November 2017 Favorites

This month was the easiest to pick favorites, because I knew exactly what I used the most and which products really impressed me. I have some fun new products that I discovered as well as some of my fall staples. 

Bipa Look By Bipa Matte Camouflage Concealer - 010 Light

I have been neglecting my Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer and you know I absolutely love that one. But ever since I got this one from Bipa, I've just been grabbing it on daily basis. Why? Because it has even better coverage than Catrice. It dries down matte and is very long lasting. It reminds me of Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. It doesn't grab in my lines, but is not as hydrating as Catrice, so my fine lines can look drier. But the coverage is what I love so much and the fact that the shade 010 Light is actually really light. 

Catrice LE Kaviar Gauche Highlighter - C01 Eclat D'Or

Everyone is gushing over Catrice's Limited Edition Kaviar Gauche and for a good reason. It's the most luxurious looking collection with nude leather look and gold details. I too love the whole collection and am tempted to buy the brush collection, but I know I have too many brushes as it is. Not that I don't have too many highlighter also, but what can I say, it's an addition. I'm attracted to all things sparkly. This is by far one of the best Catrice highlighters. It looks pink and I do feel that it has a slight pink undertone to it (especially compared to my other highlighters), but it mostly just gives you a true champagne glow. The shimmer is so fine (like with Becca Pressed highlighters) and it looks almost like an oil on your face. It's not as obvious as some other highlighters, but you can definitely build it up to look intense. 

When I want a yellow gold highlight, I reach for the gold shade in this palette. It's again so finely milled and gives you such a nice sheen. A bit more intense and yellow gold, but nonetheless super pretty. 

I absolutely adore gold shades and this one is almost leaning towards copper gold. It's the one shade that I've been putting on the lid this month whenever I wanted something more sparkly on top of all matte look. It pairs well with most neutrals and it gives you a lovely warm golden sheen. I love their creamy formula which is super pigmented and very easy to apply with your fingers. 

Beauty People Flash Fix Pearl Pigment Pact - 1.Ssum Light

This is by far one of my favorite purchases this year. I've been eyeing it on Ebay, but then Jolse launched this brand and it was 30% off, so I got it. It's basically small irregular sized glitter that is very tightly pressed into this small black pot. It applies best with your fingers and because it's dry, it grabs best on top of cream products. Otherwise it may fall down. It's a copper gold shade and it looks so good on top of any eyeshadow. If you love glittery sparkly eye looks, you would adore this. I am in my "Christmas mood" ever since I got it and always find a way to apply it on top of other shades. 

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick - 12 Brunette

It has the most interesting texture that applies on the lips like a dream. You think that this can't possibly be matte of how creamy it goes on, but it instantly dries down to a complete matte look similar to matte liquid lipsticks. It's also very long lasting and surprisingly comfortable to wear. This shade is one of my favorites, as it's a brownish red that is perfect muted darker red for fall. I'll have a full review on my blog soon.

I already have a review of this, so I'm not going to go into details. It's a more thicker formula that applies lovely, is very pigmented and stays put very well. I just adore this brownish mauve shade as it looks so good with many different makeup looks. It's also comfortable to wear and the magnetic closing makes it feel super luxurious.

Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss - 18 Golden Sparkle

When I'm feeling something moisturizing and sparkly, I go for this lip gloss on top of lipsticks. It doesn't feel sticky, gives you nice amount of golden shine and makes my lips feel comfortable. I really like this shade, but the shimmer is so dense that I apply it just on the center of the lips most of the time. 

For some reason I don't really like grey shade, but this nail polish color grew on me. It's the perfect light nude for fall as it goes with any outfit and for some reason makes my nails look pretty. I love pastel shades in general and I've been wearing it a lot. It's also my favorite Avon nail polish formula, because it's nicely pigmented and stays on my nails well. 

The Library Of Fragrance - Baby Powder

I got sample of this fragrance from Mateja and I immediately like it. It's such a comforting, sleepy, powdery baby scent. I adore it. It may be a bit too harsh for some, but I absolutely love these warm powdery scents. Mateja has a mini review here and I agree with her that it also has a bit of that almond feel to it. 

As soon as the weather gets cold, I grab this perfume. It's one of my favorites because it's a warm oriental fragrance. It's sweet in a way, because of the mandarin, but then it becomes very powerful and strong, because of the oriental base of sandalwood. It's a perfect mix of sweet, sophisticated and oriental strong. 

Pimkie Notebook

They sell this notebook in a set of two. One is black with floral notes and this one is sparkly gold mess that I've been loving. It's completely smooth to the touch, so no falling down glitter, and it has silver writing in the front that says NOTES, but you almost can't see it. I've been using it as a glittery prop for my blog photos and I adore it. Obviously, since it's gold and sparkly. 

