My Favorite - Powders

When it comes to powders, I prefer loose transparent ones. At first there were only compact powders available in the drugstores and I remember most brands didn't have loose powders yet, let alone those transparent shades. As they become popular, drugstore brands also started to do these types and now you can find them in most local drugstores. I prefer these loose powders, because they have very fine powder particles, they blend into nothing, so you can combine them with different shades of foundations and in general look more lightweight on the skin.

I use powders to set my foundation almost all the time, maybe a bit less in the winter. I don't like sticky foundation feel, plus my T zone tends to get really oily, so I like locking it in with powder. Powder also provides a smoother base for any other powder products that I put on top and prevents my foundation to move too much.

This is definitely my favorite powder that I have tried so far. It's very fine in texture and has that typical white transparent look to it. On my skin tone it blends into nothing. I like it so much, because it seems very lightweight on the skin, never looks cakey, but sets foundation well. One of its main traits is that it absorbs sebum well. It's probably the only powder that I have tried so far that really kept my T zone matte for the longest. That being said, it gives you lovely velvet finish and never looks too much. It has a bit of floral scent to it, but it's initially meant for dry and sensitive skin and I don't get any irritation from it. 15 grams seems a small amount for 18€, but I'm just finishing it now and I've had it for one year. I think it's worth the price. 

Avon Mark Magix HD Finishing Powder

Another one of those white transparent powders that blends into nothing. It's very similar to Paese Rice Powder. Texture is again super fine and it blends out well, but does look just a bit more white than Paese. It also has that velvet feel to it and I don't find it to ever look cakey on my skin. It doesn't have any scent to it. The only difference between Paese and this one, is that this one doesn't absorbs sebum as well. I get oily on my T zone quicker, but still, it holds it back better than average powders. Packaging is again one of those sifters that you turn and it closes securely, so you don't spill any product. It contains 9 gram of product and the regular price is 11€.

Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder 001 Transparent

It's a drugstore favorite for many of those with oily skin. I have it in the so called transparent shade, but this one actually has a bit of warm nude tint to it. It's not as fine as those loose powders, that's why it can look a bit cakey, if you apply too much. I like this one, because it keeps your skin matte, but still not for as long as Paese Rice Powder. It's a great drugstore option. This one will also add a bit of additional coverage. I hate the packaging, because it has thin transparent plastic cap that gets broken very easily and then it starts to fall off the packaging. Super annoying. In it is 14 grams of product and I think the price is around 5€. 

I really haven't explored powder category much, even though it's one of those products that I use whenever I do makeup. I'm planing on getting the RCMA transparent loose powder next, because you get a huge amount and I hear it's a good basic powder for setting makeup. I'd love to try some high end versions too, like Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder and Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder.

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