Soft matte smoky eye

Hey Beauties!

You know me and my neutral makeup looks. Lately I've been craving some more smoky eyes. I did already wear a lot of bronze smoky, but I wanted to put to use my new Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V2 palette. So I created soft matte smoky eye look. It's more my kind of shape, because I like that darker on the outside and lighter on the inside look.

Firstly I used matte light brown shade all over the lid as the one transitioning shade to blend with all the others. Then I used matte dark brown shade in the outer V part of the eye. I then added some warmth with cranberry red shade in a flick shape, going thicker towards the outside. I blend in between all the steps.

Then I went back to dark brown and just built up the intensity. As the last eye shadow I added matte brown in an eyeliner form and blended it out.

I did the same on the bottom. Light brown shade as a base and then added dark brown in the outer third. I put cranberry shade all over the lower lid, but closer to the lash line. 

Then I added black at the very outer corner closest to the lash line. Of course I added some thin eyeliner flick.

I finished with lots of mascara and I also decided to add matte white in the inner corner of the eye to make it pop more.

Some wouldn't even call that a smoky eye, but I think it is. It's very subtle and soft almost day time version and I like it. It gives some mystery to your eyes.

I used neutral lip liner and outlined my lips. I went a bit over the edge to highlight the edge. Then I added berry based brown lip liner on the edge of my lips and blended it inwards. At the end I added brownish pink lipstick all over the lips.

On my face I used medium coverage foundation and concealed with concealer. I powdered with high definition powder. The bronzer was used all over the outer edges of the face. I used champagne highlighter heavily on tops of the cheeks, all over down the nose, on cupids bow and a bit above the eyebrows. I mixed brown peach blush with peach red shade and used it very lightly. I also contoured a little with grey based brown under my cheekbones. 

The final look. I love all matte look and I was never to keen on matte eye shadows before. But when you use them all together and mix the shades it looks really pretty. And matte is always a good look on my slightly droopy lids.

Products used

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
Revlon Colorstay concealer
ELF High Definition Powder
Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculp & Contour Kit Ultra Fair - bronzer
Essence I Heart Nude eyeshadow in 05 My Favorite Tauping (contour) 
The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer
Elf Blush palette in Light - Shade 2 + MAC Pinch Me blush

Avon Ideal Flawless primer
Avon true Colour eyeshadow in Mocha Latte - shade 2
Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V2 - Paper Bag (dark brown)
Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V2 - Maple (cranberry brown)
Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Eyeshadow Flawless - Night (black)
Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V2 - Pillow Talk (White)
L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim - Black
Maybelline Lash Sensation Lash Multiplying mascara - Black

Catrice Long Lasting lip liner - 160 Sweet Nothing
Essence Longlasting Lipliner - 05 Lovely Frappuccino
Essence lip liner - 11 In The Nude
MAC lipstick Patisserie

Review: Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick (Not In Love)

Hey Beauties!

Another great surprise that I got from Makeup Revolution Slovenija is this gorgeous shade of Iconic Pro lipstick. It's creamy goodness for my often dry lips.

The lipstick comes in a shiny black plastic packaging with rose gold details and gold writing. Perfect combination if you ask me. The packaging is much sleeker and sturdier then some of their previous lipsticks. 

It costs 4.95€ and you get 3.2 grams of it (buy it here).

The shade I got is called Not In Love, but you'll probably fall in love with this one. It's a very bright warm pink shade. I can see this shade would appeal to many and even I think it's gorgeous and I'm just getting used to wearing pink, because it was never really my go to color. It's perfect summer shade.

The texture is very creamy and it has good pigmentation. If you layer it, you'll have great pigmentation, but you can also sheer it out. It gives off a bit shine, but the shade fades away after a while. It leaves of nice stain. Because it's so very creamy it's not very long lasting, but it feels amazing on the lips. It's great for anyone with dry lips, because it almost feels like it moisturizes and it's still very lightweight. Definitely one of the best formulas I've tried for that price. The smell is sort of vanilla like, I like it. It's not overpowering, but you can smell it while putting it on.

I would say the formula is very similar to Avon Ultra Color Indulgence lipsticks, which are also my favorite lipsticks.

And that is how it looks like on me. definitely very bright and summery shade. 

This is one of the best creamy formulas of lipstick for an amazing price. You can choose among nude and bright colors. I definitely recommend you to try these if you want creaminess, good pigmented and easy to wear lipstick. Especially for those who often have dry lips.

