New In (20)

Another post of few new bits that I received or bought. It's a mix of few staple repurchases as well as some new products that caught my eye. You'll find a short review of each.

Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow - 01 zinc about you

I already have 02 ironic color and I knew I'll go back for more. This time I got 01 zinc about you which is cool mauve. I already talked about how super creamy this formula feels and how amazingly pigmented it is. It goes on like butter and gives you very intense metallic sheen. 01 zinc about you contains a lot of small silver shimmers, much more than 02 ironic. These also wear lovely, but if you have oily lids, definitely use some primer underneath it. If you're looking for really pigmented metallic drugstore priced eyeshadows, these are definitely great.

I used a mix of Colourpop Yes Please peach and browns with pinks from She palette in the crease. 01 zinc about you is on the inner part of the lid.

This is a repurchase. I still have half of one, but it's so glowy and so glossy that I had to get a backup as soon as possible. It's the most reflective highlighter for fair to light skin tones ever and the formula is creamy, but turns powdery on the skin.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Birthday Wish

I have shade Birthday Girl, but it's discontinued. Colourpop makes a birthday shadow every year on their birthday and this year it's called Birthday Wish. I hoped it would be similar to Birthday Girl, but it's not. It's much lighter grey beige base with a lot of purple pink shimmer in it. Birthday Girl has more of a silver gold shimmer in it. I love these kind of shades as toppers on top of other shades or for that shimmer on the lid. Their formula is superb. 

Colourpop Pressed Shadow Glass Bull

When it comes to Colourpop most popular shadows, Glass Bull is one of them. Everyone raves about it and how glass like it looks on the lids as well as how it reflects different shades in different color combinations. I've already tested it out and it's definitely unique. I'll have a full review on soon. But it's very creamy for pressed shadow. It has redish brown base with a blue green duochrome sheen. It's one of those tranformers that looks slightly different with different color combinations. 

This is one of my favorite foundations and it's a repurchase. Tuš Drogerija often times has them 40% off and I like to stock up then. Probably one of the best coverage drugstore foundation and the shade range is also nice.

Another repurchase. It's my favorite mascara of all time. I like its silicon wand which combs through my lashes and gives them volume, definition as well as length. I never have problems with it smudging or falling down, even though it's not a waterproof formula. 

Ecotools Sheer Finish Blush Brush

I've spoken many times about Ecotools brushes and how much I like their quality. I had a chance and got two more. This is a blush brush that has slightly rounded bristles. They are more sparse which makes them great for applying a sheer wash of blush. I really like it for blush, because I personally don't like pigmented blush look. Those soft sparse bristles apply blush in a very sheer way, but you can always build it up. I think this was another great investment.

Ecotools Blending & Bronzing Brush

This is also one of those stippling looking shaped brushes. The bristles are soft, but a bit more spars and rounded on the top. I've tried to bronze with this, but the bristles are too short, which makes for harsher application than I usually like with bronzer. I have tried to apply foundation with it and it works great. It blends it out well and applies it fairly sheer. I like this for quick base application more than bronzer or powdery products. 

Deborah Milano Trio Contouring Palette 01

I've been on a hunt for a good contour product. It's so hard to find something drugstore priced and good in tone for light skin tones. When it comes to contour, I like something more grey based, because it creates a natural looking shadow. You can't contour with bronzer, at least with most of them you can't. This color range seemed perfect in store and I still love the colors. Highlighter is meh, very natural looking but with a pinkish sheen to it. Lighter contour shade is actually very light and grey based. I really like it, almost a bit too fair for my skin tone right now. The second darkest contour shade is already a bit too dark for me, so I usually mix them both together. The finish has a bit of natural sheen to it, but is not shiny in any way. I only hate the blend, because it can look a bit patchy. If the formula would blend better, this would be great.

