Snowflake Sparkle Nails

I believe, I didn't make any snowflake manicure on my blog yet. There's a first time for everything. Searching for some inspiration on Pinterest, I noticed that snowflakes are the most popular design for winter. I decided to make pastel blue and silver version. Making the base color matte also made a huge difference in this design looking even more sparkly to contrast glittery snowflakes. 

I used my regular nail therapy as a base coat and then applied two coats od pastel blue shade. This one is a stunner and one of my all time favorite nail polish shades. Then I applied regular shiny top coat over it and over that one a matte top coat. I let it dry in between the layers a bit. 

For the snowflakes I used striping brush and mixed two of the sparkly glittery nail polishes. One is more of a holographic shimmery nail polish and the other one has bigger different sized silver glitters. I mixed them up to get more dimension and different sizes of glitter. Then I drew on those snowflakes by just drawing crossing lines. I did about two on one nail. These are extremely simplistic snowflakes. Without any details, so it's very easy to create by hand.

I also took dotting tool and created a few dots to introduce some additional sparks in this manicure. Snowflakes are only on thumb, middle and ring finger. For no particular reason. Design looks cleaner this way and there isn't too much going on. 

I especially like the contrast between matte colored base and sparkle on those glittery snowflakes. I think it makes it look more interesting than applying shiny top coat over it all. 

Products used:
Evelin 8 in 1 Total Action Intensive Nail Conditioner
Avon Mark Gel Shine Nail Enamel - Rain Washed
Essence Effect Nail Polish - 21 icy fairy
Essence Holo Rainbow Nail Polish - 01 hello holo
Jessica Brilliance High Gloss in a Flash
Kiko Matte Effect Top Coat


  1. Super izgleda <3 Rain Washed je super odtenek za take zimske vzorce :)

    1. Hvala <3 Rain Washed je res perfekten za zimske dizajne. Ta odtenek je res nekaj posebnega :).