Some of my fellow bloggers received other shades and you can see their reviews here: Pink Mascara, Nihrida,  Passing Fancy.

Review: Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder (Translucent)

Hey Beauties!

A while ago Makeup Revolution Slovenija (Lič surprised us with some new products from Makeup Revolution. I've already reviewed their Contour Kit, which has quickly become one of my favorite products from Makeup Revolution. I also got their Pressed Powder in shade Translucent. I really like this one too. Read more to find out why.

It costs 2.95€ and you get 7.5 grams (buy it here). I think it's a really good price for the amount. For example Rimmel Stay Matte is something around 5€ and you get 14 grams, so it's kind of in that range, which is very affordable. 

I also really like the packaging, although I was a skeptic at first. It has clear plastic lid and the powder slides out from the side. It clicks back into place and it doesn't open, unless you push it.

On the bottom is a little compartment with a sponge, which makes it perfect for carrying around and doing some touch ups. Also another surprise, where you see the sticker with the description, if you remove it, you can see round mirror. Perfect! You have everything - sponge and mirror to see where you're putting it.

The ingredients list.

One thing I love the most about this powder is how pale it is. I'm pale, you know that, but this is really pale. I've never had such a light colored powder and it excites me. In the summer I can use this as a highlight and in general I like putting it over darker foundations, because it makes me look really pale (actually as I naturally am underneath the foundation). Of course then I go in with bronzer, but that is another thing, making my face look more 3D. 

It's not too dry as far as the texture goes, it almost feels a bit moist, which means you'll get a really good color payoff. It doesn't look cakey even after few hours and I find it to be pretty long lasting. It also helps me from looking too shiny through the day. 

I'm not very demanding when it comes to powders. I like it not too look too cakey after a while, not to look to dusty when putting it on and to help me combat the shine and this one does it all. Plus it's really pale, which is my favorite thing about it.

And this is how I look like with it on. Pale piece of paper :).

I wanted to compare the shade to Rimmel Stay Matte in Transparent. Rimmel's is a bit more yellow toned and a tad darker, while Makeup Revolution's is paler and a bit more on the neutral white side. 

They have powders in different shades, but definitely go for Translucent if you want something super pale. It might look good on medium skin tone as a highlighter, if you don't like shimmery shiny highlighters. It's a really good basic powder and the price is also very good. I think I'll probably repurchase it, because I've already hit the pan. That's the only thing I wish for it, maybe for them to make a bigger size - opt for 14 grams instead of 7.5 grams, but that's just my preference :).

Review: Avon Luxe Silken lip balm (Honey Tint)

Hey Beauties!

I was ordering something from Avon and in the catalog which is sort of a preview of what's to come, I saw that their Luxe range was adding lip balms. I couldn't help but order one, since I've been really liking colored lip balms for putting over drying lipsticks or just wearing it on its own. 

I got it for 2.90€, regular price is 7€, but now it's on offer for 3.90€. You get 3.6 grams of product. It's their classy gold plastic packaging, which I love so much. It looks like a lipstick, although it's a lip balm. Looks very luxurious.

They offer 4 shades: Natural Tint, Rose Tint, Honey Tint and Berry Tint. I got it in the shade Honey Tint.

Honey Tint it a peachy brown shade. It looks darker and browner in the bullet. On me it looks like a very peachy brown. 

The lip balm contains retinol and collagen. It should give the lips sensational smoothness, softness and volume. The lips should be hydrated and softly colored. It also has SPF of 15

It feels very rich and waxy. It's definitely not a lightweight formula, but more of a butter wax based product. I actually love the wax feeling on my lips, because I always love using lip balms that are wax based. It feels just a little sticky, but nothing horrible. Because of the wax it stays on the lips pretty well for a lip balm and it definitely feels moisturizing. It never dried my lips out and in general feels like a really good hydrating or at least protecting layer lip balm. Because it's so rich, if you'll layer it on it will almost feel like a thin layer of lipstick. Shine is the first thing that fades away and that is why it can almost pass as a thin lipstick.

I love the color that it leaves on my lips. It's nice alternative to heavy duty lipsticks, since it gives you a really nice color and a bit of shine. It's also the perfect choice for summer heat days and it has SPF, so that's always a plus.

