Review: Urban Decay The Ultimate Pair 1993 (Lipstick and Lip Pencil)

I got this Urban Decay The Ultimate Pair 1993 set as a gift by lovely Astrid in the beginning of this year, but I was saving review for colder months, since the color is perfect for this season. I have to say I only tried Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and recently their All Nighter Setting Spray, but this set I also really enjoyed, so I would love to try out some more of their products.


The set includes matching lip pencil and lipstick. It comes in a box and I believe those sets are always around the holiday season, I’m not sure if they’re in the regular range too. I don't know what the price of the set is, but it’s definitely more affordable than if you buy each product separately. Lipsticks costs round 20€ and lip pencils around 17€.

Packaging of the lip liner is in the color of the product and it’s quite accurate. It has silver details. Lipstick has gunmetal shiny packaging with golden bottom. It’s a chic design, simplistic, yet somewhat luxurious looking. The attention to detail is also nice, an embossed UD design on the lipstick.


Lip pencil has smooth formula that is nicely creamy and glides on the lips like a dream. I think it’s just creamy enough to apply easier and it doesn’t drag on the lips, but it’s not moving all around either. It’s a slightly sheerer formula, but as you go over it a few times it becomes opaque and has a matte finish.

Lipstick is very much a proper creamy formula that glides on the lips with such ease. It’s definitely more pigmented than lip pencil and gives you good color payoff, but still has a hint of transparency in it, so it’s not one swipe opaque look, which I prefer. I usually go over the lips a few times just to get it even. It says to be comfort matte finish, but this is definitely creamy finish and not matte at all. After some wear time it loses a bit of the sheen, but it’s still not what I would call proper matte.


Color of lip pencil and lipstick match perfectly, but are not exactly the same in tone. Lip pencil is slightly warmer almost more copper toned while the lipstick is a bit darker and more brown. It’s a warm brown that screams 90s and is the perfect shade for fall. I find a hint of brick base in it, slightly copper yet also red toned. If you apply several coats it tends to look darker, that is especially the case with lipstick. On me it usually looks quite dark, it’s medium brown on me.


MAC Velvet Teddy - this is the lightest brown. It's more of a pink brown and could almost pass as a nude shade on medium skin tones.
Avon Mark Plump It Lipstick Choco Latte - this one is also more warm toned and has that pinkish slightly peachy warm base to it. It's also lighter.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Berlin - the darkest brown that has again that warm base to it, but it's more similar because of that proper chocolate tone. It's just too warm and a bit too dark.


Lip pencil can be a bit drying on my lips, because it’s a proper matte formula. It has good lasting power. Lipstick is not as long lasting as lip pencil, but on my dry lips it sticks on well. However, the shade is quite dark, so this is definitely not the best budge proof formula for such color. But it is very comfortable which I consider as a big plus, just don’t get it, if you want a matte lipstick. I find that they both wear off normal like most such products, disappearing in the inner rim of the lips first.

I love the color selection of those products, browns are one of my favorites, especially for fall. This one is already a bit dark, but I can always sheer it out. Lip pencil is proper matte, has really nice smooth formula and is good for outlining, but I wouldn’t wear it on its own, as it’s a bit too drying for me personally. Lipstick has lovely creamy formula that can be applied sheerer or build up for a more opaque look. I have no problems with these two products, they are definitely good quality. The design is really pretty too. But that being said, I am a firm believer that you can find good quality lip products in drugstore range as well. It’s up to you what you want to spend money on. 


  1. Ti odtenki so po mojem okusu :D Super ocena, slike, swatchi, kot vedno :)

    1. Ti vem, da si ljubiteljica rjavih odtenkov :). Se mi zdi, da nas ni veliko. Hvala :) <3