Skull Mask Makeup

It's Halloween weekend here in Slovenia and I decided to try to make one more Halloween look. Skull is a classic and the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Halloween. I didn't wanted to do a classic skull makeup, so I did partial skull makeup in a way that it looks like I'm wearing skull mask. I tried to shade it to make it look more mask like. It's really simple and you don't need much to make it work, you can just use your regular makeup products.

I started my makeup by applying a bit of foundation on the outer edges of my face. I drew the outline of my skull mask with white pencil to make it easy to correct. Then I mixed white foundation with regular foundation and colored the mask out. Later I also went over with a white face paint to make it even paler. I drew out eye holes with black pencil. 

I colored the holes with black eyeshadow, but left the center of the lid out as well as around the lower lash line. There I applied purple matte shade and took shimmery blue to outline my eyes. I then applied shimmery duo chrome green blue shade for that extra fun. It just mashed all together and the base colors gave it more dimension. I also took purple eye pencil and put in the lower water line. On the upper water line I applied black pencil. I also outlined eye holes with liquid black eyeliner. Unfortunately, mine was waterproof and started cracking as it dried down, so don't make my mistake. Use one that doesn't crack.

I also applied some random false eyelashes. Then I took some rhinestones and started gluing them on the edges of my eye holes and in the inner corner for highlight. I applied purple, green and white rhinestones to match that dimensional eyeshadow look.

On my nose I did the exact same thing as on my eyes. I also used black eyeshadow and black eyeliner and drew on some of the teeth. 

Around the mask I used medium brown and medium taupe shade to add shading. I also applied black eyeshadow closest to the edge to make it appear more like a mask. 

My wig collection is very poor and old so I made do with what I had. I used long black wig for this look, because it seemed more appropriate than my warm hair color. I also took some pink rose, cut it and glued it on my face. Yes, it's a skull, but I like to make it look pretty and slightly more feminine. 

Here is a photo of all the other Halloween makeup looks that I've created previously. Some animals as well as some other skulls. If you click on the title, you'll see a tutorial of how I did it.

Bourjois Khol & Contour Eye Pencil 002 Ultra Black
Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Licorice
Colourpop Pressed Shadow 143
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Coconut 
Colourpop Pressed Shadow Glass Bull
Beyu Soft Liner For Lips And More 556 Sixt Sense
False Eyelashes
Duo Adhesive
Beyu Colorplay Lash Tip Mascara 09 Lilac Poison
Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner 

NYX Eye And Eyebrow Pencil White
NYX Pro Foundation Mixer White + Revlon Colorstay 150 Buff
Snazaroo Face Paint White
Essence Be My Highlight Eyeshadow Plalette - purple highlight
Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Truffled
Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Puddin'
Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Licorice

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