Review: Catrice LE Rocking Royals nail lacquer and liplocking base

Hey Beauties!

It finally came. New Catrice limited edition called Rocking Royals. The products were still all there and I was ready to dig in. But then I was disappointed. I was sure to buy one of the eye shadows, but they didn't seem that pretty in real life. One of them was full of glitter - which I sort of hate. Lipsticks were basically a plum and fuchsia color and that wasn't me at all. The liner is just liner, blush - not my colors, so I finally decided to take liplocking base and one of the nail polishes.

I have to admit I was lured to this LE because of royal design going on everywhere around these products. I know, I shouldn't be this shallow - damn all those marketing designs!

Rocking Royals liplocking base

The liplockig base is supposed to prep your lips for the lipstick and prevent it from bleeding. It's a transparent base, which is creamy enough, but not shiny. It gives your lips a base, which is a little bit sticky so the lipstick can adhere to it.

It does hold the lipstick nicely and I also think it evens out the lips a little. As far as bleeding goes, it does prevent a little, but not all the way. I put it over my only Catrice lipstick, which is Ultimate Shine in 130 Ketch-me-up. I think it will work as a nice base to any lipstick. And look at this beautiful crown - I just know I will reuse this packaging for something else :).

It's black plastic matte with gold design on top. The hold of the lipstick is pretty strong, so far. It contains 15 ml of product. Price: 4,19€.

I think nail polishes or nail lacquers are really nice. Nothing out of the ordinary, but nice shades. I really liked purple and gold, plus the classic red. At the end I was somehow drawn to a blue color. Totally not my style, because I usually really don't like blue nail polishes.

This nail lacquer is in the shade C03 Royal Blue. I think the naming is a little off, because to me it almost looks like a dark teal shade, not royal blue. It's sort of silver blue. On the nails it is matte, but because it has a lot of shimmery pigments in it, it gives that nice matte sheen to the nails. It's very pigmented, so one coat covers the entire nail. I don't like the texture, which is very thick and it dries very quickly - don't like at all. If you put on a top coat, the shade becomes, of course, shinier. I think this is one of those nice blue fall shades and I don't have anything similar in my collection of nail polishes.

The packaging is of course glass with plastic top, that also has a matte crown design. It contains 10 ml of product. Price: 2, 59€.

With and without top coat

Do you have your eyes on something from this collection? What did you get from this LE?

Sparkling fall nails

Hey Beauties!

I wished for some sparkle in my manicures and so I did this very easy fall inspired sparkling nail design. It reminds me of pumpkin, just because of the orange nail polish :).

For the base I used white nail polish (Maybelline Colorama in 51). Then I took a sponge and padded on bright orange nail polish (Revlon in 140 Siren), but just around one side of the nails. On top of that I added some sparkle. I used nail polish with gold and red glitters (Essence in 121 gold fever).

Really easy, but I think it looks perfect with the fall leaves sparkling in the sunset light :).

Review: Maybelline Colorama Polka Dots 197

Hey Beauties!

I saw this Maybelline Polka Dots collection a few weeks ago and wanted to try it. I only saw the colored ones, but then I finally got the transparent one :)

The shade, or should I say the dots, are called 197. Such a shame that they don't name their polishes. It's basically transparent nail polish with hexagons. The name is a little off, if you ask me, because it doesn't contain dots, but hexagons. The hexagons are about three different sizes from small to bigger. They are black and white.

The packaging is a basic glass bottle, with also a very basic brush, which is not thin nor wide. It costs 2,49 € and you get 7 ml of nail polish. I think the price is perfect and I have already mentioned before, that I really like the long lasting power of Maybelline nail polishes.

I really like this as a top coat to get that extra of nail manicures. I think any manicure with this nail polish as a top coat instantly looks like you've tried very hard. I also like that it is transparent so you can use it on top of every nail polish color. The only problem I seem to have is choosing the right shade to still show black and white hexagons. If you go too light, the white hexagons are not seen enough, if you go to dark, the black hexagons get lost :). I know, I am complicating this way too much :)). Oh, and it is also a bit harder to get full amount of every single size and color of hexagons. Sometimes you get most of the whites, then on the other hand, you have more blacks... I think I made it clear - it's a hard choice for very perfectionist people :).

Slovenian Bloggers 14.- 20.10.2013

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Warm fall inspired makeup

Hey Beauties!

