Review: Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit - Ultra Fair C01

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A while ago Makeup Revolution Slovenia surprised some of Slovenian bloggers with some Makeup Revolution products. I got this contour kit, which has actually been on my wish list as a more affordable dupe for Sleek one. I got it in the Ultra Fair shade, which was exactly how I wanted it and I've been using it every single day since I got it, that's how much I like it.

In the palette is matte bronzer, shimmery highlighter and shimmery blush. The packaging is plastic and it has transparent lid. Nothing too exciting. It costs 4.95€ on Makeup Revolution Slovenia and 3.50£ on Makeup Revolution official site. You get 11 grams of product in the palette.

The bronzer is matte. It's warm toned brown and it's very pigmented. For some reason it seems to have some sort of sheen to it. No shimmer or any sort of particles like that, it just gives a little bit of sheen, so that it's not completely dusty. 

Highlighter is white based champagne. In the pan it looks more pink toned than it's actually on the skin. It's a pretty neutral, very light highlighter with shimmer so small that it gives of gorgeous sheen. It's very pigmented.

Blush is orange peach shade with gold sheen. I love it. Did I say I love gold anything? Yes, it has gorgeous gold, again, very small shimmer that adds beautiful shine. I will say be careful. I find that if I use fluffy brush, I get more of that peach shade and when I use denser brush I get a lot of that gold sheen. It looks more pink in the pan, but on me it's pretty peachy. I guess it might look different on cooler skin tone. It's also very pigmented.

Here is the ingredients list.

What I like most about this product is that you can really build it up or make it very sheer. It all depends on what kind of brush you use and how much product you use on the brush. 

The bronzer can in fact be used on very light skin. If you use light touch, it will be very light and give you just a little bit of color. I like to put on more and then I can get that really bronzed look. You can actually build it up to a pretty dark shade. 

Highlighter can also be applied very sheer or strong. Of course I like my highlighter to be seen from space, so I put on a lot, but you can definitely go sheerer. As you can see the shimmer is really small.

I used fluffier bigger brush here, so I got a lot sheerer application and more of the actual peach shade on. I hope you can still see the golden sheen that it gives to cheeks. It's really gorgeous and very shiny, indeed.

And this is how it looks like applied all together. 

I decided to compare bronzer to Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder in 030 Medium Bronze and E.l.f. Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia. Elf is the most shimmery and the darkest. Catrice is actually completely matte and almost a bit more orange and a tiny bit darker. MR bronzer is in fact the lightest of those three and as you can see here, it just has that sheen to it, without actually having any shimmer in it.

MR highlighter almost looks the most shiny and the one with the most sheen in general. The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer is a lot more yellow based and it has that same shimmer intensity. P2 Glow Up! Highlighter 021 High Beam is very similar in color, but it's almost a bit more white and it has a more subtle sheen. I also decided to put in, now already discontinued, Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder in 010 Fairy Dust, because it looked similar in the pan, but it's actually a bit more yellow and the least shimmery of them all.

I am absolutely in love with this palette. If I knew I would like it so much, I would have bought it myself. It's very well pigmented, the shades I'll be able to use in the winter and in the summer and the shimmer is really subtle, yet it looks very shiny. And you know I like my highlighters to shine. If you're looking for something similar, I highly recommend you to try this. I will say, it's better suited for warm skin tones, because both bronzer and blush have a very warm undertone to it. I'll also say that both of these products would probably also look really good on medium skin tone. Highlighter would be too light, but bronzer and blush could work.

Avon nail polish set 2 giveaway winner

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Another giveaway has ended. The winner is Kaja. Congrats girl! I sent you an email, please contact me back withing 24 hours.

Thanks to everyone for entering.

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Avon nail polish set 1 - second winner!

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Since the first winner didn't seem to respond to my email, I picked another winner. It's Ina. Congrats girl! I'll send you an email and please write me back or I'll have to choose a third winner.

Thanks to everyone who entered.

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Review: Kiko Quick Dry Nail Lacquer (853 Pearly Light Yellow)

Hey Beauties!

The last review of my Kiko haul, is this beautiful yellow nail polish. Yellow is a very popular shade for clothes this year, as I've noticed and this nail polish will be the perfect addition.

It's Kiko Quick Dry Nail Lacquer in the shade 853 Pearly Light Yellow. The packaging is glass bottle with black plastic top. The brush is pretty much standard but has a little rounded edges.

It costs 4.90€ and you get 10 ml of nail polish.

My first Kiko nail polish was also from their Quick Dry range in the shade 829. I was blown away by the pigmentation and quick drying time. I hoped that this one would make me just as excited. 

First I have to disagree with the shade name Pearly Light Yellow. My camera didn't catch the real shade of it. It's actually very green toned. It is light yellow shade and it does look a bit pearly, because it has little white shimmer in it. It's not as milky yellow as I expected it to be. I tried to photoshop it to show you how the actual color looks like in person. I couldn't get the right shade, but you get it. Very green toned.

