July 2018 Favorites

July has been one of those favorite months, because I got to go on a short vacation by the sea. Those always make me so happy and yet said in a way, when I have to leave back home. I've also been discovering some new favorites that I can't put down as well as rediscovering some old ones that are worth mentioning. 

Balea Erfrischendes Wasch Gel

I've had previous version of this wash gel, but the new one is even better, because it has a much more subtle fresh scent to it. It's a basic gel type of wash gel that leathers well and cleans your skin nicely. I use it as a second cleanse in the evening and in the morning to wash of my night time skin care. It does the job, is cheap and apparently has good pH, from what I can hear from others.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion

I've ordered a small size of this popular hydrating lotion to try it out first, before committing to a full size version, even though this small one wasn't cheap either. So far, I really like it. It's like a viscose water that feels very refreshing and like nothing on the skin, yet it still manages to hydrate the skin well. These are more my first impressions, but so far this seems to work for me. I especially like it for those hot summer days, because it's so lightweight. It has no scent and you need so little of the product, like two or three drops, so it will last me a while. 

This is definitely my favorite bronzer so far and I love it for summer. It's so easy to apply, has nice sheen on the skin without any shimmer and smells very much like pina colada. I love that it has a bit of grey undertone to it, because I can also use it to just slightly carve our my cheeks without needing to use a second product. Formula is buttery and a dream to apply with fluffy brush.

Avon Mark Magix HD Finishing Powder

My Paese Rice Powder is on it's last leg, so I started to use this one by Avon. It's surprisingly nice, finely milled and because it's translucent, it sinks into the skin well. It's not as good at absorbing sebum as Paese, but still keeps me pretty matte. It never looks cakey or too powdery. This has now become one of my new favorite setting powders. 

In-Nude-Endo Pressed Powder Highlighter

I can't seem to put this palette down. Formula is different from shade to shade, but most have creamy texture to them. I love how pigmented these are, yet they look almost a bit transparent on the skin. It's that type of proper glass shine that doesn't have too strong of a base like most metallic drugstore highlighters tend to have. This reflects light so nicely. I was afraid that most of the shades would be too dark, but they actually blend into the skin well. My two favorite shades are Fine Line and On Tempo. Recently, I've got some tan, so I'll definitely be testing out some darker shades as well.

Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip - On Board

Another favorite from Colourpop that stole my heart, since I first tried it. There's just something about glossy lips in the summer that feels so ultra comfortable and looks kinda sexy. On Board gives you that hint of warm caramel brown tint with lots of multi colored shimmer in it that reflect light so well and make your lips look extra juicy. Formula sticks well to the lips, but doesn't feel sticky. It applies with ease and feels super comfortable. I also adore their fudge caramel scent. 

Lemon Sugar is probably one of my all time favorite nail polish shades from Avon. I've had it for a while and even repurchased another bottle. It's my favorite yellow nail polish for spring and summer. Color is that of a milky pastel yellow that brights up my complexion and looks so nice on the nails. I've been wearing it this month again and I just had to include it in my favorites. Formula is also fairly nicely pigmented for such a pastel shade. Two coats will do the trick.

Nivea Moisturizing Micellar Shampoo 

That's a surprising favorite in this bunch. I wasn't sure what to think of it, when I got it, because drugstore shampoos and conditioner have let me down in the past couple of months. However, this is a lovely gem among those. It's a transparent gel type of texture that leathers really well and cleans the hair nicely. What I like the most about it, is that it doesn't make my hair too smooth. It means, my hair still has some grip to it and I almost feel like it adds texture to it which is great for my fine hair. Either I blow dry it or let it air dry, I always have added volume and texture. It might not be for those of you that want very moisturizing super smooth hair, but for my hair type, it works great. It also has this soothing fresh type of Nivea scent to it that I like.

Can you tell how old this is? They've now changed their design on the bottles. I have had it for a while and I still can't use it up. It just lasts so well. I use this basically as a perfume in the summer, sometimes in combination with others. It's very powerful for a mist, so you can definitely use it just as a perfume. It has more of a sweet vanilla feel to it with just a hint of coconut in there, but I always get compliments when wearing it, because it's just so basic in a way and everyone seems to like it. My friend told me the other day that she'll get another one as well, because it lasts so well on her and everyone compliments her. It's just one of those crowd pleasers. Plus you get a huge amount and I'm afraid mine will go bad before I use it up. 