e.l.f. Contour Palette

In hopes of getting a good contour shade for me, I also bought this contouring palette from e.l.f. It turns out this is more of a bronzer palette for me. Let's start with the pale yellow gold highlight shade which has tiny shimmer in it. It's nice, but nothing special. I'm used to more reflective highlighters. The brightening banana powder shade is almost a bit too dark for my pale skin tone. What I thought would be a nice pale contour shade is actually quite warm and it's a lovely light bronzer shade, but definitely no grey base in it. The darkest contour shade is already more on the grey side, but also too dark for my skin tone. Quality of powders is lovely and they blend much nicer than Deborah palette and they look more even on the skin too. I wish there was at least one pale grey based shade in it.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighter Powder Precious Petals

I've seen this shade being compared to Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal and apparently the quality is nice in general. Since I saw it in one of the stores, it was stuck in my mind. Truthfully, I could do without. It's a lovely golden shade with a bit of that coral undertone, but it suits me best when I have a tan. I knew it might be too dark for my skin tone. This will definitely look best on medium skin tones, but you can apply it lightly on light skin tone too. It gives lovely sheen that doesn't have any visible shimmers and almost looks a bit metallic. 

Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush Rose Champagne

The shade Apri-Cot in the Middle is one of my favorites for when I want that glowy blush shade, so I wanted another shade. Rose Champagne suggested that it would be a more rosy blush, but it's in fact a proper pale yellow orange. In fact, this could easily be worn as a highlighter on medium to dark skin tones, that's how light it is. Apri-Cot in the Middle is that proper pink peach shade with gold sheen, while Rose Champagne is very light in tone and looks very orange peachy with less obvious golden sheen. It almost looks too light on my skin tone, but I have a feeling it will look just right when I get a bit paler. Formula is lovely and blends nice. 

Ebelin Sharpener

Ebelin updated their sharpener packaging. The old one has transparent plastic closing which fell off all the time. New one has silicon like plastic closing and it even closes down the actual sharpening holes. It's basically heaven for carrying with or for working makeup artist. There's nothing more annoying than your sharpener spilling all over your makeup bag. It can be used for small and bigger pencils.

Look by Bipa Makeup Egg Holder

You can get these in most kitchen wear departments as egg holders. But I saw this one in pink and decided to get it. I have more than one makeup sponge and hate putting it down on regular surfaces. It feels dirty and doesn't dry out evenly on all sides. But this is great for drying your makeup sponges as well as just holding them.

This is my absolute favorite top coat and it has been for years. It gives you amazing shine and prolongs your manicure for the longest of all top coats I have tried so far. It only has one negative aspect, formula gets thicker as the time goes on and can therefore shrink your base nail polishes that you put it over. 

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer - 005 Light Natural and 020 Light Beige

These two are also repurchase. I really like this concealer formula and always have some in my stash. It's got nice coverage, but feels slightly hydrating, so it never looks too cakey or too dry on your skin. It's especially nice for drier under eye area. Catrice knows how to make some good base products and I hope these will stay for a while.

Catrice Lash Brow Mascara

I've had this transparent brow mascara already, so it's also a repurchase. It's just a basic transparent gel that you can brush your brows through. I find that it gives you descent hold, but is definitely not something that will make your brows stay that way for the whole day. It's just nice for adding texture and shaping them.

Balea Med Duschgel Mit Allantoin

This is my favorite body wash gel for winter or whenever my skin is very sensitive. It's the most gentle drugstore version I could find so far and it doesn't irritate my skin. If you have problems with very dry or itchy skin, you will like it. Scent is also very gentle. 

Ebelin Nail Polish Remover

I constantly repurchase these, because the price is good and it's not too harsh on my nails. It's a nail polish remover, there's not much more I can say about it. Does the job.

Balea Erfrischendes Wash Gel

Another repurchase and my favorite face wash. It has gentle enough ingredients and neutral pH plus it's very affordable. 

