Review: Kiko Eyebrow Marker and Quick Dry Nail Lacquer

Hey Beauties!

A few weeks ago my boyfriend went to Italy and I seized the opportunity to send him in Kiko store. Some other too, but unfortunately, they didn't have what I wanted. This is my first ever Kiko purchase. Sadly, I didn't get everything I wanted, because some things were sold out. I really like what I got and will sure be looking up this brand, whenever I'll go somewhere.

This Kiko Eyebrow Marker was really interesting. It promised to be pretty long lasting, like a sort of tattoo. I got it in the shade 02, which is for blondes. Personally, I think the shade is too dark for blondes, but it looks very natural on me.

Eyebrow marker has a sponge tip and it transfers color pretty equally. The tip is sometimes a problem, because I use it over some foundation that's left in between the brows and then the foundation sticks onto the marker, therefore makes it harder to transfer the color.

The shade is like a brown grey shade and it works like a marker. It leaves the slight color, but nothing too obvious or pigmented. The shade is perfect for my natural brows, because my brows are pretty taupe or greyish. I use this marker when I want to achieve very natural looking brows. I find that the pencil cover the whole brow area, therefore making it look a bit fake or overdone. Using this marker, the brows look really natural. I make short strokes to feather additional "fake" hair in between the brows. It lasts a really long time, but is definitely not waterproof.

It costs 5.90 € and there's 1.6 grams of product in it. I don't know for how long this will last, but I have been using it for two weeks or three and it's still as pigmented as it was before.

Here you can also see how buildable the look is with this marker. From just filling in the gaps, to making the brows a lot thicker and fuller.

Since there weren't other things that I wanted, my boyfriend also bought me one of their Quick Dry Nail Lacquers. I got it in this beautiful very dark violet shade called 829. I love the shade and I love the nail lacquer. It dries really quickly, has a bit wider brush, which makes application a dream and one coat is very pigmented

I did put on two coats, just because I always do that. Here's how it looks like with one and two coats. It dries so quickly that it makes my life a lot easier. It also was pretty long lasting.

There's 10 ml of product in it and it costs 3.90 €.

Overall a pretty good choices and I love the formulas of both products. So far, so good for Kiko. I wish I'll have the chance to try something else as well :).

What have you tired form Kiko and how do you like it?

Review: Revolution Makeup palette, lipstick, lip gloss and highlighter

Hey Beauties!

A few days ago I got a little surprised Easter package from Slovenian online store Lič The package included products of a fairly new brand called Makeup Revolution. Makeup Revolution is London brand and has been launched in March this year. I have started seeing first reviews on foreign blogs and was so excited for this brand. It promises great quality for amazing prices. A lot of their products are also dupes of various more expensive brand products. Now let's see how I liked my products.

Za vse slovenske bralce je opis v slovenščini čisto spodaj :).

The Easter bunny brought me Revolution Iconic 1 palette, which is supposed to be a dupe for Urban Decay Naked 1 palette. I actually have a similar palette in my collection already (see more below). I also got a lipstick in shade Dare, Amazing lip gloss in shade Raspberry and a huge Vivid Baked highlighter in shade Peach Lights.

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 1

Starting with the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 1. As far as I've seen on other blogs Urban Decay Naked 1 palette has a dupe in the brand MUA and the palette is called Undressed. I have that MUA palette and the shades from it are exactly the same as the shades in Iconic 1 palette. This means the shades of MUA Undressed and Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 palette are dupes for Urban Decay Naked 1 palette. 

MUA palette costs around 8 € (4£ in UK), Makeup Revolution costs around 6 € (4£ in UK). However, the MUA palette contains 9.6 grams of product, while Makeup Revolution contains 14 grams of product! The ingredients of both palettes are almost identical and they are both developed in UK, both manufactured in the PRC. Coincident? I don't know, but you decide after this review, which one you'll buy ;).

The shades are exactly the same in both palettes and the quality also seems very much the same. As you see I put my MUA to a very good use already :).

The matte shades are the least pigmented, but actually show up on the skin enough, if you use an eye primer underneath the shades. The more shimmery are the shades, the more pigmented they are. I personally think that this is amazing pigmentation for 6 € and 14 grams and it's totally worth buying. Eye shadows also blend really nicely

The shades: first is a very light pink pearly shade that's great for highlighting, next is a lot more shimmery light pink, very pale warm brown matte shade, this is my favorite shade - it's silver pink brown shimmery shade, next is a bit darker warm brown matte shade, also my favorite warm shimmery gold shade, another favorite - warm golden brown shimmery shade, next is redish dark brown shimmery shade, cranberry red shimmery shade, olive toned dark brown shimmery shade, blue toned black shimmery shade and silver blue shimmery shade. 

