My Favorite - Eyeliners, Eye Pencils, Mascaras

When it comes to eyeliners, eye pencils and mascaras I don't experiment as much as with all other types of products. When I find something that I like, I'll repurchase rather than buy something new. I'm also pretty cheap when it comes to these kind of products, because you should replace your eyeliners and mascaras after about 3 months. I don't do that with all, especially the ones that still have a lot of product in it, but I always replace mascaras, because they are the closest to my eyes.

I was never a fan of nude eye pencils in the water line, but this one changed my mind. It's the first formula that I have tried so far, that doesn't irritate my eyes. It's nicely creamy and applies without any tugging. It also stays on my waterline for the whole day. Color is slightly peachy, which matches warm skin tone well and it's not too stark of a white base. 

Another creamy kohl that is great for smudging. I love these for a soft definition around the lash line without too much effort. I usually just apply it close to the lashes and use rubber side to smudge it and wing it out in a slight angle. It's creamy enough and nicely pigmented as well. I love Intense Brown because it's slightly redish brown which matches my eye color well. 

Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner Black 

This is actually quite old and now they've changed it. It's now called The Big Gel Paint Pencil. By far, this is my favorite gel formula. It's like a gel in pencil form. Formula is really creamy, it glides on with no pressure at all and the pigmentation is amazing. Sometimes it can smudge, if you have very oily lids, but setting it with some powder can help. I love it because of the creamy and intense formula. It's a true black, great for either using it for winged liner, smudging or as a base for smoky eye.

My favorite liquid liner is this one by Clio. I have repurchased it multiple times and will probably do so in the future, if I don't find something better. I love it, because it has brush tip, which comes to a fine point. It makes it really easy to draw on thin line and thin wing. It's slightly more creamy formula, which means it doesn't spread into those little cracks. Finish is a bit satin. I like that it doesn't smudge and it stays in place for the whole day. I am also shocked at how saturated this is. I can use it for literally 6 months and it still has product in it. But it does become less opaque as it becomes older - that's why it looks sheerer on my swatches (I've had this one for a while).

Brown version is a bit less pigmented, seems sheerer. The more you layer it, the darker the color gets. It has similar formula to black. I like that it's a bit warmer brown and I like brown liquid liners when I want something slightly softer in color. It matches so well with warm fall eye looks.

I don't usually wear colored liquid liners on daily basis, but this one made the cut, because I love the color. It has thin sponge applicator. Formula is more liquid, but actually easy to work with. Pigmentation is good too, although I go over one line a few times anyway. Once it sets, it's also long lasting. I love this warm purple shade that has brown base to it. It looks great on brown eyes and the small shimmer in it gives it a bit of dimension.

This is my favorite mascara, because I love good definition as much as I like volume. It's slightly wetter formula in the beginning, but it still manages to hold the curl on my lashes. It works better as it gets older. The true star has to be silicon wand, because it really separates your lashes and coats them through the lengths. There is some added volume, but it's more about definition and a bit of length. If this mascara would give a bit more volume, it would be a total winner. Even though it's not waterproof, it never smudges on me or flakes off.

Now, if you want volume, than this is it. It's a bit thicker in formula from the beginning, which is also negative side of it, because there is so little product in European version and it dries out really fast. For that reason I only buy it, when it's like almost half price. It's just too expensive for something that dries out so fast. That being said, they're natural bristles fluffy wand coats the lashes as well as makes them look wispy and fuller. This really is one of those formulas that gives your lashes thickness and makes them look fuller, like you have more of them than you actually do. Once it becomes dry, it will flake off. But otherwise it holds my curl and stays on for the whole day. 

If you have any suggestions in this category on what you love, I would love to hear. I don't have any products on my wishlist. Like I said, this is one of those categories that I have to explore some more in the future. 

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