Njivice - Croatia

Yesterday, I came home from a short vacation in Croatia. I went to Njivice - island Krk. Every summer, I get so excited to go on a short vacation by the sea, because it's one of my ultimate pleasures and relaxations. I'm a sea person at heart. Everything about it is fun and relaxing at the same time. It was very hot, so cool crystal clear water was perfect for cooling down. Even though I spent most of the time under an umbrella in the shade, I still got a bit of tan. Probably from all the chilling on my inflatable pineapple (check my IG for more photos). The sea is just extra pretty here, but the water was quite cold, so it was a good thing that it was so hot outside. 

I also got to experience something new - fish pedicure. They use Garra rufa fish for the pedicure. I was a bit skeptical about it, but it turned out to be safe. They keep water sterilized after each client and I was surprised about the hygiene aspect in general. Everything was disinfected with alcohol, plus the water with fish in it, looked super clean. About a 100 of small fish attack your feet as soon as you put it in the water. You start to feel small tingle and after a while it starts to feel like bubbles forming around your feet or putting your feet in mineral water. They told me that our dead skin is being sucked off by those fish in the water and that to them this is like a dessert, chocolate in a way. They obviously feed them with proper food as well. Fish were extra cute and the feeling was almost relaxing. I can't say my feet were as smooth as when you get a proper pedicure with files and all, but my skin felt smoother. It was a nice experience. I also got to play some mini golf to entertain myself in the evening as well as try out supping, which was a struggle on waves. All in all, it was way too short (like always), but sweet. 


  1. Too bad I put myself on a bronzer ban this year (I have too many that I've barely made a dent in), because everyone keeps raving about the Physicians Formula one and I'm so intrigued to try it out!!! Also, that highlighting palette looks beautiful! Great post! Xx

    1. I am one of those people that probably has the least bronzers among all other makeup products in my stash. I usually only have two or three in rotation. But that one by Physicians Formula is really nice. Maybe check it out, when you use up your stash :D. Those highlighters look so gorgeous. I didn't expect to like them as much as I do. Formula is just amazing :).

  2. Se strinjam glede Balea gela - zdaj je še boljši :) Dobro so nagradili formulo, sicer je zdaj cena malo višja, ampak je itak še vedno zelo poceni.

    Hada Labo mi ima izjemno formulo in si res zelo želim, da mi ne bi mašil pore. Sem preizkusila tudi Premium verzije pa je žal enako :/ Lahko ga uporabljam par dni zapored, potem moram pa prekinit za nekaj časa.

    Colourpop paletka se tako dobro sliši. Me mika, ampak kolikor se poznam, ne vem če bo kdaj res kupila :). Še s senčili cincam že leto :D

    Uh, coconut passion sem pa porabila že toliko časa nazaj, da sem ga že skoraj pozabila. Iskreno so mi BBW poletne verzije veliko boljše, čeprav ne zdržijo tako dolgo kot VS.

    1. Malo je res držaji, ampak še vedno zelo poceni in res dober za to ceno. Jaz bom zdaj verjetno kar ostala na tem. :)

      Jaz zaenkrat nisem opazila nič takega. Sicer sem začela uporabljat na morju in sem domov prišla z ful mozolji - kot vedno z morja. Nekako ne morem krivit to. Ker zdaj dalje uporabljam, pa se mozolji čistijo. Bom pa pozorna zdaj, ko si omenila.

      Če kolebaš med osvetljevalci in senčili, vsekakor priporočam senčila bolj, samo zato, ker tukaj zagotovo ne boš uporabila vseh odtenkov. Je pa res, da je sijaj nor in sama formula res odlična. Colourpop kupim 2x na leto, pa še potem vse preplačam, ampak na srečo do naslednjič spet pozabim :D.

      Jaz pa ga kar ne morem porabit. Mogoče zato, ker ga skoraj samo poleti uporabljam. Ti mi itak delaš lušte z BBW :D. VS je pa res noro obstojen. Skoraj kot parfum.