Review: Catrice Brow Colorist Brow Mascara (020 Medium) and Dewy-ful Lips (020 Let's DEW This!)

Catrice and Essence revamp their product range in the spring and fall. These two products are newly added members to their standard range for the fall/winter season of 2018. I decided to pick up only those products that really stood out to me and that I know I will use. For now. I'm sure, I'll get some more, after I read reviews from my fellow bloggers. But so far, I'm loving both, Catrice Brow Colorist Semi-permanent Brow Mascara and Catrice Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter.

Catrice Brow Colorist Semi-permanent Brow Mascara 020 Medium


It comes in a paper sleeve which contains all the information about the product. Packaging itself is plastic with gold metal details and tiny

In it is 3.8 ml of product and it costs 4.19€.

It has tiny wand that has bristles shaped in a cone form. The bristles are longer on one side and shorter at the tip. It makes it easy to brush through the brows and catch even the tinniest brow hair.


It's fiber-enriched tinting brow gel mascara for well-defined natural brows and should be long lasting. Easily and quickly tints, fills, shapes and fixes brows with ultra-precision brush for perfect defined result. The formula should also make your brows darker after 2 weeks of daily usage. The color should last up to 4 days after discontinuing product use.

It has thinner creamy formula that isn't runny, but also doesn't feel particularly thick. The wand holds enough product to cover your entire brow with one application. It needs a bit of time to dry down, so you have enough time to correct any mistakes. Pigmentation is good even though the formula is a bit thinner and more liquid.


In the range are three colors Light, Medium and Dark. I chose 020 Medium which is grey based medium brown

On the left side I filled in my brows with Catrice Eye Brow Stylist in 020 Date With Ash-ton. On the right side I went over it with Catrice Brow Colorist Mascara. It made my brows look fuller and a bit darker. 

On the left side is my natural brow without any product and on the right side I applied only Catrice Brow Colorist Mascara. I was surprised at how well this filled up my brows without the need of using any additional product. 

Usually I use regular pencil to fill them in and then go in with a more precise pencil to fill in those parts that are missing hair and sharpen up the outline. Then I'll go in with a transparent gel mascara to brush them up and make them look more textured. But now you can do it all with this one product and maybe some additional precise pencil for those outlines or bold spots.


It's quite wet once you apply it on the brow, but it dries down after a while. It definitely fills in your brows and makes them look darker, thicker as well as bushier. It's not a strong hold brow mascara, so it doesn't fix your brows in a way that it wouldn't make them move. It doesn't feel crispy or make your brows hard to the touch. It lasts well considering that you don't touch your brows. It still looks great at the end of the day, but avoid water or sweat, because it will come off.

I've been using it for about a week, but not every day, so I can't report if this actually tints your brows. But I will definitely update you on my IG stories, if I see a noticeable difference. 

Catrice Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter With Shea Butter - 020 Let's DEW This!


These come in a plastic tube like packaging with gold metal details and flat sponge applicator, so it's essentially more like a lip gloss tube packaging. 

In each is 8 ml of product and it costs 4.39€.

It has soft fluffy sponge applicator that is flat and holds enough product to cover your entire lip in one go. Shape of it fits well on the lips and the application is easy even around the outer edges. 


This is like a liquid lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm all in one. Catrice calls it conditioning lip butter with a dewy finish. It's enriched with shea butter.

It has creamy shiny formula that applies like a dream. Slightly sticky, but not too thick. Pigmentation is great for a lip butter product, almost looks a bit like a liquid lipstick.

I love the scent, because it smells like caramel fudge. So delicious.


In the range you can choose among 4 different shades - pink, coral, red and brown. I got the shade 020 Let's DEW This! which is a light coral. It's not pink, but also not properly peachy, something in between. I find it to be the perfect my-lips-but-better kind of shade

Top: Catrice Dewy-ful Lips 020 Let's DEW This!
Bottom: Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother 040 Coffee To Go

As soon as I saw these in the promo photos, they reminded me of discontinued Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoothers which I adored and still own three shades of these. I compared the formula and realized Lip Smoothers were much more transparent and a bit shinier. They also didn't hold onto the lips as well as the new formula, but they both contain shea butter. It seems like Catrice tweaked their well love formula by adding better hold as well as more color.


These are one of the most comfortable and soothing lip products for you, if you have problems with dry lips like I do. You can apply it over dry lips and it feels like a dream. It holds well on the lips for being a balmy product. Shine is the first to fade and you're still left with a hint of color after a few hours. Formula almost hydrates your lips a bit and they never feel dry or irritated while wearing it or after taking it off. 

I love both of these products. Brow mascara is surprisingly pigmented and you can almost use it on its own, if you don't need much shaping. It gives you color, fills the brows, makes them look thicker and even bushier. It doesn't provide strong hold which is the only thing that is missing, but that means the brows look still fairly natural. If this was waterproof, it would be a winner. 

I knew I would love lip butter formula, because Catrice already did it once. Only this time you get even more color for your lips. It's ultra comforting and soothing. Those with dry lips will love it. It gives you a bit of shine and color plus it holds on the lips well for such a creamy product. I predict this is going to be well loved. It's one of those products that many would like. You can also use it as a lip gloss over lip liners or lipsticks. I adore this formula and would like to own all the shades in the range, except the lightest one, which is probably too pale for me. 

Have you tried any of the new Catrice products? I'm up for any suggestions on what's good. There is a lot more products that I have my eye on, but I'm not sure if I'll get them all. I'm interested in:
- #peeloff Glam Nail Polish - 03 When In Doubt, Just Add Glitter 
- Brow Comb Designer - 030 Ash Brown (I can't find this anywhere, what's happening to this? Has anyone seen it in the store?)
- Triangel Artist Contouring Stick - 020 Ashy Brown and 
- Blush Box - 050 Burgundy. 


  1. Dewy-ful imajo res super formulo :) Sem imela namen vzet odtenek 020, ampak zdajle vidim na tebi da vleče na peachy, kar pomeni, da bo na meni še bolj. Sem upala, da je odtenek bolj muted, nekako v stilu Max Factorjevega Honey Nude. Hmm... ne vem če ga bom zdaj res vzela. 010 mi je pa presvetel.

    1. Sicer so bolj kot ne nadgradili staro formulo, ampak meni je še vedno všeč :D. 020 je kar peachy in na tebi bi bil verjetno še bolj. Kaj pa tisti rjavkast odtenek, mislim, da je 040? Ta bi ti bil mogoče bolj všeč, čeprav lahko pa je spet preveč rjav. 010 je pa absolutno presvetel za večino.

  2. Jaz sem čisto navdušena nad peel off laki. Imam prav ta zlati odtenek, ki ni preveč rumen in je super. Prav tako sem navdušena nad peel off zadevo, ki se enostavno odlepi a samo takrat kot ti hočeš. Sem imela pred leti nekaj podobnih lakov, ki so se sami naslednji dan odluščili, sploh se nisem smela tuširati s toplo vodo... tile od Catrice so pa super, zelo priporočam

    1. Sliši se res super. Hvala za poročilo. :) Sem si kupila zdaj enega od Essencove peel off, pa je tudi zdržal dokler ha nisem olupila. Samo na začetku sem morala počakat, da se res dobro posuši. Bom pa mogoče preizkusila še te od Catrice, sploh tega zlatega. Ta zlata je res perfekten odtenek :).