Favorite Repurchased Products

I'm always mentioning new products in my favorites as well as in my reviews, but I don't get to talk about those products that I repurchase and truly love on daily basis. This is why I decided to do a whole post dedicated to those products that I'm loving and have repurchase multiple times. I think it speaks volumes when you repurchase something. It means you really like it. Especially in this day of ages where you're bombarded with new products all the time. 

This has holy grail status in my book. In fact, if I did a post of forever repurchased products, this would be it. It's my absolute favorite micellar water of all time and I can't even remember how many times I've repurchase it. I had tried a few other versions, but none impressed me as much. One reason being that this is the most gentle micellar. It never irritates my eyes or skin around the eyes. I use this only as eye makeup remover, because I don't usually use waterproof mascaras. It removes my eye makeup well and I don't have to rub it or use too much of it. It's fairly expensive, but I use it sparingly only for the eyes and it lasts me a long time. I can definitely justify the price. Tip, always buy bigger versions, because they are cheaper per mililiter. Sometimes they also had 1+1 offer, but lately they have two 250 ml versions for 30% off. I also found 500 ml version 50% off on other sites that sell these.

These two are my staple face creams. Ever since I first tried them out,  I have been repurchasing them and always have one of these in the drawer, even though I'm also testing out new face creams here and there. Day Cream is thicker and very glowy version that I enjoy in colder months. It's got that glow that just instantly makes your skin look hydrated and plumped. I have combination skin and it's not too much for me. It sits well under makeup and helps it too look moisturized and luminous. It also feels very soothing on the skin. 

Gel-Cream is described as night time product, but I use it in warmer months as a day cream. It's got more of that refreshing gel texture that absorbs well, but feels moisturizing on the skin. It's that perfect lightweight basic cream for combination or even oily skin. Everyone needs moisture and both of these deliver just that without any irritating factors. They have subtle fresh scent to them, but contain no parabens or dyes. The main selling point of this formula is chia seeds which can hold a lot of their water weight. I think this must be the reason why both of these creams make my skin look moisturized and plump.

This is Korean sun screen and I have to say the formula is amazing. If there's one thing about Asian sun screens, it's the ultra comfortable to wear formula. This is actually chemical sun screen, as it contains chemical filters, which is part of the reason why this feel so nice on the skin. It's a lighter cream that feels thinner in consistency, but is not liquid. It glides on the face like a dream and soaks in fast. Finish that it leaves on the skin is velvet and great for a base under makeup. It also has lovely subtle citrus scent. I use this on daily for when I don't really go outside much. I have repurchased it three times now.

This is on that level of fame as Bioderma. I've stopped counting how many times I have repurchased it. Let's just say I always have to have one in my stash. When I see one getting empty, I purchase another one. It's essentially a cream for dry parts of your body, sort of a universal cream. I wouldn't apply this on my body, because it's very thick and shiny. In fact, this looks much more like a shiny lip balm and that's what I use it for. I have problems with dry and chapped lips all the time, no matter the season and I have tried a lot of products, but none really helped me. Except this one. I feel like this is the only product that soothes my lips, gives them sticky protective layer and nourishes them better than most other lip products. It's shiny and you can't really wear it under matte lip sticks. I also dislike the tube packaging, because it means you'll need to involve your fingers whenever you use it. The scent is also something to get used too. It's very strong. I have had fragrance free version which was much more subtle in scent, but it still smelled intense. Fragrance free version is more expensive, so I usually go for regular version. It's again one of those higher priced products, but you get a lot of product and it lasts long enough to justify the price.

I've just realized that I almost always use a mixture of more than one base products. I always mix multiple foundations or BB creams together to get that perfect color as well as finish. And this Missha BB Cream is one of my favorite base makeup products. Nothing makes my skin look as good in the winter as this. It has it all, looks like skin, doesn't emphasize dry patches or pores, has great coverage and never looks cakey. The only thing that's a bit off is the shade. It's actually light enough for my winter complexion, but turns more grey than I would like. I prefer yellow or olive undertone. It's not just great for winter, I also use it in the summer and mix it in with other foundations. Mostly with Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (which gives me that yellow undertone) or Revlon Colorstay foundation (which is higher coverage and has more of an olive under tone). I never liked BB cream, but this one looks like the best medium coverage foundation that just looks so good and not obvious on the skin. I already had a few mini travel sizes as well as two full sized products. So far, this is the best BB cream I've found. 

