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This time I mostly have products that I purchased or repurchased. There are also some that I bought specifically for my seaside holiday. Also included are some interesting new PR products that you can already find in stores.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion

I love using good humectants, especially hyaluronic acid under my regular moisturizers to get the maximum hydrating effect. My skin is usually combination, more normal in the winter time, but I still think hydration is key with any type of skin. I've been using The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, but I really wanted something lighter in texture for the summer. So I read a lot about this Hada Labo version and when Mateja also talked about it, I decided to get it from Ebay. 

It's transparent, non fragranced, almost watery type of lotion or you can even think of it as tonic. Supposedly, it contains four versions of hyaluronic acid. The Ordinary version is much more viscose and thicker, while this one by Hada Labo literally feels like slightly thicker water. It absorbs much faster and feels like nothing on the skin. I definitely think it made a difference with hydrating my skin and I didn't notice it clogging my pores. It's super light and perfect for summer time or those with combination and oily skin. Usually I use it after toner and before moisturizer. 

I got 30 ml version, which looks tiny, but you really just need two drops of this. I've had it for about two months and I didn't even use half of it. Original size comes in a huge bottle, so this will last you for a long time. Well worth the money, although I might try some other Asian versions next. 

Nivea Moisturizing Micellar Shampoo*

This was one of those surprising Nivea products that really impressed me. I even featured it in my July favorites. It's a transparent gel type of texture that leathers really well. It's formulated without silicons, parabens and dyes. Micellar claim should mean that it cleans the hair well and nourishes your scalp as well as hair lengths. I like it so much, because it cleans my hair well, but doesn't make them ultra smooth. I have fine hair, so I like a bit of grip and volume and this shampoo gives it to me, but still cleans it well and makes my hair feel moisturized. I also didn't notice my hair getting greasy quicker, which can sometimes happen with those shampoos intended for dry hair. The scent is fresh and almost a bit sleepy soothing, which I also really like. The fact that this comes in a huge 400 ml bottle for about 3€ with pop up top is another plus. This has really impressed me among the drugstore shampoos and I might even repurchase it.

Nivea LE Fabulous Hibiscus Care Shower*

This is another Nivea product that I loved. It's a pink colored gel formula. I especially liked it, because it had a nice greasy slip to it. Which meant that it didn't dry out my skin, like most perfumed shower gels tend to do. It almost left a bit of nourishing layer on my skin which wasn't oily in any way. The scent reminded me of cranberries with added herbal layer which should be hibiscus. I believe it was limited edition, but you might still find it in stores.

Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask Snail

I've had Ceramide and Hyaluronic Acid versions of those Etude House sheet masks before, but then I read about Snail version on Mateja's blog, so I got it the next time it was on sale on Jolse. Two to be exact. I'm preparing a separate review only about Asian sheet masks that I have tried so far, so I won't go into details now. But it's a fairly thin sheet mask with a nice fit and I like the essence. It felt hydrating and nourishing. I only used one of them and it was when I came from holiday and was breaking out heavily. Snail is supposedly great for healing the skin. 

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask

This is a repurchase, as I've had it before, but didn't write a separate review yet. Again, I also heard about this mask from Mateja. It also has fairly thin sheet, floral scent and it's the best, if you're looking for something really brightening. This definitely evened and brightened my skin tone. The effect was quite amazing, although it does fade after a while.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti-shine Dry Touch Gel-Cream

I've been seeing this one on other blogs and since I always had the Fluid Ultra-Light version and thought the finish was a bit too sheeny, I decided to get this one. I don't like it at all. The formula is very thick and very white. It is so difficult to spread it and I feel like I just end up using more product, because I can spread it all over. It has more of a matte finish, that's for sure, but because it's so thick, it feels much heavier than the ultra light liquid version. I have to use it now, because it was expensive, but I will not repurchase it. 

DM Sun Dance Aloe Vera Apres Gel

This is a hydrating after sun gel and I bought it for my holiday. I chose this version because of the huge 300 ml size and the ingredients list, which has aloe vera on the second place right after water. Most of the aloe vera after sun lotions had everything else in, but the actual aloe vera. It has pump on the top, which makes it very easy to use. Formula is gel like, slightly green colored and it spreads with ease. It soaks in fast, but leaves a bit of sticky feel to it which stays for a while. The scent is fresh and almost herbal. I still use it as my regular body lotion. You'll like this one, if you hate greasy feel on the skin and just want something that is hydrating, but unseen on the skin.

DM Balea Professional After Sun Shampoo Spülung 2in1

I get this version of shampoo each year for my seaside holiday. It's shampoo and conditioner in one. I like it, because it really cleans my salty hair and it makes them soft and smooth. It leathers really well and has nice sweet scent. This is super cheap, so I don't feel guilty slathering this on every evening while trying to wash out the salt. 

Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze SPF 30

Nivea is my usual go to for body SPF, because I like their textures. Sometimes, I get DM Balea versions too. This year, I opted for this one, while I usually had the oily version. But that one felt a bit too shiny on me and I always got burnt. In my head, shiny oily layer was to blame, since shine attracts sun. So I got milky version this year and I felt like it protected better, although I still got some burns. White milky texture was easy to spread and it felt nicely moisturizing too, but not greasy. It sank into the skin well and I wasn't left with any white masks. Nivea also improved their sun screens to prevent staining of clothes and I definitely think it worked. Usually my black swimsuits were grey by the end of the holiday, but not this time.

I've already reviewed this. It's basically a peel off glitter nail polish that peels off in one layer. This is a lovely taupe gold shade that almost looks slightly pink toned in certain lights. 

I've also already posted review of all of these products. Matt concealer has great coverage and matte finish. I actually got two shades (another one is on other photo down below). It's great drugstore priced concealer. I love Essence lip liners in general and these are just as good. great creamy formula and nice wearable colors. I was most impressed with Melted Chrome eyeshadows, because the pigmentation is amazing and it has that proper metallic sheen. 

I buy these ever since Catrice came out with them. It's my constant purchase, because I love the shade range. Usually I get 020 Date With Ash-ton which is a nice grey based medium brown, but I decided to get one of the new shades too. 045 Never Be ASHamed is that proper really grey medium brown. It's much more grey than it is brown. It's also the most similar to my natural brow color, but because I have warm colored hair, I usually go with something warmer. The formula of these is creamy, but also a bit harder. You can use this to quickly fill or color in your entire brow. 

Another repurchase. This is the best covering concealer I have tried so far. It could come in a bigger size, but I love this for under the eyes, because I don't have to constantly build it up to cover everything. It's slightly thicker in formula and dries down to a matte finish. 

I already had this version and I liked it so much that I repurchased it again. It's a great spray that has milky white texture, but doesn't leave any white marks on my clothes. It has a nice floral powdery scent to it and doesn't irritate my skin, because it also doesn't contain any alcohol. I really like this LE packaging. 

Zoeva 110 Face Shape Brush

I got this one mostly because Lisa Eldridge always use it to blend out foundation. This is actually very small brush and I don't like using it for foundation, because it's time consuming, unless you have a light coverage foundation that spreads easily. But I absolutely love this for applying liquid highlighter. It fits that space perfectly and blends it out nicely. I also like this for cream blush or blending out cream contour. You could also use it to blend out concealer. In general Zoeva has super soft good quality bristles and I like them for that.

I already reviewed these two and I like them both. Dewy-ful Lips is like a lip gloss, liquid lipstick and lip balm hybrid. It's the most comfortable formula ever and it gives you just enough coral color. I adore it. Brow mascara is just as nice. It has really small wand that brushes your hair nicely and really fills in your brows. This is great for those quick makeup looks when you just don't have time to use three products on your brows.

It's rare that I repurchase foundation. I'll only do it, if I really like it and I love this one. So I repurchased it. This is probably my favorite summer foundation, because it's liquid in texture, feels lightweight on the skin, but still gives you nice medium coverage and satin matte finish. 

Nivea Make-up Care Expert Hydra Primer Make Up Base*

Nivea is extending its range on all sides of spectrum. I was curious to see them come out with a primer. It's actually like a hydrating moisturizer with some silicon smoothing primer properties. It looks like a regular white colored light cream, but once you start to massage it in, you feel that ultra smooth silicon feel that most primer have. Only this one feels moisturizing as well. It absorbs very quickly and has strong perfumed scent to it. I haven't used it enough to report how I like it, but the texture so far is nice and I feel like I would love this in the winter. 

These are all repurchases. As much as I love Eyebrow Stylist, I also love Slim'matic version for going in on those bolder spots and for perfecting the edges. It's very creamy which means I use it up quickly, but it also has nice pigmentation and the color is just grey enough. I also repurchased one of my all time favorite nude lip liner shades - 030 Addicted to Cafe Au Lait. It's the perfect light peach pink nude shade that has creamy formula and matte finish. I really like this shade range.

Nivea Hyaluron Cellular Filler Intensive Treatment Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid*

As I've mentioned in the beginning, hyaluronic acid is becoming one very popular ingredient. Nivea made their own version of hyaluronic acid treatment. In the box you get two ampules of the treatment that should last your for 2 weeks, so each ampule for one week. You're suppose to use it in the morning and evening before your regular moisturizer to boost hydrating effects. This should help the production of skin's own hyaluronic acid and collagen as well as hydrate the skin. Obviously hydrating effect also helps with minimizing wrinkles and fine lines. I've started testing this right away and I put Hada Labo version on the side for now. So far I can tell you that this is milky white liquid that has some slip to it. It feels a bit nourishing on the skin and is not as light as Hada Labo version, but it sinks in well and it also has perfumed soothing scent to it. I'll report back on it when I use up both ampules. 