This is great product if you don't like lipsticks and want a hint of color. It's great for anyone that likes wax based lip products and still wants hydration. Or it may just be a nice color alternative to your usual lip balms or your new favorite summer lip product. I've been wearing this a lot. It's just so easy to put on and it's definitely on the go product for when you want a little more.

Review: Farmasi Kajal Secret Eyeliner Pen

Hey Beauties!

My second product I got from Farmasi is this Kajal Secret Eyeliner Pen. Don't let the Kajal mislead you. It' not wax based pencil, it's actually a liquid liner in a marker form.

It has black shiny packaging with silver writing on. I have it in black and that is the only color available. It costs 5.90€, but Farmasi members can get it for 3.90€. Unfortunately it doesn't say how much product is in it.

It has a sponge like marker kind of tip that gets saturated with the color. I will say I'm so used to L'Oreal liner, which has a very thin tip and I really like having thin tip, because I can make a very precise and thin end when creating my flick. This is my problem with this one. I can't create a very thinned out flick. I actually do my winged liner and then I take one of those cosmetic cotton swabs and dip it into makeup remover and perfect the end. 

That being said the applicator is nicely saturated with color. It hasn't dried out yet and I've had it for about one and a half month. 

Here is the ingredients list.

The color of liner is a true black with shiny finish. It's pretty liquid and it dries really quickly. 

I decided to compare it with my trusty L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim in Black. As you can see L'Oreal liner tends to settle into skin cracks, while Farmasi doesn't. I think that's because Farmasi dries faster. As far as the color goes they both look black to me. 

L'Oreal liner also smudges quicker than Farmasi. I rubbed my hand and L'Oreal started smudging like crazy, while Farmasi didn't even move. Farmasi liner is really long lasting. It never budges on my eye and I don't ever need to reapply it.

I do have a problem with application though. Because of the marker form it has, you have to put very little pressure on the skin if you want to create a really thin line. It takes a lot of patience to get the end of the flick really thin and as you may see, it's still not as thin as I like it to be. Ok, you can correct that with cotton swabs, but it's just a hassle. Maybe it's my fault, because I put too much pressure. I feel like the quicker I do it, the better. Just don't think to much and don't be too precise.

 Also another really annoying thing. Sometimes when I go over the line I already created I take off the product, instead put it on. It creates patches on my eyeliner line and I can't go over and over it. I think the reason for that is that it dries to quickly, it forms foil like layer and when you try to go over it, you just basically peel this layer off. So yes, definitely not the easiest to work with if you want a perfect line. Of course once it's on, it stays put perfectly and I don't have any problems with it through the day.

Sometimes I do create a descent line, but it seems like it's a hard work some days :).

I love how long lasting and black this liner is. I think the price is also really affordable. What I don't like is the tip of the applicator (actually this marker form in general I don't like) and the fact that it almost dries a bit too fast, since you can't really correct it going over it, because you start to erase it. Not a bad product, but just not my kind of form. Maybe I need to still get used to those marker things, because I always preferred brush or felt tip liners. 

I also reviewed some of the other Farmasi products: Eyebrow Styling Powder, Shine Rush 2 in 1 and Eye Brow Pencil.

Moj drug izdelek od Farmasi je Kajal Secret Eyeliner Pen. Naj vas ne zavede ime kajal. Ne gre za voskast svinčnik, ampak je v resnici tekoč liner v obliki flomastra.

Ima sijočo črno emabalažo s srebrnim napisom. Moj je črn in to je tudi edini odtenek v katerem si ga lahko kupite. Stane 5.90€, ampak Farmasi člani ga lahko dobijo za 3.90€. Na žalost ne piše koliko izdelka je v njem.

Ima gobast aplikator v obliki flomastra in aplikator je dobro navlažen z barvo.  Jaz sem zelo navajena na L'Orealov liner, ki ima zelo tanko konico in z njo lahko narišem res tanko linijo na koncu mojega linerja. In to je moj problem s tem linerjem. Ne morem narisati črte, ki bi bila na koncu res tanka. Po navadi narišem črto in potem vzamem eno izmed teh kozmetičnih bombažnih palčk in z odstranjevalcem ličil popravim konec črte.

Aplikator je drugače odlično prepojen z barvo. Ni se mi še nič posušil in ga imam en mesec in pol.
Seznam sestavin.

