Marble Nails

I've just been loving marble design on everything lately, especially paired with blushing pinks. My first attempt at marble nails was a disaster, so I looked up some of tutorials on YouTube. I used the same technique that Kristin Gardner showed in her tutorial. I think it definitely made it look the most realistic with the littlest of effort.

I applied white nail polish as a base. Then I used small piece of sponge and dabbed a bit of light grey polish in an uneven pattern. This layers more depth to your design, even though it's very subtle.

Then I applied a dot of white, grey and sheerer black nail polish and picked it up with a ball of plastic wrap that you usually use for food. The trick is to not get it too perfect. The more rough the ball is, the more random pattern. 

After that I took small striping brush and went in with that sheer black nail polish again. I created small wiggly lines where there were splatters of black already. Keep the brush almost dry and create curved lines to make it look more realistic. I also took a bit of metallic gold nail polish and created some accents with it. This juts gives it even more depth. I finished with a fast drying shiny top coat to give it that marble shine.

 Products used:

Avon Gel Shine Nail Enamel Iceberg White
Avon Mark Gel Shine Nail Enamel Head In Clouds
Revlon nail Polish 99 Blackest Black
Essence LE Light Of Orient 01 Golden Gate To Orient (forgot to include it in the photo)
Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat
Striping Brush

This is such a chic nail look that looks like you've tried hard, but is actually not that difficult to create. The more random the pattern, the better it looks, so there's no need to be super precise. 


  1. They look really lovely! And the lenght of your nails is perfect imo.

    1. Thank you so much <3 My pinkie actually broke before I painted the nails, but I didn't wanted to shorten all of them :).

  2. Odlično ti je uspelo :) I love it :)

  3. kako skrbiš za obnohtno kožico, da ne spoka. vedno izgleda tako zdrava. :) In za nohte nasploh?

    1. Oh daleč od tega. :) Imam zelo suho kožo okrog nohtov tudi posledično zaradi ekcema. Za kožico skrbim z oljem. Po navadi uporabim kar Essence olje. Je v taki mini steklenički in mislim da je arganovo. Zjutraj in zvečer vmasiraš not in bo čez nekaj dni veliko lepša. Za nohte pa Evelin 8 v 1 lak. To je tretma v obliki laka, ki pospešuje rast nohtov in preprečuje cepljenje. Jaz ga skoz uporabljam kot podlak pod laki in mi je res pomagal. V Tuš drogeriji ga dobiš. Pa ne strižem nohtov, jih vedno samo pilim. Imam občutek, da se tako manj poškodujejo.