Review: Avon Trendy Beauty Box

Apparently, Avon has decided to stick with the beauty box concept and there is already a new one that you can buy. It's part of their latest campaign and it's mostly makeup, which I like. Let's take a closer look at what's inside. 

Avon Mark Perfect Brow Sculpting Pencil - Deep Brown

Regular black plastic pen that comes out by twisting the bottom. It has that angled shape which should make it easier for you to fill in the brows. In it is 0.28 grams of product and the regular price is 6€

Formula is slightly waxy feeling, but not too soft, which means you can keep the product within the lines. Pigmentation is slightly sheerer, which I personally prefer for the brows, otherwise they can quickly look too dark. 

It comes only in two shades - Soft Brown and Deep Brown. I have Deep Brown and it's obviously too dark for me, so I only tried it on the brows once, but never really wore it. It's a dark cool brown that almost looks black. This would suit those with black hair or very dark brown hair.

As I've mentioned, it's not my color, so I didn't test it properly. I can't say how long lasting it is. 

Avon True Glimmersticks Eyeliner - Brilliant Amethyst

Eyeliner comes in a classic black plastic pen shape. You just twist the bottom and it comes out, no need for sharpening. In it is 0.28 grams of product and the regular price is 6€.

I actually have one of these already, but it's even more shimmery than this one. The formula is also a bit waxy, but glides on the skin with ease. It's sheerer pigmentation, but you can build it up to look more opaque by going over it a few times.

Avon has nice range of eyeliner shades. Some are shimmery, some even glittery and some are matte. Brilliant Amethyst is cooler light purple with silver shimmer. It almost has a bit of brown in it which makes it wearable. Finish is shimmery

Because it's creamy formula, you might get some transfer, if you're lids are oily. I usually use these kind of eyeliners on my lower lash line, because it gives it a nice sparkle to the eyes. It lasted on me the whole day, but did fade a bit. Waxier formula makes it stick to the skin well.

Avon Mark Big & False Lash Mascara Black

Mascara has purple plastic packaging. Wand is definitely bigger than I'm used to. It's that classic natural bristles wand. The bristles are shorter on the tip and longer at the base. In it is 10 ml of product and the regular price is 10.90€

I feel like most Avon mascaras have drier formula and seem very alike. I don't like waterproof formulas, which are also usually drier, so I'm not a fan of this one either. Partly, because it's harder to remove. It also holds the curl better, so that's something to consider. One coat gives your lashes a bit of volume and lengthThe more you apply, the thicker your lashes look, but also clumpier. You sacrifice definition but gain volume, like with most such formulas. I prefer something with more definition, but you might like this one, if you want volume. 

It lasts well on the lashes, but I did notice a bit of small crumbles under my eyes. This only happens, when I apply three coats and my lashes start to look thick. Other than that, it didn't smudge under the eyes, but I usually never have problems with that anyway. 

Eyeliner: Avon The Big Intense Kohl - Deep Violet
Lower Lash Line: Avon True Glimmersticks Eyeliner - Brilliant Amethyst
Mascara: Avon Mark Big & False Lash Mascara Black

Avon Mark Magix Finishing FX Stick - Candlelight

It's a stick creamy highlighter that comes in a plastic black packaging. You have to twist the bottom to get product out. In it is 8 grams of product and the regular price is 15€

Formula is slightly greasy and waxy feeling, but it applies evenly and glides on with ease. Pigmentation is sheerer, so it lets your skin be seen through. This is advertised as a strobing product, so you won't get that blinding highlight from it. It's that kind of glossy transparent highlighter. Shimmer in it is very fine. It gives your skin that believable sheen without any visible shimmer chunks. 

You can get it in two shades. Star Struck is apparently for cool skin tones and Candlelight is for warm skin tones. Candlelight is a light gold that has transparent white base with light gold sheen. It's very light in color and would be perfect for fair and light skin tones. It looks even prettier when the sun hits it.

