Review: Avon Ultra Colour Matte lipsticks (Matte Rose, Matte Peach, Matte Melon, Matte Ruby)

Hey Beauties!

More matte lipsticks? Yes! :) Today's review is of the new matte line of lipsticks that are available at Avon. When I saw these, I couldn't pass on some testers. I wish I ordered more, but I wanted to try just a few shades to see which suit me and what kind of finish it gives.

I ordered four shades, which are Matte Rose, Matte Peach, Matte Melon and Matte Ruby. Most nude to peach shades and one red. The shades are really similar, but hopefully you'll see the differences on my photos.

Testers cost 0.30€ and full sized lipsticks cost 5.40€ now. The lipsticks are supposed to be matte, but not dry out the lips, have pigmented color and perfect coverage and nourishing formula. 

The lipstick are matte, but not like the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet - those seem to have the perfect matte finish. Avon lipsticks just have a bit less shine than a regular lipstick. I'm kind of not impressed by the finish, because I would like them to be a bit more matte, but then they'd probably be a lot more drying as well. They don't feel drying at all and the color payoff is really nice It does seem to stick to any dry patches and I feel like it sometimes doesn't stick to certain parts of my lips, but I had the same problem with Bourjois. Maybe it's just my weird lips. They don't dry out my lips and actually feel really nice on them. They stain the lips a little, but nothing too much. They also won't survive a meal, but are pretty long lasting if you don't rub the lips in any way.

Now onto the shades. The first is Matte Rose, which is a warm toned rose to peach shade. It's actually a light warm pink shade, that looks like a nude color or my lips. It's more like mine but better lips shade. It's the most pink toned out of all the shades that I got.

The Matte Peach is a warm peach shade. It's sort of a beige peach shade. It's definitely a lot warmer then rose and a lot more orange based.

The Matte Melon is light orange shade, which is also warm toned. It has a lot more orange undertone than peach and it's a lot brighter. This is a definite wearable orange shade for this season.

The Matte Ruby is a bright cool toned red. It has a bit of a fuchsia undertone, that gives it an interesting shade of a pink red shade. 

I actually like the lipsticks, even if they're not a perfect matte finish. I really like the Matte Peach and Matte Melon shade. Maybe I'll even order a full sized version of one of these.

What is your favorite shade of these? Have you tried any of these?

Review: Aldo Vandini hydro hand balsam (Cotton & White Magnolia)

Hey Beauties!

I featured this little hand cream in my recent giveaway. I wanted this cream since I first smelled it in a store. I'm warning you, this was a purely oh-my-god-it-smells-so-good-i-need-it purchase :).

I'm not going to go on about this cream, because it is a hand cream - not much to say. I bought a smaller or travel sized version, because I very rarely use up entire hand cream and didn't know how it would even react to my skin. I was so happy to see this certain scent of Cotton and White Magnolia in the store (Tuš Drogerija Slovenian ladies ;) ). 

The smell is just amazing. Of course I can't explain it properly, but to me it smells extremely sophisticated. The smell is not overpowering, like with most products. It's very subtle, what I like. I think I would buy a perfume that smells like this, if there was any. Just a very clean, sophisticated, elegant smell. If you find it in a store, take s sniff and tell me if you like it as well.

The cream itself or the balsam, as it says on the packaging, is pretty moisturizing and sheer in consistency. It soaks in the skin extremely quickly and does not leave behind any greasiness or even stickiness. I guess it's not the best for extremely dry hands, it's more of a pick me up hand scent, I would say. I do have it in my bag and put it on, whenever I wanna smell nice. I also didn't have any bad or irritating reaction to it, so that's always a thumbs up for my sensitive skin. It's moisturizing too, but nothing overload, just a little moisture.

The ingredients list.

This little tube contains 20 ml of cream and it's squeezable. Very handy for throwing it in the bag and carrying it around. It costs 0.84€. 

So, if you like nice smelly things, I suggest picking this little cutie up and having it with you on the go. 

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Review: Yes Love colour speckled nail polish

Hey Beauties!

