My Favorite - Bronzers and Highlighters

I'm continuing my favorite posts with bronzers and highlighters. Bronzers are my least explored area, since I find it hard to find light shades in drugstore ranges. However, highlighters are my love and I have way too many of them.

When it comes to bronzers, I want something for lighter skin tone, either matte or just sheeny. I'm not a fan of shimmery bronzers, because I often times want bronzer to also slightly contour my face. My favorite highlighters are more of champagne and light gold shades, but I like different tones as well, considering that the formula is good. Sometimes I want something more metallic and sometimes it's all about a subtle sheen. 

If there's one category that's lacking with diversity in my stash, it has to be bronzers. I only have two that I really like and I haven't had the chance to try many formulas of bronzers either. Plus it's harder to find a good affordable bronzer, when your skin tone is light.

This is my favorite matte bronzer that is very pale and perfect for winter time. It has slightly drier formula which blends nice and looks matte on the skin. I especially like this shade, because it's very light in tone. It has a bit of redish tint to it which mimics a natural sun burn so well. It applied nicely and seems to stay on the skin well.  Plus the packaging is just adorable. If you're very pale and you want something that is completely matte, yet makes you look believably sun tanned, then this is the right choice. 

Most of the year I tend to wear this one. I seem to have already ordered my third one, that's how much I like it. It's a very popular formula among beauty lovers, because it contains murumuru butter which gives it that buttery, almost creamy feel. It applies with ease, blends nicely and gives your skin the best sheen. It doesn't look shimmery in any way, just a bit sheeny. I have it in the original color called Bronzer which is light bronzer shade with a bit of grey undertone. This also acts nice as a slight contour shade all in one. If you build it up, you can get a more intense color. Packaging is a bit bulky. It also has tropical pina colada scent. This one is more suited for those with light skin tones and I think the tone is more warmer, but the grey undertone in it makes it very wearable. 

If you follow my blog, then you know I love highlighters. But I have so many of limited edition versions that I didn't wanted to include in this post. What's the point, you can't get them anymore anyway. So here are only those that are still sold.

This is the newest edition to my highlighter family, but it's already up in the top section. If you're on a search for gorgeous highlighter palette with different undertones that are still very wearable on most skin tones and don't look glittery, then look no further. This is definitely the best affordable highlighter palette. There's a bit of everything, something champagne, gold, pink, silver, bronzer... The formula is so buttery and pigmented. Most of these have an amazing glow without any visible shimmer or glitter chunks. This really reflects light in such an intense, yet believable way. Cardboard magnetic palette makes it easy to use and the formula blends lovely on the skin.

An iconic highlighter in beauty community. This has been one of the most popular highlighters back in the day and though it's not being talked about as much, it's still one of the best. It's a champagne gold shade that has tiny shimmer and it looks almost metallic on the skin. I use it more in the summer time, because it has quite a warm undertone to it. I'd say it's for light to medium skin tones. It has slightly wet formula which is very pigmented and blends with ease. Packaging is super cute, kind of vintage looking and not too bulky. I already hit the pan on it, which speaks volumes, considering how large my highlighter collection is.

While we're on the topic of icons, it doesn't get much better than shimmering skin perfectors by Becca. Moonstone is the second lightest shade from them and it's a light champagne color. It's not as gold as Mary-Lou Manizer, but it still has a bit of that gold feel to it, although more of a proper champagne. This is one of those shades that will look good on cool as well as warm skin tones and it can work from pale to medium skin too. It has the same slightly wet formula, but is not as metallic as Mary-Lou Manizer. It gives you such a lovely natural looking sheen without any visible shimmer. This is my favorite winter highlighter. It looks so effortless on the skin.

The award for the most reflective highlighter goes to Flexitarian by Colourpop. It's a mousse creamy kind of formula that turns into powder on the skin. You can apply it over cream or powder products. This shade is so unique, because it has a light warm champagne base, but the sheen is cooler and more white. It's the most reflective highlighter ever and I call it the glass look. It catches the light so well, but looks almost a bit sheer on the skin and there is no visible shimmer chunks at all. It's very light in skin tone, so it's more suited for fair and light skin tones. It can look too stark on medium skin tone, because of the cooler sheen. This formula also blends like a dream. It's so easy to apply and I love it in the winter for those quick out the door makeup looks, when I want something really glossy and reflective. I already ordered a backup, just in case.

I would love to try out some more bronzers, but I don't currently have any on my wishlist. It's one of those areas I'm not informed enough, especially on shades for lighter skin tones. My highlighter obsession on the other hand is real. I still have a wishlist of those that I would love to try in the future - Colourpop Lunch Money, Jouer Citrine, Becca Opal and definitely some of Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders. If you have any of these, I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.

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  1. Bronzerjev skorajda ne uporabljam, osvetljevalce pa kar precej ;) Colourpop highlighterji izgledajo super!

    1. Colourpop me do zdaj še nikoli ni razočaral s formulami. Paleta osvetljevalcev je res čudovita. Čeprav je tudi Flexitarian formula zanimiva. Kremasta in super sijoča :).