So this is my take on the fall makeup :). I have been obsessing over this particular bronze orange shade as an all over eye shadow. I just love warm toned shades, because it gives such warmth to the face. If the weather is not warm, that doesn't mean your makeup shouldn't be. Let's get on with what I used.

I used bronze orange shade on the lid (MUA Undress me too in Fiery). In the crease I put light berry shade (MUA Undressed in Shade 9). On the outer corner I used dark brown shade (MUA Undressed in Shade 10).

I put bright gold shade only in the center of the lid (MUA Undressed in Shade 6). On the bottom lash line I put bronze orange shade.  

I also used gold shade on the center of the lower lash line and dark brown in the outer part.

For the eyeliner I used brown berry shade (Avon Supershock gel eyeliner in Blackberry). I lifted up my lashes and put on mascara (Bourjois Twist up the volume).

On the face I used a mixture of Maybelline Affinimat and Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. As a concealer I used Revlon Colorstay. I have been in love with this Essence highlighter from their Limited Edition called Metal Glam in the shade Gold Digger. I used it on the top of my cheeks, on the end of the nose, a little on the bridge of the nose and cupids bow. Absolutley love the effect on the cupids bow :). As a blusher I used peach gold shade (Deborah Milano in 24 Rame).

For the lips I went with the stain look. That's why I used shiny red orange lipstick (Catrice Ultimate Shine in 130 Ketch-me-up).

What is your favorite eye shadow shade to use in the fall?

Review: Maybelline Affinimat foundation

Hey Beauties!

Can you believe that I've found foundation that is too light for me? I know, I can't! And that is Maybelline Affinimat foundation, which I have discovered in our stores, just a few weeks ago.

This is a foundation suitable for combination to oily skin. The name says it: affini-mat. The foundation is very watery, which is a problem when you combine such formula with this type of packaging. The packaging is  plastic tube, which is really inappropriate, since the foundation ends up running all over the tube. It's just way too messy. You also can't control how much comes out. You can, if you squeeze it out evenly, otherwise you may get too much. I just don't get it! Is it so hard to make a nice packaging to go with a nice product?

Like I said before, the foundation is very watery. It's what I would consider light to medium coverage. It's a little less opaque as Healthy Mix foundation. I love medium to full coverage foundations, but surprisingly I really like the outcome of this one. It covers minor redness and imperfections, but for anything more then minor, you will need to use concealer. I have combination to oily skin and I have to say I like it better then Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, because it keeps my skin matte for a lot longer than Bourjois did. I wouldn't say it will keep you matte all day, as it says on the packaging, but for a few hours, depending on how oily your skin gets. I tried it on my hands, which are very dry and the finish was completely matte. I wouldn't recommend this for those with dry skin, at all. It also contains SPF of 17.

It costs around 8 € for 30 ml of product.

I have it in the shade 03 Light Sand Beige (but underneath this label it says 30 Sand Beige-so I guess look for one of these). Now here is when it gets weird. The swatch on the hand dries to some sort of orange toned color. Which is weird, because I wore it for 2 weeks and it didn't look orange on me at all. What's even weirder, if you disturb it while it's drying it becomes lighter again. Weird isn't it? I have used it with my hand and with foundation brush and it always looked fine on me, maybe a bit yellow, but I have yellow undertone. What's even weirder, it is actually too light for me?! Bare in mind that I NEVER get the right color of foundation, because almost every single one of them is too dark. As a comparison: Bourjois Healthy Mix in 51 Light Vanilla - slightly too dark, Revlon Colorstay foundation in 150 Buff - also a bit too dark. I guess, I would recommend to go in the store, put it on your entire face and you'll see what happens to you - for me it works great :).

Top: Maybelline Affinimat 03 Light Sand Beige, bottom: Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 Light Vanilla

Top: Maybelline Affinimat 03 Light Sand Beige, bottom: Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 Light Vanilla

Left: Maybelline Affinimat 03 Light Sand Beige, right: Revlon Colorstay 150 Buff

Left: Maybelline Affinimat 03 Light Sand Beige, right: Revlon Colorstay 150 Buff
Conclusion: hate the packaging, love the matte finish (but doesn't last all day), love the color range (very light), love the price.

Recommend to: anyone with combination to oily skin, anyone with very minor imperfections, for anyone with a pretty light skin.

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Fall / Winter perfumes

Hey Beauties!

It's finally time for me to smell like a cupcake again. :)) I love sweet musky perfumes and I tend to wear my strongest in the fall and winter time. I am one of those that loves really sweet perfumes, maybe it's because I eat too much sweets, so I think I should smell like one?! A good perfume can last you a very long time and can make you feel extra special. Plus the bottles are beautiful room accessories on its own. Here are my current picks, that I tend to abuse through the colder months.

