Fall Orange Nail Art (Collaboration with Katja Nail2express)

I finally got back to doing more nail designs. Part of the reason is also me going to nail courses, because it's another field that I want to better myself in. Today's nail art is in collaboration with Katja who writes Nail2express blog. Her blog is all about nails - nail art, nail polish reviews and some really useful nail tips. Definitely check it out, she will help you find inspiration for your next manicure. I personally admire her stamping nail designs, I've tried this once and gave up on it. It's harder than it seems.

We've decided to collaborate on a specific nail polish color - fall orange. I had particular shade in mind right away, which is my absolute favorite fall nail polish shade, so I decided to challenge my drawing skills yet again and created fall inspired design.

I started by applying my favorite muddy orange nail polish on two nails and on the other three I used pale grey. I wanted orange to stand out, but didn't want it to be all about it. Then I used black and white acrylic paint - just your ordinary crafts paint. I tried to create what I thought would be plaid design. Plaid shirts are one of my favorite clothing for fall time. It was the first time that I drew with acrylic paint on myself, so it was a bit messy. Not to mention it was even harder to replicate that design with my non-dominant hand, but I'm like that, always have to match both hands.

On the middle finger I decided to draw fox. Fox is one of the animals that has the best colored fur in my opinion, but then again, I am biased, since I love copper hair. I used the same orange shade as the base on the other two and acrylic white as well as black to draw in some details. Not much of a tutorial here, I was winging it.

On the rest of grey based nails I drew fall leaves.  For that I used acrylic paint again, just because it was easier to manipulate. Nail polish dries too quick and can get thicker looking. I only have basic blue, yellow and red acrylic paints, but I mix it to create desired colors. 

Manicure was finished by cleaning up the skin around my nails and applying a fast drying shiny top coat. Unfortunately, I smudged a bit of my plaid design on one of the nails. I realized I had to apply top coat thicker and make sure for the brush not to touch the design or I'll smudge it. I was also in a rush, so drying your acrylic nail design before going over it with a top coat is advised.

Products used:
Avon Gel Shine Nail Enamel - Marmalady (orange)
Avon Gel Shine Nail Enamel - Head In Clouds (pale grey)
Acrylic Paints - white, black, blue, yellow, red
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

If you can see what I was trying to draw, then I did my job well. Obviously, there's always room for improvement, but that's the beauty in everything. I'm sure you're wondering what fall orange shade Katja used, so check out her manicure. I think this kind of shade is so unique for fall, but is probably not as popular. Let me know, if you like these kind of orange nail polish shades for fall.


  1. No temu se reče free hand nail art v pravem pomenu besede! <3