October 2018 Favorites

I didn't wear much makeup in October, so I don't have a lot of favorites. Most of the new products I've just started using at the end of the month, but already love them. Some are just standard fall products that I always go back to in this time of year.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Sensitive Prebiotic Moisturizer

This is one of those products that I've just started using a week ago. La Roche-Posay is one of those brands that I love, because I have sensitive skin. It's a moisturizer without any fragrance and alcohol. Ingredients in it will help to sooth and strengthen your skin's barrier. It's a fool proof product, if you want something that will sooth, prevent irritation and feel moisturizing without looking greasy. I've had some moisturizers before from La Roche-Posay and I liked them all. This one actually has no no scent to it, which I love. 

I've spoken many times about this foundation and featured it among one of my all time favorite foundations. It's lightweight in texture and on the skin, has satin matte finish and medium coverage. The shade is a bit too dark for my winter complexion and it could be more yellow for me personally, but I can make it work. It's just a fool proof foundation for a quick makeup, plus it's also very affordable.

Another one of my favorites, this time in concealer category. It's also another affordable drugstore find. This has a slightly thicker consistency, medium coverage and a matte finish. The color is pretty neutral toned and coverage is great for under the eyes. It also lasts pretty well. 

Colourpop Pressed Shadow Glass Bull

This is one of the Colourpop bestsellers. It's very creamy for a powder shadow and the color is unique, sort of redish brown base with a blue green duochrome sheen. It has small shimmer in it which makes it look almost glossy or glass like. It's best applied with just a finger and looks slightly different on top of different colored bases. I've been putting it on top of many different color combinations and I love how it plays up any boring look. It was definitely worth the purchase.

My lips are back at their Sahara dessert state and I am trying not to further damage them by avoiding drying lip products. This is one of the most comfortable lip gloss formulas for dry lips. It's thicker, sticks well to the lips and stays there. It almost coats your lips and soothes in a way plus makes them look extra juicy. It's a bronzy color with multi colored shimmer in it that I've been applying over a bit of colored base for comfort's sake mostly. But the shade looks so nice on top of any other colored lipstick.

Afrodita Body Milk Nourish - Gold Therapy

I've had this in my drawer for a while and I've finally started using it, in fact I'm finishing it already. I like these Spa body milks from Afrodita, although I wouldn't say they are actually milk consistency. They are very thick and once you're at the end, it's very difficult to get out every last drop of the product. The pump just doesn't work anymore. It's thick on the skin as well and hard to massage into the skin, but I love heavier nourishing shiny layer that it leaves on the skin. It also has what I would describe oriental vanilla scent to it. 

Avon Life Colour by Kenzo Takada Eau de Parfum

This is the second collaboration between Avon and famous designer Kenzo Takada. If their first fragrance Avon Life was sophisticated mix of fresh floral and musk base, then this is a more playful sweeter fruitier version. I would describe it as fruity floral. Some fruits give it a bit of acidity and sweetness, while florals provide that sophisticated note to the fragrance based on a stronger white suede. I actually think it's a bit similar to Life, just less powdery and not as floral. I've liked it from the first sniff, even though I usually prefer stronger sweeter scents in this time of year. For me it's definitely more of a spring summer fragrance. It's sophisticated and grown up in a more lightweight way.

This is probably my all time favorite fall nail polish shade. I call it apricot jam, because it reminds me of that. It's a muddy almost that pumpkin orange brown that just screams fall to me. I've said it before, but Gel Shine formula is my favorite from Avon, because it's slightly thicker and well pigmented. Whenever I wear this shade, I get compliments, because it's so unique. I wore it matte this month.

Kiko Matte Effect Top Coat

That being said, most of my manicures this month have actually been matte and I used this matte top coat over them. Usually, I apply shiny top coat for a prolonged wear and then go over that one with a matte top coat to make it matte. I love wider rounded brush which makes it very quick and easy to apply. Matte nails are so pretty and I especially like them for the fall season. 


  1. Really want to try that Catrice foundation!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

    1. It's so lovely and affordable. Catrice has some great base products in general ;)