Review: Avon Mark Gel Shine Nail Enamel - Chrome and Holographic

Avon's Gel Shine is my favorite nail polish range from them. I love the shade selection as well as creamy and not too thick formula. They often times expend their ranges and the same happened a few months ago. They've added new chrome shades as well as some that they describe as mermaid vibes.


Their nail polishes come in square glass bottles with white plastic tops. They all have a bit longer and thinner straight cut brushes. In each is 10 ml of product and it the regular price is 6.50€.

Avon Mark Gel Shine - Holographic Capture

This one is part of the 6 new shades that Avon describes as mermaid vibes. It's called Holographic Capture and it has silver metallic base with holographic shine. The shine is much more visible under the sunlight. Photos doesn't do it justice. It's such an interesting look. Formula is more of a liquid and it's actually slightly more transparent than their regular Gel Shine nail polishes. But two coats give you opaque color.


The rest of those 6 nail polishes are part of their Chrome line. They will give you that metallic look with lots of chrome shine to it, because they all contain tiny shimmer. The formula is again sheerer than their regular nail polishes, although two coats should be enough to cover the nails completely.


I find these to last above average. For me this means 4 to 5 days. In general, all Avon Gel Shine nail polishes have descent wear without chipping too quickly. 

Avon Mark Gel Shine - Contrast Boost

Light turquoise with golden shine to it. It's one of the more interesting shades in the range, because it's cooler base with a warm shine. 

Avon Mark Gel Shine - Golden Eyes

Light yellow gold with cooler silver sheen. It almost looks like it has a tint of green to it.

Avon Mark Gel Shine - Overintensified

Medium electric emerald green. It reminds me of those emerald colored bugs. I actually really like this color, because it's unique in my collection. 

Avon Mark Gel Shine - Pop Art

Medium electric blue. This is again one of my favorites. It looks very similar to Electric Blue shade from their Neon collection, but is in fact lighter blue and not as deep. 

Avon Mark Gel Shine - Sparkle Lens

Light antique gold color that has unique mix of silver and gold. It's again one of those unique shades that looks so interesting once the sun hits it. 

Avon Mark Gel Shine - Exposure Boost

Medium electric purple. The base is more of a warm pink, but shimmer in it gives you that cooler blue purple sheen. 

I am not big on chrome or metallic nail trend, that's why I usually apply matte top coat over these kind of shades and then it looks much prettier in my eyes. Shimmer base gives so much dimension to the matte top coat. If you like this kind of look, these are definitely worth checking out. Some shades are pretty standard, but some actually look unique. My favorite has to be that holographic one, because I love the rainbow shine to it. The formula is fairly easy to work with, just keep in mind you'll need at least two coats to cover the nail. Price is also fairly affordable, just wait for a good offer.

*Products were sent to me.

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