Barva linerja je prava črna s sijočim finišem. Je precej tekoč, vendar se zelo hitro posuši.

Odločila sem se, da ga bom primerjala z mojim najljubšim L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim linerjem v črnem odtenku. Kot lahko vidite se L'Orealov liner bolj usede v majhne razpoke na koži med tem ko Farmasi ne. Mislim, da je to zato ker se Farmasi hitreje suši. Kar se tiče barve sta oba črna.
L'Orealov liner se tudi hitreje razmaže. Na roki sem imela oba linerja in ko sem drgnila kožo je Farmasi ostal skoraj nespremenjen, med tem ko se je L'Oreal kar hitro razmazal po roki. Farmasi linerja mi nikoli ni treba ponovno nanesti ali popravljati.

Imam pa problem s samim nanosom. Ker je Farmasi liner v obliki flomastra moram res narahlo pritiskati, če želim ustvariti zelo tanko črto. Da dobim zelo tanek konec črte se moram zelo potruditi in biti potrpežljiva in kot vidite, še potem ni perfekten konec.  Ja res je da lahko to popravite z bombažno palčko, ampak to je že dodatno delo. Mogoče je problem v meni, ker preveč pritiskam. Zdi se mi, da hitreje narišem, boljše je. Ne smem preveč premišljevati in biti preveč natančna.

Druga zelo moteča zadeva je da včasih ko grem preko črte, ki sem jo narisala, črto izbrišem namesto dodatno narišem. Na črti ustvarim packe, kjer mi manjka linerja. Ne morem iti večkrat preko črte tam kjer sem jo že narisala. Mislim da je razlog zato ta, ker se zelo hitro posuši in ustvari sloj, ki je podoben foliji. Ko grem potem še enkrat preko tega sloja, ga začnem brisat oziroma se skoraj olupi dol. Tako da je, vsekakor ni najlažji liner za nanos. Seveda ko je enkrat narisan, ostane popoln in se nikoli ne premakne.

Včasih ustvarim kar spodobno črto, ampak zdi se da so nekateri dnevi težji kot drugi J.

Zelo mi je všeč kako dolgo obstojen  in črn je liner. Tudi cena se mi zdi primerna.  Flomaster oblika linerja mi ni preveč všeč (v bistvu mi ti linerji v obliki flomastrov na sploh niso všeč) in dejstvo da se skoraj prehitro posuši, saj ne morem popravljati črte, ker jo začnem brisat. Ni slab izdelek, ampak ni čisto po mojem okusu. Mogoče se še moram navadit na novo obliko, ker sem na sploh vedno preferirala linerje s tankim aplikatorjem ali čopičem. 

Več o njem in podjetju si lahko preberete tukaj. Ocenila sem tudi nekaj drugih Farmasi izdelkov: Eyebrow Styling PowderShine Rush 2 in 1 in Eye Brow Pencil.

Review: Alpstories Hyaluronic Acid Cream

Hey Beauties!

Alpstories, a new natural Slovenian brand that I was recently introduced to. The company takes inspiration and ingredients from Alps where the plants have to resist extreme conditions. They combine rich legacy of alpine traditional and modern approaches. Their products are created without parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils and silicons. Their products are also cruelty free.

They offer a wide range of skin care, body care and hair care products. You can read more about them here. They also have great paying methods (Pay Pal - big thumbs up for that! and other credit cards) and I think they deliver in other countries as well, not just Slovenia. 

One of the products that I chose from their range is Alpstories Hyaluronic Acid Cream. I'll admit that I was hooked on the work hyaluronic acid. I know that it's supposedly good as an anti-aging ingredient and it also moisturizes skin, because it can hold up to 1000 times it's weight in water.

It also contains almond oil and shea butter, which restore the surface layer, feed and protect it from drying out. Borage oil and evening primrose delay the development of wrinkles and make skin firmer. Grape seed oil is an antioxidant that protects against aging daily

With daily use this cream should help fill in fine lines. The product is also vegan.

The cream comes in a heavy glass bottle, which is very sturdy. I dropped it a few times and it did not break. I can't say the same for the plastic top, which has unfortunately cracked. I've heard the same from other fellow bloggers. The sticker is very natural design appropriate. It looks like a degradable recycled paper. The design of it is very simple and clean

Pump is gold (yes, you know I'll love this!). It actually works really nice and you can control the amount you want to come out. I usually use three or two and a half pumps for my entire face and neck. 

