Review: Bourjois Blush - 33 Golden Lilac

I got this blush as a gift from a lovely friend Astrid. It's my first Bourjois blush, but I know this baked formula from their eyeshadows that I once had, many years ago. I wasn't sure I would like it, but the shade looks super natural, so I often reach for it when I want something pinkier. 


It comes in a small plastic pot with magnetic closing. I find the design cute, because it's so small. It should also represent the color that's inside. With it comes small thinner round shaped brush which is not really soft and doesn't pick up much of that product, so I don't use it. Usually these kind of brushes are useless anyway. 

In it is 2.5 grams of product and I'm not sure how much these cost and if we even have them in our drugstores, but the price is around 8 to 10€.


This blush has baked formula which means it's hard to the touch and the texture is dry. I always use fluffier brushes to apply blush, but with this one, because it's so hard, I need to go in harder. You can definitely build it up slowly and I kind of prefer that over highly pigmented blush.

It has a strong powdery floral scent. Probably the strongest I have ever smelled from makeup, but for some reason I like it. If you're sensitive to scents, this definitely won't be for you. 


33 Golden Lilac is warm muddy pink shade with lots of golden shimmer through it. The pink base actually has some warmth to it that almost looks peachy or rather coral, but it's that kind of muted pink which doesn't look too bright on the skin. Golden shimmer looks kind of heavy on the swatch, but it almost falls off the brush, if you use a fluffy brush. So you mostly get just that pinky coral shade without the sparkly shimmer chunks, just a slight sheen.


Trend It Up Powder Blush 050 - this one also has muddy base to it, but it's more of a proper mauve pink with slightly cooler base. It also looks darker applied on the skin.
theBalm Hot Mama! - the most pink blush shade out of all of these. It also has that highlight golden sheen to it, but the base is much more of a proper vibrant pink.
Bourjois Blush 33 Golden Lilac - the warmest out of all of these and it has the most chunky shimmer in it. This one almost looks coral compared to others, but with a muddy undertone.


It lasts all day on me, but it fades a bit, which is normal. It actually has better lasting power than most of my blushes. It doesn't get patchy either.

In general, this is actually pretty good, if you like those blushes that need to be build up. Formula is baked and hard, which means you'll need to go in a few times. Most of the shimmery chunks fall off the fluffy brush so you're left with a nice golden sheen. The color has enough warmth and pink feel to it, that it looks kind of natural and universally loved and it stays well on the skin. All in all, a good product, but definitely a bit more expensive than what I'm used to.

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