Review: Ecotools Define & Highlight Duo Makeup Brushes

It's rare that I post a separate brush review, because I just feel like most of you aren't that interested in these posts. I've done post of my favorite brushes, but whenever I come upon some really nice for the price, I want to share it with you. Today is that occasion. I'm talking about Ecotools, which is a brand the brand that is not talked about a lot, but has great quality brushes. I've recently ordered their Define & Highlight Duo and it deserves a separate review.


As far as I know, Ecotools is a natural brand and all of their packaging is recyclable. They use bamboo for brush handles and cruelty-free synthetic bristles. This duo came in a paper box packaging that isn't all that glamorous, but who cares, it's all about the product. I like lightweight bamboo nude colored handles. The bristles are brown and super soft, actually one of the softest I have tried so far.

I paid 9.86€ with discount for the pair on iHerb. Ecotools used to be in Spar and I'm kind of sad they removed them from Slovenia.

Fan Brush

This is you're thicker and quite large fan brush that is usually used to highlight with. Bristles are fluffy and slightly tapered towards the center, so you get a lovely blend. It's not just a straight cut brush. I like that the bristles aren't too dense, so it doesn't apply too much product, but it's also not just one row of bristles like with some cheaper brands.

I've tried it for highlighting and it's nice, but I like a smaller and more of a larger eye blending brush to apply highlighter, because it allows me to concentrate it on specific areas. Fan brush gives you more of a brushed all over highlighted look. You can apply it sheer or build it up, depending on pressure and product. I found it hard to use on top of brow arch or down the nose, because of its size. 

To me this is one of the best brushes to contour with. Funny enough, the other brush in this duo should be used to contour. Fan shape hugs that c shape under your cheek bone so well, and because it's slightly tapered, it never looks like a straight up harsh line. It also fits perfectly around your jaw line and you can even dust it around the hair line. 

Used For Contouring

Used For Highlighting

Tapered Brush

This is medium sized tapered face brush. The bristles are nicely shaped to give you instant blend with no harsh edges. They are soft and fairly densely packed together, but it's still not too thick. Size of it is perfect too, not big, but not small either. 

This can be used for so many different parts of the face. Ecotools recommends it to contour with and it's good for that, but for me personally just a bit too dense. I like something fluffier, because I usually apply contouring products very lightly. If you have the right shade of contour product though, you can definitely use it with this brush.

This can also be used for applying blush, because it's the perfect size and it will give you subtle enough, yet visible flushed cheek look. 

I personally prefer to use it for powder. Tapered shape fits well under the eyes and around the nose, so I love setting my whole face with it. It allows me to either press the product into the skin or lightly dust it across. It's also the perfect size to only concentrate it on certain areas like you're t zone. 

I actually still have a lot of their brushes in my collection from their older design and versions, 6 to be exact: bronzing brush, blush brush, foundation brush, concealer brush and two mini sized powder and concealer brushes. From those I especially like tapered blush brush. They always had great quality brushes, but I feel like these two new ones have even softer bristles and the handles feel more lightweight. 

If you're looking for affordable plus natural brand for makeup brushes, I can't recommend Ecotools enough. All the brushes that I tried so far have great quality and really nice soft bristles. The quality is on that Zoeva level. I've had some for years and they still look great. They have many singles as well as sets that you can choose from. I already have my eye on some others like sheer finish blush brush, blending & bronzing brush, full powder brush and precision blush brush. I'm sure I'll get at least one of these in the future, because I'm lacking in good face brushes. I mostly just always buy eye brushes. 


  1. These brushes look so good! I haven't seen them anywhere, but I love Eco Tools brushes and the fan brush looks great!

    Katie |

    1. I have to order these online too. But their brushes have such nice quality and are not too expensive. I definitely have to get some more shapes :).

  2. Ne ve zakaj, ampak ti čopiči zgledajo tako fluffy, da bi se pomojem skos božala z njimi ;P Nisem pa še jih preizkusila, berejo se mikavno.


    1. Tudi so :). Haha. Nekaj časa smo jih celo imeli v Slovenija, škoda da ne več.