I think this is a perfect eye shadow palette. It combines cool toned shades like pink, silver blue and blue black as well as warm toned shades like gold, golden brown and similar. Highly recommend the purchase, if you don't own MUA Undressed or Urban Decay Naked 1 palette. 

The packaging is plastic, see through top, which is great. The plastic is not the most sturdy, so don't drop it or take it travelling (or just protect it well). 

Here's the look with a few of the shade. I put shade 4 all over the lid. Shade 5 went into the crease.I darkened the outer corner with the shade 8. I also put the shade 5 on the lower lash line. For the inner corner of the eye I used shade 2. 

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lip Gloss in Raspberry

This lip gloss costs only around 2 € (1£ in UK) and it contains 2.5 ml of lip gloss. Now that can't be right. I compared the sizes of lip glosses and it looks like there should be more like 6 ml written on the packaging. Maybe it's a mistake.

The packaging is plastic, slim and it has a regular sponge applicator. Raspberry shade is a cool toned pink shade. It has a nice blue undertone, great for making whiter teeth. I am kind of surprised by how much I like the shade. If you follow me, you know that I very rarely use anything pink on my lips, but this shade looks really natural on me. It's very sheer, giving you just a slight color. The lip gloss has a very tiny shimmer in it, which is not visible on the lips at all. It just gives your lips a very glossy shiny look. The lip gloss is a little sticky, but not too much. I actually don't have a problem with lip gloss being sticky, but I know some people do. 

I think the lip gloss is a great quality for the amazing price and I love how subtle the shimmer is. With most cheap lip glosses you get huge chunks of shimmer, but this formula is very well made. 

Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Dare

The lipstick costs around 2 € (1£ in UK) and it contains 3.8 grams of product. The packaging is plastic and unfortunately I think my top of the packaging will shortly start falling off. I guess the closing mechanism is not the best with my lipstick. It might me just mine, I can't say for sure. It's nice that it has a pop of the shade on the top, so you can easily find it out in the drawer. 

The formula is pretty creamy once you get through the upper layer of the lipstick. It's pretty pigmented, but the shade is definitely buildable. The color in the bullet looks very bright, but it goes on the lips sheerer than what I'd thought. It will stain the lips and it's very hard to remove, therefore pretty long lasting. It's also a bit drying, so not for people with dry lips. I love the pigmentation and power, but wish it wouldn't be as drying - since I do have pretty dry lips as it is.

My shade Dare looks like a cool toned red with pink tone to it. It's a very unique shade, a mixture of classic red and vibrant warm pink. It's like one of the Avon lipsticks that I found fascinating, mixing the pink and red in one shade. 

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights

This highlighter costs around 5 € (3£ in UK) and it contains 7.5 grams of product. The packaging is also plastic with clear lid, not the most sturdy. It would probably survive the drop, because the highlighter is baked and pretty packed, therefore harder to break.

I was really excited about the highlighter, since you know how much I am obsessed with them. It's definitely baked, because I put my fingers in a few times and it still has the pattern on - looks like I didn't even touch it. However, you don't need a lot of pressure to get the color. It's pretty pigmented and it has a very tiny shimmer in it. As far as a cheap highlighter goes the formula is amazing and the shimmer is just big enough. Absolutely love it. As far as the shimmer goes it's pretty much the same size as my beloved Essence Metal Glam highlighter, maybe a little bit bigger, but still very undetectable on the skin. I mean it's a highlighter, it needs to be seen - that's just my opinion. I like to go big or go home :).

My shade Peach Light is however not the best match for my skin tone. I know, a shame. In the pot it looks very much like a light peach shade, but when applied it gives a very light cool pink tone to the skin. As I am very yellow warm toned girl, this does not go well with my skin. But there's a solution. They have another highlighter in the shade Golden Lights and I think it screams my name, so I'll definitely be buying that one. 

Unfortunately the pink sheen was absolutely impossible to capture on the photo, so instead it looks very white, which is not. It is perfect for fair cool toned skins, but anyone warmer, it won't work on you. 

Oh Lord, if you've survived this far, here is my point. This is a very good brand in my opinion and I love their prices. I think this is the first cheap brand that has a very good quality products and assortment of products like bronzers, highlighters, crazy colored lipsticks and such. It's hard to find cheap products that are actually pretty good and I think this brand has some amazing products.