The application can be difficult. It has good pigmentation but it doesn't look as good as the darker color that I bought previously. It dries really fast, so you don't get a lot of time for fixing mistakes. One coat is not enough, because it leaves stripes, as you may see.

I apply one thin coat and the second thick coat. The second coat makes it really nice and opaque looking, but again it dries really fast so you have to paint quickly to get it as even as possible

I guess I just wasn't that impressed with the formula as I was with the darker violet shade. Maybe darker shades work better with this quick dry formula. I'm also a bit disappointed that the shade is not really yellow. I don't mind the green undertone, but I just thought that I was buying a true yellow shade.

Avon nail polish set 1 giveaway winner

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The first giveaway has ended and the winner is Amadeja. Congrats girl! I also sent you an email.

Tomorrow I'll also announce the second winner of the second set. Thanks to everyone for entering ;).
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Review: Zoeva 226 Smudger brush

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I've had this for so long and completely forgot to post a review of it. Funny, because I use this every day and really like it.

My boyfriend got me this as a gift. It's Zoeva 226 Smudger brush. I have a lot of good blending and basic eye brushes, but I really needed some short and dense brush to use around the lower lash line. 

It costs 7.80€ on Zoeva official site and 10.22€ on Moja Drogerija.

It has nice black wooden handle. The hair is very soft, dense, cut short and has bleached white ends

It's the brush with the shortest hair among my collection. Here you can see how it looks like from the front and how thin it is from the side.

I compared it to some of my other similar brushes. First is an unknown brand, but I think it's from Müller a long time ago. Second is Elf C brush. Third is Zoeva 234 Smoky Shader brush. As you may see 226 is still the shortest, which means great for fitting around the lower lash line.

I wanted to show you how nicely you can blend the eyeshadow under the lower lash line. The shape is perfect fit and you can go as close to the lash line or as lower as you like. Of course you can use it for other parts of the eye. This would be great for smudging eye pencils, smoking out the eyeshadow or doing a very precise crease.

I love this brush. It's very soft and small. I use it every time I put any eyeshadow around the lower lash line. Definitely one that I needed in my collection.

Taylor Swift Bad Blood inspired makeup - winged smoky eye

Hey Beauties!

This new song of Taylor Swift has been stuck in my mind lately. Ok, I'll admit it's not just stuck there, I constantly play the video again and again. I'll admit I probably wouldn't like the song as much, if I haven't seen the video. It has all the latest famous young female models, actresses and singers in it. If you haven't checked it out yet, go to YouTube and type in Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar Bad Blood. Just don't blame me, if you'll find yourself watching it over and over again.

I really liked her winged smoky eyes that she wears dressed as a modern solider when The Trinity girls are dressing her up. So, I decided I just had to do it. By no means I'm recreating her makeup, because I can't exactly see what she has on, but I just decided to do my own version.

I used matte black eyeshadow and applied it all over the lid, a bit over the crease and winged it out at the outer corner. I find this looks great on hooded eyes too, since Taylor also had a bit smaller eyes and if you wing it out enough, it will look just as fierce.

Then I also added black eyeshadow all over the lower lash line. I took black gel eyeliner and did a little wing, thinning the wing as I went out.

I used black gel pencil around the lower lash line and smudged it. You can apply it on the water line, but this irritates my eyes, so I skipped it.Then I applied a bit of mascara.

I added fluttery lashes, which are longer at the outer edge and done is the eye makeup.

I used foundation all over my face and concealed my dark circles and redness. Then I put a bit of powder. I decided to just use grey based brown eyeshadow to contour under my cheeks, around the hairline, temples, my jaw and my nose. I used beige gold highlighter to highlight tops of cheeks, on top of the brow arch, center of the nose and a bit on the chin. For blush I decided to use a very neutral blush in brown peach shade, because I felt like Taylor didn't have any.

On my lips I used pink based nude lipstick and went over with a transparent lip gloss.

Not sure if I would go shopping with this look, but it is definitely fun bold eye makeup. Would you ever wear anything like that out?

Products used

Avon eye primer
Makeup Revolution Flawless eyeshadow palette - Night (black)
Catrice Gel Eyeliner - 010 Black Jack With Jack Black
Essence Gel eye pencil - 01 Black Blaze
Avon Luxe Volume Extravagance mascara Black
Fairy Girl Powder Eyebrown and Nose Shadow - 01
Kiss Juicy X Volume false eyelashes
Artdeco Adhesive for Lashes and Sparkles

Revlon Colorstay foundation 150 Buff
Avon Ideal Flawless concealer Fair
Rimmel Stay Matte powder Transluscent
Essence I Heart Nude 05 My Favorite Tauping eyeshadow - contour
Essence Metal Glam 01 Gold Digger highlighter
Elf Blush palette Light - orange brown shade

Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 11 Nude Love
S-he transparent lip gloss

Review: Avon Magic Effects Mineral Crush nail polishes (Diamond, Topez, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Agate, Ruby) + giveaway

Hey Beauties!