Tuš - mug

I also wanted to share this adorable mug that I bought in Tuš. It immediately caught my eye. I have a thing for pastel pink in my decor this year and this one just seemed like a minimalist's dream. I also broke one of my mugs that has that same shape, so I needed a new one. Btw, I love using it for eating cereal or my morning cottage cheese mix. 

Stradivarius - Coat

If you're as small as me (I like to think I'm 157 cm, but apparently I'm even smaller) and big boobed, you'll know how hard it is to find anything that isn't too big, too long and that can fit in your boobs. I've been dreaming of camel structured coat for about two years. I should also mention that I'm allergic to wool and most of these coats all have some percentage of wool in it. So when I found one without it, with a fairly good fit, I was ecstatic. I got it fitted - shortened sleeves as well as shortened the length of it. It's a bit of an oversize look, but I love it so much. Surprisingly, it's also very warm. 

Review: EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation - 2.0

I have about NC15 skin tone in the winter and in the summer I can be around NC25. My skin tone is warm yellow light, but it also has very obvious olive undertone that gets even more noticeable in summer, if I catch some tan. Finding light foundation shades that have enough yellow undertone is hard enough, but then finding those that have olive undertone is even harder. I've heard that EX1 foundations have olive undertone and I wanted to try it out.

EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation comes in a plastic transparent packaging with metallic copper pump and top. I like the packaging, because I love the metallic copper details and the fact that it's a pump. You can also see through the packaging and you see how much product is left in it as the pump moves up. 

In it is 30 ml of foundation and it costs around 12€ on Lookfantastic. 

The pump is precise and you can actually control how much product you want to come out.

I chose the shade 2.0 based on EX1 shade guide that they have on their site. It said that 2.0 is the closest shade to MAC NC15, but if I compare it to MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15, 2.0 looks darker and a lot more yellow. 

2.0 comes out as a light very yellow based shade. As it dries down on your face, it becomes slightly darker with darker yellow undertone

It has a slightly greasy feel to it, but is thicker in consistency and spreads with ease

Here is the comparison with most of my foundations. I didn't include every foundation, just the ones that I wear the most. 

Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation in 45 Warm Almond is obviously a lot darker and dries down very orange toned. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 51 Light Vanilla is light warm shade that has just a bit more of a peach undertone to it. It's also a shade darker. L.O.V. EXTRAordinary Perfecting Fluid Foundation in 025 Sand Sophistication is again one of those a lot darker shades with orange warm base. Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in 010 Light Beige is light warm to neutral shade. It actually looks more neutral compared to EX1 and even almost olive toned. Revlon Colorstay Foundation Combination/Oily in 150 Buff is light yellow warm neutral shade, which is again a bit more neutral compared and even lighter. The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation in 1.1N is also a light warm yellow shade and it's the most similar to EX1. I find it to be a bit lighter and more white based looking. It also doesn't dry down as dark as EX1. 

It has what I would say lighter medium to medium coverage. I need at least two pumps to build it up to a proper medium coverage. It covers redness and evens out skin tone. Because I need a lot of it to get my desired medium coverage, I used it up very quickly. You won't get a lot of applications from this one bottle, if you're looking for a medium coverage. 

I wouldn't say it's natural looking, because it has that powdery finish to it which makes it look a bit obvious. It's a semi matte finish, because it still leaves some natural sheen on my skin. 

It will emphasize and catch on dry patches, so you need to exfoliate your skin well, if you'll be using this foundation. It looks ok over pores and doesn't sit in them. It gets a bit into my fine lines under the eyes and accentuates smile lines as well as frown lines on the forehead. 

After application it stays a bit sticky, but it's not too bad. I would still always set it with a bit of powder. Because of the powdery finish, it may not be ideal for dry skin. It's enough moisturizing, but just doesn't sit nice over dry patches

I didn't notice it becoming shiny any quicker than most of my foundations and it lasts well. After a few hours it starts to fade a bit. I still notice it on my face at the end of the day though. But as the day goes on, it can look cakey, a bit unnatural and weird around my textured parts - like around the nose. 

On the bottom photos you can see what the coverage looks like and how it makes my skin look.

I also wanted to show you that this shade is by far the closest I have ever come to my natural skin tone. It's like a half shade too dark for me, but has enough of that yellow undertone in it to match my natural skin tone. It only lacks a bit of that olive tone to it.  

I was very excited about the shade and the fact that it had such a strong yellow undertone. It actually seems to really work with my warm undertone. If it had a hint of olive to it and didn't dry down darker, it would be perfect. But the formula didn't impress me at all. It's just not refined enough. To me it feels a bit old school formulated and looks just too obvious with no proper coverage or skin like properties. It's rough around the edges and can look weird on textured or dry skin. That's why I can't say I like it. If they changed the formula and I would get a shade 1.0, I'd probably like it more. But if you're someone with a light skin tone and very yellow undertone you can buy it an mix with your other foundations like I do. But then again, there is so many good foundations on the market that you shouldn't settle for anything but the best. 

