretty thin. I don't like the fact that I need dip in the eyeliner a lot, because there isn't enough product on the applicator to draw the whole eyeliner with one dip. But I do like the applicator, because you can make as thin or thick line, as you want to. I think it's easier to use than a brush, but I love brushes, so I'm getting used to this applicator, which doesn't move or bend at all. I love brushes, because the tips are usually extremely thin and you can really thing out the eyeliner, whilst with this one it's just a bit more work to get perfectly thin line of the wing.

I got the eyeliner in the shade Black, which is a true black. The eyeliner is very liquid, but not so much that it would run into the eyes. I find that it sets pretty quickly, which makes life easier. It does leave a sort of shiny or metallic finish. I would prefer it to be completely matte, but I know most of liquid eyeliners have the same finish. I love love the fact that it stays put for hours and hours. You can sweat or have oily lids, but this will not budge. It stays as it is. I have been wearing it for 12 hours and it stayed perfect.

A few photos of how it looks on me and how precise it is.

It's definitely not a bad eyeliner at all. The thing I love the most about it is the staying power, which is just amazing. I also love the fact that even though it's a very liquid formulation, it dries very quickly, so no eyeliner transferring on the upper lid. I would actually like the applicator to be a bit more bendable and the formula to be a bit less liquid and completely matte. But I think it's worth the money and great for the days when you just want your makeup to last all day.

What's your favorite eyeliner? I'm really intrigued to know :).

Review: Green Line Hydro Mineral light moisturizing cream

Hey Beauties!

As promised, here is the review of Green Line's Hydro Mineral light moisturizing cream for mixed and oily skin. I really like this cream, surprisingly. It's a Slovenian brand and I don't know where it's also available, but if you have mixed to oily skin, I highly recommend you pick this one up. 

The packaging is plastic with a screw on top. It's got blue writing and top. I actually prefer plastic packaging, because I can use it for traveling, when it's empty and I'm not gonna be afraid to drop it. The cream contains 50 ml of product and costs around 7€

Here is the ingredients list.

The cream includes ingredients like papaya extract, algae spirulina and what-i-was-the-most-surprised mineral water Radenska Naturelle. Fun, isn't it? It also doesn't contain any parabens.  The cream is supposed to regulate the amount of moisture and fats in the skin, tighten the pores, restore skin cells, stimulate the natural collagen formation, smooth first expressional wrinkles, give skin vitality and have no oily residue. My version is for those with mixed to oily skin and for those over the age of 25 - which I am, since I had my 25th birthday in January - perfect :).

The cream is white and a pretty light texture. It spreads very easily and it's very smooth. The texture goes really thin, while massaging it into the skin, but still feels very moisturizing. I like that the cream is very movable and once you massage it in the shine completely fades away. The cream soaks into the skin and becomes very matte. That's one of the things I absolutely love. It gives me the perfect matte skin. Application of foundation over the cream is a dream. 

The cream has a fruit smell, but I'm not sure how to describe it. Somehow it reminds me of Fructis and I don't know why.

I love this cream, because it's a perfect cream for the summer, especially for me with mixed to oily skin. My T-zone can get really oily in the summer, which ruins my makeup. I do however need moisture from the cream and this one gives it all. It really feels like the moisture soaks into the skin and does the job there. I never felt my skin was dry. It's also very matte, which means prolonging the wear of my makeup and no weird shine on the face. Love it! I am not a huge fan of smelly creams, but the smell is actually really nice. I also love the fact that it feels very soothing on my skin. As I've mentioned many times, I have very sensitive skin and this cream didn't irritate my skin at all. No red patches or itchiness. Let me tell you, finding a face cream, with a matte texture and the one that doesn't irritate, isn't as easy as it looks. The creams for sensitive skin are always the ones for dry skin - which mine isn't. 

On the photo below you can see the light texture of a cream in the first photo, the shiny finish of cream right after application and the last photo of absolutely matte skin after the cream soaks into the skin (takes about 4 minutes). 

I am really pleased with this cream because it gives me matte surface, doesn't irritate, smells nicely and feels moisturizing enough. Perfect cream for summer!

Pred kratkim sem od Green Line dobila njihovo Hydro Mineral lahko vlažilno kremo za mešano do mastno kožo. Krema mi je izjemno všeč. 

Embalaža je plastična, ki je meni ljubša, saj jo lažje prenašam in ponovno uporabim. V embalaži je 50 ml izdelka za približno 7€. Krema vsebuje papajo, spirulino in meni-najbolj-zanimivo mineralno vodo Radenska. Ne vsebuje parabenov. Namenjena je vsem, ki imajo mešano do mastno kožo in stari preko 25 let. 

Krema naj bi uravnavala količino vlage in maščob v koži, ožila pore, obnavljala kožne celice, spodbujala naravno tvorjenje kolagena, gladila prve gubice, poživljala polt in ne puščala mastnega sijaja.

Krema je zelo zelo lahke teksture, a hkrati dovolj vlažilna. Diši zelo sadno. Krema se zelo lepo razmaže, deluje vlažilno in se zelo hitro vpije v kožo. Na začetku je lahka in se sveti, čez nekaj minut pa postane popolnoma mat. Mat finiš mi je izjemno všeč. Je odlična podlaga za pod makeup in celo podaljša obstojnost makeup, zaradi mat finiša. Zelo mi je všeč, da dovolj vlaži in hkrati matira, kar pomeni, da je perfektna kombinacija kreme za vroče poeltne dni. Všeč mi je tudi to, da je zelo nežna in primerna za občutljivo kožo. Sama imam zelo občutljivo kožo in mi krema ni povzročila nobenih iritacij. Mat finiš in primernost za občutljivo kožo jo naredi popolno kremo za poletne dni. Vsekakor jo priporočam.

