September 2018 Favorites

This has to be one of those rare months that I'm actually including more old products in my favorites instead of the new ones. I've been testing some new products too, but mostly, my makeup has been super simple and for that I always go back to my tried and loved products. 

Farmasi All In One BB - Medium to Dark

Obviously, this is way too dark for my skin tone, but I love mixing it with my light BB creams and foundations. I get pretty tanned in the summer time on my body and I have a prominent olive undertone, even though I am light in skin tone in general. This BB cream has warm tone to it, but it also looks just slightly olive. I especially liked mixing it with Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream to make the perfect shade for me this month. I also like BB cream texture, because it looks much more natural on the skin. This one has a powdery scent to it and in general looks great mixed with Missha BB cream.

This is one of those warm toned palettes that I always go for, when I want some warm mattes. To be honest, I don't use shimmery shades in this as much as I thought I would, but the mattes I do. You can see I already hit the pan on my favorite warm brown shade called Note to Self. This is just perfect to put all over the lid for those super simple makeup days. I also always use Full Zip which is basically like a very pale nude shade that I always put all over the lid to set my eyeshadow primer and make other eyeshadows blend out better. These shadows have a lot of kick back, hence my dirty palette. I'm so sorry, I didn't have time to clean it for the photo.

Caramel is another light warm caramel brown that I just adore. I put it in the crease with almost all the makeup looks that I do. It just creates such a lovely warm haze. I also started using Petra eyeshadow again, because it's the perfect redish brown for fall looks. I usually wear it all over the lid blended in with the Caramel. The formula is really nice too, not too creamy and nicely pigmented.

Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow 01 Zinc About You and 02 Ironic

These are such a lovely surprise by Essence. Pigmentation is amazing and they feel super creamy, so I always use eyeshadow primer underneath them to prevent any creasing. Both of these shades have very metallic and shimmery sheen. You can apply them very lightly and it mostly gives you that shimmery almost glitter effect, but if you put it full on, it's completely metallic. I love putting one or two matte shades in the crease and outer V and then applying this one in the inner part of the lid or even inner corner. Instant glam with almost no effort. These apply much more opaque with fingers. 02 Ironic is taupe brown with silver shimmer and 01 Zinc About You is mauve with silver shimmer.

I have been very low maintenance with my eyeshadow looks this month and I skipped liquid liner most of the time. Instead, I went for this warm brown kohl to add slight bit of definition. Warmth of this brown matches my eye color so well and I like that it looks more subtle than a harsh black. It's also super easy to apply and wing out because of the slant silicon applicator on the other side. Super easy to use and quick to apply.

Avon Gel Shine Nail Enamel - Mauvelous and Stonewashed Clay

I mentioned many times that Avon Gel Shine is one of my favorite nail polish formulas. It's just creamy enough and well pigmented. I especially like all of their fall colors which are my favorite in general. Mauvelous is the most beautiful medium mauve color that I love wearing in the fall time. Stonewashed is such an interesting light olive grey shade that just looks so cool. I adore this shade. It's like a fall colored nude for me.

Who doesn't like the idea of glittery nail polish that peels off in one go? I love the idea and execution of Essences's new peel off nail polish. It needs longer to dry down completely, but once it's on, it looks so pretty. It's also not long lasting on my nails at all, but I don't mind that. I can apply it over other colored nail polishes and peel it off whenever I want without any hassle. 02 razzle dazzle is really pretty. It will match my mauve colored nail polishes so well.

Dry Brushing

I had this body brush for a while and I just started getting back into using it. Dry brushing is apparently really nice for your skin, because it stimulates blood flow. I started dry brushing again more often, usually in the evening, before showering. Because I have sensitive skin, I don't do it every day, but about 3 times a week and it feels lovely. Especially on those itchy parts like on the back. It almost exfoliates your skin a bit and definitely gets your blood flowing.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream For Normal to Dry Skin

I have already repurchased multiple tubes of this cream and I'm ready for the winter. This is apparently fairly known cream that can be used for all parts of the body as well as face. I use it for my hands, because I have eczema and therefore constantly dry hands. I wouldn't say it majorly helps with making my skin not dry anymore, but it definitely coats my skin with a protective, nourishing, moisturizing layer and the most important thing, it doesn't irritate it. It doesn't have any added fragrance. It has thicker white formula with ceramides and hyaluronic acid that isn't greasy on the hands, but still provides you with a nice velvet nourishing layer. I think this is one of those creams that you'll like if you have problems with dry and irritated skin. I have one in every bag and on my desk.

Sultry and oriental fragrance that has been one of my favorites since I got it. It's just such a nice blend of sweetness, woody notes and strong oriental feel in general. It's the perfect fall fragrance that smells sexy and exotic at the same time. I really enjoy using it and think it's underrated. A lot of Avon fragrances are. They have such a nice selection of refined scents and the prices are very affordable.

Nature and Chestnuts

I've been finally getting out a bit more...rollerblading, hiking and picking up chestnuts. Fall is my favorite season when it comes to colors. I adore mustard, burgundy, brown, olive tones in makeup as well as nature. Roasted chestnuts are my favorite snack and I can't wait for them when the fall comes around. I often spend too much time at a desk, so I'm trying to make an effort to go out more. There's nothing comparable to a crisp forest air. This month I went hiking on Pohorje (Maribor) twice and it was really nice. I also started rollerblading again, because I just don't have the same motivation in steamy hot summer weather. Soft blankets and burning the candles is back in season here in Slovenia. But so are extra dry lips and hands. There's always something good and something bad about every season. I'd love to hear what you look forward to the most as the fall comes around.


  1. Your reviews are always excellent. Appreciate how detailed each product is explained. Love Avon products! Although,some products you can purchase in Slovenia are not available in the United States. Unfortunately, Mesmerise Black for Women is not available for purchase only Mesmerise Black for Men.
    Shellee from Ohio
    P.S. Fall is beautiful here too.

    1. Thank you so much Shellee. <3 I really appreciate that. Oh that's a shame. I follow Avon US too and I've seen that you have some products that we don't have and vise versa. I'm sure you still have a great selection of their perfumes. I often times get their mini testers, it makes it easy to decide which one to buy in full size :).
      Enjoy the fall weather! ;)

  2. Mesmerize Black je res popoln za to sezono :) Zelo podcenjen vonj po mojem mnenju.

    1. Se strinjam. Jaz ga celo jesen in zimo nosom. Je zagotovo en mojih najljubših :D.