Because it's a cream product, you can't expect it to last as long as powders. It sticks to the skin well, but is not transfer proof. I notice it fading as the day goes on. The look on the skin is very natural.

I actually prefer to use it on my body than on the face. It's perfect to apply straight line down the center of your legs and blend out with hands to make them look longer. I also love it on the arms and collar bone. On the face I prefer something more visible, but if you like that glossy natural look with just a bit of sheen or something to put on when you're not wearing foundation, you would love this product.

I actually reviewed this whole matte range here, but this shade was added later as a satin finish. You can read full review of it here

There is 7 ml of product in it and the regular price is 9.50€

It's a thicker whipped cream formula that you have to apply lightly to avoid it looking weird. It has good pigmentation and matte finish. This particular shade also contains small shimmer in it, but is in general the most wearable shade from this range - light warm pinky brown nude

I like this formula as it's similar to NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, just thicker. It doesn't feel uncomfortable on the lips, but is also not moisturizing. It's definitely less drying than your regular matte liquid lipstick formulas. 

Avon True Colour Nailwear Pro+ - Frosted Peach

As with most Avon nail polishes, this one also has standard glass square bottle design with black plastic top. In it is 10 ml of product and the usual price is 6.50€.

Formula is on the thinner and liquid side, but not runny. Because it has metallic finish, you'll see every swipe of the brush, so application needs to be precise. Pigmentation is good, but you will need two coats to make it cover the nail entirely. 

There are 5 new shades being added to Nailwear Pro+ range and they all seem to have metallic finish. Frosted Peach is one of them. It's a light warm gold with a cooler metal sheen.

Nail polish dries fairly fast and the wear is average - about 4 days on my nails.

Avon Far Away Rebel Eau de Parfum

I have only one perfume from Avon's Far Away range, called Exotic (already discontinued), and it's one of my all time favorite scents. There are barely a few drops left in it. You can read about it here. Obviously, I was excited to try their latest fragrance, called Rebel. It's a bit different design wise compared to other perfumes from this line, so I expected something fun.

In the box you get mini travel size that has glass bottle with gold metallic top, but the proper full size bottle has lovely purple and gold design. It contains 10 ml of eau de parfum and usually costs 9€. 

Top notes: black currant, whipped cream.
Middle notes: orange blossom.
Base notes: toffee, chocolate.

From the first spritz I smell that fruity sour and sweet note which is paired with something very sweet. It quickly turns slightly more floral and bitter, which lingers on the skin for a while. The final stage is that omg-I-need-something-sweet stage, strong caramel (almost burnt) scent mixed with chocolate. This fragrance is definitely for those with a sweet tooth and love of sweeter scents. I would describe it as fruity sweet.

Lasting power is average. I've had better lasting Avon fragrances.

In this box you get 6 full size products and one mini. If you would buy these product at a full price, you would pay 62.90€, but the beauty box costs 26.90€. If you like most of the products that are inside, I'd say it's worth it. 

My personal favorite from this box is definitely mini perfume and Candlelight stick highlighter. Perfume is exactly my type of sweet scent that I love and the mini size makes it so useful to carry around with. Stick highlighter has that surprisingly subtle glossy glow to it that I love. It's not what I would typically go for the face, but on the body it looks amazing. I personally also like that it's so light in color, because it suits my skin tone well. 

I also love Kissy Face lipstick which is one of the most wearable nude shades in the range and matte formula is great. I would prefer it without the shimmer though. You have to apply it nice in order to look best that it can, don't overdue it. Eyeliner is equally as pretty and creates that sparkle without too much effort. I love these kind of eyeliners for the lower lash line. 

Mascara is OK, but I'm just not a fan of drier and mostly volumizing formulas. Nail polish formula is good, but I'm not liking metallic finishes and almost never wear them. Brow pencil is too dark for my brows, so I obviously don't get to use it.

Najnovejšo Avonovo lepotno škatlico lahko naročite še do 5. septembra 2018 za 26.90€.

*Products were sent to me.

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