The cream itself is firm and white. It looks thicker, but once you massage it in, it feels lightweight. It's very smooth and glides on the skin. The more you massage it in the whiter it turns and then it sort of disappears into the skin.

The immediate finish after you massage it in,  it's velvet. It soaks in really quickly and it almost seems semi-matte, but it leaves behind a subtle sheen. Sometimes I even felt like it tightened my skin in a not so comfortable way. It really depends on how my skin feels. Depending on what type of skin you have, it depends on how it will look and feel on you. In the summer, when I produce more oils on my face, this gets very shiny through the day, if I don't wear makeup over it. But under the makeup and when my skin is dry, it doesn't make it look greasy or shiny at all. However, when my skin feels really dry it leaves the feeling of uncomfortable tightness, which I don't like. In such days I always need to use some serums or oils underneath it.

It has a very subtle soft smell. It doesn't smell herbal or grassy as natural products usually do. The scent is just very soft and subtle and it disappears after a while.

I feel like it does a good job of moisturizing my skin, without being heavy grease of a cream. I love to use it under makeup, because it's a good priming cream and I also love to use it when I want light hydration. I think that this might be too light for really dry skin. You may also experience tightness of your skin, if you have really dry skin. Tight feeling is present immediately after application and it disappears after time. I feel like the cream starts to really moisturize the skin through the day and the moisturizing feeling becomes more obvious as the day goes on.

I can't speak for the wrinkle aspect. I've been using the cream for about one and a half month and I should be using it longer to see those benefits. My skin is definitely hydrated and I find that it does smooth the appearance of the wrinkles slightly. The cream is hydrating and therefore it also hydrates small lines, which seem a bit tighter because of it.

It's also great for sensitive skin. I didn't have any irritations while using it. It's misleading that all natural products are better for sensitive skin, because some can contain even more irritating ingredients. 

I'll say that it's a good natural option for anyone who wants light cream, but one that still hydrates the skin and maybe has anti-aging benefits with daily use. I don't think this would be amazing for very dry skin or very oily skin. It's best for normal or combination skin. That's just my personal opinion based on my use of this cream.

It's hard to find good natural products. Most of natural products have crappy formulation that make you feel like you've mixed something up at home. But this is a really sophisticated formula and I personally wouldn't notice that it's natural, unless I knew.  

It contains 50 ml of product and it costs 39.10€ (buy it here). Yes, the price is really high. I won't try to justify it, because it's your personal preference how much are you planning on spending on a face cream. It has natural ingredients and it's definitely one of the more sophisticated formulas of natural products I've tried. 

Reviews of other Alpstories products:

Alpstories je nova naravna slovenska znamka, ki sem jo spoznala pred kratkim. Podjetje inspiracijo in sestavine črpa iz Alp, kjer morajo rastline kljubovati ekstremnim pogojem. Združujejo bogato dediščino alpske tradicije in modernih pristopov. Njihovi izdelki ne vsebujejo parabenov, sintetičnih dišav, mineralnih olj in silikonov.

Ponujajo številne izdelke za obraz, telo in lase. Najdete jih lahko tukaj. Imajo tudi odlične možnosti plačila (Pay Pal – zelo pozitivno vesela kadar koli ima slovenska spletna stran Pay Pal in druge kreditne kartice) in mislim da dostavljajo tudi v druge države, ne samo v Slovenijo.

En izmed izdelkov, ki sem ga izbrala je Alpstories krema s hialuronsko kislino. Priznam, da me je zapeljala beseda hialuronska kislina. Slišala sem, da je odlična sestavina proti staranju in da dobro vlaži kožo, saj lahko vsrka kar 1000 krat več vode glede na svojo težo.

Krema vsebuje tudi madljevo olje in karitejevo maslo, ki obnavljata površino kože in jo nahranita in ščitita pred izsuševanjem. Boragino olje (zvezna roža) in dvoletni svetlin zaustavljata razvoj gubic in učvrstita kožo. Olje groznih pešk je antioksidant, ki varuje pred dnevnim staranjem.

Dnevna uporaba te kreme, bi morala pomagati zmanjšati majhne gubice. Izdelek je tudi veganski.