Noelle Makeup Brush Case and Noelle Makeup Brush 19

I saw this brand when I was in Varaždin (Croatia) and because it was so inexpensive, I decided to try some. When you say to me, pick a brush, I usually go with the one that looks like blending brush, because I just feel there's never enough of these. This one is called simply 19 and it's super soft. I want it to be slightly denser, because now it feels a bit flimsy on the lid. I can't use this in the crease, but it's almost a bit too fluffy for blending too. I have to play with it more to see how it works best. However, I love that brush case. It's well made, feels sturdy and the material is nice too. I got it in light pink color. It closes on the sides and when you open it, you can store your brushes in it. I find the size to be perfect for all those basic essentials.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Contouring Palette Contour - Dulce De Leche

I was also excited to find a full stand of Wet n Wild products in Varaždin. We don't have that brand in physical stores here and I've always wanted to see some products in person. Unfortunately, there were no testers. I remembered Kathleenlight raving about this particular shade and even though it looked suspiciously warm in the store, I still got it. I don't like it. Contour shade is too warm for my liking and it has a ton off kick up. It also doesn't blend well. I expected something much better. But the highlight shade is really nice. It also has a lot of kick up, but it actually brightens up my under eyes nicely. I mostly got it for the contour though, so I'm kind of sad it doesn't work. I'll try to work with it a bit more. 

Balea Straffende Hydrogel Gesichts Maske (Hydrogel Face Mask)

I've seen these in DMs before and I loved the design, but never got them, because previous versions disappointed me. But then Mateja wrote about it and decided to try it. I got the black lace face version. So far, I've only had sheet masks, so this hydrogel formula was new to me. 

It has protective plastic layer on both sides of the hydrogel, although my still got wrinkly in the bag. The mask has two parts, one for the nose and forehead and one for the chin and lip. Gel is very slippery and the essence almost drips down which means the mask was slowly sliding down from my face too. But you just place it back up and it's good, although annoying little. It has gorgeous black lace design. Eye and lip holes are too big for my personal taste, but the width and nose length fit well. 

Essence is transparent and lightweight. It feels hydrating and looks just slightly viscose. On the skin it felt soothing and cooling. After I took it off, my skin was slightly tacky, it looked brighter and more even toned. I had a slight sheen on my skin. This is definitely moisturizing as well as a bit nourishing. As the essence was fully drying down, I did feel my skin tightening a bit, but in general the look of the skin was lovely. I would definitely repurchase it. It was said to be LE, but one of my Instagram followers Eliza informed me that in Germany it's now in stock permanently, so I'm assuming it will be in the regular range here too.


  1. Super, da ti Hada Labo ustreza :) Meni se zdi odličen deal glede na to koliko se porabi in kako velika je embalaža. Sama sem pa ravno naročila Cezanne High Moist Lotion, ki je tudi v ogromni embalaži. Odkar mi ga je zmanjkalo, moja koža ni več tako čista in zdrava kot je bila.

    Ta Wet n Wild Contoring palette sem imela tudi jaz (mogoče ga še imam, ne vem kaj sem že predala naprej) in mi ni bila kaj dosti všeč. Contour odtenek, kot praviš, je pretopel, čeprav je bila tudi meni highlight stran v redu, ampak takih stvari ne uporabljam vsak dan.

    Fino, da so v Nemčiji dodali te maske v redno ponudbo. Hydrogel jih je dobro uspel, samo malo morajo še spremenit formulo ali pa vsaj dodati še kakšno :)

    1. Ja, embalaža je res ogromna. Formula mi je všeč, ker je res tako lahka na koži. Za poletje je bila super. Cezanne sem jaz tudi želela preizkusit. Pa mislim, da nimajo mini variant. Moram malo pogooglat.

      Jaz sem pričakovala res neko boljšo kvaliteto. Me je presenetilo kako se praši in odtenek je absolutno pretopel. Zdaj ne vem, če imajo v ZDA drugačno verzijo, nič mi ni jasno :/. Jaz tudi ne uporabljam highlight strani vedno, zdaj malo bolj, če imam kdaj pretemno podlago, pa s tem malo posvetlim določene dele.

      Mogoče bodo pri nas tudi. S tistim čistilnim oljem so tudi potem nekaj mečkali sem in tja, pa je zdaj nazaj v prodaji. Verjetno čisto odvisno od tega koliko prodajo. Sploh ni slaba ta maska. Pa še izgled je fantastičen :).