If there's one staple foundation that I can safely say has been repurchased many times, it's this one by Revlon. It has quite a status in the beauty industry and is one of those rare foundations that have been on the market for a fairly long time and is still going strong. I've heard it being well loved by professional makeup artists as well. I love it, because it has higher coverage and the color 150 Buff is actually really close to what I would want from the foundation. Buff is just the closest to olive tone in light colored drugstore foundations. One thing that makes this foundation a staple is lasting power. This lasts so well on the skin. It has minimal fading through the day. If you make sure to blend it out well, it won't look cakey either. It also has no added fragrance and just feels soothing on most skin types. Plus, now they've finally added the pump, so it makes it easy to use as well.

I just can't bring myself to spend 20€ on Beauty Blender, because I know I'll want to throw it away or replace it in the matter of two months. So I can't justify the price of it. Instead, I've found drugstore priced makeup sponge that is super soft and does the job of blending just as well. This one by H&M is the softest makeup sponge I have tried so far. It expands well under the water, blends makeup well and I don't feel guilty replacing it, because it's fairly cheap. Let me point out, that I have only used their sponges that come in package of one and they all have some sort of design on the plastic box. I can't say if their other sponges are as soft as these. 

Another one of those products that I have repurchased about five or six times. I always wait for this to be on offer, because then it's cheaper, around 3 or 4€. It's a basic setting spray that can also be used to prep the face for makeup. I personally use this only as a setting spray and when I want to intensify shimmery or metallic eyeshadows. Put eyeshadow on the brush and spray it with this. You'll get a much more intense and creamy application with less fallout. I also use this to set my makeup almost all the time. Spray is a bit blotchy and you feel like you've gotten wet while spraying it, but that doesn't bother me that much. It contains alcohol as most setting and fixing sprays, so you'll feel a bit of that tightening effect right after you spray it. It will make my makeup last longer. I also love spraying this when I use a lot of powder products, because it just melts the powders together and it doesn't look as powdery. I don't feel guilty drenching my face in this, because it's very affordable. 

You would think that I would have a separate review of the product that I've repurchased about 12 times, but no. It's a about time I do that. I have been using this ever since it came out and I certainly hope Catrice is not stupid enough to discontinue it. It's a hard pencil that you need to sharp. Formula is hard enough that it doesn't go everywhere, but it still gives you color on the brows that lasts well. I especially like this 020 Date With Ash-ton shade, because I feel it's one of those universal shades that will suit many skin tones. It has medium brown color with grey undertone. It's not too light, not too dark and definitely not redish or orange. I like this for a softer brow look. It's my first base brow product that lays down the color. It's the quickest, yet still precise way of filling in your brown and making them look thicker.

After that Eye Brow Stylist base, I would usually go in with something more precise like this Slim'matic Ultra Precise pencil. It's a much more waxy and pigmented formula. Pencil has the thinnest tip ever and you can actually draw in individual hair like strokes. I love this, because of the precise slim tip that allows me to get a precise outline on the edges or to fill in those parts that don't have any hair and where regular pencils don't grab on the skin. It's basically the cheapest precise slim pencil I have found in drugstore range. I use color 030 dark which is more of a medium brown with again that grey undertone to it. I think it's still very expensive for how little product you get, but there are much more expensive products like such from NYX or Anastasia Beverly Hills. That is the reason why I only use it to tweak my brows and not all over the brow, because I would use it up too fast. I have repurchased about 8 of these already. 

My absolute favorite black liquid liner is this one by Clio. I prefer brush applicators, because they have thinner tip and you can be more precise with them. You can get the thinnest line possible with this kind of applicator. Downside is that sometimes brush tip can get dirty from eyeshadows and you need to wipe it off, but I don't mind that. I think this one by Clio is the best, because it's very saturated. In fact, I use this for too long. Usually, I have been replacing my liquid liners in about a month or two, but this will literally last for up to 5 months and it won't get dried out. Design on the packaging will rub off almost completely, but there will still be product in the actual brush. Amazing, if I may say so. It means this product is really cheap, if you think how long you'll be using it. Formula is liquid enough, but it has thicker opaque base to it, which means one swipe will give you all the color you want. It doesn't bleed in cracks, dries really fast and is smudge as well as water proof. Great formula for all of you that have hooded eyes or in general problems with smudging. If brush applicator is just not for you, Clio also has sponge tip applicator called Clio Kill Black Pen Liner, but I feel like that one dries out faster than the brush version.