I am definitely joining their revolution and thumbs up for them, for making very cheap, yet very decent quality products. I definitely recommend you to try some of their products and see for yourself. Thank you Ličila for sending me those, I will put them to good use ;).

Za vse slovenske bralke, še kratek povzetek. Lič so mi za velikonočno darilo poslala čudovite izdelke nove blagovne znamke imenovane Makeup Revolution. 

Njihova Iconic 1 paleta senčil za oči vključuje odlične hladne in tople tone odtenkov. Mat senčila so najslabše pigmentirana, med tem ko so svetleča senčila veliko bolj pigmentirana. Senčila se odlično zabrišejo in so kar dobro pigmentirana. Količina izdelka je ogromna in stane samo 6 €. 

Amazing lip gloss v odtenku Raspberry je zelo nežno roza obarvan in na ustnicah pusti rahel odtenek roza barve. Je precej prozoren in mogoče malo lepljiv. Mene lepljivost sicer ne moti, koga drugage pa mogoče bi. Odtenek ima moder podton, kar pomeni, da je odličen za navidezno beljenje zob. Ima tudi zelo majhne bleščice, ki pa so skoraj nevidne na ustnicah.

Dobila sem tudi šminko v odtenku Dare. Šminka je precej pigmentirana, vendar je možno barvo nadgraditi z več nanosi. Šminka ni najbolj primerna za tiste s suhimi ustnicami, ker jih lahko hitro izsuši. Odtenek Dare je odlična mešanica klasično hladne rdeče in živahne roza. Je res edinstvena mešanica roza in rdeče odtenkov. 

Vivid Baked osvetljevalec je odlične formule. Ker je baked, se počasi porablja. Vsebuje zelo majhne bleščice. V embalaži izgleda odtenek Peach Light zelo svetlo marelične barve. Na koži se odtenek spremeni v hladen roza podton. Viden je roza sijaj, ki je bolj primeren za vse tiste, ki so bolj svetlopolti in imajo hladen podton kože. 

Mislim, da so Makeup Revolution izdelki odlični glede na ceno. Končno blagovna znamka, ki ponuja nizko cenovne izdelke, ki pa imajo vseeno dobro kvaliteto. Tudi izbira izdelkov mi je zelo všeč, saj malo nizko cenovnih znamk vsebuje osvetljevalce, baked bronzerje in podobno. Zagotovo priporočam nakup kakšnega izmed izdelkov. Hvala Ličilom za izdelke, zagotovo bodo dobro porabljeni ;).

Glowy make up

Hey Beauties!

It's been a while since I posted a make up look. With spring in full blossom, my makeup turned a bit more glowy and a lot fresher than it was before. I have to admit, I'm one of those that can't go out without powdering my face, at least on some strategic places, like my T zone. In today's makeup there's still powder, but a lot less than usual. It's all about glowy make up all the way - face, eyes and lips :).

The eye make up is really simple. I used copper and gold shade, mixed them together all over the lid and on the bottom lash line. Just all around my eye. Then I used dark matte brown shade and created a little winged liner. Finished with mascara.

On the face I used moisturizing cream that leaves a certain sheen of glowiness and freshness on the skin. I then continued on with a more moisturizing and light to medium foundation. After that I used concealer to conceal any spots or pigmentation. I powdered only my T zone, where I get the most shine on my face. I used shimmering bronzer, which is also a bit like a blush to add some glow to the face and still make it a bit darker and contoured a bit. I used it at the sides of my forehead, under my cheeks, around the jaw line and a bit down the neck. I then highlighted with a champagne shade. I put highlighter on the bridge of the nose and at the end of the nose, on the cupids bow and center of the lips, on tops of cheeks and a little at the top of the outer corners of my brows. I finished the face with a light orange red blush.

On my lips I mixed two shades of lipstick. One was light matte orange and the other was bright red orange and just tapped it all over the lips, making the color really sheer, almost like a stain.

Then I went over with a beige shimmering lip gloss. Over that lip gloss I added another one, which was a transparent with tiny gold shimmer to make my lips a bit more shinier and warmer.

And that's my kind of really glowy, yet somewhat still very wearable look. Let me know how you like it ;).