Review: Makeup Revolution Run Boy Run eyeshadow palette

Hey Beauties!

I finally came around to editing all of my photos of this gorgeous eyeshadow palette. I got it a few weeks ago from Slovenian online store licila.si. Thank you :). I have to say, I really really like this palette. Now let's see why this palette is so gorgeous.

The Run Boy Run palette includes 18 eyeshadow shades. It comes in a sleek shiny packaging, which can get really dirty and it's hard to take photos of. In the palette you get this eyeshadow applicator, which I never use and it also has a big mirror - very practical for traveling. The palette is pretty sturdy and I love the gold writing on it. Looks really nice. 

It costs around 9€ in Slovenia (now it's only 7€) and 6£ on their official site. I think it's a really affordable price for how many shadows you get. The palette contains 13 grams of product.

In the palette are 18 eyeshadows, of which there are 12 shimmer shades and 6 matte shades. I love the names of them, although they could be shorter, but it's better than Shade 1 and such.

I will describe the shades in a clockwise direction.

Trying to Catch You: light pinkish white with very small shimmer
Running Is Victory: pinkish nude shade with a pearl finish and shimmer
World Is Not Meant For You: taupe silver with shimmer
Hide Behind Me: bronzy brown with shimmer (with orange undertone)

Sun Will Be Guiding You: chocolate brown with shimmer
Day Is A Prophesy: gold brown with shimmer (yellow toned)
Dying To Stop You: baby pink with big white shimmer
Brake Out From Society: cranberry orange with pink sheen and shimmer

Another Day: orange based dark brown with shimmer
It's Time To Run: silvery blue with shimmer
Don't Have To Hide Away: orange gold with bigger shimmer
You Will Be My Boy: purple based dark brown with red/orange shimmer

Follow Me: white matte with pink undertone
Head To The Hills: very light warm brown matte
Run Boy Run: light warm brown matte

Girl On Fire: dirty pink matte with lavender undertone
You Are Finally Mine: greyish brown matte
Head Start: black matte

The shimmery shades are absolutely gorgeous. They apply like a dream as well as blend. I find that they are really nicely pigmented. The color range is amazing and would appeal to a lot of people. Matte shades are like in any palette, a lot less pigmented. I actually am not a big fan of matte shades, but I know a lot of people are. So I personally don't mind the lack of pigmentation and I love using those as a brow bone highlight or in the crease. I am also very happy that the palette includes matte black, because I love to use it in place of an eyeliner. I don't find there to be a lot of fallout with the shades, but there is some. 

The shade range is just amazing and my favorite shades are Hide Behind Me, Day Is A Prophesy, Don't Have To Hide Away and You Will Be My Boy. Here I'll also be posting some of the looks I made using the palette, so you can see the shades better in combination with others.

Here I used Don't Have To Hide Away all over the lid and around the lower lash line. In the outer corner I used Day Is A Prophesy. In the inner corner is Running Is Victory and as an eyeliner I used Head Start.

On the center of the lid is Break Out From Society. In the inner part of the lid is Dying To Stop You and on the outer part of the lid is You Will Be My Boy. In the crease is Run Boy Run as well as around the lower lash line. 

Here are the mattes shades, which photography really badly, but are actually a bit stronger in real life. Girl On Fire all over the lid. Run Boy Run in the crease and lower lash line. You Are Finally Mine in the outer v. Follow me in the inner corner of the eye and Head Starts as an eyeliner.

Here I used Hide Behind Me all over the lid and on the lower lash line. On the outer v I put Another Day. I the inner corner I used Running Is Victory.

My final thoughts are that I absolutely love the shades in this palette and will recommend it to anyone who wants a variety of gorgeous shades for a very reasonable price. I think this is probably my favorite palette, so thank you Ličila for choosing this gorgeous palette for me. I highly recommend it.

What are your favorite shades from this palette?

Sledi še kratek povzetek za vse slovenske bralke. Paleta Run Boy Run vsebuje 18 senčil, od tega je 12 svetlikajočih in 6 mat. Senčila so zelo lepih odtenkov. Nanašajo se z lahkoto in zelo lepo zabrisujejo. Svetljikajoča senčila so zelo dobro pigmentirana, mat pa so slabše pigmentacije, predvsem svetli odtenki. Če želiti kupiti paleto zaradi mat odtenkov, ne priporočam. So pa svetljikajoči odtenki odlični in sama imam take najraje. V Sloveniji lahko kupite paleto na Ličila.si in stane okrog 9 € (zdaj je v akciji in je okrog 7 €). Embalaža palete je dokaj trdna in svetlikajoče črna. Všeč mi je tudi zlat napis. Vsekakor paleto priporočam vsem, ki so jim všeč odtenki in ki si žečijo velik izbor senčil za zelo primerno ceno. Ličila.si še enkrat hvala za paletko in hvala za super izbiro paletke, ker se mi zdi, da je to moja najljubša od vseh novih Makeup Revolution paletk. :)