Review: Essence Glitter On Glitter Off Peel Off Nail Polish - 02 razzle dazzle

I'm continuing my reviews with another Essence product that has been added to their range for this upcoming season. It's their Glitter On Glitter Off Peel Off Nail Polish. I remember Essence having a peel off base nail polish that you'd apply on the nails and then go over with a glittery nail polish. The base would suppose to just peel off, but it didn't. However, seems Essence finally figured it out, because this one definitely peels off in one piece.


It comes in classic round glass bottle with black plastic top. Brush is straight cut and of medium length. It applies product well. In it is 8 ml of product and it costs 2.89€.


It's a slightly thicker formula that smells like glue and even looks like glue with glitter in. Actually, I am convinced that the base is definitely the same composition as glue. Formula can start drying on the brush while you're applying it on the nail and it starts to look like melted cheese, hence the glue association. 


There are 6 colors available. I got 02 razzle dazzle which is almost like a neutral taupe gold It's not proper warm gold, it's more neutral toned and almost tan like. Sometimes it even looks a bit pink toned. The base is transparent and glitter in it gives off multi colored reflections. Glitter is pretty small, so it doesn't look too chunky. This shade is definitely the most neutral and wearable out of all others in the range.


It sets fairly quickly on the nails, because the formula is thicker and glue like, but it doesn't actually dry down for a while. If you apply thicker coats or apply three of them, it almost won't dry completely. I had dents the first time I applied it too thick. I'd say two thinner coats are just enough that it covers the nail well, looks even and dries down completely. 

My tips looked worn off the next day and it lasted about a day on my nails and then it started lifting off at the edges. To be fair, I did use my nails a lot. If your regular nail polish lasts a long time on you, you might get away with two or three days of wearing this one. I expected it to not be long lasting, but I can forgive it that for easy removal.

It actually peels off in one piece with ease. I love glitter nail polishes, but hate wearing them, because the removal is so difficult. Usually, it involves soaking my nails, stinging my eczema skin and just being too rough with it. With this one though, it's a dream. Peel it off in the matter of seconds and you're good to go. 

I absolutely love the concept. It's so easy to go for glitter nails, because you can just peel them off. It definitely needs improving on the wear time, because right now, this is more of a one night party out nail polish. The formula smells and applies like glue, but unless it'll get drier, it isn't too bad. Variation of shades is small so far, but may expand in the future. I am loving easy removal and would love to get some more shades. I have my eye on 04 spotlight on! (warm purple) and 06 glitter in the air (emerald green).

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