How about that funny nail polish? I got it a long time ago, but thought the review would be appropriate right about now, since the Easter is coming soon and this nail polish looks perfect for that time of year. 

I got this nail polish as a gift for birthday, because I was eyeing it in the store. It's actually from one of the Chinese stores that I don't even know the name of. I believe the price is around 2€ and it contains 15 ml of nail polish. The packaging has a silver top and it's see-through glass.

The brush of this nail polish is pretty much regular nail polish brush. The nail polish doesn't have a shade name, it just says Colour Speckled on the top lid of it.

The nail polish is actually minty, but looks light blue on most of the photos. It has a lot of different sizes of hexagons in it. Those are pink, violet, black and blue color. I really like the multiple sizes, because it makes the nail polish that more interesting. It applies nicely and I love that the speckles come out with every application. So there's no need for fishing them out like crazy. It's pretty sheer with one coat, bu the second one should be enough. Make two thicker coats or three sheer coats to get the full color on the nails. 

Here you can see how it looks like with one coat, two coats and lastly how it looks like on flash photography. 

Anyways, I just wanted to share this random cute find. So, when you see a Chinese store make sure to check out some of their nail polishes ;). These speckled polishes are pretty popular in this Easter time, so here's one cheaper alternative for those who might me looking for it.

One year of Adjusting Beauty giveaway winner

Hey Beauties!

I used to decide how is the winner and among 15 entries the winner is Julija. I believe Julija Raišp. Congrats girl! Email me your address on

Thank you all for participating and sharing your beauty experiences. I really liked reading them and found myself in so many of the comments ;)

Have a great day :)

Tricks for adjusting beauty

Hey Beauties!

What a sneaky little title, right? I know, I totally wanted to use my blog name in a title :). So what's this all about... Well, I thought why not mix up my blog posts a little and add some more posts in the "other" department on my blog. So these are a few tricks that I like to use in my beauty routine and that I find make the most difference. As easy as they sound, I know some people might still not know all of those. So if you're one of those, I highly recommend you try it once and decide if it's as helpful as I like to think it is. 

Using eyelash curler

I cannot stress what a difference it makes if you use an eyelash curler or not. Most of the people don't have perfectly curled eyelashes. Most of them also have short lashes. By using an eyelash curler your eyelashes finally get seen by the others and the entire eye makeup looks much much better than without using it. I know some friends who are still afraid of the horrifying clumping thing, but belive me once you get over the fear and practice a little, this will change the look of your entire makeup. I can't live without eyelash curler. The way I use it is first placing it at the root of the lashes and lightly squeeze and hold a few seconds. Then I start at the root again and lightly hold. After that I move a little higher up the lash – stop in the middle and slightly hold there. Finishing with the very ends of the lashes, squeezing lightly and releasing. By moving from the rooth to the ends of the lashes, this can give a more natural curl to the lashes. Just don't squeeze hard, because if you do that you're lashes will look like they are broken at a certain angle – not flattering at all.

Also very important - change the rubber! The rubber that provides cushy clumping of the eyelash curler needs to be changed. Why? Top of the eyelash curler cuts into the rubber, which after a while cuts a line in the rubber. This means the lashes can get stuck in the line and you may rip the off, the next time you squeeze the eyelash curler too hard. So change the rubber! You'll see when the cut is deep enough for you to change it.

Wiping off the mascara wand

In order to get no clumps, no overload lashes you need to take off almost every little bit of mascara of that mascara wand. I learned this trick on YouTube and it really makes mascara application a lot easier and fuss free. When the mascara is completely new, take off almost every single bit of the mascara formula from the wand. Even if you feel like there's nothing on anymore, trust me, there's still some on. It's actually the perfect amount to coat your lashes, separate them and prevent from those big lumps falling off of your eyelashes later that day. If the mascara is a bit older, you don't need to remove as much of it, because there's probably not as much sticking on the wand as it did in the beginning. But still, wipe that wand! Just try it, I promise it will make a  big difference.