Review: L.O.V. EXTRAordinary Foundation, DualCOVER Concealer, LASHseduction Mascara and LIPaffair Matte Lipstick

I've never tried L.O.V. products before, because I honestly thought it was just an overpriced version of Catrice and Essence. After trying some of these out, I think that the packaging is much nicer. Some of the formulas also seem more sophisticated and if you find the right product for you, I think it's worth the splurge. I'm actually interested in trying out more products from this brand. I got some new product from the fall/winter revamp of their stand to try out. Here are my thought on the products I tested out. 

L.O.V. EXTRAordinary Perfecting Fluid Foundation - 025 Sand Sophistication

It comes in a black plastic compact cushion like packaging, but the dispenser works by pressing the side of the cushion down. Product comes out in the middle through a little hole. It's very hygienic and great to travel with. 

In it is 12 ml of product and it costs 14.99€

It also comes with a little puff as most cushion foundations. I love these puffs, because they have a soft sponge side that blends foundation quickly and seamlessly. You will need to wash it every once in a while, but it's perfect to use on the go or when you don't have time to spend hours applying foundation.

Shade 025 Sand Sophistication is warm medium color. It comes out lighter and more yellow based, but dries down darker and more orange based.

They say it gives you flawless and radiant complexion, reduces wrinkles in two weeks, is light and non-comedogenic with SPF 20. They say that the study has proven to improve the moisture supply as well as elasticity of the skin. It doesn't say which ingredients should support that claim, but putting skin care ingredients in foundation formulas is nothing new. It's more of a standard by now. 

This foundation has a very emollient/greasy feel to it, it's also very thick for a liquid foundation. It spreads out easily and sticks to the skin well

It evens out skin tone, covers redness and doesn't emphasize pores. It also doesn't make them any smaller. The coverage is buildable and I would say medium to full. It has satin finish, which gives your skin lovely sheen and almost looks a bit dewy in the beginning, but it sets. It stays a bit sticky though. 

This isn't natural looking foundation, because of the really good coverage, but it also doesn't look cakey or very unnatural. It may catch a bit over dry patches, but is not too bad. Coverage fades a bit as the day goes on, but in general has good staying power. After about 5 hours I get oily around my T zone, which gets oily with most foundations anyway. 

I notice a subtle sweet powdery scent to it which I like. 

Because it's so thick, you'll actually need to use more of it, if you're going for that full coverage. I usually use two pumps of it and add the same amount of NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in White, because this shade is obviously too dark for me. 

On the bottom photos you can see my skin without foundation and then L.O.V. foundation mixed with NYX white mixer. 

There is only four shades available and they are all targeted towards medium skin tones. Color selection is a huge let down and I think it's a waste, because the foundation is really nice and could be very popular. Mateja reviewed shades 010 and 040 here

L.O.V. DualCOVER Concealer & Retoucher - 025 Sand Sophistication

It comes in a plastic black and transparent packaging. One side is a thicker stick concealer and on the other side you have a classic liquid concealer formula.

In it is 5.3 grams of product and it costs 12.99€.

Stick version comes in a rounded shape and there's quite a lot of product in it. You push it out by swirling the bottom. 

On the other side is a liquid concealer with doe foot fluffy applicator. It's easily to apply and great for more detailed work.

Shade 025 Sand Sophistication is very similar to the foundation shade. It's a medium warm shade that has orange tint to it as it dries down. The stick looks darker from the first application, but as soon as the liquid version dries down, they both seem very similar in color.

They say that it will make small flaws disappear, serum-concealer has a pampering smooth texture and contains shadownyl to lighten dark circles under the eyes and visibly reduces fine lines

I would use stick version on the parts that need more coverage and liquid version more to lighten the skin tone as it is formulated as lightning serum texture.

Stick side is thicker, but creamy. It has good medium coverage, but once you blend it out, it becomes sheerer. Obviously the color is way too dark for me, but I've tried it on my dark under eye area, because it has orange tone to it. It covered, but not as good as I would have liked it.

Liquid side is very emollient and it spreads with ease, but I feel like it doesn't absorb in the skin. I really need to pat it in and definitely set it or it moves around. It's too luminous looking for my preference. After a while it does set a bit, but it still has a satin finish with healthy sheen and stays a bit sticky. 

It doesn't cover my blue under eye area. The coverage is very light, but you can build it up to a lighter medium. I prefer a more thicker concealer with better coverage, but this might work for those that just want a subtle light reflecting cream.

It feels moisturizing, which is nice for under the eyes, but can get oily looking around my T zone. It looks nice over fine lines, because it doesn't emphasize them. But the coverage is just not there for me. 