I have three perfumes of Britney Spears Fantasy line and they are all the same, except for the color. The bottles are round and to me they look very Aladin inspired. They look like a genie bottles and have little rhinestones all over them. Fantasy is pink with light green rhinestones, Hidden Fantasy is red with light pink rhinestones and Midnight Fantasy is dark blue with white or clear rhinestones. And I have to mention square boxes that they come in. Such a beautiful design and would be a piece of art on its own.

Britney Spears -Fantasy (50 ml)

Top notes: Quince, Red Litchi, Kiwi.
Middle notes: Cupcake, Orchid, Jasmine, White Chocolate.
Base notes: Woodsy Notes, Orris Root, Musk.

This is a very heavy sweet smell. Whenever I wear it, I think of chocolate. It does actually contains white chocolate. It's one of those sweet musky smells, great for winter cozy days.

Britney Spears - Hidden Fantasy (50 ml)

Top notes: Neroli, Lemon Verbena, Tangerine, Orange.
Middle notes: Jasmine, Lily, Sweet Notes, Clove.
Base notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Woodsy Notes, Vanilla.

It's very sweet perfume, but it has a definite citrus note to it. It's her citrus sweet perfume, because most of her perfumes I just find very sweet. It's a pretty heavy smell, but the citruses help it to be very wearable and still a bit fresh.

Britney Spears - Midnight Fantasy (100 ml)

Top notes: Sour Cherry, Plum.
Middle notes: Freesia, Orchid, Iris.
Base notes: Vanilla, Musk, Amber.

This is again, no surprise, very sweet fragrance. I feel this is one of those nice sweet smells, that isn't too musky or woody. It is that classic vanilla sweet, but definitely has a little punch of freshness to it.

Christina Aguilera - By Night (15 ml)

Top notes: Tangerine, Freesia, Rhubarb, Red Apple, Pineapple.
Middle notes: May Blossom, Peach-tree Flower, Heliotrope.
Base notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Moss, Vanilla.

For me, this is one of those classical vanilla sweet scents. It's not one of the most heavy smells and it's not one of the most special ones. It's a great everyday classic perfume.

The bottle is sort of abstract woman body shape. It has little flowers on it and little flower around the top, which can actually be worn as a ring, if you want. Top of the bottle has diamond inspired shape.

Beyonce - Heat (15 ml)

Top notes: Red Vanilla Orchid, Magnolia, Neroli, Peach.
Middle notes: Almond Macaroon, Honeysuckle Nectar, Musk.
Base notes: Sequoia Milkwood, Tonka Bean, Amber.

This is a really heavy fragrance. At the beginning it smells very woody and very heavy, but then it turns into an extremely sweet musky smell, that will get you noticed anywhere. It's for those people who like it heavy and to me is one of those sexy smells.

The bottle is extremely beautiful. The top of the bottle looks like a gem and I love the color palette of red and gold - has to be one of my favorite combinations.

Beyonce - Midnight Heat (30 ml)

Top notes: Dragonfruit, Starfruit, Armenian Plum.
Middle notes: Purple Mokara Orchid, Queen of the Night Black Tulip, Purple Peony.
Base notes: Warm Amber, Patchouli, Sandalwood.

Not one of my usual tastes, because it smells very fruity and it has some sort of a woody note to it. I can't explain that smell very well, because it's one of those I am not used to. It's pretty strong.

The bottle is the same as the Heat, with the exception of color palette. It's clear or white and violet combination. Very pretty.

Lancome - Hypnose (30 ml)

Top notes: Passion Flower.
Middle notes: Gardenia, Jasmine.
Base notes: Vanilla, Vetiver.

This is a very classic vanilla sweet scent, but it's not as strong sweet as all the others mentioned above. It has that timeless quality to it and it's perfect for those who like it sweet, but not strong. It's great for everyday use.

The bottle is very interesting. I remember analyzing it when I got it home, which was a long time ago. It's as if you took a cube and twist it up. Not typical bottle, which is always nice.

Little fact about my perfume obsession. I actually keep all of my empty perfume bottles and even store them back into the box they came with. I can't throw away such beautifully crafted objects :). I hope to once have a place to display them all. Oh, and I always leave a very little amount of fragrance still in the bottle, so that when I want to go back and smell it, I can :).

What is your favorite fall / winter perfume(s)?