Fluffy eye brush

If there's any eye brush you need to create a natural or flawless eye makeup, what ever you wanna call it, it's the fluffy brush. This is essentially also a blending brush. It's basically the only brush that you'll need to create a makeup that looks professional. I swear, even if you don't have any skills, a fluffy brush is what you need. Those brushes have soft bristles and are not densely packed together. This means the application is going to be light and blended all in one. Using circular motions around the edges blends the eyeshadow perfectly. There's nothing worse like an eyeshadow that's not blended. Owning a fluffy brush makes any eye makeup a lot easier.

Lip scrub before lipstick

If you are not blessed with moisturized and polishes lips (which I know I'm definitely not), than this will make a big difference. I always use a lip scrub before applying the lipstick. Even if I don't have terribly chipped lips, I know there's still some dryness or uneven texture left on my lips. I use a bit of honey mixed with sugar and scrub the lips. I keep this sugar scrub in the bathroom, so it's right there when I need it. After that I put on some lip balm and do my makeup. At the end the lip balm has soaked into the lips and they are ready to put on the lipstick. Lip scrub really is great for achieving perfect and even application of the lipstick.

Ethanol before nail polish

Ethanol is pure alcohol. I use it before applying nail polish. After you clean the nails, put some alcohol on the cotton pad and go over your nails. After that don't touch the nails. The alcohol cleans off any leftover oils, which break down the formula of nail polish an therefore your nail polish doesn't last long on the nails. By using alcohol before the application your nail polish may stay on a bit longer. If you have naturally very oily nails, the oiliness will disturb your nail polish, anyway. It may however, prolong the wear for a day or two. I saw this tip also on the YouTube and when I do that step, my nail polish lasts a lot longer. Why not just use a nail polish remover? Well, because most of those have oils in it. At least it's a trend I've been seeing a few years. This is because the oils are good for the natural health of the nails and therefore new nail polish removers contain oil in order to give a better overall look of the nail after the removal. However, this is not the best for the lasting power of your freshly polished nails.

Highlight inner corner of the eye and cupids bow

A lot of beauty gurus use this trick and it really works. If you use a nice naturally shimmery light shade in the inner corners of the eyes this makes them look a lot more awake and it makes you're overall look a lot fresher. Most of us don't get enough sleep and have tired eyes of being way too much time in front of the computer. By putting a highlighter in the inner corners of the eye it really makes them pop. In fact you can only use highlighter and mascara and it makes a big difference. This look may not be the best for those who have extremely far apart eyes, because the inner highlight will only accentuate that further. But on everyone else it instantly makes you look brighter and fresher. Highlighter on the cupids bow makes lips that little bit plumper or fuller looking. Those blessed with gorgeous full lips – feel free to skip this trick. It really makes a difference, especially if you're using darker lipsticks, who may make the lips look even smaller than they are. Just don't use a really obvious shade, the more natural and the more closer to your skin tone, the better. It's supposed to be a little subtle trick that no one even notices. 

These are just some of those tricks that I've picked up being beauty enthusiast. There's also some of the trick that you see me use all the time and I really think that the little things make the most difference in overall look.
So, have you tried any of these tricks or do you already use them in your beauty routine?

Roses on my nails

Hey Beauties!

The flowers are blooming, the sun is getting warmer and the birds are singing. It's finally spring time. One of my favorite flowers are roses and I wanted to try to transfer them on my nails. You decide how successful I was in it, but I think it actually came out nice. I love how colorful my nails look and I wish I had a shirt like this, haha :).

First, do apologize me for my extremely dry hands, I didn't want to put a lot of hand cream on, because then my manicure wouldn't adhere to the nails as I would like. So, bare with me ;).

I started with a white nail polish as a base, to really make the other colors pop. Then I used a sheer pink nail polish with slight gold shimmer in it and made a few blobs in a shape of roses outline. After that I used a bit more pigmented pink nail polish and made the inner blobs, leaving some outline of the former nail polish. 