I was also using it in combination with NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in white, since the color is just too dark for me. 

L.O.V. LASHseduction Instant Volume Mascara - 100 Seductive Black

It comes in metallic looking silver packaging. In it is 12 ml of product and it costs 10.99€.

They say that it gives you instant spectacular XL volume, has deep black creamy texture enriched with rice wax and unique brush that enwraps each lash

It has natural bristled wand. The bristles are evenly separated and quite bushy. 

Formula is very wet and can easily get messy while applying. If you let it dry out a bit, it becomes slightly drier and easier to apply as well as build up.

I mostly notice lengthening when I apply one coat of it. If I go in with another coat, I get more volume. The more you apply it, the more clumpy it can look. It actually looks more lengthening with a bit of volume, but is definitely not defining. If you don't overdue with the number of coats, it actually looks nice. The color is a true black

It holds onto lashes well and even though it's quite wet, it still holds my lashes curled all day. It also doesn't crumble or smudge

L.O.V. LIPaffair Color & Care Lipstick Matte - 950 Guilty Conscience

The lipstick comes in a heavy and luxurious packaging with magnetic closing. I absolutely adore the magnetic closure as it feels so expensive. It has a matte black look to it and that soft touch feel.

In it is 3.5 grams of product and it costs 9.99€

The bullet also has some texture to it and it almost looks like suede. It has L.O.V. embossed in it. 

They say that it has a unique powdery-matte finish, high color dispersion with just one application, is long lasting and pleasant feeling on the lips. You can chose among 8 shades. There is a selection of more nude browns, mauves, a red, purple and even some darker fall shades

950 Guilty Conscience is a unique shade. I describe it as cool brownish mauve. It has some brown base to it, but is in general more of a purple mauve color. It also has that cool grey feel to it, but is again not too cool.

I actually don't have any similar shade to compare it to. The closest is Essence LE Coast 'n'  Chill Velvet Matt Liquid Lipstick in 02 Smooth & Groove. But that one is a lot more purple and a lot cooler grey based. 

It's very pigmented and you really get a good coverage with just one swipe. Formula is thicker, but for some reason it feels quite lightweight on the lips and it glides on the lips with real ease. You can apply it straight from the bullet and get a precise application. At first it looks a bit creamy and has some sheen to it, but once it sets the finish is definitely matte and it does look almost a bit velvet and powdery, like if you apply transparent powder over creamy lipstick. 

It's very long lasting. I've had it on for about 5 hours and it stayed put. It just fades a bit as the day goes on. It's not completely transfer proof, but it survives drinking and even some eating. 

On the lips it feels quite comfortable, but it's in no way moisturizing. If you have very dry lips, you may feel it on the lips as your lips get drier through the day, but it's actually still much more comfortable than for example liquid matte formulas. I think this is a wonderful pigmented matte formula that is also very comfortable to wear.

It has subtle sweet powdery scent to it, but you can't really smell it on the lips.

I got all of these products in a lovely shiny leather looking cosmetic bag with mesh sides. It's so well made and has the perfect size to fit all my makeup products in. I love the red details on the zip which is also very durable. This is my favorite cosmetic bag right now and it's a shame they don't sell it in their range.

To conclude, I was positively surprised by this brand. I had lower expectations. Foundation has great thicker formula and even better coverage. Shade range is just way too basic and all the shades are targeted towards medium skin tone which is a shame. I would definitely get this in a lighter shade and if it had a bit more product in this packaging, since you do need quite a lot because of its thickness. Concealer was not for me, because I prefer something with better coverage and almost never use stick concealers, but I think those that don't need a lot of coverage may like it.

Mascara is too wet from the get go, but once you let it dry out a bit, it's not bad at all. It gives nice volume and even better length. It's not as volumizing as they promote it, but it doesn't smudge and holds the curl well.

I was most impressed with the lipstick. Packaging is luxurious (I can't get over that magnetic closing, it's so satisfying), formula glides on like a dream, but it's very long lasting, matte and has great pigmentation. It's not completely transfer proof, but you know me, I don't care about that. I love the velvet powdery finish and the color is my new fall love. I would definitely advise you to check lipsticks out once you're in the store. 

Now that I had the chance to try these products out, I also went to the store and swatched some other products. I especially liked their new The GLOWrious Highlighting & Bronzing palette in 020 since it had such a pretty gold highlighter and the pigmentation was amazing. I was also so impressed by that lipstick formula that I'm tempted to try out FATALmuse Liquid Matte Lipstick. I hear it's again a great formula and I loved swatches of 710 Secret Obsession and 700 Daring Confession. 

A while ago, I reviewed some of their makeup brushes and one in particular is still among my favorites - foundation brush. You can read about it here

* Products were sent to me.