My Favorite - Blushes

When it comes to blushes I prefer something more on the  warmer peach or brown side. That doesn't mean I don't wear pink blushes, I just don't wear them as often as all those peachy ones. In general I’m a warm toned lover, so I also like warmer pinks and those that have a muddy or mauve base to it. To me blush gives a bit of color to the face, but I never want it to be the center of my makeup look, so I prefer something that looks slightly sheerer. I have a good collection of blushes, but I decided to feature only those that I would really miss in my collection, if I would for some reason loose it.

This was one of the biggest surprises among my blush purchases.  I was very skeptical about the brand quality, but H&M proved me wrong. In fact, this is now one of my favorite blush formula as well as color selection. It’s slightly wet formula, which means it applies like a dream and blends lovely. I find them to be very long lasting on my skin. It’s slightly sheerer formula that can be build up. Finish is luminous with colorful base and slight added shimmer which just gives you the slightest healthy looking sheen. I find slightly luminous blushes look better than straight up matte colors, because they look more natural. Apricot is probably the lightest shade of blush in my collection. It’s a pinky peach shade that will suit fair and light skin tones. Sheen is more on the golden side.

Brown Sugar is the first shade that I bought in this formula and probably one of my favorites. It’s basically brown with peach tone to it. The sheen on this one is cooler silver. This is one of those blushes that will go with pretty much every makeup. I love it for those days when I don’t want to look like I wear blush, because it’s just a warmer and more luminous version of a bronzer. I think it will look best on light skin tones.

This is slightly drier formula than that from H&M. It also has that lovely sheen on the skin and the pigmentation is again slightly sheerer, but quicker to build up than H&M. It blends on the skin lovely, but is not as long lasting as some others.  Santa Rose is light muddy peach shade. It’s darker than H&M Apricot and more orange as well as muddier looking. It has silver sheen to it. This is again suitable for fair to light skin tones.

If you’d ask me what’s my favorite blush out of all, I’d have hard time picking, but would probably say Luminoso. It’s partially sentimental attachment, because it’s also one of the oldest blushes in my collection. It has baked formula which lasts ages and looks like you haven’t used any of it. Because it’s baked, it’s a dry formula, but still gives off a lot of color payoff. You can build it up really quickly to look both sheer and more golden or strong peachy orange colored. Luminoso is the most popular shade by Milani and I can see why. It’s orange peachy shade with gold shimmer in it which gives it lovely golden glow. This one is the darkest out of all those peach tones that I’m mentioning today and will be suitable for light as well as medium skins.

Rosy Brown is pinky brown shade with cool pink sheen. It actually leans much warmer on my warm skin tone and almost looks like it has a bit of peach in it too. It’s darker than the other two shades and therefore looks stronger on me. I would say this is for light and medium skin tones.

MAC sheertone formula is slightly sheer, which means you can build it up slowly, but the pigmentation is still great. Formula is a mix of dry and wet, but not as wet as H&M blushes. It applies great and blends nice as well. Finish has just a hint of sheen to it, but the least out of all previously mentioned blushes. In fact, it’s so subtle that you almost don’t notice it. Pinch Me is a mix of warm pink and brown. Again, as with Rosy Brown, it looks even warmer on my warm skin tone, so more like a peachy pink brown. It looks the most red toned out of all these shades and is also darker than most, which means it's for light as well as medium skin tones.

This is another wetter formula that has good pigmentation, but goes on sheerer in the beginning and blends lovely. 050 is muddy mauve shade that has a very luminous silver sheen to it. It’s as glowy as Luminoso. Plus it’s also the most pink toned choice out of all I’ve mentioned today. On me it’s again more warm toned than it looks in the pan. It will look great on fair as well as light skin tones and might work on medium skin too.

My wishlist is forever growing, but I don't really have all that much blushes on it. It's one of those areas that I'm quite satisfied with what I currently have and I use it up so slowly that I almost don't buy any new ones anymore. But there are a few that I would consider for in the future. 

One is Milani Rose Blush Trio Palette in 02 Floral Fantasy. Milani rose blushes are very popular and in this palette you get three peach toned shades that I know I would get use out of, plus the design is just so cute. I've also been trying to find good affordable blush palette and everyone seems to recommend BH Cosmetics 10 Color Nude Blush Palette. This is probably the one that I would buy first, because it just seems so versatile. I've also had my eye on Jouer Blush Bouquet Dual Blush Palette in Adore which is again one of those peachy brownish duos. I love the packaging and have seen others loving the formula as well.

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  1. Moram res enkrat vzet kakšen odtenek H&M-ovih blushev :) Vedno jih tako hvališ in mi je škoda, da so mi najbližje šele v Ljubljani. Pričakovan izbor zate, tebi itak izjemno pašejo ti peachy toni. Jaz iz tega izbora redno nosim le Trend it up 050, ampak trenutno posegam po bolj roza blushih.

    1. Meni so res všeč, verjetno še bolj ravno zaradi odtenkov, ki jih imam :). Vem pa, da si ti vajena na bolj prigmentirana rdečila.

      Hvala :). Peachy is my life. Čeprav roza pa vedno rada ven privlečem na jesen in spomlad. Trend It Up 050 je verjetno moj najljubši roza odtenek. Če izbiram roza, imam rada take malo bolj mauve toned :).