Balea White Chocolate Shampoo

I buy Balea shampoos for washing my makeup brushes, or any cheap shampoo really. This one is Limited Edition and very affordable. I was intrigued by the white chocolate scent. It smells a bit of white chocolate, but almost reminds me more of those white chocolate bread spreads, like their is some vanilla in it. It's a basic shampoo and I don't use it for hair, so I can't say more about it.

Balea Rasier Schaum Fruity Kiss

This is also a repurchase. I like Balea shaving gels, because they create nice foam, last fairly long and are cheap. They constantly have limited edition scents. This one should smell of red berries and grapefruit. It's a very sweet fruity scent reminiscent of Softies chewing candy. 

DM Denk Mit Hygiene Spray Desinfektion

It's a spray that helps you disinfect any surfaces that may gather harmful microorganisms. I use it to clean my desk, makeup storage and such. It helps to eliminate any bacteria. It also has refreshing scent to it. 

Catrice LE Malaikaraiss Cream to Powder Bronzer C01 Bronze Sugar

This was a surprising found in Austrian DM and because it was half price, I got it. I've always wanted to try out some creamy bronzer for those quick "no-makeup" makeup looks. It turns out this is really nice color for light skin tone. It has that grey undertone that makes it great for contouring. There is no orange tint to it, but it just gives you that slight color and dept to your face. Formula is harder, but blends with fingers well. It makes it difficult to apply with the brush, because you have to really get in the pot, but it looks lovely on the skin. Cream products tend to wear off quicker on my face and this one does too, but it can also look a bit patchy, which I was not a fan off. Maybe it was just my sweaty skin that was the problem. 

Yves Saint Laurent Tatouage Couture Matte Stain 23

I won this product in a giveaway from Notino. It's apparently a popular formula of matte lipstick that looks more like a stain rather than a proper heavy matte liquid lip. I love their applicator, because the shape allows you to create perfect edges. It looks like a water down version, but also like a creamy type of stain. I absolutely love the look and finish of it, because it gives you even color, but looks more like a stain than a crusty heavy liquid lip. It needs a bit more time to dry down. On the lips it feels lightweight, but is by no means moisturizing, although it's also not as drying as some heavy matte liquid lipsticks usually are. I chose shade 23 because it looked most wearable. It's a nice pinky brown that will suit many skin tones, but can look more warm on cooler skin tones.

Nivea Urban Skin Detox Micellar Water*

Nive has a new micellar water in their range and it's from their Detox line. 3 in 1 formula that removes makeup effectively, gently and deeply cleanses and mattifies. It contains green tea extract and no perfumes. They say you don't need to rinse it, but I would advise otherwise. It's still a cleansing product, so remove it. 

It comes in a huge plastic bottle with green Urban design. In it is 400 ml of product and it costs around 6€

It's a transparent liquid that you can use to remove makeup. I detect a very faint scent to it, but it doesn't smell like added perfume, which I like.

Unfortunately the ingredients list is less promising. Alcohol Denat is on the third place and it feels like it on the skin. I have no problems removing face makeup with it, but around the eyes, it stings and is not comfortable on my sensitive skin. Either way, I try to avoid "bad" alcohols in skin care products, especially so high on the ingredients list. I'll use this to remove the bulk of my face makeup for when I wear a lot of it, but it's definitely not sensitive skin appropriate. 

It removes makeup well, but if you have waterproof products, you'll use a lot of it to remove it all. It leaves matte finish on the skin, but as I said before, I advise washing it off anyway.

I'll stick to my Bioderma Sensibio H20.

I already have a review of those two products. I got them from Jolse for reviewing purposes and I didn't know the brand before. Formulas of both products as well as the feel on the skin surprised me. It's very sophisticated in formula, but also gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. Water Pack works like a brightening and exfoliating toner and pressed serum is like moisturizer and serum in one.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Sensitive Prebiotic Moisturizer*

La Roche-Posay is a french brand and an expert on sensitive skin. I already had some of their products and liked most of them. When it comes to sensitive skin, I definitely recommend you checking them out. This is a moisturizer without any added fragrances and alcohol. It contains glycerin for moisture, ceramides for strengthening skin's barrier, vitamin B3 for soothing and thermal La Roche-Posay water for calming irritation. In the ingredients list I also found niacinamide which is great for brightening. I've been testing some other skin care product, but now I'll get on to testing this one. So far, I love the fact that it smells of nothing, feels lightweight and is not greasy.