Another of Avon Magic Effects ranges called Mineral Crush. It's one of my favorite if not favorite. It's glittery sand finish, which looks absolutely gorgeous on the nails.

In this Mineral Crush range are six shades: turquoise, blue, rose, red, brown and nude.

These nail polishes cost 5.90€, but you can now get them 1 for 4.90€ and 2 for 6.90€ here. In each nail polish is 10 ml of product. 

Avon Magic Effects Mineral Crush - Diamond

This one looks like a chocolate purple base with silver glitter. It's one of the darkest colors. The glitter alternates between small and bigger circles.

Avon Magic Effects Mineral Crush - Topez

It's a turquoise shade with silver glitter of small and bigger circles.

Avon Magic Effects Mineral Crush - Pearl

It looks like a rose based nude shade with silver glitter of small and bigger circles.

Avon Magic Effects Mineral Crush - Rose Quartz

True pink with silver glitter of small and bigger circles.

Avon Magic Effects Mineral Crush - Agate

Purple blue with silver glitter of small and bigger circles.

Avon Magic Effects Mineral Crush - Ruby

True bright red shade with pink and gold glitter. The glitter is very tiny and it looks like shimmer particles.

Mineral Crush nail polishes dry to a sand finish. This will give you that 3D effect, that you shouldn't ruin by applying over top coat. What makes the finish so pretty is all the glitter particles in it. It looks really luxurious and perfect for any special occasions. The formula is pretty thick and very well pigmented. One coat gives you a bit sheerer application, but two coats completely cover the entire nail, so you don't need any colored base. It dries really fast and even.

This is definitely my favorite nail polish range from all that I've reviewed until now. It just looks so damn pretty, especially when the sun hits your nails. I still have two top coats to review. But today it's also the final giveaway.

Today I'll be giving away two of these gorgeous polishes and it's Rose Quartz and Diamond. All you need to do is fill in Rafflecopter. I'm sorry, the giveaway is Slovenian only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Še ena linija iz Avon Magic Effects, ki se imenuje Mineral Crush. Ta je vsekakor moja najljubša linija. Gre za bleščičast peščen finiš, ki na nohtih izgleda naravnost čudovito.

V Mineral Crush liniji je šest odtenkov: turkizen, roza, rdeč, rjav in nude.

Cena teh lakov je 5.90€, ampak sedaj jih lahko dobite 1 za 4.90€ in 2 za 6.90€ tukaj. V vsakem je 10 ml laka.

Avon Magic Effects Mineral Crush – Diamond

Izgleda kot čokoladno rjav odtenek s srebrnimi bleščicami.  Je najtemnejši odtenek. Bleščice so mešane in sicer majhni in veliki krogi.

Avon Magic Effects Mineral Crush – Topez

Turkizen odtenek s srebrnimi bleščicami, ki so majhni in veliki krogi.

Avon Magic Effects Mineral Crush – Pearl

Izgleda kot nude odtenek z roza podtonom in s srebrnimi bleščicami. Spet gre za majhne in večje kroge.

Avon Magic Effects Mineral Crush – Rose Quartz

Pravi roza odtenek s srebrnimi bleščicami, majhnimi in velikimi krogi.

Avon Magic Effects Mineral Crush – Agate

Vijolično moder odtenek s srebrnimi bleščicami z majhnimi in večjimi krogi.

Avon Magic Effects Mineral Crush – Ruby

Pravi živ rdeč odtenek z roza in zlatimi bleščicami. To je edini odtenek v katerem so bleščice tako majhne, da bi jih imenovala kar šimer.

Mineral Crush laki se posušijo v peščen finiš. Nohtom dajejo 3D izgled, ki ga vsekakor ne smete uničiti z dodajanjem nadlaka. Finiš je čudovit ravno zaradi delcov bleščic, ki dajejo nohtom glamurozen videz in so odlični za kakšne posebne priložnosti. Formula je precej gosta in dobro pigmentirana. En nanos je dokaj prozoren, drugi nanos pa popolnoma prekrije celoten noht, da ni potrebe po kakšnem barvnem laku pod tem. Posuši se zelo hitro in enakomerno.

To je zagotovo moja najljunša linija lakov od teh, ki sem jih do zdaj ocenila. Finiš izgleda čudovito, še posebej ko na nohte posije sonce.  Ocenila bom še dva nadlaka. Ampak danes je čas za zadnjo nagradno igro.

Danes lahko dobite dva čudovita laka iz te linije in sicer Rose Quartz in Diamond. Vse kar morete storiti je da izpolnite polja v Rafflecopterju.