After that I used a medium toned red pink nail polish and repeated with smaller curved lines on the inside. Again going in with even darker, really dark red nail polish, creating a few dots on the very inner part of the rose. I finished the roses with white nail polish. I added curved lines on the outer part of the rose as a highlights. The result is a rose with darker inner parts (where the light hits less) and lighter outer parts (where the light hits more). It gives the roses more dimension.

After that I used light green nail polish and created little leaves to really get a multi-colored look. I really like how the green brings this design to life. I finished it with a top coat.

For the drawing part I used brush that came with a nail polish for the first two nail polishes. Going in with the medium pink I used toothpick for more precision. As I did for all the next steps including the green leaves.

The list of used nail polishes: S-he in Wow!, S-he in Aqua Shine, Maybelline Colorama in 77, Catrice in 360 Raspberry Fields Forever, Maybelline Colorama in 261, iQ Colour Flash in 16 and Essie All in one base.

Here's the finished result. Would you wear anything like that?

Review: Essence Bloom Me Up! lipstick, eyeshadow and brush

Hey Beauties!

Today's review is actually more of an impulse buy. I did buy the brush earlier, because I had it in mind before, but the eyeshadow and lipstick were purely impulsive. Let's see if I can save you some money, haha :).

I bought Essence bloom me up eyeshadow in the shade 01 Bloomylicious, lipstick in the shade 01 Rose it up! and blush brush

I bought the blush brush, because I don't have any brush that looks like this. Lame, I know. I'm telling you, my purchases sometimes don't have any logical objectification. The brush is wooden, with metal top and the bristles are actually really soft. It's fairly small and the bristles are straight cut. I don't find it nice for applying blush, even though it's supposed to be blush brush. It also didn't do much for a cream blush, but I guess, it always seems better to blend those with fingers. I find it the best to be used as a foundation brush. It works good for that and the bristles are gentle, yet short enough to get pretty even application and blending on the entire face. I suppose it would also be good for mineral makeup. Also not the best for powder or bronzer. I just find it awkward because of the straight cut. 

I can't remember the exact price of it, it's something around 3€, I think.

I chose the lipstick, because the color of the packaging was so pretty. The standard packaging of Essence lipsticks. If the lipstick would look like the packaging, I would be over the moon. Sadly, not the case. The shade 01 Rose it up! looks like a really pale pink, but applies extremely sheer with a white tone to it.  The texture is extremely moisturizing ans shiny. Almost like a tinted lip balm, which I do love. But the shade shows up like a really sickly pale pink with a white undertone to it, which is just not flattering at all. It also has a very tiny shimmer, which makes it that more shinier. The smell.. my God, it just smells sooo good. I cant' put my finger on it...something like a sweet citrus. So delicious. Such a shame, if the shade would be a little more colorful it would be perfect, but I really dislike the shade. I'm sorry for this weird photo, because my lips are really dry now. I really wanted to make a photo of it on my lips, but it did stick to my dry patches. 

There's 4 grams of lipstick and costs 2.19€.

The eyeshadow is in the shade called 01 Bloomylicious. In this limited edition, there's also shimmer powder, but I decided that the eyeshadow is smaller and looks pretty much the same as the shimmer powder. Plus it's cheaper. So, I got it, because I wanted to use it as a highlighter for either cheeks or inner corners of the eye. In the plastic pot, it looks like a pink toned beige shade, but on the skin it looks like a very pale pink to white eyeshadow. The shimmer is really small, so I think this will easily go as an highlighter, because it's not to obvious. Other than that, nothing too special about it. 

There's 2.5 grams of product and costs 2.19€.

Upper: eyeshadow, Lower: lipstick

To be really honest, I don't think I needed any of these products and none has impressed me so far. Maybe I'll find a better use for my brush. I don't think you're missing anything with this particular products.

Have you gotten anything from the Essence Bloom Me Up?

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One year of Adjusting Beauty

Hey Beauties!

Today is exactly one year since I've started blogging. Wow, I really didn't expect for one year to pass this quickly. I remember deciding if I should do this or not and I'm glad I decided to do it, because it's become a part of my everyday life and it's made me happier.