Deborah Milano Extra Cover 2 in 1 Foundation And Concealer 03*

I got this in the mail and I was so excited for what seemed to be high coverage foundation. Unfortunately, I got way too dark shade for my skin tone - 03. I am always the palest in most drugstore foundations, so this is not wearable on me. I did wore it a few times, but mixed with Revlon Colorstay foundation. I also swatched the shades in the drugstore. 0 is supposedly the lightest shade, but is in fact not. 01 is lighter than 0 which is super weird. I think 01 would suit my skin tone the best. There is also 02 and 04. There isn't many variety in skin tones between these 5 shades. The shade range could be much wider.

It comes in matte glass bottle with giant sponge applicator. In it is 30 ml of product and it costs around 15€.

It's a thicker formula, but has that nice silicon spread to it. Coverage is what I would call medium, because it doesn't cover red patches or pimples. It dries into a semi matte finish pretty quick. It doesn't sit in pores, which is lovely, but you can definitely see it on the skin. The finish is not the most natural looking, but then again you wouldn't expect that from foundation and concealer in one anyway. I was surprised at how well this wore. It didn't get oily too quickly and it seemed to lasted well on my skin. No weird patchiness or looking too cakey. Obviously, I was mixing it with one of my favorite foundations, so keep that in mind.

To me it seems like it has some added perfume, more powdery.

From what I could test it, I think I would really like this foundation. But again, I can't say for sure, because of the shade. But it seems to give nice coverage and doesn't look too obvious, which is all I ask from foundation. Plus it controls sebum fairly well. 


  1. Sem črtala Wet n Wild Precious Petals highlighter iz wishliste, ker če je tebi temen, potem bo tudi meni.

    YSL stain mi je zanimiv, moram takoj raziskat odtenke :D

    Ne da imam kaj proti zastopnikom Deborah (in MF), v bistvu nasprotno, ker samo pošljejo stvari brez zahtev, ampak obe sva dobili totalno pretemne odtenke, ki se jih enostavno ne da testirat. Ta mesec sem dobila 5 pretemnih pudrov, jaz ne vem kaj naj z njimi. Mislim, da bi meni ne bo nič z oceno MF Radiant Lift, za Deborah pa mogoče lahko kaj naredim z odtenkom 01, čeprav mi je precej pretemen :/ Ampak ok, me je vsaj Oriflame ta mesec pozitivno presenetil :)

    1. Jaz sem sicer pričakovala, da bo pretemen, če ga primerjajo z Opal, ampak sem vseeno mislila, da mogoče ne bo. Pa je tudi precej zlat, po mojem ti ne bi bil všeč.

      Ker vem, da nimaš problemov s suhimi ustnicami, bi ti bil YSL stain zagotovo všeč. Sem pa kar težko našča swatche na netu. Nikoli nisi prepričan, kako bo izgledal odtenek na svetli polti :D.

      Se strinjam. Vedno dobimo izdelke brez kakšnih obvez, kar je tudi meni všeč. Je pa res, da potem zelo temne odtenke res ne moreš testirat. Vsaj jaz ne, tudi z belim pudrom. Je pač preveč temen in potem je še bolj škoda, če ti je dejansko všeč, pa ni pravi odtenek. Saj po eni strani ga tudi ne moreš sto odstotno stestirat. 01 je vseeno bolj svetel, če ga malo zmešaš, pa je mogoče res nosljiv. To sem pa videla in super, da imajo tako svetle odtenke :).