Review: Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream Mix Me

I'm sure you've all heard of Nivea Soft Cream. It's one of the basic drugstore universal creams for all parts of the body. Nivea in general has a long tradition among my relatives and I feel like at one point everyone used it and some are still faithful to it. This summer Nivea came out with a Mix Me set of three scented versions that you can mix and match to create your own scent.


In the package you get three 100 ml creams. It comes in a regular plastic pot with a screw top. I love their design, because it's clean, yet a bit playful. You get the vibe of each scent just by looking at the color of the pot.

I believe the price is around 7€. In Slovenia you can get it in Interspar and Tuš drogerija


It's as the name would suggest a soft cream that is very lightweight and spreads with ease. It has a bit of that nourishing and moisturizing layer to it, but it's in no way greasy. It needs a bit of time to soak in, and as it does, it becomes less noticeable on the skin. But there's definitely a light moisturizing layer left on the surface which I like with any cream. 


This definitely moisturizes your skin and makes it look better. It's lightweight on the skin and leaves a bit of subtle sheen. I would say this is good for adding that additional moisture and protective nourishing layer. It would be for all skin types except for really dry skin or those sensitive to scented skin care. Scent definitely lingers on the skin for a while, but it's not overpowering, like a proper perfume or body mist would be. 

Nivea Mix Me I am the Chilled Oasis one

This is the freshest version out of all three. It should smell of cool mint, fresh green leaves and lilies. This reminds me a bit of the sweet cosmetics green tea scent. It's definitely a bit fresh with that hint of mint in it, but in general still kind of sweet, just in a herbal way. I think this is perfect for those super hot summer days, when you crave something fresher. 

Nivea Mix Me I am the Berry Charming one

This is a more romantic version. It should smell of sweet forest strawberries, juicy raspberries and crunchy apples. I find it odd that on the packaging you see cherries as well as peonies, because I definitely feel that this smells more floral fruity. I notice freshness and sweetness of berries, but it's paired with flowers. 

Nivea Mix Me I am the Happy Exotic one

This is definitely my favorite scent out of all three. It should smell of pineapple, exotic citruses and pure coconut water. Combination gives you that perfect fresh, yet creamy and coconuty cocktail vibe. I can definitely smell pineapple as well as creaminess of coconut. Citruses are less noticeable, more so just in the beginning. It's the sweetest and the most powdery version out of the three.


These scents were designed by Parisian perfume makers so that they can be mixed together. You can create your own scent by just taking some of those creams and mixing them in your hand before applying on the skin. There is no wrong combination. I like the idea of mixing, but in reality, I would almost always forget about that. Usually, I just apply one of these creams depending on what scent fits my mood best. But my favorite combination is Chilled Oasis mixed with Happy Exotic. Probably, because these two are my favorite scents, but they just work together so well to give you sweetness of fruit and freshness of herbs. 

If I didn't have eczema on my hands, I would use them there. Now I just use it on the back of my hand, where I don't have eczema and on my body. For the face I have my less perfumed skin care that I use. But you can absolutely use it everywhere, although I feel like these scented versions work best as hand or body creams. 

This set would be a perfect gift for any Nivea fans. My friend is one of those, I know she loves their creams and this would be perfect for her. The mixing concept is cute, if you have time to do it. I think three scents in one package is its forte for those that get bored quickly. I would use these as hands creams mostly, but also as a body cream for when I rush out the door, but still want my elbows to look cute. The formula has been on the market for years, probably because it's so lightweight, yet still moisturizing and I like that. If you have Nivea fan in your family, consider this set the perfect gift for your next gifting occasion. 

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