Sharing my makeup looks, ideas and exchanging views on certain products had made me feel like I have additional friends that understand my love of all thing beauty. I'm sure a lot of other bloggers have the same experience, where they just don't have a person with similar interests in real life. That's the whole beauty of blogging, you get some new friends, we share the mutual love of beauty and we help each other decide if we need this amazing new primer or not, or we need them to point it out to us, that maybe we did buy way too many lipsticks recently.

Either way, what I'm trying to say is that, I really like sharing my love of beauty with all of you and I love the fact that you even want to read it and comment on it. So, thank you for making me happy with every nice comment and subscription to my blog. I really appreciate it. 

Of course I want to thank you in some way and the best thing to do this is to do a giveaway. I will be choosing among those who are already following me on either Blogger or Bloglovin. I know how unfair it is when the giveaway wins a person who has subscribed just for the sake of a chance of getting something for free.

The rules

If you would like to win my little giveaway of appreciation, all you have to do is be subscribed to my blog on Blogger or Bloglovin and let me know in the comments below what has been your best beauty experience or what is it about beauty and beauty products that makes you happy. Simple as that. I will use to choose a winner and of course check if he or she is subscribed. I will announce the winner in a separate post and if he or she doesn't reply then I'll choose another within the next 24 hours.

The giveaway closes in one week (on 25th March).

I'm giving away again all the products that I love: Afrodita massage oil, Maybelline Colorama blush in 101, Vandini hand cream (I love love love this smell and review will come up on the blog) and a recent find - rose gold necklace with light rose stones.

Brown smokey eyes

Hey Beauties!

Today's post is going to be a brown smokey eyes. I don't know why exactly I'm posting this in the spring time, but let's just say my recent purchase inspired me to a more harsher look. I actually didn't do this intentionally, it just felt right. My brown smokey eyes was inspired by my new skull bangle bracelet. I also really like wearing leather jacket in this fall to spring time. With it I also paired one of my DIY projects, the black and gold necklace. The reason I didn't post the tutorial of this necklace, is because it actually didn't came out as I expected it, but I've managed to wear it a bit differently. 

I started with filling in my brows and putting light pink white highlighting shade in the inner corner of the eyes. I put matte black eyeshadow as a thick eyeliner above the eyelashes, then I blended it out and up.

I used dark brown matte eyeshadow above that black and blended the two together and out. As the last shade I put on a light brown matte shade a little above the crease and blended it out.

The dark brown shade I also put on the lower lid. Some of the black went into the outer corner to connect with the top. After that, the only thing missing, was heavy coat of mascara.

As for the rest of the face I left it really simple. Foundation and concealer, a bit of contouring with bronzer and some highlighter. No blush. For the lips I used warm nude lipstick.

I personally think that dark smokey eyes always looks better with matte eyeshadows. The brown was also a very natural choice for me, because it's one of the shades I wear the most. This smokey eyes is a bit less harsh then the typical black smokey eye. It will also suit better warm toned ladies, if you use warmer browns, like I did. This look can be perfect for a night out, with a bit more bronzer and maybe heavier lips. It all depends on your own comfort zone. Ia actually wore it out during the day time :).

I thought it would be nice to include my inspiration for this look. This is the skull bracelet from Ebay - sadly it's already losing its color (but that's what you get for 1€) and my DIY made necklace.

Products used:

highlighting shade (MUA Undress Me Too palette in the shade Naked)
black shade (MUA Undress Me Too palette in the shade Corrupt)
dark brown shade (Avon True Color eyeshadow quad in Mocha Latte shade 4)
light brown shade (Avon True Color eyeshadow quad in Mocha Latte shade 2)
Bourjois Twist Up The Volume mascara

Maybelline Affinimat foundation
MAC Studio finish concealer
Revlon Colorstay concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte powder
BYS Bronzer & Blusher Mozaik
Essence Metal Glam highlighter in Gold Digger

MAC High Tea lipstick