August 2018 Favorites

August has left the building and so has summer. I'm finishing this post on a rainy afternoon, but my favorites are still very much connected to those hot summery days. I mostly have some new products that have impressed me this month, but also some that have been in my stash patiently waiting to be used again.


I've been using this since March, but I used this about every second or third day, because I forgot to be honest. In July I started using it every single evening. You can use it in the evening and in the morning, but I only used it in the evening. I noticed my lashes becoming longer after about two months of occasional use and I still use it, even though one bottle should last you about a month or two. I'll soon write a full review of this lash growth serum, but it works. Everyone started noticing my lashes being really long and I love it, even though I was a big skeptic at first.

This is surprisingly better than I expected. If you're in a rush, you can just apply this through your brows and it gives you color, fills them in, makes them look thicker and brushes them up. It doesn't cover bold spots, but if you have good natural brows, this might be the only product you need. It also lasts well and doesn't make your brows look too unnatural or crispy looking. 

Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow 143

Here and there I crave something colorful and this shadow in shade 143 has been doing it for me this month. It's super vibrant warm toned purple that just looks so good matched with brown eyes. I've always loved purple eyeshadows and Colourpop formula is amazing. Really good pigmentation and easy to blend as well as build up.

Avon Mark Magix HD Finishing Powder

I started using this powder a while ago and then I stopped, but now came back to it. It's transparent loose powder that is finely milled and looks like nothing on the skin. You can set your makeup with it, make it more matte and even bake. I've been doing some baking myself, because I get really oily on my T zone on those sweaty hot summer days and it worked fine. It's not super mattifying, but it helps to prevent sebum for a while. I like that it's so lightweight and it doesn't change the color of my base products.

The brush that I've been loving applying powder with is this Ecotools define brush that is part of their Define & Highlight Duo. It's just the perfect shape to fit under the eyes as well and it has very soft bristles. It deserved to be mentioned, because I didn't put it down ever since I got it. If you want something affordable, but very nice quality, Ecotools is the way to go.

Unfortunately, Essence discontinued this highlight a while ago and I will never understand why. It's one of those understated formulas that looks so good once you apply it, but the swatch is just average. It gives beautiful slightly cooler sheen to the skin without any visible shimmer and it looks natural, yet glowy. In those hot summer days a full on highlighter is clashing with my sebum production, so I've been loving something a bit more subtle like this gem from Essence. I also have a bit of tan so the color suits me better now.

I prefer to use shimmery blushes in summer, because they somehow look better with a bit of tan and give you more of that sun kissed glow. It also serves as a highlighter without the need of adding another highlight on top to make things look even greasier. This one by theBalm is that typical pink shade with golden shimmer that gives you color and makes your cheeks look juicy.

Another favorite shimmery blush is Luminoso which I use all year around. It's the perfect peach shade with golden sheen, but the sheen is less obvious than with the Hot Mama. It's my favorite choice for basic warm makeup looks. The formula just looks flawless without too much effort of needing to be careful to blend.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

I got this, because apparently it's the best setting spray and I wondered, if this would make my makeup stay intact for longer and it does. It has super fine mist, which I'm not used to, since all my previous products have poorer spritzes. The scent is kind of weird and most describe it as old clothes, but I don't mind it that much. It sets makeup nice and really gets rid of the powder residue, but it also tightens your face because of the alcohol. I find that this definitely prolongs the wear of my makeup, but even in the hottest summer days, it doesn't make it look flawless for the entire day. Still, it's the best setting spray I have had so far.

Ever since I got it, I can't put it down. Partly also because my lips are feeling dry again and this is so soothing. It feels ultra comfortable, gives me enough color to pass as a liquid lipsticks and holds on like a good lip gloss. It also nourishes my lips while wearing it, so they never feel dry. Color is that perfect wearable coral that goes with pretty much anything. Oh and it smells like caramel which I love.

I got this mini travel size eau de parfum in Avon beauty box and I fell in love with this scent from the start. It's their newest addition to Far Away range (which btw had one of my all time favorite perfumes - Far Away Exotic) and it's called Rebel. I would describe it as fruity sweet fragrance that has strong notes of black currant and finishes with sweet chocolate and toffee. If you're a sweet perfume lover, you will love this one. It's right up my alley and I feel like those colder days are making me reach for those sweeter scents even more.

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