Lash Sensational by Mabelline is my favorite mascara. I have repurchased it about 8 times now and it's the one mascara that I always keep in my stash. I often test new mascaras, but whenever I want something staple that I know works for me, I get this one. It has silicon wand that is slightly curved. On one end it has shorter bristles and on the other longer. Shorter bristles give you amazing separation and definition, while longer bristles pack more of the product which means volume. It's mascara that holds my curl well and doesn't smudge. It may have a bit of fallout once it gets drier. It works best when it dries out just a bit, in a about a week or two from opening. You'll love this one, if you look for something that separates lashes, gives them definition, yet still adds a bit of volume. I love volume, but am not willing to sacrifice definition over it and this one gives me both. 

Protecting your hair from heat should be a priority for all of those that regularly use blow driers or any other hot tools. I blow dry my hair almost every time, because I'm always in a rush to go somewhere. I am also very good at using heat protecting products whenever I blow dry, curl or straighten my hair. This one by L'Oreal is my favorite drugstore option. It's fairly affordable and I love how nourishing this feels on the hair. It's more of a nourishing as well as styling product. I love smooth version, because it gives my hair a very smooth and shiny look. It also makes my ends look nicer almost like they've been moisturized without even needing to add any additional product on top. If you wear your hair straight or just like a very sleek and smooth look, you'll like this product. It's not just there to protect the hair, but it also feels nourishing at the same time. 

If you have oily roots, you'll understand the struggle after two or three days of not washing the hair. My roots get very oily, more so in the summer. Especially, during working out, this can be a big problem. No one wants to wash their hair every day, it's too time consuming. That's why they've created dry shampoos and Batiste is by far the best for making your hair looking non-greasy. Yes, it leaves a white powdery residue on the hair, but you can brush it out. Powder soaks up all that grease and once you brush it through, you're hair not only looks cleaner, but it also has much more volume, because of the added texture, which is just another plus for me. It's the only shampoo that can make my hair look like I've washed it and I didn't. It also comes in many different scent versions. My favorite is Wild and Tropical. I also buy those mini travel sizes to carry with me. I have repurchased many sizes as well as different scents so far. 

Balea Shaving Gel 

It was only fitting to include this product in this post since I repurchase it all the time. It's Balea shaving gel. They often times change up their scents and some are even limited editions, but they're pretty much all the same - colored gel, that once you get it out of the packaging, turns into foam. It creates a nice barrier between your skin and the razor. I love it, because I need the smallest amount of gel and they always have fun scents. Plus the price is just right. 

Balea Med Shower Gel With Allantoin

Another great body product from Balea that I have repurchase multiple times. It's their shower gel from Med line with neutral pH and added allantoin. It's a transparent wash gel with gentle soothing scent that foams lightly. I use this whenever I have dry or irritated skin on my body. More so in the colder months than in warmer. It's gentle enough for allergy prone skin and great for those with very dry skin, because heavily perfumed shower gels can further aggravate your skin. Even male side of the family loves this, because dry skin is dry skin, no mater the sex. It's also very affordable compared to some pharmacy brands that offer pretty much the same products. 


  1. Odlična objava :) Za vse izdelke bi zadela, da bodo v tukaj :) Se strinjam s Lash Sensational, meni je tudi top. Za Biodermo sem si našla cenejši nadomestek, ampak je res odlična in vredna nakupa, sploh če imaš občutljivo kožo. Balea geli za britje tudi nikoli ne zmanjkajo v moji kopalnici, pa tudi Balea Med je vedno na zalogi. Moram si zapomnit za L'Orealov losjon, ker ne najdem več Baleinega seruma za zaščito proti vročini in se spomnim, da mi je bil tale L'Orealov kul takrat, ko si mi poslala tester :)

    1. Hvala :). Se res taki, da kdo me bere ve, kako zelo so mi všeč. Je pa fajn včasih napisat kakšno objavo samo na to temo, ker večkrat pozabimo na stalne favorite. Lash Sensational je ena najboljših maskara, pa še dokaj cenovno ugodna. Jaz sem sicer že slišala, da enim ta Bioderma ne paše, meni pa nič drugega ne paše, samo to. Je prav fajn ta Balea, vedno se najde kaj cenovno ugodnega in učinkovitega. Jaz se vedno veselim njihovih novih izdelkov. L'Orealov losjon je pa zdaj že kar dolgo stalnica pri meni. Ne zamenjam, ker je cenovno še dokaj ugoden glede na to kako hitro ga porabljam. Po mojem bo tvojim lasem tudi pasal, ker jih naredi tako lepo gladke :).