My Favorite - Nude Lipsticks

I consider nude lipsticks those kind of shades that look similar to your natural lip color. My natural lip color is pretty pale, so every nude looks much brighter on me. In this selection I feature some more brown tones, some warmer leaning towards peach as well as some more pink tones. 

This is perfect basic creamy formula that is well pigmented and feels comfortable on the lips. I love Avon lipstick formulas, because they all feel very comfortable and wear nicely. It's not the most long lasting formula, because it's creamy, but that doesn't bother me with creamy lipsticks. 

Cocoa Kisses is the perfect nude shade for pale to light skin tones. It's one of those neutral shades that has a mix of everything, a bit of pink, brown and even some peach. 

Revlon has by far the best matte liquid lipstick formula ever. It's not that proper extra dry matte formula. This one actually feels ultra soothing like a nourishing liquid lip. It's well pigmented and has some sheen. It needs a lot of time to dry down to a matte finish, which makes it extremely comfortable for dry lips. It's got average lasting power, more than usual creamy lipstick. 

Forever is again great nude shade for light skin tones. It's again a mix of brown and pink, I'd say muddy pink, but it's a bit darker than Cocoa Kisses or Nurturing Nude. 

NYX has more of a mousse creamy formula which is again more comfortable on the lips than a proper matte liquid lipstick, but it's not as soothing as Revlon's. This can feel a bit drying on dry lips. But it's also more long lasting on the lips. Pigmentation is more on the sheer side, depending from shade to shade, but you can always build it up, because it's not thick formula. 

London is light warm toned brown that leans towards peach. It will look best on light warm skin tones. I hear this is also great nude shade for medium warm skin tones. On me it obviously looks darker than it would on medium skin, but it's still a brownish nude. 

Cantaloupe is by far the least nude shade out of all these shades. I wanted to include it, because I think of it as a nude, even though it's already too colorful. I also wear it a lot, so I wanted to include it. Basically, this is my warm nude choice. Cantaloupe is light orange brown. It's the most orange toned, but it also has a bit of that brown muddiness to it. I pair this with very warm toned makeup looks. It would probably look much more neutral on warm medium skin tones. 

Athens is light peach brown. It has that warmth to it, but it's not too orange and has just enough brown base to it. I adore this shade for the summer as a nude, because it adds hint of that warm peach to my olive complexion. This shade will probably look more orange on cooler and paler skin tones. 

The name says it all. It's a very nourishing lipstick formula with lots of shine. More than the usual creamy formulas, which means it's obviously not long lasting. But it's so comfortable on the lips and I always chose this formula when I want that color, but I really want some nourishment. So for those extra dry lips days this is perfect.

Nurturing Nude is again perfect nude for light skin tone. It's a brownish pink, less warm toned than Cocoa Kisses and has golden shimmer in it.

Epic Lip is more pigmented version of the Plump It formula. It has more color in one swipe, but also very comfortable creamy formula with a bit of sheen. It's not as long lasting as matte formula, but it's very soothing on the lips. 

Rosy Outlook is that perfect warm pink brown nude. It's more pink than most of my nudes, but it has that warm brown base to it, which makes it very wearable on me. This will look great on pale, light as well as medium skin tones, it will just look different. 

The most pink toned nude is Flaming'rose. This is perfect matte formula in a lipstick format. It has very matte finish, to the point that you may think it's a regular matte liquid lipstick formula. But it goes on super smooth and creamy. It might be a bit uncomfortable on dry lips, but it's very long lasting.

Flaming'rose is light muted pink. I like it, because it's not in your face pink, it has a bit of muted feel to it. On me it's more pink while on cooler skin tones it will look warmer. It's perfect for light skin tones. 

Avon's matte formula doesn't dry down as matte as Bourjois, but it's definitely matte. It's slightly more comfortable, but may be drying on dry lips as well. It's got good staying power and isn't too uncomfortable. It's actually one of those more wearable matte lipstick formulas in a lipstick form for dry lips.

Rouged Perfection is perfect warm peachy pink nude. It's more of a warm option of pink for warm light skin tones. It has more peachiness to it than Flaming'rose. 

Lustre formula by MAC is again one of those ultra soothing creamy formulas with a lot of shine. Pigmentation is on the sheerer side, even sheerer than Avon True Supreme formula. It also has more shine. This is by far the least long lasting formula, but it's very comfortable for dry lips.

Patisserie is one of those perfect universally liked nude shades. It's got a good mix of peach, pink and brown. It's just a tan pinkier version than Cocoa Kissed and Nurturing Nude. It looks great on light skin tones. The darker your skin tone, the lighter and more nude it will look on you.  But it's sheerer, so a lot of skin tones can make it work. 

I have so many lipsticks that I rarely buy any new ones. But there are a few that have been stuck on my wishlist board for a while. I would love to try one from Charlotte Tulbury and Penelope Pink looks the most my kind of shade, because it has enough of that brown base. I would also like to try MAC Honeylove, which seems the perfect peachy based nude. I also heard good things about theBalm Meet Matte Hughes formula and Commited seems like a nice pink nude as well. 


  1. Bourjois Flaming Rose je tudi eden izmed mojih najljubših nude(ish) odtenkov :). Od Revlona imam sicer odtenek Embrace, ampak se strinjam, da je formula odlična. Pattiesserie je tudi zelo univerzalen in lep odtenek, imam pa malo raje Peach Blossom :) Odlična objava :)

    1. Meni je tudi všeč. Presenetljivo. Drugače mi večina roza odtenkov ni všeč :D. Revlon bi moral še razširiti nabor odtenkov. Več nude variacij. Patisserie je res tak, da vsakemu paše. Ravno prava mešanica vseh odtenkov je in ena redkih šmink, ki jo bom mogoče dejansko porabila. Tudi zato, ker je tako kremna :). Hvala <3