Products used
Vichy Idealia face cream
Bourjois Healthy Mix and Maybelline Affinimat foundation
Revlon Colorstay concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte powder
Essence Metal Glam highlighter
BYS Blush and Bronze in 02
Essence Sun Club bronzer
Essence Miami Roller Girl blush
MUA Undress Me Too palette (copper shade - Fiery)
MUA Undressed palette (gold shade - Shade 6)
Avon True Color quad in Mocha Latte (matte dark brown shade - Shade 4)
Avon Ultra Color Matte lipstick in Matte Melon (matte light orange)
Avon Ultra Color lipstick in Tangerine Tango (orange red)
Maybelline Watershine Gloss in 715 Crystal Dune
H&M lip gloss in Summer Gold

Review: Beckham Intimately Eau de Toilette

Hey Beauties!

How was your Easter? If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a big basket that I got and it was full of chocolates. I think that this has become the main purpose of Easter for me.. new stash of chocolates - oh yeah! :)) I have also been hitting the gym, or fitness rather, and this Easter thingy is killing my routine of avoiding chocolate. I have a big weakness for chocolate, well actually anything sweet, to be completely honest. Enough said. Today's review is of Beckham perfume, which I actually got as a gift.

It's a 15 ml Eau de toilette. The bottle is so cute, because it's so small. I love the engraved Beckham sign at the top of the bottle. Classy in my opinion. I wish I would have a sign like that. It comes in a pink box. I don't know the price, but my guess is around 15 €.

The perfume is slightly pink colored. Even though it is a toilette, it's pretty strong in my opinion and it lasts a long time on me. The smell to me is very floral and somewhat classy. It's not overbearing sweet, but just enough. Since I am bad at explaining the smells, let's see the notes.

Top notes: Bergamot, White Flowers, Rose.
Middle notes: Orange Blossom, Tuberose, Casablanca Lily.
Base notes: Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood.

It's not my typical smell, because I do love very sweet perfumes. I think I like this one, because it's a lot more sophisticated smell. It starts very floral, but then after a while it gets my kind of sweet smell. The base notes are very typically sweet my-kind-of notes :). I wouldn't normally notice Beckham perfume, because it's not my kind of style, but I got this perfume as a gift and was surprised by how much I liked it. Ever since I got it, I use it every day. Now I'm afraid that I'll run out of it and miss it :). 

Did you try any of the Beckham perfumes and how do you like them?

Review: Maybelline Bleached Neons in shade 241

Hey Beauties!

Have you seen this new Maybelline line of nail polishes called Bleached Neons? I saw it the other week and had to get a peach one. I only saw about three shades, one was pink I think and the other was light green. Don't know if there are more shades available in this range.

If a neon peach and pastel peach nail polish had a baby, than this would be it. It really is like a washed out neon. The shade somehow looks a bit more yellow on the photos, but in really life it's like a toned down version of bright peach shade. This will be absolutely perfect for spring and summer tanned skin. 

You need at least two coats, maybe three to get the perfect coverage. It contains 7 ml of nail polish and costs 2.45 €.

Do you like this version of pastel neons? Did you get any of the shades?

Review: Essence Cookies & Cream eyeshadow (03 Last Night a Cookie Saved My Life!)

Hey Beauties!

I was really excited about this LE Cookies & Cream, but I didn't wanted to spend money on all the products. I thought I would want the blush, but I didn't like it as much in the store. I'm still sorry for not picking up the shimmer pearls.

Finally, I decided to take just one of the eyeshadows. The shade is called 03 Last Night a Cookie Saved My Life! How cute is that? It's deep brown shade with warmer undertones of violet and red. It looks very golden brown on the photos, but it's actually a bit more red and violet toned. Perfect for my dark warm brown eyes. It also has a very very tiny shimmer in it, which gives a nice sheen to the eyes. It doesn't look like a shimmering eyeshadow at all.

It's baked eyeshadow and it's supposed to be ultra silky and smooth texture. The eyeshadow is definitely very silky and easy to blend. It's pigmented and if you only touch it slightly you get enough eyeshadow to put all over the lid. I really like the smooth texture and how it glides on the eyes. Why doesn't Essence do those kind of formulas in their regular range? I don't get it. If you have the capabilities to create a good product, why limit it only on limited editions?

I've always been a fan of baked makeup products, because they last a life time. Literally. I have Deborah blush that looks like I haven't put a brush into it and I've been using it for 5 years. With Essence, I also think that baked eyeshadows are always more pigmented then regular.

The packaging is plastic, not the most sturdy one. It contains 1.5 grams of eyeshadow and costs 3.19€. I think it's a little too much for Essence eyeshadow, but I do really like the quality of it - so go for it. If you like any of the shades, I recommend buying, because the texture is really good.

What did you get from this LE?