Krema je v težki stekleni steklenici, ki je zelo trdna. Nekajkrat mi je padla na tla in ostala popolnoma nepoškodovana. Kar pa ne morem reči za plastičen pokrov, ki je na žalost že počil. Tudi od drugih blogerk sem slišala podobne komentarje. Nalepka je precej podobna naravnim dizajnom in izgleda da je iz recikliranega papirja. Dizajn je preprost in čist.

Dozirnik je zlat (ja, seveda mi je všeč) in odlično deluje. Lahko kontroliram kolikšno količino želim, da pride ven. Po navadi uporabim tri do dva in pol pritiska za celoten obraz in vrat.

Krema je precej čvrsta in bela. Izgleda gostejša, ampak ko jo začnem masirati v kožo postane zelo lahkotna. Je precej gladka in lepo drsi po koži. Bolj kot jo masiram v kožo, bolj bela postaja in čez čas popolnoma izgine.

Takojšen finiš po nanosu je nekako žameten. Zelo hitro se vpije v kožo in pusti za sabo skoraj pol mat finiš z majhnim sijajem. Včasih imam občutek, da mi kožo zateguje in to v neprijetnem smislu. Vse je zelo odvisno od tipa kože. Glede na to kakšen tip kože imate bo tudi finiš različen. Poleti, ko moja koža proizvaja več maščobe, s to kremo postane precej sijoča skozi dan, sploh če nimam na sebi ličil. Ampak pod ličili in ko je moja koža precej suha, ne izgleda nič sijoče. Vendar ko je moja koža zelo suha jo skoraj zateguje, kar mi ni všeč. V takih dneh moram po kremo obvezno nanesti kakšen serum ali olje.

Ima zelo nežen vonj. Vonj ni podoben zeliščem ali travi, kot je to značilno za naravne izdelke. Vonj je precej subtilen in nežen in čez čas izgine.

Zdi se mi, da dobro navlaži mojo kožo, brez da bi bila težka mastna krema. Rada jo uporabljam pod ličili, ker se mi zdi odlična krema kot nadomestek primerja. Rada jo uporabljam tudi ko želim lahko hidratacijo. Zdi se mi, da bi lahko bila krema prelahka za zelo suho kožo. Lahko povzroči občutek zategovanja. Občutek zategovanja je prisoten takoj po nanosu in čez čas izgine. Zdi se mi da krema vlaži kožo skozi ves dan in občutek navlaženosti postane prisoten čez čas.

O zmanjšanju gubic ne morem govoriti, ker kremo uporabljam nekje mesec in pol. Za te učinke bi morala kremo uporabljati dlje časa. Moja koža je vsekakor navlažena in gubice so malo zmanjšane. Krema dobro vlaži in zato tudi majhne gubice izgledajo manj vidne.

Je tudi primerna za občutljivo kožo. Na meni ni povzročila nobenih iritacij. Se mi zdi, da večina napačno misli, da so naravni izdelki boljši za občutljivo kožo, vendar lahko ti včasih vsebujejo sestavine, ki kožo še bolj iritirajo.

Vsekakor je dobra naravna opcija za vse, ki želijo lahko kremo, ki bo vlažilna in z dnevno uporabo mogoče preprečila oziroma zavirala nastajanje gub. Meni se zdi, da krema ni najbolj primerna za zelo suho ali zelo mastno kožo. Najprimernejša se mi zdi za normalno in mešano kožo. To je samo moje osebno mnenje na podlagi izkušenj.

Težko je najti dobre naravne izdelke. Večina naravnih izdelkov ima grozne formule, ki se zdijo kot da bi kar doma zmešali nekaj skupaj. Ampak ta krema ima res sofisticirano formulo in sama nebi nikoli rekla da gre za naravni izdelek, če ne bi vedela.

Vsebuje 50 ml izdelka in stane 39.10€ (kupite jo lahko tukaj). Ja, cena je visoka in ne bom je upravičevala, ker gre za osebno preferenco glede na to koliko ste pripravljeni dati za kremo za obraz. Vsebuje naravne sestavine in je vsekakor ena boljših sofisticiranih formul izmed naravnih izdelkov, ki sem jih jaz preizkusila.

Preizkušala sem tudi arganovo olje in šampon z aloe vero, zato lahko pričakujete v prihodnosti tudi ti oceni. 

Ocene drugih Alpstories izdelkov:
Alpstories Organic Shampoo Aloe Vera
Alpstories Cold Pressed 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil